Alexandra Herald And Central Otago Gazette Newspaper Archives September 19, 1945 Page 3

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Alexandra Herald and Central Otago Gazette (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Alexandra, Otago Issued1 by the dept. Of health How is your child thin. Pale. Or sturdy if your Jack or Jill is thin there is a cause for it a in All probability a cause that can be corrected. Check of these items 1 diet does your child get enough protein a building material such As milk cheese meats dried peas Beans lentils. Sufficient milk three or four glasses daily. And cod liver Oil or substitute each Day. 2 fresh air a cooped up coddled child wont grow Well. Sunshine exercise and fresh air Day. And night help to build Strong frames and robust bodies. Keep those bedroom ref windows open at night3 sleep proper food and fresh air Are wasted without adequate sleep. During sleep repair and building of the body goes on. Growth suffers if sleep is Short. Children need 10-12 hours sleep. Get these three right a and watch the improvement keep this announcement for future reference. 4b for a healthier nation Morton amp co. Ltd.,. A a Timaru a x. A. \ a a a invite consignment of your fruit established Over 40 . 36 telephones 167 amp 478 telegrams a a Morton Timaru versatility a. When appointing the trustees executors and Agency co. Of new zealand ltd., who have successfully administered All classes of estates for Over 60 years you Are assured of. The combined business knowledge of an experienced Board of seven directors. A a each a successful business Man in his own sphere. You Are not limited to the ability of one Man. Let them help or write for full particulars. Trustees motors and a enc co. Of . Ltd. O a tvs 1 Corner Bond amp water streets Dunedin. a p. 0. Smellie general Gars. A a a a a a a immediate production one half for overseas that the British government is intent on losing no time in re establish aug the. Automobile Industry the United kingdoms third largest is shown by the cabled announcement that the govern ment has agreed that motor manufacturers shall without delay undertake a production programmed of 200,000 cars in the next 12 months of which about 40,000 will be built this year. Arrangements have been made for the necessary labour and materials. If the production programme scheduled is attained the output says the a Dunlop bulletin will amount to a Little More than half of the pre War Peak production of cars built by the British manufacturers in one year the highest output being 383,028 units in 1937, of which total 20 per cent were exported. A. The first cars off the i production lines will not satisfy the pent up buying Power of the British Uio Toring Public for the vehicles Are to be issued under the a a License to acquire a plan which Means that doctors governmental departments and other essential services will have to be satisfied first motorists in this country will note with interest that the British government has asked the motor Industry to make available for overseas purchasers one half of its total production. As that figure is two _ and a half times greater than the Industry a pre War ratio of car exports to Domestic sales it May be safely assumed that the ratio is Likely to be Britain a target in the Early Post War years when the potential capacity of that country a automobile Industry owing to the great expansion of plants precision tools Etc., for the making of huge quantities of War equipment such As tanks aircraft armoured cars Etc., will be More than double its pre War production. That would mean about one million cars and commercial motor vehicles a year As compared with the Industry a pre War highest annualoutput�?491,316 units in 1937. 1 ,. Needless to say it is too Barly for most British car manufacturers to give any intimation of what the a Cost of their Early models is Likely to be but based on wartime Levels of High wages and Cost of essential materials it is inevitable that the retail prices will be Well above pre War the above was written a press association Cable message from London state the first British Post War ear to be sent overseas is now on its Way to new York. The car is a 10 . Four door Saloon Model and its despatch Marks the resumption of Trade with the United states. 1 ,. comfor More consideration for Driver just prior to the War efforts were made within the limits of sound economics which of course include Cost and weight to provide the ultimate in Comfort for. The Man who spends his working Day sometimes for Many hours at a time behind the driving wheel of a motor truck. The three major things Are his seat Comfort his vision for safety and ventilation. A As regards seating Comfort a wartime development introduced to afford Relief to the Drivers of heavy military units of the Allied nations such As tanks Etc., has proved such a Success that at the request of some truckers in the United states who and Learned of the level comfortable ride made possible by the a a tank. Seat a of which some 200,000 were made and supplied to certain forces of the United nations the makers of the a a tank seat a have them for use in trucks operating Over rough roads and tracks. A a the truck seat features a variable rate Coil Spring which reacts equally to a Large Man or a Small boy. A Long auxiliary Spring used in conjunction with a double action Hydraulic Shock absorber limits the height of the seat in the free position and affords a resilient limit to its action. _. The Shock absorber resisting any sudden or Sharp action of the Spring due to travel Over bumps or rough roads Levels off the Rifle regardless of jolts. It is stated that because the seat eliminates rhythmic pounding while the vehicle is in motion Over a Long period it reduces1 fatigue and the tendency of Drivers to fall asleep at the wheel. A hitlers dreams. One of hitlers dreams was that Berlin would be the worlds capital for the next thousand years. It certainly wont be if. Proper precautions Are taken. Speaking of precautions every Home should he equipped with a bottle of Baxters lung preserver to Deal promptly and effectively with coughs colds and sore throats Etc. A a Baxters is new zealand a proved popular remedy pure and Safe for Young and old. All chemists and stores sell a a Baxters. Baxters ltd., 602 Colombo st., Chi cd. Do you know when War was declared when the Prince of Wales and the repulse were sunk 1 when Singapore fell when Mussolini was deposed ? when Hess flew to Britain when conscription was introduced into new zealand ? if not you need Bathe War m r retrospect Quot a Day to Day diary record of Fate greatest War in history a a v from september 1939, to june 7, 1944. Quot the War in retrospect a Well printed on 104 pages is a v reliable concise history. It is Complete with a comprehensive Index enabling Ift bios every important event to be found with no trouble four new portraits of the Allied leaders on Art paper Ancl a foreword by the minister of defence Hon. F. Jones copies obtainable from this office. Price 2 b each a postage 3d extra. A unique local work produced by the evening Star evening Star company Ltd Stuart Street Fiu Nedin. U attention please is this your copy of the Herald be Independent and become a regular subscriber t. Subscription rates a three months 3s. 9d. Half year 7s. 6d. Year 15s. Of. Create Mok railway wagons freighters can do so by speeding turnaround it May seem unimportant to you if one Wagon out of thousands is kept waiting needlessly for a few hours until you Are ready to Load or unload it. But this is happening every Day in hundreds of places throughout the country. Think what it Means in total Wagon idleness. Think How it retards transportation. If instead of holding wagons Back every individual user would Speed their clearance by even ten per cent., the equivalent of hundreds of extra wagons would be created at one Wagon can afford to loiter. I ;