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Albury Banner And Wodonga Express Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1898, Page 1

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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (Newspaper) - January 28, 1898, Albury, New South WalesNational Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page10756692 ? , x- Sales toy Aa-6fttoa» : - /iiHAS. L. GRIFFITH and CO '& AUC \J TION SALES':— Wodongo Fortnightly Market.— Tuesday, 1st ' : February.: V ?' '?'?. Albury Fortnightly Market—Wednesday, 9th February. - ':'??'. '.-:?-. . - WodoDga.Albnry Horee . Sales.— At an eatly 1 date. ' ' Wodonga Fortnightly Market. TUESDAY, 1st FEBRUARY, At 11 o'clock sharp. GHAS. L. GRIFFITH and CO. will sell by auotion, at their Wbdonga Yards, as above, 100 PAT and STORE CATTLE. WODONGA MARKET. TUESDAY, 1st FEBRUARY. JG. SHIELDS and CO., will sell at their ? Wodonga Yards on above date, 30 Prime Fat Cattle ;.:. ? 100 Store Cattle y: 130 Prime Fat CroBBbred Sheep, extra quality 50 Merino Ewes 250 3-year-old Crossbred Ewes— a grand lot TUE8DAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND . FRIDAY; FEBRUARY 15, 1.6, 17 & 18. 1000 HEAD HORSES. 1000 HEAD HORSES. .Including a number of Draughts.. . AT OUR YARDS, WODONGA. Sale eaob. day at 10 o'clock sharp. fXIHE first two days are now fall. Entries now JL - being received by ? ; ??? CAMPBELL and SONS, Kivk's Bazaar, Bourke-Bt , Melbourne. The 8ale following the above will be held on the 29th, 30th, 31st March and 1st April. The second day of Maroh sale is now fall. A L B U R Y' Sheepskin, ESide, Tallow, and General Produce IMarket. w. s. no'rman, - . AUCTIONEER, Chaff, Grain, & General Prodnce Merchant, R1VERINA STORES & BORDER AUCTION ROOMS A L B U K.Y. Auction Sales of stock and Station Produce Monthly. NEXT SALE- FRIDAY, FEBRUARY4, 1898. Auction Sales of Farm and Dairy Produce every Saturday. Clearing and other Sales con ducted Poultry bought in any quantity for export at Highest Cash Rates. E ASTON THWAITE8 will hold AUOTIOwSALES aB' follows:— . Tallangatta Monthly Market.— Saturday, 29th January. Klewa Monthly Market, — Saturday, 12th February. r Corryong Monthly Market.— Saturday, 19th February . Tallangatta Monthly Market.— Saturday, 26th February. Persona having Stock for these Sales are requested to send full particulars as early aa possible to - EASTON THWAITE8, _ ... , ' Tfillfi.tiffatt-» PUBLIC NOTICE. ' AS another person is advertising that he isstarting as an auotionepr under the tiado name of J. W. Thwaites and Co, the name under which I am and have been for a contriver able time registered as trading, I would request that, in order to prevent confusion, ray clients would kindly ADDRESS ALL COR&BSPON- DENOB TO ME PERSONALLY, EASTON THWAITES, Auctioneer, Stobk and Station Agent, TallanRi\tta, ' Sales toy .function* S.A&33S BIT £l'®&TI®Wb MESSES. YOUNGHUSBAND and Co.PRO PRH5TA a Y Ltd.'s AUCTION BALES:— Sale of Town Property, Albury.— Saturday. 29th January. Tallangatta Stock Sale. — Saturday, 29th Janu ary. Stock Sale, Wodonga Yards. — Tuesday, 1st February Wool. Skin, Hide, &c.,Sale, Albury.— Friday, 4th February. Horse Sale, Oorryong Yards. — Wednesday, Thursday,, and Friday, 9th, 10th, and 11th February * E. M'Glynn's Selection, at Globe Hotel, Al bury. — Saturday, 26th February. E. Murphy's Selection, at Globe Hotel, Albury Saturday, 26th February. TOWN PR OPERTY, At corner of Olive and Wilson streets. ?\rOUNGHUSBAND and CO. PROPRIEJL TARY Ltd. have received instructions tojiell at 'GLOBE HOTEL, on .. SATURDAY, 29th JANUARY, At 12 o'clock nocm, All that PIECE of LAND, being part of Allotment 10, Sec. 26, having frontage 132ft to Olive-st (by depth of 115ft.) with frontage 115ft. to- Wilson-st. (depth 132ft,),__. ? _. ,--' ,-: .-.- -.,:? . - . --,- Further particulars obtainable on application to the Auctioneers, Dean-st.,. Albury. WODO16JL: M&E11T.: ' TUESDAY, 1st FEBRUARY. ^OUN.GHUSBAND & Co- PROPRIETARYJL Ltd. wiiJ offer by public auction, ? 50 Prime Fat Bullocks and Cows ' / 10 Prime Fat Vealers . 20 8tore Bullocks, 4 years . ' 50 Young Mixed Cattle 150 Prime Fat Crossbred Wethers, account Mr. D. Morrison. ? , . ? CORRYOMQSPECIAL HORSESALE. ?\TOUNGHUSBAND & Co. PROPRIETARYX Ltd. will hold a Sale of Horses at Corryong on . ?. ? WEDNESDAY, THUR8D AY,. & FRIDAY, 9th, 10th, and 11th FEBRUARY. Entries now being received by the- Auc tioneers. YOUNGHUSBAND & Co. PROPRDSTARY Ltd., at Corryong and Albury. AT GLOBE HOTEL, ALBURY. ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 12 o'clock noon. -VTOUNGHUSBAND & Co. PROPRIETARY JL Ltd have received instructions from tiuste'-s in estate of late Robert Stevens to offer by public auction, aa above, the lute E. MGlynn's Selection, At Rosewood, comprising 60a., OP. 79-33, county Selwyn, parish Mate 95£v, C.P. 85-13, „ „ 156£a. — ? Also, acting on instructions received from mortgagee, tbey will offer by public auotion on same date and hour, . B. Murphy's Selection, Being 100 acres, O.P 84-45. section 18, portion 40, county Selwyn, parish, of GHenroy^ YOUNGHUSBAND & CO. PROPRIETARY LIMITED, Auctioneers, Albury.. ^WHEAT^STORAGE, ~ '^TOUNR HUSBAND & Co, PROPRIETARY JfL Ltd have decided to again placo a por tion of thoir expansive Wool Warehouses, Albury Railway Station, at the disposal of their con etilnento curing the coming RenBon, for the pur pose of storing Wheat, l-hbff, Oats, &a, &c. Fnvornble terras and conditions on application to YOUNGHUSBAND and-. Co. Proprietary Limited, Woolbrokers^o., Albtsry, ? Pales foy JLncU&n, ALBURY WOOL SALES. YOUNGHUSBAND & OO. PROPRIETARY LTD. WILL hold their usmal Sale of WOOIY,8hGppskinH, Hide'. Tallow, &c, on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1898; for which they are now receiving advices. Liberal Cash Ad vanoks made on Produce. Agents for LITTLE'S SHEEP DI*'S. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. Under instructions from H. C. Lund, Esq., wbo leaving the Albnry. HF. JACKSON will sell by auction, Elegant? Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS, Splendid DOG CART (recently built to order in Melbonrue), Set ENGLISH HARNESS (very costly). The above, has b?en purchased regardless nf cost, and comprises the Most Stjpebiob lot of Fubnittjeb over offered at auction in Albury. -. Date of Sale— EARLY IN FEBRUARY. Full particulars will appear in future issue. Clearing Sale at Howlong. AO. BOYLE, jnnr.. has received instrnci tiona from Mrs. P. W. Donnelly, who is leaving Howlong. to Bell by publio auction, oh - FBIDAT, 4th FSBRtTART, At 1.30 p.m.. sharp, i All her well-kept FURNITURE A1VSDEFFEGTS, Comprising— Drawingroom- Suite. Chests of Drawers, Wardrobe, Tables, Sewing Machine, first class Double Bedsteads, 4 single do., all Kitchen Utensils, Car penter's Tools, and many other articles too numerous to particularise. ? Atso, 1 Buflrgy (with pole and shafts), 2 sets Bu?ey Harness, 1 Dray and Harness, 1 Single furrow Plough, 2 first-class Buggy Horses, 2 Milch Cowb, 1 Yearling Heifer, Poultry, &c, &o. NoRksebvb. Tbbms Cash. A. O. BnYLE, janr., Howlong. Land Sale at Brocklesby. AO. BOYLE, jonr., has received inatruc. tions from the Executor in tbe Estate of the late Mrs. Steel to sell by public auction, at BROCKLESBY HOTEL, oh. TUESDAY. 15th FEBRUARY, At 12 o'clock sharp, All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, compris ing an area of 50 acres (more or less), and known aa ' Goombargana Paddock,' Further particulars in future issue. A. O. BOYLE, junr., Howlong. to^psom, mmim, and jere^y AUCTIONEERS, Stock and Station Agents, WAGGA WAGGA, NARANDERA & SYDNEY, In the latter Market we aro conducting DAILY SALES of OouKtry Killed Meat, and ore the Nomi nees of the principal Chilling Depots m New OOROWA AUOTION MART. A A. PIGGIN nnrTCO,, Ssugcr-Bt. Corowa X3l. (KetabliBbed 1875), Auctioneers, Valuers, Woolbrokers, Grain Buyers, Insurance, Stock, Station, I^and, Finaticinl and General Commia aion Agents, Sheep and Cattle Salesmen. Port nightly Salf a of Stcck held on alternRte TUES DAYS in our Alfred-street., Saleyords. Fort nightly Sales of ShecpaUins, Hid -a, Tallow, Marsupial Skins, Horsehair, Beeswax and Odd« mentB beld in cur large Auction Rooms nt Corowa. Special Sales of AVool, attended by leading Melbourne and Sydnoy buyers, are held during the sens.-'U Fat Stock con.'»igned aod trucked to Melbourne or t-'ydney markets. Lists of Fa* and Store Stock (pot-t free) on upplicntiou Agento for the Iuipoiial Iosumuoo Co (f^o risks at epcoially low ratef.), Agents for the National Mutual Life Association. Agents for Co'per.'a Sheep Pip. Mo^BY to Lehd from 4 per oent, ? _Sales by B.4ie£fi©jaB ?'?? -\. '?? ' -.' ?' UNRESERVED . CLEARING- SILK ; Draught Horses, Sheep, and Cattle, Machinery. Implements. Waggons, Harness, Tools, and Sundries. TUESDAY, 8ak FEBRUARY,1 At 12 o'clock sharp. A A. PIGGIN and CO. have received in, strnctions from the Administrator of the Estate of the late Thar. Pascue, carrier, to sell by public auction, as abnve, afc Pasccevale. Farm._ two mi!e3 from DiysUale and 26 miles, from ' Oorows, the whole of the TEAiS, WAGGONS,Mid EFFECTS Of the Estate, comprising— STOCK.— 37 Draught Horses, sll tboroutrh good workers, tried and staunch ; 3-Saddle Hacks, 3 Milch Cows and Calves, 80 Merino Ewes and 60 Lamba, 6 Pigs. ? WAGGONS and HARNESS,— 2 large Wag gons, 1 light Waggon, 38 Sets Waggon Harness, Draught Saddle and Breecbimr, ? Spring-cart Saddle and BreechiDg. Double Set of Waggonette Harness, 7 Draught Collars; Hames, Chains, Harness, 12 Pairs Winkers, 20 Sits Plough Chains and Back ? . . bands, 1 Waggonette, 12 ton Waggon. ' IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY ^-2 Strips pers, 1 Winnower, ?? 5 Double-furrow Ploughs, 1 3-furrow Plough, Farm Dray,. ? Dray Frame, Spring Cart, Chaffcutter and Horseworks, Wheat Loader, Tip Dray, : Tankfiinking Plough, 4 Scoops, Set of ' Harrows, 8 Sets Swingle Bars, Reaper and Binder, Trolly, Wheelbarrow, &c TOOLS and SUNDRIES.— Pair of Bellows, Vjce, Anvil, Sot of Stocks arid Dies, Grindstone, 3 Tanks, Lot of Bags, Pulleys, Tarpaulin?, Ropes, Screw Jacks, 20 bsga Oate, and a host of Sundries too numerous ? to mention, The Auctioneers beg to call special attention to this sale, as everything must be sold in order to wind up the r-atate, The Horses are specially pickfccl and a good lot, heeding no comment from the Auctioneers. Terms at Sale. Luncheon Phoyided. Note — Sale on TUESDAY, 8ih FEBRUARY,. commencingpunctually at 12 o'clock sharp, A. A. PIGGIN and Co , ' Auctioneers. Sanger-street, Corowa. Annual Special Horse Sale. A T cjdjf^o w a;. 300 HEAD OF DRAUGHTHORSES. 300 TWO DAYS' SALE, Tuesday & Wednesday, 15th & 16th February, ''At 11 o'clock sharp each day, A A. PIGGIN and CO, will hold their Annual'. Horse Sale on, the above date, when they will oifer ? 300 head of DRAUGHT HORSES, including rirafts from Mr. Frank Murphy, Ballarat; Mr. E Gleeson, Cailarat, sna drafts from Ballan, Creswioli:, and Melbourne, Also, 50 Young DRAUGHT COI/IS from- ; Narandera and Hay. - ? '? : Entries Invited. Terras at Sale. ' ; N.B.— Horses will be offered in oider as booked. ?...?? A. A. PIGGIN and Co. ' ;; -V- ^ . Auctioneers, Sfinger-Kreet,Cjrowaii^l:!|'' Wheat Season, 189*7-98^ A. A. PI GGI N AN D CO, BEG to announce that tbey will be C-VSHUUYltRS of WH-SA'V this Ke3«,n for d eh' very at nil StationB oa the Corowa-Culeuirn Line for Sydney; nncTat Wabgunyiih or Yarra wonga for South Australia A A. ' PIG GIN aod CO. AuctioneeiB and Grain Brokers, Uorowa. Trust Moneys on Mortgage at 4 percent. WE have several SUMS from .£500 to£20 000, available on BHOAD AUhBt* . in Rivetina, 'i'O LSfiND fut a: term of yei-ra from 4 per cant, Application^ and Correspondence invited, A. A. PIDGIN and Co., . . Auctioneers, Sanger-eireet, Qotoifs^,

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