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Albury Border Morning Mail and Riverina Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Albury, New South Wales About people or. A. J. Davis. Who served for Sev eral years with the a.i.f., and who was stationed at Wodonga for some time a a recruiting sergeant 13 now residing to san Francisco. Or. Davis occupies the position of assistant arc director to Tek butterick publishing company pub Lishers of the Delineator and Shererd other journals. Or. A. Mcdonald accountant at the Wodonga Branch of the Bank of _ Vic Toria who has been absent on holidays for the Nast few weeks has resumed work. Or. Alien who was relieving Lam Derus his absence has now returned to his fori Iier duties or. Valentine Wooding tie Well known jeweller and optician of Albury who has been away on a Holiday trip to Queens land., returned to Albury on monday after a most enjoyable time. While in Sydney or. Wooding participated in the Prince of Wales festivities. The times says that Oliue to 3ier� i event illness. Queen Alexandra wig. Be unable to drive through London streets on Rose Day. Glue United be ivies a London cables that miss Mary Pickford and or. Douglas Fairbanks the Well i ? known cinematograph artist .3, who were married recently have arrived in eng land on a Short tour. Enormous crowds at Southampton welcomed or. Fairbanks and miss Pickford. Aeroplanes Hying overhead showered roses on them. In i response to cries of where Mary or. I Fairbanks brought his wife on deck. She j described being prettier than she i appears on the films. Or. Fairbanks i said to the interviewers the last the j t ramp to ens and. I worked my Pas i Saga m a cattle boat Mig Theda Bara landed at Liverpool on monday. Or. W. H Edmondson solicitor aft or a residence in Corowa for 30 years. L13 decided to leave and with Ais wife family will Settle Down in scone or. Edmondson intends. To take his de j parture. Soon. After having been associated with Corowa and District for such a a Vns period during which he has made j a Host of friends there will be kids a arrear rest ref at his departure and als at the departure of Hig wife., who almost 3 Coritta native eing a Datt Gater of the ate Archdeacon Hose. Or. Samuel James Phillips one of the most prominent pastoralist of Western Australia died in Perth on. Monday. Be was 6i years of age. A native of Western. Anston a. And one of the pioneers of the Northern areas. Or. G. H Rox Hursh mis Madge Rox a or a. And or. Archip roxburgh., went to who Arrhe Rester Dav morning to hear Ono of the series of coi ports which be ins seven by Bolsei Witsch. Who described ?.s he russian Genius of the piano. 20th Century players at theatre Koyal Oil thursday and up Dat. An artist Wiio sure to make a hit in Albury miss Ivy Davis who one of the Cleverest Soubrette in Australia Ond her Welcome re appearance should be the signal of a Hearty reception. Other ladies in the players company Are mis3 Vera Benson recently with or. Jack Vader look who Hora company when she became the favorite miss Tib Bies Price one of the most Beautiful girls and Best Dane Era in the common ? t2.t-_ of t7. _ 1.l to ? ? at. 7 Eai tix Jig v Ivill Jaye another in acne ing Little lady acid last bub no for a Long time least miss Jan jux voting. A coloratura Soprano favorite Pupil of Dame Melba who Arra aging for a Utiss Young appearance in Young repertoire will include the jewel son from tans to hear the gents Lark bishop3-3 Sai an Eose Arditi. Sing. Sweet Bird Ganz. Doct in the Forest Landon Ronald. The pangs of hell from the magic flute and Many More leading Soprano solos it a Long time since Albury had the to of ik7tttkt Carmi a wet inn Rion. The present company will not Leable to a a a return season bookings in other parts of Australia and in the far East make it imperative that the \ present itinerary be adhered to. Lovers of Good music clean wholesome legitimate comedy Quartetti singing humor Ous and dramatic sketches and Bright concerted number a null be tripe if they Tio oked seats . The Bost Lan on View at Thomson. Prices 4/ reserved 3/ and 2? the Winchester woman ? ? ? ? ? at Melba pictures of saturday the Winchester woman featuring Alicot Joyce and Sahara with Louise Glaum in the principal part win be next saturday big attractions at Melba Pic Tures. In the Winchester woman the a tory relates to a Young woman having been falsely act used of murdering her husband. She hides in the country to escape notoriety and soon concerned in other sensational happenings. Beautiful scenery contributes to the interest of the Story and. Though its theme highly sensational comical incidents also abound. The cast includes a pretty in Genue. Ley Fox. While Percy Marmont. David Bornton has an excellent part. Seats May be reserved at Lee tears the Prince last night. . The Prince of Wales Tom mix and Mary Miles Minter three or the world greatest favourites both in reel life and in real life comprised the wonderful array of stars offered in first class productions at the Melba pictures last fight. The Welcome to the Prince by Melbourne was a thousand feet of inter Esting and enjoyable entertainment and the Many different events each gave full explanation of the Happy week he spent in that Cifre. Tom mix who now not Only holds the title of supreme daredevil of the worm. But also ranks among the Foremost of male emotional actors was starred in a Fox drama. The coming of the Law 3farv Miles Minter whose Long absence from the screen has been Felt by ardent admirers made her re appearance in the amazing impostor a delightful drama of a Light and humorous nature. An admiralty picture Hun monsters of the deep depicting the sinking by ruthless submarines of Many merchant vessels and a Harold Lloyd comedy completed the programme. Evans Gange concert at the Early age of fourteen. Miss Amy Evans had won. Thirty two Eisteddfod in Wales culminating in the great National Eisteddfod at Cardiff before a vast audience of 16,000. Who at the end of her Solo broke out into the wildest enthusiasm cheering throwing hats Sticks Etc., into the air. After several years training she appeared in London and was at once hailed the greatest voice Wales Tad produced and her Success was assured. Her Success in Australia has been enormous. Bier Beautiful appear Ance and magnificent Soprano voice win the greatest Praise. Tho. Melbourna Arius says of her that her Art great she appearing in Albury at the mechanics theatre to Morrow night with or. Fraser Gange the recognised fore most Bass baritone in England if not in the world at the present Day. Or Gange described by the Melbourne one of the greatest baritones of the present decade his artistry and tour gradations Are beyond criticism. The Presa throughout Australia unanimous in its commendation of these artists. Shortage of sugar a householders who were anticipating something like adequate supplies of sugar because of the arrival of cargo from Java will be disappointed. 2fo Relief or very slight Relief from the present Tamim Reed be expected til the arrival of the first of the new sugar from Queensland late in july or Early in August. Fortunately notwithstanding All the of a Short crop the Queens land sugar Harvest a satisfactory one. To that from August supplies should be fairly Good. The first of the sugar from the Northern state May reach toward the end of next month. The Quantity will be Small but the shipments will grand Nelv increase. It stated that of the 6000 tons of Java sugar received in Australia Las week 3500 ton went to Melbourne. Al that Quantity has to serve Victoria till the end of Luthr or Early in August. For influenza colds take Woods great Peppermint cure a and Vic. Assaulted his wife ? in pugilist fined �5 Ellen Prendergast proceeded at Albur police court yesterday before the pm Gamst Victor Forace Prendergast for alleged assault on june 14. The parties Nuj excl 4 if two a a a he pm a a a a ? re said there Ivas Nofz a j1 Tuble m ism soils on Awe that the Case should Conie before the ? a a a a Che. Arguments at every Jneal. Men we relaying on the electric ought. After lunch Lurf Fovos ff0 the i Oom used a lot 01 bad language. Later wit be went in after him. Defendant com plaine4 about the position of the electric Hobt Button she had had nothing to with this. Defendant was lying on the he c�1iedtller disgusting names he threw her shoes at him. He offered her Money and told her to Cleat out Hla a led the Oney be caught Herby the Throat and every time she tried soft hot a roved her Doyn she con alled for Woods about the raises Lour Bel Ridge defendant was a Veu a Man he was training Forl?8 he oth old 9f the water juju a in Reazenea to hit him if he called Ner disgusting names. He took the in away from her. He was pushing he away probably the assault would not have taken place if she had not resented being called disgusting names. He ave Are a Black Eye sonic years ago. Or. Woods gave evidence that he sex unmet plaintiff on june 14. She was in 1 highly excited state and said that she Baacl received certain mme tto i ? j a very severe Bruise at the Root of the neck 2m. Or 3in. In diameter there was an injury to the nose and the lip and several smaller bruises Over the ribs especially on the right Side. There was no True wound but All the appearances of a fairly Strong struggle. Witness prescribed no treatment. Toj a bulb Rise these would because by continuous pressure a woman skin bruised very easily. Witness considered that the bruises were caused by actual hitting or by severely pressm or severe handling. This was the Case for the prosecution Tor the defence Victor Horace Prendergast defendant said that after lunch last monday week he went to lie Down about 2 o clock. An argument arose Muonz one electric Light. His wife was in a room about 30 feet away. He asked her Why the Button was not put in a convenient place. She asked him Why he not come himself and see to it. A o bad language was used by him. She phen came into the room and picked up two shoes from tinder the dressing table and started hitting him with hem he warded off the blows getting up from he bed. He took the shoe away from Ler after a bit of a scrimmage. She ran to the washstand and picked up the Jug. Another scrimmage occurred in getting the Jug from her. She was pushed Back in the bed and then said she was going 0 Voi Onei i Jonson. Joe not hit Ler. It would have been quite simple to lit her. He merely stopped her hitting him. Colonel Wilkinson what about the Black Eye. _ to colonel Wilkinson about 4 or 5 years ago he was i iting a letter. She said you will not write a letter. She took away the Ink and the paper. He swung his Arm round and it May have hit Ber Eye. This was the history of the week Eye. He not throw her Down on the bed and hold her Down with his Elbow. He could not account for the Bruise. His wife had had a sore lip for a fortnight. The . Asked mrs Prendergast if there was any Chance of effecting a Settle ment. She said there was no Chance. There had been too Many promises made Alto Gether in the past. The ., addressing Prendergast said that he had assaulted his wife unnecessarily. In the first place he believed that defendant had used disgusting Lan Guage Ani preferred the plaintiffs Testi Mony. Defendant conduct in court told very strongly against him. It was a cowardly assault and he had no hesitation in convicting defendant. He could quite understand what plaintiff life must have been. Defendant appeared that a woman was Only a portion of the Bouss to be knocked about. He was in doubt . To whether to inflict a penalty or to Hind defendant Over. Col. Wilkinson asked that a penalty lie inflicted. He not p re for a heavy Pei Alty but wanted the assault re corded the . Were plaintiff not defend Mit i i rip t would a nip the Nepal to much heavier. I consider he has acted brutally. He would be fined �5, with 6/ court costs professional costs �2 2/ medical expenses �2 if. Or two months imprisonment with hard labor in Albury gaol. There Are no redeeming features in the Case at at added the . Or. Bel Ridge asked the . If he would consider reducing the Fine some what in View of the High costs. The . I consider defendant been Verv lightly treated. I cannot re Duce the Fine. Correspondence. Laboe Bosses. To 4-t-Io Emif it Melbourne has to solve burning questions every year. It governed by four bodies that Commonwealth and state governments the City Council and the trades Hall. The biggest bully always wins. The old highwaymen used to say Stop and deliver so do the common wealth government and the trades Hall. There a resemblance Between the trades Hall and the French revolutionary Lead ers. Union strength but it deadly strength when that Sti Euth rushed All to one Side of a boat. The boat upset and All Are thrown out. The Commonwealth note Issue was an Cash Way 01 paying debts amongst ourselves. Every Man should Lave a living wage so the trades Hall says and who going to give it to my unless ids fellow worker the town unionists Happy Days ended when they made thai country worker join the unions. Cheap food a thing of the past. In your artiele3 you state there a secret body 7uling the action3 of members of the labor party. Sure in a Young country like Australia this playing the game Down Low. Public matters should be publicly disclosed. Sec ret diplomacy ruined Europe and it trill Nin the labor party. Tha of the Laen of the trades Hall strike commit tee should be published then the people a would know the clas3 of men they Are dealing with. The labor party demanded to know the writer name to every political article during an election so when these armchair leaders arc stopping work to cause the most inconvenience they should have their names published. They should be done by they do to ethers. There 110 greater Coward than a bully. Instead of one Man holding the surplus wage earned All want to hold it which impossible. Yours Etc. Country resident. Tint Aldra. June 18. Unknown Well Falls in a disastrous Accident was narrowly aver Ted at the rear of the Ragga Post office on saturday morning. Certain construction work was being carried out in a build ing requiring Sand and gravel. A Dray loaded with rubble was backed in and while standing the Earth Beneat it was seen to be cracking and caving in. The Drav wag quickly removed and within a few minutes about eight feet Square of surface disappeared leaving a huge Gap ing Hole. Investigation revealed a Well fully 40 feet deep and feet in diameter. To was Well made being bricked from top to Bottom. The beams at the top of the Well had rotted and owing a to the rain and the weight of trip Dray the Earth had Given Way. Trip Earth bad accumulated or Leon built to the height of about 3ft. Gin. Above the top of the Well which must have been put Down Many years ago judging from the fact hat the roots of an old acacia tree thick a Man thigh Jed grown across it since the ton was covered in. Martin pills Are sold by All chemists and stores in Australasia. Ladies recommend them. Be sure you get the genuine with the signature. A Martins chemists. Southampton. England a att. The pay of shearers increase of 30 per cent. Demanded though award ru2sts till december. Sydney. Turf slav the shearers throughout 27ew South Wales have made a demand for an in crease of 30 per cent on tha rates paid them. It was reported at the . Office this morning that a hold up of the Sheds wa3 possible within a fortnight a Spe Cial session of Thyl Federal Council of the . Has been held to discuss the position. The shearers made their move with dra a Uii Ilic Sua Lennesa. One policy of tue . opposed to direct action. However the Queensland shearers have been granted the increases which they asked for and it stated that the men or an important Section of them in t.w. And other states Are determined to 5.2 Curp increases at any Cost. Tic remains to be seen whether the Union will officially endorse the stand taken by the men on account of the disabilities imposed by the drought. The pastoralist Are not expected to concede the shearers claims without pro test. It claimed by the men that they Are in a position to enforce their de mands however. A3 shearing cannot be ? delayed without heavy loss. The shearers Are working under a fed eral award which does not expire till the end of this year. It was made three rear ago and the Union claims that the rates Are now inadequate. The Queensland Branch of the . Obtained a state award granting. Increases up to 40 per cent and the policy of the Union provides for one. Uniform rate throughout Australia. This Whei a. The danger. Of a strike lies. The attitude of the Shearer said to be against a Start being made at any shed in x.w. Unless the Queensland rates Are paid. Graziers Point of View ? the position said or. Allen Secretary of the graziers association ? that the Federal award does not exp rat until the end of the year. We expert the men to remain Loyal to the award unless it agreed to vary it. I have heard of some possible disputes at a couple of stations but do not know of any general refusal to work yet. A o action will be taken by the graziers in this state in regard to conceding the men claim without All of the states being consulted i have communicated with pastoralist organisations in the other states setting out the position and am at present awaiting re plies. A conference with the Union will probably be held in Melbourne Early next month but in any ease the Federal award stands Good and the men we Trust will ubide by it until the end of the . Big . Amalgamation new zealand workers Union absorbed or. Blakely on behalf of the Federal executive Council of the ., says that an amalgamation has been consummated with the new zealand worker Union this body includes Many differ ent industries and the amalgamation will mean the addition of 12,000 members to the . This year. Wool Lassers Joest up. victorian and Queensland Wool classes associations have also decided to join up. A Central Branch which now established in Sydney will cover the whole state. The executive has completed logs for the various industries Cov ered by the ., and these will be presented to the arbitration court in due course when increases of wages and bet Ter conditions will be asked for. Sheep slaughtered in Victoria during 1919 the number of sheep slaughtered in Victoria viz., 6,324,449, was the largest on record. A comparison of the Agures relating to sheep cattle and piss m different years interesting. Tho offi Cial Lear Book shows that in 1913, 4 742.31 sheep 410,694 cattle and 286,931 pigs were slaughtered while in the following Vear the numbers were a sheep 4,550 27- cattle 470,011 and pigs 260.017. The smallest killing of sheep and cattle was m 1917. When the totals Avert sheep 2,409.002, and cattle 217,480. And of pigs in 1916. When the number was 214.22s. Since those dates substantial increase have been recorded. In 1918, for in stance the number of sheep killed was 3.581.460, and of cattle 223,340, while the killing of piers .viz., 377,390, was a record cattle slaughtered in 1919 numbered 362,475, and pigs 329,187. The figures for 1919 in regard to sheep apart from those killed for local con sumption Are satisfactory proof of the value of cold storage a Means of Avert ing disastrous Losse through a drought period. Had there been no facilities for storing surplus meat and no development of the meat preserving and meat extract industries the Stock owners position to Day would not have been satisfactory it . The most deplorable Thina in connection with the. Slaughtering Tho Large number of Breeding Stock that owing to the drought had to lie disposed of before they became too Low in condition. At the same time it satisfactory to note that up to March 31 this year Tho actual losses by death Are stated to be Les i than for the twelve months. Tyre of locomotive bursts ? ? narrow escape of express Sydney tuesday. The Tyro of one of the engines of the express from Albury broke at Warwick farm this morning. It was found Neres Oary to Send to Liverpool for another engine. a result the train was one hour late in reaching Sydney. Had the Tyre comp off one of the front wheels of the engine instead of 6fc a driving wheel it considered that a terrible Accident would have been inevitable. The butter embargo Albury without butter up Ter Day air 1 l a by step to obtainable in few ferday Smy quantities of Dairy butter Camel in from country Cen Rived pc was 1 s02d Befu re a consignment of butter for a Dean Street firm of grocers which should have men on Sale yesterday missed the train at Tup despatching station and this accentuated the shortage. It expected that this butter will be on the Marker to Day. The opinion was expressed Vesterdal turn i ivies mat Zzz not now sex osted that any obstacle will be placed before grocers obtaining butter through the Pool irom Victoria provided thai they have been trading with victorian Putter factories. However the regulations regarding the despatch and release or Knitter will have to be observed till further notice. Some of the butter sold in Albury car Ries a Queensland Fae Torr Brand and in said to have travelled a few thousand i Nizie. Before being marketed Here. I Albury Supply assured. ? or. U. A. Thompson returned to al Bury from Melbourne last night whither he had been to interview the better Pool committee in connection with the recent decision of the committee to Stop sup plies of butter from Victoria to new Bouth Wales. The result of his inter View was All that could be desired for no was Able to induce the committee to Telegraph to the Albury stationmaster authorising him to release any consign ments of butter to local action Means that the Albury retailers will be Able to take delivery of butter immediately on its arrival at Alf Bury and to distribute it amongst their customers without any of the anticipated restrictions or delay. Another most important Concession which or. Thompson was Able to secure was the inclusion of Albury in the Vic Torian scope of the jurisdiction of the butter Pool. In View of the acute Short Arp of butter or new South Wales this inclusion will practically assure for al Ranry an adequate Supply ? even though not up to the average Spring and summer consumption yet sufficient to carry on Nofil the riverine Dairying di.=Tricis no Acup a Normal Supply in about two Nir nth time. Residents of Albury will have cause to thank or. Thompson for obviates the convenience of a repetition of the but or Faming from which they suffered som few years Back. A ?. 1 sahara95 i i featuring Louise Glaum f in ? a picture noted for its Magni Wicent staging effects. Also i Alice Joyce in the Winchester woman ? ? at Melba pictures ? matinee 2.30 and . Saturday. Mechanics Institute Albury to Morrow thursday june 24 at 8 . J Amy Evans. I the phenomenal Welsh Soprano. Fraser Gange / the famous scotch Bass baritone whose Legani ficut singing has aroused tile Stoil oct �n--l.,� ? i i irom Mieir enraptured audiences in Melbourne an. Adelaide. They Are two of the world greatest vocalists ? n sss�7 Cecil Parkes violin at Harold Elvins pianist. Jan at Institute. Reserved 5/ unreserved 3/, 2/ plus theatre Royal Albury direction ? Phil Howard. Thursday & Friday next june 24 and 25. ? or. Rawdon Blandford presents direct from Sydney the 20lh Century players in a merry musical flight entitled night lights Twenty English australian and Continental artists of the highest artistic calibre ? every artist a Star. A possessor of one of those Bari tsp voices h Don t on miss Tibbles Price. Who will sing and dance her Way to your hearts. -. Or. Reg Cleary a. Veritable poet of the piano. A Star 111. Any company or. Harle Herne ? Tenor versatile actor dancer and Whistler. _ each individual member a Otar artist with a big metro Politan reputation. I a rare treat for lovers of Good i music clean refined comedy and modern Ballet and ballroom danc ing. I the 20th Century players i would not have come to Albury Hadi it not been for the strike and con sequent disorganisation f of their booking plans. ? popular prices -4/ Reser ved3/ and ii. ? Woven to Morrow and each Days advertisements for further lists of i artists. S plans at j. B. Thomson. Important announcement ? ? s the old established business know Nas Shaw Bros., Corner Albert Road and Kerford st., Beechworth offered for Sale by the executrix in the estate of Samuel Shaw deceased about �2500. Consists of grocery wines and spirits. Ironmongery crockery pro Duce. Etc. Fine 2 Storey build ing with six splendid living rooms up pairs and Large Kitchen dining room 2 bedrooms Large shop and two storerooms Iown stairs. Also magnificent cellar 2 it buildings used storeroom and tables. ?. All particulars May be had from the manager. Shaw beos., Beechworth. In the supreme court of new South Wales probate jurisdiction. In the will of Emma Nathan late of Albury in the state of new Softli Wales deceased wife of Abraham Nath an of the same place. Merchant. Application will be made after f our teen Days from the publication Here of that probate. Of the last will of the above gained deceased mar be granted to Alexander Lyons of eaglehawk in the state of Victoria doctor of medi Cine and Johni Herbert Nathan of Ragga Ragga in the state of new South Wales manager two of the executors named in the said will with leave reserved to Joseph Levy formerly of Sydney in tee state of new South Wales manager but now of Auckland in the Dominion of new zealand hotel keeper another executor named in the said will to come in and prove the same Abraham Nathan of Albury Afore said merchant the widower of the said Cux Ciocu. Lulu Luc named in the said will having renounced probate thereof and All notices May be served at the offices of the undersigned to whom All persons having any claim on the estate of the said deceased Are Here by required to Forward detailed particulars thereof within the said fourteen Days. V. Flood Nagle Proctor for the executors Temple court. Dean Street. Albury. By Mackenzie and Mackenzie Bank of n.w. Chambers 280-2 Castle Reagh Street. Sydney. Pickling onions now available at _ j. G. Arnold and sons Price a 81bs for if or 3/ for 281bs. Phone 64. Melrose laundry. Phone so. Save that old suit or costume gite them a new life. Have them cleaned or dyed and pressed by the Melrose gleaners dyers and pref ers. Laun a work of every description Aone. Give a ring. We Call for orders. B. Boo Mann Townsend Street. Mulcairn District Agency for famous Palm car. The car that will eclipse All other makes. Weight 5-seater, 13% a wac. Petrol consumption. 28 to 30 Miles per gallon Light on tyres. Absolutely reliable self Star part of engine system electric lights real leather upholstery and Khaki one Man Hood. Inspect and All particulars from a. S. Papworth. Motor and sports depot Opp. . Mulcairn. Telephone no. 29. Farmers in Brocklesby f # strict. You will get your Sadd a Lery repairs done promptly. A & efficiently and cheaply at y i a Mccroskey Brocklesby saddlery f f depot. F v Collar lining a speciality. W 1 prospectus j of new South Wales government loan of �2.000,000. Rate of interest 5j per cent. Per annul. Price of Issue Par. Interest payable 1st june and 1st december x first pay agent of interest 1st Decemb for 1920 principal repayable at Par in Sydney 1st june 1925 list of applications closes wednesday. 30th june 1920. Rohny he Ternent of new South Wales offers for subscription a loan of -�2,000,000, bearing interest at the rate of 5% per cent per annul and having a currency of five years from 1st june 1920, a guarantee being Given that the inter est Wil be free of both new South Wales and Federal income taxes. The loan being raised under the authority of the act of parliament no 27 of 1919, and for the purpose of providing funds to enable the government to make advances approximating to �2,000,000, to Necess Itous Farmers who Are suffer ing from the effects of the prevailing disastrous drought and also for providing funds for the completion of the wheat silos scheme. Applications for the loan should be addressed to the colonial treasurer the Treasury Sydney. The principal which must be lodged in Fuu with the application will be accepted free of Exchange and the loan May be subscribed for either in the form of of minded Stock or debentures at the option of the subscriber. Subscribers for funded Stock May have the interest on their Stock remitted to their Bank accounts in the country or outside the state freq of Exchange but the interest on the debentures will be payable in Sydney. Forms of application for the Stock or debentures May be obtained from the registrar of Stock the Treasury Sydney from the branches of the government savings Bank of new South Wales throughout the state and also at All branches in the state of the Bank of new South Wales and the commercial banking com Pany of Sydney limited. ? i applications for the loan May be forwarded through members of Recos ised Stock exchanges. Interest on the Stock will accrue from the Date of Purchase but a Coupon for a full six months interest will be attached to the debentures accrued interest at 5& per cent per annul from 1st june to Date of Purchase must be added to any applications for debentures lodged after that Date. Stock May be purchased in multiples of f 10 and debentures in multiples of �100. A ? ? Purchase Money lodged prior to just june 1920, win be held on Deposit at 5� per cent. Per. Annul up to that Date. The Treasury Sydney. John t Lang 8th May 1920. Colonial treasurer Best jewellery in a buryat old prices at Heilmann Bros i a ?. I a a a a a a k a the Large Stock of jewellery carried by Edlmann Bros was t x not bought m a Day nor in a month. It represents Wise buying spread Over f in the last few years. If you know Good jewellery when you see it you 4 ? will Realise the truth of this. And what More the prices speak for a j a Eltes comp a the Quality and the prices at Heilmann i j a ijrus., and you will be convinced. J i f. There Are clocks watches in various make and designs include i # ing Dainty watch bracelets Ringa diamonds and other Gem brooches i 1 f it armlets necklaces pendants Etc., also a wide assortment of i 3i silverware suitable for gifts to either ladies or gentlemen. F % i for watch and jewellery repairs try i i the old established Albury jewellers f j i Hwi i of m . U. .-Jmu-.,u,.jj.,.,,,u�.j.,. re Agni ? _ i i i i wanted 1000 Lawn mowers t j j1 to Sharpen. Or repair.4 f tanks made to order m to 10/ pm m and 890 f 1. Gilona in Stock. S i Gram phones repaired. I i Cossor plumber & Mechanic we Sec a it Jwj a a Kiowa Street i = i guarantee satisfaction \ & a a i irritability inflamed o / eyes i g0m\ -57 no headaches blurred print i i better have your i ii a Mottl Job eyes tested. X Nicholson and Smith will determine accurately any visual deficiency i y Trace its cause and immediately prescribe scientifically Correct spectacles j j to restore Normal sight. A Complete knowledge of ocular Anatomy plus wide a experience plus perfectly equipped rooms enable to give Complete Satis faction a at a reasonable Price too. We make the very latest rimless glasses w on the premises. Arrange an appointment to Daj. @ \ see our splendid collection of prism binoculars 1 f pm a Mamm 0 9 i i Dean st., Albury. Opticians phone 70 f Cost of living increases the results of the investigations made by or. G. H. Eli bus Commonwealth statist to variations in prices of food and groceries a i6 commodities a have been made available for May. Compared with april Therp has been a general increase of 2.3 per cent. All the states except new South Wales show increases. The increase was greatest in Victoria 4.7 per cent., followed by tas mania. 4.2 per cent. South Australia. 4 per cent. Queensland 1.7 per cent., and West Australia 1.2 per cent. New South Wales for May shows practically no change from that of the preceding month. Compared with May 1919, increases Are shown in All states. The greatest in crease occurred in Victoria 28.4 per cent followed by Softli Australia 23.8 per cent. Tasmania. 23.5 per cent. Queens land. 18.3 per cent. New South Wales. 16.8 per cent., and West Australia 11 per cent. The weighted average Indes number for the 30 towns considered a whole was 2054 in May 1920, compared with 1696 in May 1919�? an increase of j 21.1 per cent. 1 the increase in Cost since the outbreak of War greatest in Queensland 90 per cent., followed by Victoria 81.1 per cent new South Wales. 77.5 per cent tas mania 73.2. Per cent South Australia. G8.5 per cent and West Australia 53 per cent. The increase in the 30 town 9 considered a whole from july 1914, to May 1920, amounts to 76.5 per cent. The sailing ship comes Back by c. Fox Smith. The woman poet of the sea. God almighty wind cheaper flan steam and always was. These words Are spoken by one of the characters in the Call of the offshore wind a Romance of ships and ship building on the a be coast by i. Ralph d. Pahyip Constable 7/05/ the theme the of the build ing of wooden ships on that coast and especially of those big four five and even six masted schooners which before trip War practically unknown on this Side of the vat a. A a now seen in our ports in Kiuei numbers. I Nis Type or vessel Mercner wit ii a without auxiliary Power a has undoubtedly come to stay in with the nere Sinast of nil kinds of fuel it Likely enough that shipowners Avin be More inclined to. Avail themselves of the free use of god j almighty wind j cargoes which do not suffer by delay or Damp wooden ships particularly american softwood vessels generally Strain at the seams in heavy weather to the detriment of their cargoes a cargoes such lumber nitrates ores of various kinds fertilisers and the like should be available for sailing Craft Nior a frequently than hitherto and indeed the presence in european harbours of the american ships just described seems to suggest that the revival of sail has already begun at any rate in the United states. But the words quoted at the beginning of this article have an equal applicability to our own transport problem. Sailing Craft have of course been always largely used in our coasting Trade but the War has taken a heavy toll of them and the Low rates on the railways have hit them Well the coasting steamers. Conditions Are in Many respects very different in this country from those prevailing on the american coast. The native Supply of cheap lumber Lias naturally influenced the character of american shipbuilding and it unlikely that the building of wooden ships of Large size will Ever be revived in great Britain. But Therp undoubtedly plenty of scope under present conditions for the sailing vessel either of Wood or steel either with or without auxiliary Powei. And with Power me eau driven Craic loses the drawback of uncertainty under unfavourable weather conditions when has been her Handicap in competing with steam. In a fax Oriner wind a fast Sailer can show her heels to a slow Steamer. There Are plenty of instances on record of the old time sailing cracks which could make 16 and 17 knots running free and 12 or 13 knots close hauled. It perhaps unlikely that the Square rigger will Ever he built again to any great extent. ? but the Schooner Type. With auxiliary Power either for Home or foreign Trade and the bar Quentine or top ? sail Schooner for Coastwise traffic should be Able to hold their own under present conditions at sea and the Small shipyards whose mouldering slips have told their silent tale at All our Little ports in re cent years should reap a new Harvest of Prosperity. I often the fruit Exchange Sydney returns the grower better prices than the City Market. And when this the exception you still get equally the Best returns. Morehouse & co the fruit Exchange now sell for leading Lavington growers. It will pay you to also let them sell Fob ? you. A i i \ Are you prepared for the Winter season. V. ? blankets Are an absolute necessity. \. \ f \ e everybody needs them. 1 in a one need be without. Abe Nathan can Supply your wants. X \ \ 2 Ake advantage of his system of easy terms. I me a ill accept a Small Deposit. J i and make the terms to suit the lightest purse. I0 now Don t put off but get in Early.2 al i i go x i Down quilts and sheets i Beautiful Anu warm Atco 0? the very Best Quaty. I 1 ? ? f. A i Abs Nathan the furniture i i Cash of terms. I i Weite ph0he144 01 Gul. I i alb try Send Foj my illustrated catalogue a qua i worn by men a the ladles who know Theta Worth. A m Pius. Sii Vics and Satir action. The Ideal Boot was Koui Souve Street Albekt. Phone 28/. It. Kyj j _ a a to j the costumes Fyk you get Arost out of a g i Are the costumes that have most a Ift j put into them. A wows my i reliable materials expert tailor sir in i ing skill Liberal time in making ? a i i i and years of experience blend to a i ref cow Robeet tailored to i Cost measure costume there no question about their ill a flip Quality or smart appearance. ?our costumes Are Man tailored throughout and every detail of fab. 8 Fric fit and needlework carefully considered with our men Tail a Fine Host of mannish salting Graf Iii in and costume cloths Are Here for Fillipi Llull selection. We will gladly show you x j a Dean Street Albury. Ftp next to Dalgety. Of of a i a a my a a the a ? Ria if a Tad ? Jmmes up to Day we Are showing a very Choice selection of blouses All marked at Low a Zgeb. A jew est Price Levels. I of. Come in to Day and look round j /0t i briefly detailed Are a few of the Many Zol k Striling Blouse values a % Waslik ? White a silk Voith Pink stripes. I in in a of la shaped neck Collar and front spoke ? Ipp sral stitched.-25/. ? t Lufti be Listel shul pin1 washing Satin fronts and i a sleeves spoke neat Collar turned x of i in who Back cuffs.-35/. If a till l Plain whte a silk Blouse v i of Iowa shaped neck Large Pearl buttons on a gyr \ v Collar and 35/. ? i or i if Fife Grea 5asl1 Satin Blouse Roll Collar a mss a a w my smart tie effect Back few my cuffs-37/6 ? he i i 7hite Jap Suk Blouse with v Shap i sed neck. Neat Collar and a the Model Stose Wilson Street Albury i Quality first always i i ? i i % 4 Tutt tit c by Titt d c / i we i fur Coats & Ili Feii / i Tweed Coats mwi8l\ i gabardine and Serge. Cos a a a i at Willoney. T Jeffi he i. A we Are Able to introduce to you a a a Wolfe Fiill a a splendid variety of the Hess iwo his \ ladies. We invite you to inspect. Smi a had wave merchant and agent w0d0etga. Ironmongery crockery and glasswak1 at City a sics life 0 Hab Ella a a a implements it. Lye i Mak Jaia
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