Alexandra Herald And Central Otago Gazette Newspaper Archives September 19, 1945 Page 2

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Alexandra Herald and Central Otago Gazette (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Alexandra, Otago F. High powered mystery melodrama i John Garfield a Maureen of Hara the fallen Sparrow super suspense and excitement in this Story of a hard boiled Guy in the toils of terror trying to buy with kisses a safety he could not know. ,.fax news Pathe news and a most interesting feature a this is a a Quot i a a u clyde�?19th september at 745 . Omakau�?20th september at 7.45 . Cromwell�?21st september at 8 . Alexandra�?22nd september at 8 . Matinee Alexandra at 2.15 . Not suitable for general exhibition. Alexandra tuesday 25th september action in Arabia a. Starring George Sanders a Virginia Bruce a Gene Lockhart arabian beauties enacting scenes to thrill and astound the magnificent Palace of the sheikh Oriental dances a world of wonders 1 v. Not suitable for general exhibition. Iceland and War help to the allies respect for British troops Road shows v Andy Hardy a a blonde trouble with Lewis Stone a Mickey Rooney a Fay Holden i y a Sara Haden a Herbert Marshall a Ranfurly a to night Millers Flat a thursday a Alander a Friday Universal exhibition. A heroes Are made not born v Here a the rip rousing Story of the making of the five brother heroes the fights they had the girls they had the fun they had the thrills you la have at this Down to Earth heart moving drama of americans most glorious family. The sullivans Anne Baxter wan aka saturday Middle March tuesday Thomas Mitchell Tarras monday Ranfurly wednesday Universal exhibition Dull Liy. Established reliable the choicest always comes to Brays Forbes Ondene invited. Teleg Kachhi addbeb8 a Abr Aye so Dunedin. . Box 80 telephones office. 10-860. Saleroom 13-061. Quot Vanager 20-750 private �0-760. Auctioneer 22-430 Rab biters there s satisfaction in first class goods in for full Market value at auction expert classing it prompt returns i Liberal advances /. / consign to vol loan and mercantile a. / a t. A \. \. Agency of. U9, Sist on the bests v. Buy centrals meat pro ducts from the recognised specialists a Govan Bros. Ai licensed Ham amp Bacon carers phone 124 in the Spring of 1939, Hitler sent his emissaries to Iceland to obtain Landing rights for German aeroplanes wrote the Reykjavik correspondent of the London a times a just before the first anniversary of the Iceland Republic. The Concession requested was ostensibly for civil air traffic Only and the negotiators were civilians Mission was supported by a a a Courtesy visit of the German Cruiser Emden a a a this happened at a time when Hitler was still accustomed to having things his own Way nevertheless the icelandic government met the request with a refusal. This incident did not pass unnoticed at the time and in. The foreign press it was pointed out that Iceland was the first country to stand up to hitlers demands and get away with. It. As a consequence it was impossible for the germans to invade Iceland with airborne troops in the Spring of 1940. On May 10, 1940, British forces landed in Iceland. The British government did not ask for permission they knew that owing to Iceland a declaration of perpetual neutrality such permission could not be granted. A the icelandic government also made a formal protest against the occupation. The protest was gracefully accepted and both parties left it at British. Occupation lasted a for almost 14 months during which Britain was fighting the Battle for Freedom single handed. During these difficult times the icelandic authorities never faltered in their Loyal co operation with the British and no act of sabotage was Ever committed against the military installations in the country. The Bri Tish soldiers won increasing a respect among the population. American arrived in Iceland on july 7, 1941. And. Many British troops were released for service in other parts of the world where they were urgently needed. But if the first step had not been taken by the icelandic government in asking for american military Protection at the British governments suggestions not even a Roosevelt. Could have substituted american Protection for British occupation. The whole Economy of Iceland during the War has been. Directed toward assisting the United nations. There have been comparatively severe losses in lives and tonnage in transporting icelandic food to Britain and Iceland has lost More men in proportion to her population than Many a a. Belligerent nation. The attitude of the icelandic government and its Loyal co operation All through the War have always been acknowledged. By the leaders of the United nations. A a a a you. Pay . For when we lubricate your car whatever its make you can be sure that every Point is protected and the Correct grades of lubricants used throughout that a specialised lubrication and it costs no More than an Ordinary a grease jobs. Thorough lubrication is essential under today a restricted running. Drive in Aud arrange a lubrication. Of tract it s Quot convenient and it v a. Saves you Money.-v/. Well be glad to give by. Details. A. Authorised dealer bbl London letter temperamental fliers a a in a pretty familiar with this rather temperamental bird.�?�. The speaker was at the bbl overseas microphone. He described himself As very literally a Wing commander. What he was talking about was pigeons the racing variety. A the uninitiated among us in the studio thought you just tools pigeons somewhere and then let them Fly Home. Wing commander w. D. Leas Rayner m.b.e., head of the . Pigeon Section showed that it Wasny to so simple As that. For one thing the homing faculty Isnit just an infallible natural instinct. It has been cultivated by Man. Pigeons it seems Are very much individuals carrying greatly in character and capabilities. Even Good ones wont always. Go straight Home. The interviewer flight lieutenant Roy Rich asked a then How do you get your results a a by exploiting the natural attractions food love and Comfort both for the mass and in the careful study of the he gave an example. Twenty five yers ago a colleague in the Pigeon service had bet him that he Send a message and receive a reply by the same Pigeon. But he. Knew just the Pigeon for the Job. A Pigeon which had a wife at Home but which was also flirting with a Hen at a station 40 Miles away. A in his own words this is How Wing commander Ravner won. His bet. A we had Only t5 offend him at this end to make him Fly to the out station where however by arrangement with the Loftman there his lady love was. Absent. A returned to he made much of by his Home spouse a . J. Annan. D.4 we service All makes apart frown specialised lubrication there is specialised services which Means every part of your car and a very important part that you never see is checked Over and any defects Are pointed out to a r a a a a a a Quot a r this service saves you Money. It May Only be a Small. Defect but if let go for any length of time it would probably Cost you pounds when it should have Cost Only shillings. Drive in and use this services a it costs no More at Alexandra phone -27s, garage. Res 27m. New season s seed a now in also cabbage and lettuce plants. Robinson leading grocers Alexandra. Lovell Bates Ltd incorporating the Coop fruit growers of otagu.,. Solicit consignments of fruit and vegetables from. A Central growers. A. The business of the firm is now being conducted in the premises recently occupied by the Coop fruit growers of Otago. This Fine modern building provides adequate facilities for the display and rapid handling of All consignments. T. Business entrusted to our care has the personal attention of the principals who Piave had a Long connection with the fruit Trade a trial will convince auction sales Are held daily commencing at a a.m., two auctioneers Selling labels and advice notes will be forwarded on application. Account sales and cheques dispatched National Bank Dunedin. A phones office 13-817. Tere 11-084. Telegraphic adde Esb private to Bra Dunedin ;