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Albury Banner And Wodonga Express Newspaper Archives Oct 18 1907, Page 36

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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (Newspaper) - October 18, 1907, Albury, New South Wales You can idiot get another pair of eyes. Goo reason Why you should take the very Best care of the pair you have. They must serve you a lifetime. If you know or even if you Only suspect that they Are in Nabed of a Little care and attention we will be lad of help you. We charge thing to test your eyes if you have considerable headache it is probable that you need glasses. An examination by our optician will Cost you nothing and glasses will be prescribed Only if you need them. Optician and jeweller Ury British and foreign Sterns. In common with the other British states in South Africa Cape Colony is suffering severely from depression. According to the times correspondent at Cape town the Trade return of the Colony Are still shrinking. I in May last the postal rates Between the United kingdom and Canada on news papers Maga Anes and Trade journals were reduced to id per la on each 51b packet. One result has been that the vol ume of British periodicals entering the do minion has been doubled. Whilst a political meeting was being held in Waterbury in Connecticut United states the floor of the room in which the meeting had assembled collapsed. A Brook ran underneath the building and into this 150 persons were precipitated. Many sustained serious injuries. A serious mishap has occurred in the Butler steel works in Pennsylvania uni Ted states. A cauldron of molten Metal was upset by some Means with the result that four workmen were killed outright 20 others Avert injured so badly that they can not survive and ten received less serious injuries. A gang of russian convict s in Siberia numbering 33, whilst on the March Between Tyumen and Tobolsk attacked the military guard in charge of them. The guard opened fire on the convicts and killed 22 of them the remaining 11 succeeding in Mak ing their escape. Six men of the guard were injured. Following the to s of numerous wooden labels attached to the plants in the City Park the Truro corporation have issued numerous warnings to children. At a Chapel near at hand however a Large num Ber of the missing labels have just been found under a Hole in the roof having been carried there by a Jack Daw. An instance of the remarkable vitality pose used by the eat has just been demonstrated at Horbling near Rilling Borough. A very Fine Cross bred persian mysteriously disappeared from its Home and sixteen Days later was found in an open Field firmly secured in a Rabbit trap. Notwithstanding the animal s Long and painful confinement and exposure to the heavy Rains it was still alive. One of the elephants of Sangers circus s had a practical and amusing revenge on a milk. Farmer. While the circus was moving Between Nelson and Colne a Man in a milk float standing in the Street flicked one of the elephants with his whip. The huge animal did not Fly into a rage but calmly stopped by the cart and with its trunk quietly lifted the milk kits into the gut Ter where the milk ran to waste. Every one laughed except the milk Vendor. The Village of Seddon or Bland court House in Virginia United states has been the scene of a daring and successful Bank robbery. Four men wearing masks broke into the Bank on sunday and got away with Bullion and securities to the value of 500,000 dollars about �100,000. They were not allowed to escape without Chal Lenge Ai the sheriff and other residents attempted to arrest them. The robbers thereupon resorted to revolvers firing upon ? their pursuers and killing the sheriff. Francis Macmillen a famous american violinist surprised a Large audience at Queens Hall London by having the lights turned Down when the concert began. The object he explained is to concentrate ? the attention of the audience on the artist instead of on. Themselves. Ladies study fashions at concerts instead of studying the artist. I intend to repeat the Experiment in America. Perhaps i shall meet opposition but my aim is to establish artistic sympathy Between the audience and the performer amazing instances of cruelty to her ten rear old daughter were related at Gosport when Ellen Sayers the wife of a Coachman was sentenced to six months imprison ment. According to the evidence the defendant made the child stand beside her bed from ten at night until next morning while s he Lay in bed. She also held the child fully dressed under the water tap and left her clothes upon her until they dried. Neighbours had found the child fastened to the bed by a rope and had heard the defendant express a wish to Mur Der her. Or. Wightman the Sheffield Coroner recently censured a number of workmen an others who had been concerned in a prac tical joke which caused the death of Albert William Lingard of that City. An electric wire avas attached to the handle of a door in such a Way As to give anyone who open de the door a Shock. When Lingard touched tie handle he fell to the ground and died in about ten minutes. It a s stated that this kind of practical joking was quite common. Lingard had suffered from Lymph Tim which rendered him susceptible to Shock. At a recent missionary meeting at nor wich the Rev. J. E. Swinhoe related that in Swaziland a by lady of High rank whose Ordinary attire Wasi simple received from lord Kitchener during the Boer War a present of a dress length. One morning he the missionary received a message from the Queen that she wished him to come and ? make up this material. With the assistance of another missionary he took the necessary measurements and Cut up the stuff. Sonic Christian women j did the sewing and the Queen was de \ lighted with the result. I an extraordinary motor car Accident occurred in Anglesey recently. A car belong ing to or. Davidson of Heaton Chapel near Stockport was proceeding from holy head and when near Llanza Erpg the Driver saw an elderly woman driving cows in the Road. He sounded the Horn but the woman stepped in the Way of the car. The Driver instantly applied All the brakes and so suddenly was the car brought to a stand still that it turned a Complete somersault. The rear part in descending struck the woman on the head and inflicted such in juries that she died shortly afterwards. Eight men were sentenced is vagrants to fourteen Days imprisonment at Harbour recently. They were discovered living in caves on the seashore to the South of the town and had been domiciled there for some months. Recently a Steamer nearly ran ashore through mistaking the Cave fires for the Harbour lights. Complaints against the Cave dwellers were also made on other grounds and As a result their Homes were raided by the police at dead of night. The men whose Ages ranged from Twenty five to fifty five came from places As far apart us Motherwell in Scotland and Essex. I six elephants which Are performing in tree hauling competitions at the colonial. Exhibition at Nogent France were being taken Back to their quarters recently when As though by a pre concerted signal they broke Loose from their keepers swept away 20 Yards of Iron railing and made a dash for Liberty in Vincennes Forest. They were caught after an exciting Chase when they had uprooted a Good Many Trees and were conducted Back to their stable. Here the whole party in a frolicsome mood started demolishing the partitions and in the end it was found necessary to secure them with chains. A serious riot has just taken place in a Church at Maille near la Rochelle France. The body of a woman named Ravard was to have been buried but As she a s not a subscriber to the Church the burial could not take place with the help of the clergy. The relatives of the de ceased then decided to carry the coffin into the Church where prayers were to be offered by parishioners. At the Church in trance a disturbance occurred Between the relatives and some of the members of the Church. It resulted in a fight in which All the combatants were injured the vicar and one of the relatives being maltreated. While fishing recently off the coast of Kathi War India from a s mall boat a naval officer after having caught several Nice fish Felt an unusually Strong pull at his line so had that the boat was being pulled violently about in the Stream. A few minutes after to his great Surprise a huge Turtle came to the surface with a Rush. For an hour and a half the boat was towed hither and thither eventually getting about two Miles and a half from Shore before the Turtle was conquered and made fast alongside the boat it was towed Back like that for about four Miles to the ship and hoisted on Board where it turned the Scales at 3251b. A painful Case came before the Grimsby immigration Board recently. A widow named Bobe Rattleman aged 00, was rejected on the ground that she was suffering from trachoma. She lost her husband in Russia twelve months ago and being unable to obtain sufficient work As a tailor ass to maintain herself came to join her son a tailor at Liverpool. The Man appealed to the Board to allow his Mother to end her Days with him but medical evidence showed that the disease Way advanced and Liat the Board considered that apart from infection she would become chargeable to the rates. The parting Between Mother and son was very pathetic. A sensation has been caused in Odessa by the arrest of a number of officials and Well known lawyers who for several years have been engaged in a novel conspiracy to defraud the state of the Revenue from estates whose Helra wove missing or unknown. The plan of the conspirators who operated chiefly in Odessa and Warsaw was to obtain Possession of such estates by the use of fraudulent documents or by bringing Forward Tilse heirs. Ai order placed with an engraver of Vienna for a duplicate of an official heal led to the discovery of the frauds. The. Persons implicated Are said to have derived about �1qo, from the swindles or. If. C Smuth Tho colonial Secretary of the Transvaal in addressing his constituents at Pretoria touched on the ques Tion of chinese labour. Tho experience of the miners strike he said proved that if the chinese were retained the Whites must eventually Clear out. Two mining mag nates who desired to co operate with the government had now come to the conclusion that the importation of the chinese was a mistake. Or. Smuts warned the indians who Are resisting registration that the government would strictly enforce the Asiatic Law. They were determined to make the Transvaal a White Man s coun try. They had put ? their foot Down on this question and would keep it there. Mrs. Honor Coleman who occupies a Little cottage at Cleeve in the county of Somerset is generally considered the oldest woman in England. She has recently attained the remarkable age of 107. Her Mother was a centenarian her grandmother lived to 101, while her daughter who re sides in the same cottage is nearly eighty. In the course of a Chat the old lady said she attributed her longevity chiefly to three things. Strict Recto Taoism no Medicine and no doctors. She is extremely severe on medical men and holds the somewhat startling opinion that if Only people would steer Clear from them quack Gentry they would All live to a Ripe old age. A general review of the agricultural out look in India As from the end of septem. Ber has been prepared by the government. September was hot and dry but notwithstanding this the Outlook is regarded As from fair to Good in Burma Eastern Ben Gal Assam a portion of Bengal the cen trial provinces a portion of Bombay and Madras. In West Bengal the crops Are suffering while the Harvest on the North West Frontier and in the United provinces is a failure. The distress is Likely to be widespread Here and extensive Relief Mea sures will be necessary. From the whole of Central India it is reported Only about a. Quarter of the usual crop will be Harves Ted. ? ? ?. At a depth of 1321 feet main Coal has been reached in lord Londonderry s new Colliery at Seaham Harbour after a remarkable engineering feat. Owing to the presence of enormous quantities of water forming a Quicksand it was found Neces sary to freeze. The ground to a depth of nearly 500 feet. Twenty eight holes were bored in a Circle about the Shaft to a depth of 484 feet and freezing tubes were inserted. Brine was the medium used to extract the heat from the strata. The length of time required to form a Wall of ice was 185 Days the Wall being maintained for 353 Days. In the Shaft Bottom the Frozen Sand was so hard that it could Only be penetrated by blasting. A 19-year-old girl named Anne Hughes committed suicide at Belfast by setting her self on fire and at the inquest the other Day it was shown that she left Home to seek Refuge at the Union whence she was removed to the Home of an aunt. During the night she saturated her hair with paraffin which flowed Over her clothing and then applied a match. In her ? agony she screamed for her Uncle who with Assis Tance was eventually Able to extinguish the flames. She died shortly afterwards saying a i am tired of Ife and thought i should suffer no pain it. Was stated that the girl s Home life had been pitiable and the jury added to their verdict a rider censuring the father. A sergeant belonging to the Warwick. Shire police Force stationed at ships Tonon Stour recently devised a novel plan to capture motorists. ? he ascended the Church Tower which stands by the main Road leading from Stratford on Avon to Oxford and which gives a View of All roads North East South and West. Having stationed a i Ttoe f&iviees9 Fresto. It. # i 5 this engraving shows the a Stylo of Tho Morgan by h e Blip Ballf Loffi hrs but lire a spading Harrow with cleaners put up for on horse 8 1 fit. Kiu Nunu Riei al work to Honvo secured the exclusive right to sell g j the Morgan spading Harrow Foi new South Wales. $ Ifo Ufa is la m of a i and our experience of its Sale has Only confirmed the a �3 Wuhib it be opinion formed after special investigation and sex Gil =1 5ib hu�s3hhu\o3 tended enquiry that it is Tho implement for pulverize k ? ing the soil and that As now perfected it is in Quot i r 3 �3 w i is of ssh i Tiomi Bly the Best and cheapest Harrow Ever invented. P r5 ?1 a is 1 1 eff to to Stock Tho following sizes a. 3ft., 1 horse 16in. U f. Hebh�ub3uss� he is $ $ Spades As illustrated a be ? w s m 4 r 17/g a. 4ft., 16in. Spades be. I a Fott m a 26/10/ a. 5ft., 2 Light 15 fat i Ifni i ? 455k i 4& Jan v of of a horses 16in. Spades s i ? / a Fol �6 12 6 a it Standard. V ass. S4i�rvc\ re a 6 a 6ft. Heavy 2 horses \ ? pm a g y4%y 18 n. Spades �8/2/3 c 7ft. Of cd stir a ? is 2or 3 horses. 18in Spades % \ -?y.\ ii Ujj Vyrl i i in 1 18in. Spadoni 3.8/17/g. S. /it5v?w �i5y�s?s these harrows Are fully rigged with Ujj so Sif whiff Trees Neek Yoke cleaners. 5 by so sell an transport wheels. ? = �5ehw a Tess. \. Set of d�5os, to fit to 3ft., 5ft. And \ of i Ris v of 6ft. A so a to immediately convert them \ How Bis a 3� m�fer�lsi�33 into disc harrows 3ft. 44/-, 6ft. 54 6 6ft. % i wtl4s41liirml3w c2 6 Bythie addition the purchaser has i 1 a a ii two harrows in one. \ re Ili Anthony Hordern sons 1 %-ji�0 in we wet is. \ c 1 a Only Universal provides 2 is it a \-5 1%. \ % new Palace Emporium. 3 a \ 3 Brickfield Hilu h h a it this elder brother is Tufa. Evidently knows of so inv How to play /\9 a pfc Havva so doctor in real a \jjj0s Earnest. He pm a knows about f my of a a a j Avert Cherry v%94-Ti- 4�m ? pectoral. His w hot to Mapu Mother told a of my w w her and her i wll a grand Moth mud a f we er3 Mother to 1w\ Ard coh ind Ini foe a Huron is entirely free from narcotics or Poison of any kind. It is the great remedy the world Over for colds coughs croup whooping cough influenza la Grippe and All Bron Chial complaints. Accept no substitute or cheap and worthless imitation. Be sure you get Ayer s Cherry pectoral. Put up in Large and Small bottles. Prepared by or. J. C. Ayer & co., Lowell muss., . At \ -

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