Alexandra Herald And Central Otago Gazette Newspaper Archives March 31, 1920 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Alexandra Herald and Central Otago Gazette (Newspaper) - March 31, 1920, Alexandra, Otago And Central Otago Gazette circulating in Alexandra Clyde Cromwell Intuit lands Roxburgh Ophir Mata Kauai and surrounding districts. No 1226�Alexandra wednesday March 31, 1920 published weekly hotels t Bouse. Criterion club hotel Alexandra. Wallace Wallace proprietor. This Well known and popular ii05-Telrr u under lie management of it Jack Wallace earning a Liila reputation from the travelling Public for cleanliness comport a catering. Well furnished Anil frigate i Sot. Liberal Bill of fare. Crery Eon Relience to make boarders comfortable and at borne. Only the Best brands of w Ines and spirit toe ted. Lire re stable and motor garage close at band. Telephone 4. Be 1,01 3t�?T caledonian hotel. Alexandra. Cepl t. A. Gibbons proprietor having entered into id Tail popular and veil appointed hotel of. Capt. Gibbous desire to assure patrons that it will to Bis utmost endeavour to meet to licit needs in eve cry was. Good Accomac Dation for the general and travelling Public and regular Boarder. Fiest class table. Wines and spirits of tic Choc Cal brands Only sleeved. Visiting bowlers will meet Kiu Vrej friends. I a private Board and residence. Alexandra mis m aug Star prompt Wetreis miss Mallisek Baa pleasure in intimation that be is prepare to Buir Jers temporary or . Wjk la Omnus Dicrisi stun build iut Al it a top 12l it Ami l . Good Ait ii Mil the Cigoi Uiti of a Home dilute dose to the Carnegie Library Central and convenient. Iurii Foroi Auer table. I Cru moderate. Visitor and Tui its Tiia Jef Feu Mic i l l i a m m l i amp k lace Timaru. City hotel must Central hold in div Uius. Tariff mgt or Dit. Nothing but a lift Bestol wine a spirits All Modem convenience throughout. Telephone up Lur a i office of tha Wllling 1�?T1/iiuc the provincial hotel Dunedin is Xuwu a it i ii be to stay at. Ual Rice col Lllan in to Prieur. Best Rale in Tow n in Buttle department. Private Entrance neat Barton and Wren Grorer a Sia lord Street. Gridiron hotel. Princes Street Doctu Dunedin. Situated writ in n two Ali uses walk of general Post office. This popular and cd Ulaky hotel has been Iti riveted from boor to ceiling and in furnished throughout with the newest and most up to Date Furni Lute Tou Pijie travellers and hoarders Hud All Ibe cuu ilovits of a Home. Suites of moms lot families. moderate. A special features to luncheon. From a to a Tluck hot cold and Mio Wei bulbs. I tie very Best it it wines alts and spirits supplied. A night Forstr in Atteo dance. Lor Over Ico goes s. M. W. Of Eddy Wjk to Prieor. Quot late of Naseb. Business notices South British insurance co., Ltd. Verv to Crip Livi of in client. Live Stock fire ii it Marino Elk Farmer Acu Idiu and sickness policies. agent John Holloway. Photographic supplies. Try h. J. Gill u a id suit Ken near Kos Cuilli 1, Dunedin. Fur in Bologna Pic materials of ail kinds. Cameras All Sines at lowest prices. Amateur work developing and i lilting promptly to Price list on application. Jos. Sparrow amp sons dual Dan makers of engines boilers pumps a and All mils us a mining Plant. Is Iti a ii to Fri of it a minion. La a is l re Fattu Ami a Ramuno Broc. Lixi Cut cd. ?i�,f#ai4 Waou. A amp a Kallroy Street do Zedin. Ice and cold storage works King Edalid Street Dunedin. J de it Irv in Lilinau to the Bruit of a choral Jim lint i have Orrim a in King Etwary Siri it Dunedin up to Kiaie Lulu it Tuluk Luhks which a e Eli Fly designed fur the storage of Fiuzi. I am a it arc to store Imit it Iii trait Rati ? j or i am i Rej Troj to buy Light out. Cuirca inv dict a it i Ircy cd to Uoo a 77, Iii inv Diu Gallito 1 id Kal Ray fat ii. Tetlie Camelio it. 10 he Vlf Ellued a january 1919. Stone s Otago amp Southland comm Stria municipal amp i general directory. Us new 2eal.vsd annual 31,1b /ear.1919.of publication. United by John Stone. 5vo Aize containing 1000 is of tog Itier numerous Araps. Coritco tvs to Date the whole handsomely bound in cloth Gilt Lette cd. Price if ordered before publication 15/ after publication 7/6 6t0.vf, so Ato co. Ltd., printers a publishers Dunedin Christchurch Wellington Lunos Al. J. Kuig i Ouer and co., -5<i Liu Ogule Hill. E c. Are you ibb Itab Leare you out of Humour an 1 in Cable i if a your Imp Bis 1 it Risje Agai Ual full Bare Pireu it Loo i Eli work a 10 Ilo led Fugi feud to Giro it Teulie Bleu ii re tired. To set your her Nubi nuke Twieg. Go will Ana yourself feel Good it i Over talc a c Jure of chime Rilius a to bits and you will lie More ban pleased with the Job every a Here. Dry gleaning. Garments ate thoroughly cleaned sterilised amp pressed without the use of water. By our process your costume or suit is returned to you equal to new and the stains Are permanently removed. Taylor a City Dye works 137 George Street Dunedin. Telephone 1s9. Professional business notices business notices a card Ophir medical club and Independent order of Odd Fellows Makau. In a i in Elliou Ullh inc above of Gladstone visits in Tumanut Lauder ont Kiiu Ophir afternoons Moil Crock poo Ibunia Ophir Oma Kiiu Timir Days. Falious can be soon and messages of at tic surgery Ophir the store Oma eau Ilie store Mala Kanui the hold Lauder Llic Loiel Moa Creek or James Davidson s. Pool bunt. Chaiyo Creek is visited on mondays and Thui Days tale phone no. In Alexandra and medical night service. Or w. A Bodkin Succur Bor to or j. I. Bartholomew solicitor ale Antha sooth. I Dot Kin visits Clyde Cromwell Ophir and Roxburgh the Day before and on court Days. Money to lend at lowest car ital Kates a c.muj.1 j. C. Calder dentist. On in orge is. Non Ldla. Lop Lusile 1 Rill-11 s. Hums to to evening i y . 9 to . Private address 1 Cameron St. 1a card Gilkison and White. Bakris Kos x solicitors v Oil sir orig dlr of non. Andrew s. Johnston Stock x , 10 Wawior str Cal Sukic Exchange Guild Ink a. A Colci Rophii add Rob a a Ivilue Viila a do Kijin. . 68 shares bought or it and Ai lowest Market Rales. John Rivers auction risk commission agent Etc auction sales conducted in any part of the District. Babbits Babbi skins Wool sheepskins and Horsehair. You cannot do better than con Sion to your old friends White amp co. Liui ill it. Lit 166, f,0. Dunedin. Or cumin him Ato sub Mai j. Pit att Telephone 11 Fco keel no Lukks Alk Sadlia John smart Quot Ald harness maker Clyde. Ail Otdis punctually amp Faith Lully executed Yia Vav a Oak Vovk Vuk Vara a Edward Marslin family Butcher Alexandra at Edraki Malis Llna a splendid shop in admiration ail must Stop to View the Ricks Ami b Ine display 01 food to cheer us on life a Way. His beef and Mutton stand the test his Small goods Are the very Best. Built from choicest solid meat with expert hands an epic treat. His Lamb and pork and tender joints Brace the system at All its Points. To Imp your children growing Strong a to Edward mar Sun s haste along and Purchase there nutritious Pood to read your offspring sound and Good. J. Holloway the Corner Alexandra. Useful gifts attractive novelties a for. Wet Diug birthday and All Prisc Tuti jul purposes we Are Well stocked Villi a Large variety of up to Date goods.,. Jewellery fancy goods stationery crockery and Patent Hairdresser tobacconist and news agent. Agent for All papers and periodicals. Summer footwear in attractive styles Are now on show at All the leading shoe stores. Ask cos the brands Lyt foot for ladies. White Heather for gentlemen. Ladies i Siv the in court syrup mid lacing shoes. Gentle men Linos arc input la Lor summer Toni ii Lank 111 i it i them i strand Tea rooms Octal on Dunedin. Strand if High class caterers. And birthday cake. Specialists. Wedding All country orders securely packed. Correspondence in v1ted, strand Octagon strand eco by it. M inlay amp sons Ltd. Dunedin. Company Ltd. The Victoria insurance a a a Listii Bli he Lii of. . Life Mol in ii liar la Sunnoe coins any 104 pleasure in Annous Vitug Towl it Bias the Central Otago preserves limited As Aglet f or Alpisa Hijra Nihil surround info join Ricl. Tic c no party the Folly win classes of Iii Unocic a Audi Lii a Slick i urn inn i in crops Mulure Cai it Etc. Mph a left Wall insured from sheep a Back until purchased by the government. Accident Kempl Okuri risks i employers of labour in reaped acc Euls a it their employees. Tar onal a it ult incl Lin sickness under Musl a durable Mitruis. Also live suit Elk motor car comprehensive Fidelity guarantee Etc., Etc. Promote and Liberal settlements. Please enquire for quotations. Jambs Edgar manager for Mew zealand Otago Farmers go opera Lye Basso Gration of p., Ltd. Licensed government brokers Foll Wool sleeps Kiu wheat Rabbit skins sold by Public auction periodically grass seeds manures. Fencing material. Groceries saddlery motor requisites tit Les of a Dunedin. G. Bell Saddler bookmaker a machinery agent Ranfurly. A Lwood soc prof Saddle cry . Oil or Toni. La chairs executed. Boots the i3eoi department is under an of Peric need . I3oo a Soled and Lac Clad at Tumi orate prices. Serbia boots a specially a a ageing Les a a Maseey Jairis farm Jinxiu Matuu it inc Abaft or thru in Ridgers la tar. Oil sheep shearing Maui us. Andrews and Beoita chair Cutler. Doino Cream separators. L Ald Loyus posted on1 . A Rockland turnip of manure amp of Kush Hifumi Ahus a Shiv Rockland turnip manure is very Rich in phosphates and is therefore eminently adapted to give exceptionally satisfactory results. That Quot turnips love phosphates a is a Well known fact it is the dominant food of the Plant. Without a Liberal manuring with Hosp haul a fertiliser,.the crop will be More of less a failure. This j Quot cart Zliser is especially valuable in stimulating. Root development it also accelerates the process of ripening and plays an important part. In assisting nitrogen fixation in the soil. Rockland turnip manure is a comply in r fertiliser. While largely 1�?Thosphatic in contains such proportions of i la otash and nitrogen As experience has proved to be beneficial and essential to the feeding of the crop up to maturity. Wherever used and it is in very great demand it has proved a magnificent investment giving returns which have made it the one and Only manure that up to Date Farmers will employ for turnip growing. A Quot a r Quot a. So re opinions of Farmer who Hove used this splendid fertiliser. Quot very satisfactory ? \ Best crop of turnip i Burn Ever Emp Thornt Prosser h c s agricultural chchi5t5. Great soil bolder Send for Trice list and particulars. there a never been a better crop grown in. Thi heavy crop much abort the average Etc. N. 2. Drug a Quot Dunedin. Contains Nitro. Amp Potash ;