Alexandra Herald And Central Otago Gazette Newspaper Archives June 23, 1920 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Alexandra Herald and Central Otago Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Alexandra, Otago A a cd. And Central Otago Gazette \. A a i circulating in Alexandra Clyde Cromwell fruit lands Roxburgh of plier Iata Kanui a and surrounding districts. No 1238alexandra wednesday june 23, 1920 published weekly hotels to Abdisho House. A criterion club hotel Alexandra. It a. Richards proprietor a a a a this Wrli-s5<nrn in popular hostelry is under the Meo gement of Lar ale. Rich ends. Emins High reputation from the travelling Public for cleanliness. Coll Fob a catering. Well furn ii and Pirite booms. Liberal Bill of fare. Every to mate boarders comfortable and1 at Home. _ Only the Best brands of a Ines and spirits locked. Speights Beer on Lap. Livery stable and motor garage nine at hand. Telephone a. Bor 36. Caledonian hotel Alexandra. Mrs. Gibbons Proutt Elress. Having entered into Possession of this popular and Well appointed hostelry lira. Gibbons desires to assure patrons that it will be her utmost endeavour to Inott their needs in every Way. Good accommodation for the general and to velting Public and regular boarders. F1bsi-class table wines and spirit of the choicest brands Only locked. A private Board and-res1dence. Uita a mis m Allister proprietress Jolliss 11�?~alllilhl was pleasure aus in Intima tag that she is prepared a com mandate boarders temporary or permanent a commodious is Lone building fill vate Liu lbt and leu m f g i a11lk. Good accommodation with All the Comfort of a Home. Situate close to the Carnegie Library be ural and convenient. Well furnished table. Terms moderate. Vui Torf and tourists made Welcome. 1 l l 1 a m 0 u i r k late time run. City hotel. Most Central hotel in Dunedin. Tariff i Ujj per Day. A tiling but the Best of wines a a spirits 1 Nodan conveniences throughout. Telephones cps Iris Jib Bice do it. Travelling Public. The provincial hotel Dunedin. Is now a Hwd House to stay at. Maurice c0ug1ilan, proprietor. Best value in torn in bottle department. Private Eutrace next Barton and Ureng Nave a Stafford Street. Gridiron hotel. Princes Street South Dunedin. Situated within two minutes walk of general Post Oitice. This popular and centrally situated hotel has been renovated from floor to ceiling and re furnished throughout with the newest and must up to Date furniture tourists travellers and boarders will find Alt the comforts of a Home. Suites of rooms i or families. Charges strictly moderate. A special features i / luncheon from 12 to a of clock. Hot cold and Shower Baths. The very Best of wines ales and spirits supplied. A night Porter in attendance. Accommodation for Over too guests. B. A it in idea proprietor. Late of Naseby. I Fidot. The perfect Quot motor Oil or automobiles motor trucks motor Loans stationary Gas engines tracers. This Oil maintains its body Ioder beat and leaves no sediment. Write far Chart and prices to Kobe. 5. Denk1ston-a co., Stu Iiri Dunedin. Business notices South British insurance co., Ltd. Every description of Accident live Stock fire and Marine risk. Farmers special Accident and sickness policies. Alexandra agent a John Holloway. Photographic supplies try h. J. Gill Ali 13 Frederick Street car Knox Church Dunedin. For photographic materials of All kinds. Cameras Alt sizes at lowest prices. Amateur work developing and printing promptly att used to Price list on application. Jos. Sparrow amp sons Ivou founders Dunedin makers of engines boilers pumps a and All kinds of mining Plant. Expert workmen sent to any fart of Ili Rumion. Plans prepared Ami is tamales free. Ludim i kit cute. Asks Rattray Street Dux Kix. Ice and cold storage works King Edward Street Dunedin. I desire to intimate to the fruit growers of Central Otago that i have opened in King Edward Street Dunedin up to Date cold storage works which Are specially designed for the storage of fruit. 1 am prepared to store fruit at moderate rates or i am prepared to buy right out. Correspondence invited addressed to Box 77, Dunedin office 116 lower Rattray Street. Peter Cameron. To be published in january iu2i ,. Stone s Otago amp Southland commercial municipal amp general directory. Iko new be Auk annual 38th fear_.lui2i of publication. Edited by John Stone. Royal 8vo size containing 1000 pages together with numerous maps corrected to Date the whole handsomely bound in cloth Gilt lettered. Price i ordered before publication 5/- after publication j7/6 Stone. Son amp co., Ltd., printers amp publishers Dunedin Christchurch Wellington Lou of h j. sad co., fit Ludgate Hitt . Dry gleaning. Garments Are thoroughly cleaned sterilised amp pressed without the use of water. By our process your costume or suit is returned to you equal to new and the stains Are permanently removed. Taylor a a City Dye works a 137 George Street Dunedin. J Telephone Iii professional business notices a card Ophir medical club and Independent Odd Fellows Makau. Business notices a it a it a Quot a a in connection with the above do Gladstone visits Mata Kanui Lauder Makau of plier Mona it in afternoons Moa Creek Burn Ophir oui Akau thursdays. Patients can be seen and messages a Eft at the surgery of plier the store Onia Kau the store Matu Kanui the hotel Lauder the hotel Moa Creek or James Davidson a Pool uni. Challo Creek is visited on mondays and thursdays Telephone no. I Alexandra and medical night service. Edward Marslin family Butcher a Alexandra j. Holloway the Comer Alexandra. Useful gifts attractive novelties or w. A. Bodkin. Successor to or j. R. Bartholomew solicitor Alexandra South. Air Bodkin visits Clyde Cromwell Ophir Aud Roxburgh the Day before and on court Days. Money to lend at lowest current rates. 1a card-1 Gilkison and White. amp solicitous 3 Vogel Street Dunedin. Andrew s. Johnston Stock it to water Street Slock Exchange buildings. Telegraphic address a a Post Mala a Dunedin. . Box shares bought or sold no lowest Market rates. H. W. Reid. John Reid and sons Ltd member Dunedin Stock Exchange. A telegraphic address 41 Penelope Dunedin.11 telephones Ito and Corner Bond a Liverpool Dunedin John Myers auctioneer commission agent Etc auction sales conducted in any part of the District. Babbits Rabbit skins Wool sheepskins and Horsehair. You cannot do Dett Efi than consign to Youh old friends White amp co. Limited. Box 166, . Dunedin. Or with Illi j. Pratt Telephone 11, freezing works Alexandra John smart Tadd leh fit harness maker Clyde All orders punctually amp lit dully executed g. Bell a d d Ler Boot a iter machinery agent Ranfurly. A Good Slock of saddlery always on band. Repairs executed boots the Boot department is under an experienced tradesman boats Soled Aud heeled at moderate. Prices. A a. A a sewn Bools . Agencies Massey Harris farm implement Matalii intr turnip i tigers Lister Oil engines Aud sheep shearing machine Andrews and Devon a chaff Cotters Domo Cream separators. A l. Catalogued posted on application. At Edward Marslin s splendid shop in admiration All must Stop to View the Rich and Fine display of food to cheer us on life a Way. His beef and Mutton stand the test his Small goods Are the very Best built from choicest solid meat with expert hands an epic treat. His Lanb and pork and tender joints Brace the system at All its Points. To keep your children growing Strong to Edward Marsling a haste along and Purchase there nutritious food to Recai your offspring sound and Good. A for. Wedding birthday and All presentation purposes we Are Well stocked with a Large variety of up to Date fancy goods stationery crockery and Patent medicines. I a it a Kaaa a h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h it h h h h h k k h Sommer footwear Hairdresser tobacconist and news agent. Agent for All papers and periodicals Delco Light attractive styles Ark now on show at All the leading shoe stores. Brilliant steady dependable economical trouble proof. An exquisite refinement for the Homestead. A Boom to Matron and maid. It illuminates Aud provides Power for farming and Domestic service s. Ask for Ali win Penny Bros. Amp bid Ltd. Otago and Southland agents. Lyt foot for ladies. Jhl�0l�?Tl hts of a for gentlemen. Ladies see the in court a in shoes. Lucs nov i Iuliu he Sui Pitnor uomlot1 ask Rubin till. by a m inlay amp sons Ltd. Dunedin. Victoria insurance co,li5any 1sw. This do established mid in of ulnar Liisu Mattco Cump Kiy has pleasure a Anjou Jiting trial it luts Upp Oieu the Central Otago preserves limited As agents Lor Alexandra and surrounding by strict. The cd Init any Iran sacks the Follot ving Elasser of Insu Tince on buildings stocks Furmie Grain crops molar cars Etc Wool insured from sheep a Back unlit purchased by the government. Aco Dent Kmla Loyrs liability risks indemnifying employers of labour in reaped accidents to Huir employees. I a Jonal Acci dint including sickness Umici most favourable terms. live muck Motiur car gomprehensivt., Fidelity guarantee elc., Etc. Prompt and Liberal settlements. Please enquire for quotations. Jam i Al Zgak manager for new zealand. Otago Farmers a operative Russo Catlon of ., Ltd. Licensed government brokers a for a Wool sheepskins wheat Rabbit skins sold by Public auction periodically grass seeds manures fencing material groceries saddlery motor requisites prices on application Dunedin a delightful and decidedly Superior in Quality. Essences that really satisfy the Cook. Always pure and fresh the flavours True to name and the strength so uniform. Because they Are economical and dependable housewives prefer them whither for baked Saint pm or puddings. Sec that you get the Flat pane bottle. Rich in Nutriment this excellent preparation 11 invaluable for building up enfeebled constitutions and imparting strength to it those who Are run Down. Its remark Able nourishing properties make it sex. Tremley beneficial to weakly children and convalescent by whom it i quite enjoyed on account of its. Pleasant and palatable taste the Quot health restorative i it made by a special process from the finest Malted Barley unfermented concentrated and free from alcohol a be sure you get the genuine . A a a it Uii ii Elf a us to Media a / re. Marvell i j Ell it Sty i a sort Thimau in is it a ,�stofi5, e4�?~uniwteu, a it . Symns in a a ;