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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Alexandra Herald and Central Otago Gazette (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Alexandra, Otago Personal or w. A. Bodkin is at present in Alexandra and will leave foi1 Wel Liri ton to Morrow. Pet Geoff Lohvell recently returned who has been visiting his Mother Here left for Dunedin this morning. A a t a r a pet. And mrs Evan Wilson who spent a few Days Holiday in Alexandra j left for Christchurch this morning. Pet Wilson is an old Clyde boy. A i t i t. J or c. Richards is visiting Dunedin for the meeting of the Otago education Board. To t. \ t old residents will learn with regret that mrs w. Milne an old resident of convoys and a native of Alexandra died at Dunedin yesterday. A i a i a t a on Friday last a very pleasant function in the nature of a Surprise party was held at the residence of mrs j. Sawyers. It was the occasion of her 85th birthday a and several old friends gathered together to wish her Many Happy returns. She was the recipient of Many gifts telegrams and Flowers. A very Nice afternoon Tea was partaken of the singing of Auld Lang syne marked the dose of a very Happy afternoon. A a for and mrs r. Tohill Galloway celebrated their Silver wedding during the week end receiving Good wishes from old friends. Holding place of honour at the evening was the Poitier of the original wedding cake made at the strand Tea rooms Dunedin. When Cut the cake was found to have improved with the years. The health of the Bride and bridegroom and the bridesmaid mrs w. Hull was drunk with musical honours. Mrs f. G. Soper Otago provincial commissioner for girl guides passed through Alexandra last week and was entertained at morning Tea in Hewitt a Tea i rooms by the local guide committee. Those present to Welcome mrs. Soper were mrs d. Provan District commissioner mesdames Nicolson Burgess Thomson Bodkin Holden Russell Galt and Hull. Mrs Nicolson vice president expressed the pleasure of the committee in having this Opportunity of meeting mrs Soper who spoke briefly on several matters of importance to the future Success of the guide movement which had been discussed freely at the rejent guide commissioners conference held in the North Island in july. I t i i. There was a record attendance in the town Hall on monday night when a Welcome Home social was held in honour of recently returned soldiers a Sergt. D l Cooney m.i.d., pet a. Aitken Cpl. H. G Scott pet. D. W. Scott g. H Hesson pet. J. A. Rankin Gnu. J. Parsons Sam. H. Beilby Cpl. A a. Russell Sergt. J. Forrest pet. N. Redmond. Lac. C. W. L. Williams. In welcoming the men Home and thanking them for their services the mayor or a. Me Kellar expressed the Hope that All would enjoy Good health and that they would enjoy every Prosperity and happiness in the future. He made the usual presentations and also handed gifts to the following visiting guests pet. G. Bolwell pet. D. Mcveigh . Trevathan and major w. J. Mcarthur. Or w. A. Bodkin . And or j. R. Me Kissock . Also joined in the Welcome. A a a a at Clyde last night the following soldiers were welcomed Home major w. J. Mcarthur pets. G. M. Stevens. Geo. Mcarthur Tan me Arthur . R. Russell a a. A Williams and . F. Holdom. Presentations to these were made by or j. L. Davidson and or w. K. George spoke for the ., famous for coughs colds Woods great Peppermint cure. Via v j Rry,.w.e. Woods. Ltd. Lambton Quay to it a i Raj. I. This and that Tom. My Grandfather is 80 and never uses glasses. Joe really. Tom yes he always drinks from the bottle. Wife angrily Imay be your second wife named Violet but i wont have your friends refer to me As v2. Prodigal son Well Pater Era As in a Back Are you ready to kill the fatted calf ,. Fed up Parent no. I think ill let you live. Chairman comrades the Resol ution is a that we do All in our Power to Stop the penalising of any citizen whatever his opinions.�?T1 is there any dissenter voice yes. Chorus Chuck him out Mother you must not hit Little girls you must always treat girls gently. Ten year old. Son i am sorry Mummy that our ideas of life do not coincide. A say Joe you re a broker can to you give me a tip a a a i know something that is now about 20, and within six months i can guarantee it to be Over 90.�?� a sounds Fine what is it a a a the you have offered �2reward for the return of your lost ring. Was it such a valuable ring a a a it was to me. I owe my life to that a How romantic. How was that a a it was my mothers wedding a Man received an undecipherable prescription from his doctor. After it had Heen made up for him by the chemist it it was returned to him and Moused it for two years As a pass on the railway for gaining admission to the dances and the theatres and in the evenings his daughters used to practice it on the piano. Women Institute. The september meeting of the women Institute was held in the anglican Hall. Miss Jesson presided Over a Good. Attendance of members. Mrs Simers was welcomed As a new member. The Roll Cal a was a Home made toy As prizes for the picnic. Reports were read from the singing drama and gardening Circle. A debate is Community life preferable to Home life. Those taking part were affirmative mrs Skene Leader mrs Holden mrs Richardson for the negative mrs Anderson Leader miss Jesson and mrs a bring ans miss Arnott acted As judge. After a social half hour the meeting closed with the singing of the National Guild. A. A a. A with the cessation of the War the patriotic Guild has ceased activities. Members marked the occasion by holding a party in the presbyterian Hall. A full Muster of members was present the programme having been arranged by members of the Guild proved very enjoyable. Beautiful sprays of Spring Flowers were presented to mrs Bodkin president and mrs Stewart and miss Marshall joint secs., and mrs Mckellar Mayoress. The mayor or Mckellar and the president of the . Or Mckissoc paid a visit during the evening and spoke in appreciation of the work done by the Guild for the past five and a half years. Or Mckissock presented the Guild with a framed minute from the local returned soldiers association which members Hope to have Hung in a suitable room at a later Date. A very tasty supper was donated by or and mrs we Hewitt the Beautiful Spring Flowers which decorated the supper tables were Given by mrs Ruff. Quot Quot. V a i know How to Settle this unemployment problem said the club wag. If we could put men of the world on one Island and All the women of the world on another Island wed have everybody Busy in no time.�?�. A Well what would they be doing inquired Bis friends. A Why boat building was the immediate reply. V the Busy Man had been interrupted several times and the last intruder made him lose his temper. A a can to you read a he snapped. A the sign on the door says �?~private�?T1. A a i know and in a glad its there replied the Young traveller. A if there a anything i hate its being interrupted when in a talking to a Ltd what a grumbled the. Waiter. A no tip Why the Champion miser of this town always gives me a / a ooh does he a said the surly diner. A Well gaze upon the new champion.�?�. A a or newlywed admiring Goose and you be stuffed it so nicely my Darling. Mrs newlywed no dear there was no need to this one Wasny to hollow \ the tourist was talking to an old villager. A i suppose you get plenty of visitors Down Here seeking peace and Beauty he said. A. A Well hardly that sir replied the villager. A fall As in be met this past few months be seeking butter or petrol. A springtime this Means the sharpening and setting of your Lawn Mower. We have just installed new Lachi it Nery to carry out this work. A a a. A a Sharp Mower makes easy work. A Dou the monthly meeting of the Alexandra Branch of Llie above was held in the anglican Hall on wednesday september 12th, at 8 . Mrs Kin raid presided Over a Good attendance of members. One new member was welcomed. Mrs Annan gave an interesting talk on the Quot conference at Wellington and the provincial meeting at Dunedin. The president reported that the amount collected for soldiers parcels was �20/�?T6. After further business Dis i Cussion the meeting was handed Over to mrs Pryor a group who entertained with the following a competitions making paper Flowers won by mrs Spencer. Sketch railway station scene a mesdames Dou Andrews and Gar Forth. Novelty parcel won by mrs love. _ duet a there san old spinning wheel mesdames hand and Winders. A a a a a. A a Short travel. Talk mrs Leckic. Sketch a by numbers mesdames l. Jackson Winders and Andrews. Competitions slogans a a mrs Ian Frater. A a supper and the National Anthem concluded the j meeting. K football Alexandra teams at the seven a Sid e tournament at v Ranfurly. Last saturday winning the under 17 years the juniors under 2.0, As Well As providing the runners up in the school and Junior events. Results of the finals a. Midgets Wedderburn bantams Ranfurly 3, Middle Marci 0. Is schoolboys Makau i St. Gerard a Alexandra 0. I under 17�?Alexandra . 6, Ranfurly 0. Juniors under 20, Alexandra a 6, Alexandra . 0. A seniors Ranfurly 8, Southern a nil. A a a a a a a a a s there was an excellent attend Ance of a he Public and nearly 50 teams took part in a Good Days football. A. A. A. Boy scent committee a meeting of the above committee a was held on september 11th, or c. E. Richards Sellars lady cub master and or e. R. Duncan scoutmaster attended and reported that the Wolf cubs and the boy scouts had resumed operations after the win ter recess. / a it was proposed to hold a training week end for patrol leaders from Alexandra Roxburgh Cromwell. And Queenstown Early in october when a instructors from Dunedin would be in attendance and for the labour Day week end a troop Camp at Waiveri was being arranged. / or Fox has kindly placed his camping ground and facilities at the disposal of the scouts for the patrol leaders training week end. Or Richards expressed the pleasure of the committee on or Mazen garb a return to. Alexandra after his recent illness. A other matters of a routine nature were dealt with and left in the hands of the scoutmaster to report to the annual meeting in october. A speaker at a ministers meeting in Boston told the Story of a negro Clergyman who so pestered ins Bishop with appeals for help that it became necessary to Tel Liim that he must not Send any More appeals. His next communication was As follows a \ this is not an Appeal. It is a report. I have no pants a a Williams amp Armour Ltd garage amp service station Alexandra phones garage 57s�? garage Foreman ills taxi�?12qm 1 land and income tax dept. The commissioner of taxes announces by advertisement in this Issue that a Branch of the land and income. Tax department will be opening on 17th september in Marshall schambers Moray place Dunedin. The Dunedin District comprises the counties of Bruce Clu tha Manio Toto Peninsula Talieri Taupeka Vincent Wai Hemo Wai Kou Aiti Waiyaki the files and official records relating to income tax excess profits tax and social Security charge and National Security tax of companies and of persons residing in these counties also of companies in Llie counties of fiord islands Lake Southland Stewart Island and Wallace _ have been transferred from Wellington to Dunedin. All returns and correspondence in connection therewith should in future be addressed to the superintendent land and income tax department Dunedin. It is important to note that All matters relating to land taxation of companies located in the counties mentioned will be dealt with at Dunedin hut in the Case of taxpayers other than companies All land tax matters will continue to be dealt with at the office of the commissioner of taxes Wellington. A a. Victory concert choir the second practice of the Victory concert choir was held on monday evening. The attendance / of 43, shows considerable enthusiasm and augur exceedingly Well for the Success of the choir and a musical treat a for patrons of the Victory concert. Practices will be held in the presbyterian sunday school Hall each monday at 8 . And a cordial invitation is extended up to the 1st october to anyone wishing to join the choir but no new. Members accepted after that scout troop a the Alexandra scout troop held its first a Arad for the Spring term at foxes ainu last Friday and parades will be held there every thursday at 7 . Members of the troop Are showing great enthusiasm for their new project of raising funds for the Purchase of uniforms and scouting equipment Quot already some of the Junior scouts have earned a surprising sum of Money by the Sale of bags of Cones and we Are pleased to bring these efforts to our readers notice. The boys plan to continue with the Sale of. Cones and kindling Wood Joar Range a bolide do Alec icon a and. To offer their services for Many of those tasks for which our readers would be prepared to. Pay a Small amount chopping Wood a cutting lawns beating carpets and the like. If you wish to Avail yourself of this assistance you Are asked to notify the scoutmaster or e. R. Duncan or a scout. / a a meteorological Alexandra 1 station i 1m.�?T i Eri Nimsz on of the . Dept. The following Are the returns of a he thermometer readings Sunshine and rain recorded at the Alexandra observations station for the past fifteen Days ended september 17th ill . Each Dav. It a to s 5 up i a it 3 Hios m Jujj. O. Or. A m. Amp a -. Quot a a p sept. 3 46.1 26.1 20.3 4 46.5 25.8 19,2 5 51.1 28.2 22.0 6 55.2 36.0 30.0 7 59.8 41.0 33,0 8 60.2 35-2 30.0 9 58,9 38,1 28.3 10.46,5 36.0 30.0 11 60.2 35.0 26-7 12 63,0 39.7 29.3 13 69,2 34.5 33.1 14 62.0 42,1 33.8 15 58.8 37.1 29.0 16 54.3 43.7 38,0 17 55.0 44.8 43-5 11.7 41.5 12.8 41.2 41.1 2.0 41,5 a 43.0 2.0 44.1 3.7 44.0 2.0 44-0 5.3 43,3 2.7 44.0 a 44.5 a 46.2 3.0 46.7 a 47.0 a 48.0 44.0 8.3 a 43.8 9,7 a 43.2 2,9 a 43 0 1.7 .05 43.0 6.8 a 43.2 3,1 a 43,5 3.1 .12 43.8 7.3 ,03 43.8 3.1 a 43.9 1-8 44.0 9.6 44.1 1,2 -44,7 1,0 ,03 44.9 0-1 ,10. 45.3 1,5 mining the Lutha dredge for its last Wash up reports a return of 111 ounces for 100 hours dredging a in for definite results a advertise Inavie a a a Herald ;