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Albury Banner And Wodonga Express Newspaper Archives Dec 26 1924, Page 35

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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (Newspaper) - December 26, 1924, Albury, New South Wales Tiptn Etcitt or. To irks to Tri m ? overboard and Back again was the remarkable experience 01 Captain a. / Cooper of the auxiliary yacht Brynhild of Foo recently arrived at his at a Gosport. During a heavy Gale in the Gulf of Lyons the decks were swept by huge Waves. The Captain was washed overboard and thrown Back to the Dick on the Crest of Ano Thor wave. He was shaken and winded but not seriously injured. Falling 5tutt. To tils Bottom of a disused Shaft a Young boy out Guther ing Brambles t. Near West Wein Fafa Scotland was instantly killed. Lies and a companion were out on a Sun Day ramble Ancl when passing the disused or tie lady pit the noticed the Brambles. They scaled that Fence and Wero crossing some tanks when one of flies rotted by Iio years exposure gave Way. Jne of the boys plunged to the foot of the Shaft some 75 fathoms but the other succeeded in clutching the Side and scrambled to safety. The under ground manager of the Victoria i i organised a. Party of Volunteer s Ancl. Making their Way through old work Ings from the one pit to the other they found the body of tie Boj. Swallowing a Serpent a valuable 3roung cow belonging to a Parley Scotland Farmer died in a very Short time1. It is believed that the Serpent was hidden in the pasture which the cattle was using and that it was inadvertently taken into the cow Mouth among the grass. The own i saw the cow drop Down and in Goin to the spot found the animal very much swollen and getting More so. Thinking it was swelling from an Over Supply of fresh grass or Fogg Apte he tank lid the usual remedy in Suol cases but without Success. The sym Toms were those of poisoning tint1 later this was proved beyond don1 1 Yvo the discover of the Serpent. T h District around Farley abounds with serpents of a virulent. Poisonous Type. Aeroplane of livers May soon make the air As dancer on As they have Mado the streets. An aeroplane now being tested at Leeds and called the Blue. Bird is expected to bring the. Sport of flying within the reach of the Ordinary person. The. Blue Birdis the outcome of years of careful experimenting and though it is of a High Quality the makers anticipate. That Thev will eventually be Able to produce some machines at a Cost to the Public of about �300. The new Lias an engine of 20 to. 25 h.p., and can Fly at a. Speed of 8 Miles an hour at a Cost of about to per hour. The wings Are made to fold Eirl Abling the machine housed Iri a motor garage. There is accommodation for two people a system of dual control. S blowing at sea the Salvage Tup Hanover became a total loss. She left Havre for Southampton with a cargo which. Included 4c01b. Of gun Cotton and 400 Gallons of petrol. When s i was 25 Miles off the. Isle of Wight there was a. Heavy explosion and. Tlu1 ship broke into flames which shot up to a height of 60ft. The tug in towing a boat at the same time Ancl the Captain gave orders to take to the i boat immediately and Cut Wjk Painter. There was it High sea run incr. V it the Crew of five managed t stand by the Tua for four hours watching her Burn. The Crew Madr a Sei Anchor and Rode to this Foi some time. After 11 hours in the pen but Thev were picked up Byj German Steamer Erika and Wert Ken to Portsmouth. Pluck of an errand boy at Barry South Wales saved his own Hoo and to caught a runaway lorry to a it the lorry a lie Clit great Speed Down Trinity Street the be epee and longest Hill in Glamorgan. The Driver a hurled out and the wheel passed Over his body. Arranging biscuit tins on the top of the orgy at the time of the Accident was a Litto errand Hoy. When he saw. The Driver lying pros trate on the Road Tho boy Pluck ill clambered Down the Side of the Runa Way vehicle into the Driver s seat. He succeeded in jamming Down the brakes and turned the lorry into Queen Street whore after going 100 Yards it was. Brought to a standstill. Had the lorry travelled 25 cards further it would have dashed into railings and would probably have been hurled with the boy on to the railway lines a Hundred feet below. ? a Steamer breaking in two after running on Tho Stag Cocks county Cork ireland35 Miles from quote ns-1 town furnished passengers and Crew of the asian 5614 tons with n. Thrill ing experience before they were landed at Bantry by the destroyer sea Wolf which arrived on Tho scene within three hours of Tho . Being sent out. On o of the two boats in which the shipwrecked people were was overturned and Many of them were struggling in the water for nearly half hour before the Captain s boat was Able to Rescue them. The vessel ran. On to the rocks in a thick fog. Heavy seas were running and As the ship was breaking up the Captain or Derod the six passengers including i two children and the Crew into two of the. Ship s boats and they put off from tli3 wreck. The Pas sender s we re i quite Cool and behaved splendidly. Appropriating n House t to lawful tenant of which was absent on a holi Day a. Nurse was prosecuted at Oast Pollard meath Ireland for illegally taking pot session. The Plain t of said that when Slio returned from n Holiday she found her Homo looked up and the District nurse inside the defendant would not let her in and said got out of tins with you Ancl take your things away on a lorry magistrate extraordinary. So this woman took full Possession of the House during your absence and locked you out yes defendant i am now in the Planco and prepared to pay the rent for it jus lice you have committed a Peculiar offence by Seiz ing another person s House a a Type of offence prevalent in this country. The women petting As bad As the men a in fact i have always though i them worse defendant was sen to throw months imprison men a scotch girl ? stowaway won Tho hearts of the passengers of the White Star liner Homeric by her Pluck cheerfulness. Out of work in new York Sho Learnt that her Mother ii. Glasgow was. Seriously ill. Anxious to return Home and not having the Means pay her Faro she decided to Stow away. She got on Board the Homeric and mingled with Tho second passengers until the liner was at sea. Ali on she reported her Prev sence to Tho Purser. Her Story got to the ears of the Kirbt chess Passen Gers Throe of whom summoned meeting in the smoke room and re lated the facts about the girl s plight a collection was made and realised about �50. With this Money her fare was paid and the balance handed to her to defray other expense incidental la. Her your Nev hn-nit1. Ass he left the Homeric the girl had. Quite a end off. The other ? passengers crowding around her to wish her Good Luck. Here s the biggest bargain Over heard of genuine to Molly Fuk Soqui Brand %0$$& bed size. ? a my of ? hemmed ready Bwye a bbl sagg for use you know All about Holly Brand sheets How splendidly they Wash and Wear and Here is. A pair of Linen faced heavy twill sheets for 15/11, plus Only 1/ for our easy terms. Send ? Only 3/ Deposit and have the sheets Home if you keep them pay balance 1/ weekly or 2/ fortnight. Post free anywhere a Deposit Lemml lately refunded if not in tilled. Unaa Foj item in hmm the film that gives service Brunswick st.,�? Fitzroy eat. 1906. Victoria. ? ?. V ? ? of hts pc v v pc Yoy i wifi m distinguished by of Al the perfect cot i Fis workmanship f to Osiss for 1 f suitable for Wear All the year is ssi s a Sisr a a a around. Even though the pries of a g of pm a a i a a Woollen suiting has increased con a is m m a Pov % i bide Ramy we Are Stur offering mate a w go n m Pic rials of tue same High Standard As a a i i m m $ a previously. The Range includes the us fes. A a a s is i finest All Wool australian tweeds and specially imported English All a a a Wool suiting in every latest design and Colour including special a heavy weight indigo Navy wills. $ 1 special self measurement Chart and 1 1 x tape Post free on request. 1 i the super Quality j 1 to order for y a suit that reflects genuine Dis. A 9 48to-. B 0 Tinct on. Tailored in medium we Wim i r1 i & / to 2 weight worsted and scotch a ? ill i Al i is # a v tweeds of Fine texture in a is of of p a Al i a a. X a magnificent Range of shades in 5lljjf Al if i Itaf i of Al 5 Brown Grey and Navy. -fe8iw lbs s��g7s f a t i order by Post. We pay Carriage. Fefe d ii a e ? i ? in ? pay Ltd. I i or. Swanston and Bourke psf by % i Melbourne. A a Fri j labour and the Small Fae Meb. By a Small Farmer labour will be Busy shortly claim ing that it represents the salvation of Tho Small Farmer and incidentally mentioning that unless it to Given the reins .of1 government farming vill curl up and die. First and Foremost labour cannot lift its Little Finger on behalf of the Small Farmer i because labour has not a soul to Call its own ? anyway it is a huge machine driven by the City Bosses again Whoso very existence de pends upon the Yot of of Tho mass who in turn non shrieking for Lusher Ancl higher Tariff Walls to protect be co Nilay industries. It sounds All right to hear orators and talkers and schemers whim they visit the country districts especially for election times say that All Small far mers should support labour because labour intends to break up Large estates arid All that. I say it sounds Nice and fiery and enthusiastic but it does tout any Ico scientific government Means sound nuance and Thuro cannot Over be sound finance whilst the Small Farmer is being compelled to work from Sunrise till rundown paying taxes for Tho. Better ment of and in lieu of City dwellers. This Point naturally treats very considerably with tile question of Protection for secondary industries. No Man is More enthusiastic than j am in demanding that the worker shall have a fair spin during his Short so Journ on this Earth but i cannot stand Bluff. Labour politics arc just about the dead end of everything. But when labour representatives have the teme Rity to claim they Are working for the Good of the Small Farmer i object. They care a about As much for the Good of the Small Farmer or any Farmer for that matter As a burglar care about the owner of a Safe he is cracking. Thiol is a truth and it is about time the said Small Farmers prove that their brains Are not in Accord with their holdings. Any political party depending upon votes of the mass for its existence never has and Novar will trouble Abii t the Small Farmer except to get his vote and then laugh at him. I am not say ing this from any prejudiced standpoint either. What i know is that any Man who says with one breath that he believes in High Tariff Walls to protect the worker Ancl in the next say3 his party is the salvation of the Farmer is either a fool or a Knave and per a Little of once upon a time did stand for the Good of the worker. I said once upon a time. To Day it stands for the Good of its Bosses and until a new spirit fights its Way in again the position will remain the same. I do not doubt at All that that the spirit is willing but i do know from experience that the flesh is weak when it comes to a show Down As be tween Tho interests of the Small far Mer and the interests of the unions. And the test can come Ever so quickly if any labour parliamentary Candi Date or politician is asked these questions a 1 do you Ibelice that primary production should come first 2 Are you prepared at All times and under All circumstances to stand the abolition of taxation upon Tho food clothing and machinery Neces sary for the Small Farmer s welfare no questions could Ibe fairer and they will very quickly draw the Bluff of men who talk glibly at election times but who know definitely and at once that the Only possible an j ser to both questions is a decisive no without doubt there would come a lot of talk about smashing up the Large holdings and giving the Small Farmer a big Chance but it is not much use smashing up holdings a Large or other Wise a to induce Farmers to farm the smaller bits unless the said Farmer is Given a a Hunch to produce tit a profit. And there is a lot More of it too there were wild scenes in the legislative Assembly Over the Gold pass grab proposal. The Assembly decided that it would not be dictated to by the legislative Council Ancl amid uproar restored the Gold pass amendment by an overwhelming majority. Or. Molesworth was removed from Tho chamber shouting protests. 4fe & guaranteed ? h m 4&&jfeflkfi$ler for twelve months. Al / the Organ. £4 4 0/4bpl the wonder. 4 10 0 saw a the grand or a. Gan ? 5 5 0 a i mall in wooden Box Tith lock and \8jsi Tusi q i mfg be if ipod be Otreed i have been making a study of All conditions of the Scalp and hair for the last forty five years and now i am in a better position than Over to. Treat your Case. Write at Odic describing your trouble. If you have Dandruff i can cute you. If Xou have irritation i can cure you. If you have Bare patches i can cube you. If your hair is falling1,. I can cute you. If you have a Bald head 1 can cuke you. Dept. and hair specialist 195 Collins Street Melbourne. Phone cent. S387. Land values and new states. The Surveyor general of new South Walea or. A. Ii. A Husterman gave evidence before the new states com Mission in Sydney. Speaking of Tho District opened up by the Balranald Moama railway or. Chaste Man said that there was going to be a big development in settlement1 in that area. In answer to a question whether there had been a difficulty in finding buyers for land he replied that there were plenty of buyers at a Price but it was the Price that was the Check. Before federation. Victorian buyers certainly were seekers after land in new South. Wales owing to the difference in Price Between Eivor Ina and victorian land. Since that time this1 difference had Dis appeared to a certain extent but victorians had pushed ahead their Border railways which had tended to maintain prices of victorian land ahead of new South Wales. Victoria with its larger comparative population to new South Wales considering its size had doubt less evolved a better method of farm ing. Asked if the land policy of the ministry was being defeat cd by the a action of speculators or. Chesterman said that it was the first time that he had heard of it. He did not think that to to the Case As the Iund was bring ing such prices a would leave no mar Gin for speculators. Australia first. Furthering the Campaign in favour ? of Tho Purchase of australian goods in preference of those import tool the Syd Noy chamber of manufactures arranged for the screening of an excellent series of moving pictures at tire Piccadilly of theatre showing Tho various processes through which such products As paint corsets hosiery gelatine soap candles and lager passed from the raw material stage to their display in City windows. The subjects Wiro skilfully prepared and lucidly presented and the general advantages of keeping Australia wheels turning wore emphasised in the titles. The efficiency of the australian ? worker and the attention to Industrial welfare displayed by Tho bigger manufacturers were Given justifiable prominence. The fear that is foolish doubles Trio danger

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