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Albury Banner And Wodonga Express Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1907, Page 11

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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (Newspaper) - June 14, 1907, Albury, New South Wales Fiendish murder in Melbourne. A r a a ? a .1 daring Daylight outrage. Diamond merchant the victim. C a daring and most cold blooded murder was committed in the very heart of the City on Friday afternoon. The victim or. Bernard Bauer a wealthy Diamond Mer chant of the firm of Bauer. Bros and a a Saumer attacked by some Stealthy As Sassin was butchered in his own office on the sixth floor of modern Chambers 315 Rollins surf fit. I the discovery of the startling crime was made by or Wolfe also a Diamond buyer and a Friend of the murdered Man who 7 called at ten minutes past 5 to see or. A Batter. Or. Wolfe went up in the lift a a and walked to or. Bauer s office with the full Assurance of meeting his Friend with whom he had earlier in the Day had some Conversation at the Vienna cafe. He had i on parting appointed to meet or. Bauer \1 later at the same place. As or. Bauer was of a methodical Man and punctual in his. A habits or. Wolfe was somewhat surprised that he did t keep the appointment and v after waiting a Little while concluded that some pressing business had detained him. He therefore went across Collins Street to modern Chambers to see him. ?. Entering the lift and alighting at the sixth floor or. Wolfe knocked several times and then opened the door. As he entered the room the greeting he was about. To utter froze upon his lips. Or. Bauer Lay upon the floor behind the door partly under a table his head and shoulders surrounded by a Pool of blood that was even then expanding Over the linoleum. He was Dietai Ning Sterton Ousby. Xuwu Vitug Usu self lip after recovering from the Shook of seeing his Friend in such a terrible Condi Tion or. Wolfe raised or. Bauer s head. ? it Only required one glance to convince ? him that he had been the victim of a a dreadful outrage and that he was desp e rarely wounded. Hastening to the lift attendant he sent a message at once to the nearest Constable. Constable Scanlon who was on Point duty at the intersection of Elizabeth Street arrived promptly Tele phoned for the St. John ambulance and ? sent for or. M. Perl of West Melbourne. Or. Perl saw at a glance that if there was a Chance for or. Bauer s life that Chance would be Best fostered at the Melbourne Hospital and after injecting strychnine or dered that he be transported thither at once or. Bauer was then taken Down on the lift and placed in the ambulance cart. Which by that time was waiting at the door and removed to the Hospital where or. Devine received him. An examination then made showed that or. Bauer had been attacked with most deadly purpose. The Back of his Skull was stove in. It ? was Plain that the unfortunate gentleman had been struck ferociously either from be Hind or else from above whilst he was bending Forward. Blow after blow had been a hovered upon him with some heavy ended instrument and the Bone of the Skull had Given Way under the Battery. It was impossible to say How Many blows had been struck but it seemed Plain enough that the assailant had stood Over his Vic Tim deliberately beating him to death. Having realised the seriousness of the Case or. Devine had or. Bauer conveyed to no. 1 Ward and summoned or. Boyd who per formed an operation during which he located several fractures either one of which was sufficiently serious to prove fatal. ? he also removed pieces of the crushed bones1 of the Skull. Or. Boyd could not hold out the slightest Hope of recovery. His death he said is Only a question of a Little while and in Point of fact the poor victim Sank and died shortly after 9 o clock. A to attn /-\t7l or to n1 ?t3 or. Bauer s office As already stated is on the sixth ? or top floor of modern Chambers situated on the South Side of Collins Stree two or three doors to the West of Elizabeth Street. The ground floor of the building is occupied by or. J. A. Wise As an auction Mart. The door of or. Bauer s office. Faces the head of the stairs and about 25 feet away the lift is Situa Ted. Next door is the office of or. J. S. Jenkins architect or. Jenkins who was engaged in his office All the afternoon heard no unusual noise no voice raised in anger or dispute no cry of Surprise so it would seem that the murderer crept stealthily behind his victim and stunning him with one heavy blow deliberately settled himself Down to Batter him to death. This theory has a Good Deal to support it for it is known. By those who had opportunities of seeing or. Bauer in his office that he habitually sat at his table facing a win Dow looking Down on to Collins Street. It was customary with him to sit read ing or writing and lie usually sat with his elbows of the table and his head on his1 hands. Thus. His face would to turned away from the door. If someone had stolen ? be Hiiri Liim him a heavy blow while thus engaged the rest would be easy for the Dull strokes falling upon a Man s Skull would not be audible far away. An open Book was lying face downwards on the table in front of or. Bauer s chair and the fact that it was turned Down would almost indicate that it had been so placed in order that the Reader might divert Hia attention to receive or speak to someone. Possibly it was at that very instant that he was first attacked and rising spasmodically from his. Chair he seems to have staggered across the room in a futile at tempt at escape or perhaps to raise an alarm and fell near the door where his murderer followed and finished his ghastly work. Of course in the absence of any direct evidence it is impossible to say with any degree of certainty How or. Bauer was attacked but there is a Strong prob ability that something of. The sort above indicated occurred for All the blood was concentrated in a Pool round where or. Bauer s head Lay and there was no sign whatever of the. Disorder that might reasonably be looked for had a struggle taken place. Also the attack was certainly made from behind. Or. Bauer s habits. Or. Bernard Bauer was a single Man 55 years of age and he lived at in Verleigh Acland Street St. Kilda the House of mrs. Levy. The firm of Bauer Bros and Shau Mer Diamond and Pearl merchants and Pearler of London. Melbourne and thurs Day Island owns a pearling Fleet of a Schooner and twelve loggers at thursday Island and or Bauer purchased pearls and precious stones from All parts of Austral Asia. It is known to Many jewellery Mer chants of Melbourne that he carried a Lar Ger Stock of gems than anyone else in the Trade m the Commonwealth. As a Rule he had upon him every Day somewhere about �10,000 Worth of gems and precious stones. This valuable freight he carried in a Small bag in his breast pocket. He kept it nearly always at night at the National Bank. When the Bank opened at 10 . He t6ok it out and had it with him All Day till afternoon when he redeposited it. In his business this was Neces Ary for Pur poses of Trade. It will thus be easily seen How the cupidity of some desperate Crimi Nal might be aroused upon gaining the know pledge that a Man with such easily convertible wealth was moving in suspect singly around the City All Day. Or. Bauer was a Well known figure about town arid moved about with As much unconcern As though to had Only a few shillings upon him. When he wanted to. Deposit his jew Els in the Bank after business hours or. Baurer usually put them into a Small Black Brief bag. In regard to this Black bag in which or. Bauer is stated to have carried his diamonds. Or. We Sewell the account ant of the National Bank. Of Australasia last night stated that the deceased gentle.-, Man was in the habit of depositing it with the Bank for Security he or. Sewell was not aware that the bag contained Dia monds and does hot know whether the bag was Given into the charge of the Bank authorities on Friday afternoon. It is hardly Likely that it could have been How Ever for the Transfer of the bag was usually made Between 4.30 . And 5 , and according to the statements of Constable Scanlon who was called in when the Mur Der was discovered at 5 o clock or. Bauer seemed as1 if he had been lying on the floor for some considerable time. Should the bag not prove to be locked in the Iron Safe in the office and it has not been de posited in the Bank there is no doubt that it and its contents were the objects of the crime. Constable Scanlon on searching the body found six sovereigns a Penny and a. Cheque for 3/6, besides numbers of private papers and a pocket Book. Socially or. Bauer was a particularly Well liked Man. To was of a Home Loving disposition and spent most of his spare time at his Home in the company of his friends or in visiting others. He was a quiet cultured gentleman of. Pronounced musical tastes and was noted As a Man peculiarly unemotional but sincere sym pathetic and Friendly. It Hac been arranged that he was to go out golfing with a Friend to-da3r. Mrs. Levy with whom the deceased was boarding states that or. Bauer had for quarters when in Melbourne. He wast frequently away towelling on business in the different australian states and new Zea j land and had Only returned about three weeks ago. Detective inquiries. / when the matter was reported to. The detective office detectives Britt citation Jenkins and m Man Amny were deputed to inquire into the mystery. They proceeded to the Hospital where they found or. Wolfe and or. Isaacson the latter also a Diamond merchant and a very close Friend of the injured Man. Whilst waiting for a report As to whether or. Bauer was Likely to be Able to make a statement these gentlemen were closely questioned and it was elicited that or. Bauer had been with or. Isaacson at 2.30 . They were walk ing round the City and or. Isaacson said i am going to buy an overcoat or. Bauer replied Well. If you arc going to buy one i will buy one too they then went to one of the big City stores and purr chased the Coats. Shortly after the two gentlemen parted or Bauer saying before they loft i will meet you at 3.30 ., but immediately afterwards remarking of no you had bettor make it 10 o clock to Morrow morning i have an appointment at 3.30 . At my office or. Isaacson did not see him from then until he recoil of a Telephone message from modern chamber. I at about 5.30 ., stating that his Friend was dying. Or. Isaacson stated that it is quite a common matter for Diamond Mer chants to carry �5000 or �10,000 Worth of gems round with them in a hand bag or a Wallet in the pocket. Or. Bauer usually earned his in a Black glazed hand bag but there was no Trace of this in his office when he was found. It is possible that he May have lodged it in the National Bank earlier in the afternoon for safety or locked it up in a Large Iron Safe in his office. There were no Marks on the edges of the tables or the legs of the chairs that would indicate that the unfortunate Man might have fainted and fallen against them and it was subsequently proved that his injuries could not have been caused that Way. At 7.30 . It was reported to the detectives that or. Bauer was conscious but unable to speak and he was dying fast. He died a Little after 9 o clock. The. Victim s injuries. When seen at the Melbourne Hospital shortly after the. Deceased had expired or. Devine said a or. Bauer was admitted by me at 6 ., and immediately removed to a Ward and attended to. I at once Tele phoned for or. T. Boyd who removed a piece of depressed Bone from the head everything that was possible was done but from the nature of the Ihui ies it could be seen that the Case was of a Hope less character and death ? ensued at 8.30 . There was dried blood All Over the face and ears and the right sleeve of the singlet was soaked in blood As far As the shoulder As if he had been lying on the right Side. There was also bleeding Froais the right ear. He could not understand Itie when i spoke to him and made no efforts to speak but that he was conscious to some extent was evident from the fact that he buttoned up his Vest whilst i was at tending to him and resisted a Little when his wounds were touched. When i asked him How it happened he just looked at me. As far As i could make out there were seven wounds altogether All on the head. One was a linear gaping wound ly2 Inch Long above and behind the right ear there was a Peculiar Tri radiate Cut just above the right ear each of the limbs be ing about one third of an Inch Long. There was a Cut an Inch Long above the right Elj cjlja4, Luv u11c1 Vuu x i ail. My j.1ujj.u of ? the right ear. There was also a Peculiar circular wound about a third of an Inch in diameter in front of the right ear right Down to the Bone which was Frac tured. On the left Side of the head there was ? a longitudinal gaping Cut above the ear and also a Tri radiate wound similar to the one already mentioned about 2 in Ches behind the left ear. The two injuries first described were fractures and there were other fractures but tie full extent of the Man s condition can Only be ascertained by a postmortem examination. I saw an instrument like a broken Staple in the Possession of the police and it is pos sible that the injuries were inflicted by it but i saw no signs of blood on it ? statement by or. Perl. Or. . Perl who was called in shortly after the discovery said a i found the injured Man in a collapsed condition and nearly pulse less. By the Agency of hypo Derma o f strychnine he revived a Little and his pulse could be Felt. He was apparently in an unconscious condition and i went to the Melbourne Hospital with him. Or. Devine there saw him arid he was immediately attended to the Safe opened. Whether the object of the murderer was or was not the jewel wealth of the victim cannot be fixed for certainty for pro Bably no one but himself knew exactly the value of the gems he carried with him or their Quantity. Occasionally he had placed his valuables in his own Safe in his office when he had missed the Bank. When ser Geant detective m Man Amny opened the Safe last night a Large Quantity of Dia monds pearls and other gems were there Iii a Bair but their value could not be ascertained. ? it is therefore possible that after having battered Down his victim the murderer was afraid to go further my use the keys of the Safe or he might have been disturbed. In its present phase the murder seems As motive less As it is cold blooded and mysterious. But it is thought that one Large and very valuable Diamond which or. Bauer is known to have possessed was not seen among the others. A remarkable fact. Or. Bauer was found with his Skull smashed at ten minutes past 5 . By or. Wolfe. A Friend of or. Bauer who knew him Well asserts positively that he saw him. And passed him in Little Collins Street at 5 . Regret in Sydney. The late or. Bernard Bauer was highly respected by business men in Sydney. Messes. Bernard and Julius Bauer opened business in Sydney 20 years ago. A or. Julius Bauer in in London Ona trip for the Benefit of his health. The deceased is spoken of As Good natured Cven Tom peril and cautious. He did not have an enemy so far As is known and. He never carried jewels. About after banking hours lie was of Liberal disposition and unusually Happy with his friends who deeply regret his untimely end. A or chronic ghost complaints. Woods great Peppermint cure 1/6 a torrid clue7 a Nerrow weakness. / the Case of or. H. Thomas. By a Sydney reporter a a notwithstanding the advancement of the British people in general int eur. Gencey in arts science and literature ? and in the enjoyment of civil and Reli ? pious Liberty it must be confessed that enlightenment is badly needed in regard to Many matters concerning every Day life. The subject appearing hereunder is one deserving the Rea dec s attention and we have to thank or. Hypolite Thomas of Ilka Street Leichhardt for the narrative which ?. He commenced by saying a _. When i was living in Townsville a a some years ago i like most people living in the North of Queensland had ? a turn of ill health owing to the excessive heat prevalent there. I used to work very Long hours As Well so that had Art injurious effect and Tho Tim came when. 1 was hardly Able to do any work at All ? ? in reply to the question have to lie up altogether ? or. Tho Mas replied not exactly but Many a Day i Felt As if that was All i was fit for As i w-9s so listless so Low i. Sipply Felt inclined to lie down1 and let. Things take their own Chance. I had tried pins and mixtures of one Feind and another until i was fairly tired of throwing my Money away. I got no thing in return for. What i spent and ? it seemed that my miseries were to go i on unchecked for All time and what a wretched Outlook that was to be sure Eyer sort of food that. I took Only served to upset me although i ate very sparingly owing1 to the poor Ness of my appetite and Syoji of after ? j meals were Over the heavy weight that seemed to Lio on my stomach was most. A distressing. My Chest was similarly at felted and the Dull aches that came. To my head were awful. After spending the most irritating nights of restless Ness imaginable i d have a Nasty taste in the Mouth to Start with and my Tongue always had a dirty coat Ino. Of everything seemed to have. Go in wrong at once even my sight getting bad Giddy feelings com info. On at various times and across my loins i was so afflicted with aches that i had to avoid walking or bending As much Sas possible. This is How. I suf. Feed until i one Day chanced to read /. Something connected with Clements tonic and i said to myself inv ill 1 11 have another try a a and met with Success i believe rather , very Long about it either. My a Tift Natsa grand remedy Clements town Fried for nervous Ness i used okie very shaky and weak but a few bottles of Clements tonic made me As Strong and steady As a Man could wish to be and it waa. Only a matter of several Days when ? Iny appetite was splendid but you could t digest the food so soon surely ? .,-., not altogether of course but by sticking to Clements tonic a while my digestion became perfect and to my great ratification. 1 was once More a stranger to All those depressing ail ? ? ments that had marred my. Hoo so Lone. I m sure that nothing on Earth can equal Clements tonic for curing headaches and making one feel fresh and vigorous and As a promoter of sound sleep the same remedy was the very thing i needed. Indeed there was not the most trifling discomfort remaining after my course of Clements tonic was clone and the completeness of my cure is shown by the fact that my health has been splendid Ever since. Extends further still As my wife has used it on several occasions and each time it has built up her health and strength in a marvellous Way. As a Rule you know women suffer More than men and the lesson we Hava Learned is that under All circumstances for either my wife or myself there is nothing like Clements tonic to re store health and strength and it Alj ways gives pleasure to recommend its use to other people Yogi Don t mind this interview appearing in the press i d like it to for others Sake so publish my Story in any Way you fancy./. Statutory declaration. T hypo Ite Thomas of Uka Street Trio Hardt in the state of new South Wales Commonwealth of Australia. Do sly and sincerely declare that t haves foot in he a sol d. Way my statements Yulch i rive voluntarily. Without receiving any payment add i make l. This Soun declaration conscientiously Bellec ? v info Tho some to to True and by la be of Tho provisions of the Oats act. 1900. V of be. Subscribed and declared at Sydney Thlu 1v ? first Day of october one thousand nine Hundred and four before me f0rsythi j or. A. A. Devlin inspector of Stock at Ca a sino died suddenly from heart failure follow ing on an attack of appendicitis. A a Tho Waterloo Council has empowered Tho mayor to Tako Legal proceedings to compel ratepayers to pay outstanding accounts

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