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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Tribune local forecast fair with a few Clouds in the afternoon. Slight drop in temperatures. Str. Is. Pal. Oil. Vol. 49. No. 115 so cold club Pouge Al Albuquerque. . Albuquerque new Mexico monday september 32 pages in four sections Home edition Price seven cents 30c weekly Choice seats gone Many u fans find crowds queue up for basketball season tickets by Rose Marie Walker Tribune donation editor some University of new Mexico basketball fans waited in line for More than two hours today to buy season tickets in the new to find that the Choice seats were sold. The problem was that 700-800 some them to the win Dow last week. The Early Birds were Given first Chance to select seats in the new Arena because they were Long time holders of sea son tickets in Johnson gym. They Date Back to the opening of the gym in .1957 through 1982. Today s second priority group the is made up of those who first bought sea son basketball tickets be tween 1963 and 1966. Another 500 la 600 John Dolzadelli assistant a Tretio director estimated that another 500-600 seats were sold to this group by noon today. That Means that of the new Arena s re served seats Are taken. John son gymnasium had about 600 reserved seats or. Dolzadelli said. As of 10 -. The three Cen Ter sections of reserved seats were sold out with the exception of tha top rows. There were empty seats in the Cor ners and in the 20 Bottom rows on each end which Are also reserved. Object of jokes the top seats in the million area have been the object of jesters for some time. Some have said that it would require binoculars to see the game from that height. The top rows in the new Arena tre not much higher than those in Johnson gym Dolzadelli said. Both have 32 rows of theater Type chairs. No bad seats Dolzadelli also believes that there in t a bad seat in the House in the new Arena on Unm s South Campus. Some of the 110 persons in so Choice a-2 15 ballots Lead contest the new football season is Only two weeks old. But already it s upsets Are upsetting those who test their skill in the Tribune weekly football contest to pre dict the results. Two games on last week s ballot were major upsets and wrecked the chances of a perfect score. Rice Victory they were Rice 17 to 15, Over Louisiana state univer sity and Utah 17 to 14, Over Oregon. The highest Mark was 17, games Correct and 15 ballots had that score. They will share the prize Given each week when there is no perfect score. Prize for 20 games Cor rect is those who predicted the Sec 15, Page a-7 some students face induction Santa be sept 26 up local draft boards were directed by state selective ser vice Headquarters today to classify College students on the basis Fly available facts in cases where the colleges or universities have failed to compile academic standings. Col. Fred a. Campora Dep Uty state selective service director said the order Means that some Sophomore Junior and senior slide nos that have n o academic stand ing on record could be Classi fied 1-a. He said a review of applications for student deferments sent by the colleges this past summer showed that the class standing was left Blank in some cases. He said he knew of no reason for the omis Sions. The Tribune s Mermeg to solve your problems phone 247-3797 got a problem phone or. Fix it at 247-3797 be tween 8 . And 4 . Monday through Friday to solve it. Or write him in care of drawer to Albuquerque. Or. Fix it cannot answer medical or Legal prob lems nor ones with political slant. Q. Why Don t they have special bus fares for col lege students like they do for High school slide nos College student a. Be Happy with what you be got for the pres says Tom Burke manager of the bus system. Albuquerque has one of the lowest bus fares in the country. Tokens Are five for with a Nickel More for going into an extra zone. Across the country says Burke 90 per cent of the buses charge a straight 25 cell fare Wilh no tokens. High school kids Here can buy 20 tokens for straight fare 15 cents. Q. What do they Call n female . A. Crazy lady just kidding. Although bullfighting fans or writers May have coined some special word for Patricia Mccormick Betty Ford and other women bullfighter the feminine of Torero would be Torero and the feminine of Matador would be matadors. Q. I am motor zing my bicycle with a Lawn Mower motor and want to find out where i can get the sprocket Belt and other equipment to the engine to the a. You can get everything you need at Montezuma bearing co., 1g13 first St. New. Q. When the animal shelter gets a Call to pick up a Bird Why in t the Call redirected to Robert Wolfe 2535 Indian school new the Birdman of they promised they would i was at the shelter recently and they had a parakeet which had been there for nearly 24 hours without food and water. I left some Birdseed. These people talk about not caring for the dogs. The dogs get excellent care. What about tic . A. Or. Wolfe who has a Bird Sanctuary does receive some referrals on wild and injured Birds which can be saved. But we Are under no obligation to him or anybody says animal control supervisor Eugene Hughey. Those which can t be saved Are destroyed. Falcons and Hawks Are usually banded with the owner s name. Pigeons Are referred to Pigeon fan Ciers. Parakeets Are not referred to Wolfe. No owner has Ever claimed a parakeet but they Are usually taken Home by people who come to the shelter. As for parakeet seed Hughey says the Center usually has to Send out for food when a special Ani Mal comes in. It had t been done yet for the Para Keet. If somebody brought in , we probably would t have any bananas in the q. The boy scouts used to collect newspapers. Now icy Don t anymore. Is there any other Agency in Lown that floes . A. The boy scouts Are still willing to pick up papers but have run Inlo a problem they be lost the use of the place they had to store them. Also their Market has dwindled to one firm Kaiser. Gypsum co. But they la pick them up if you la Call 255-7592. And anyone who can offer a storage area can Call the same number. Q. We painted Llic stucco on our House about five years ago and have been told since it was a mistake. We now want to a stucco and understand we must re move All the paint first. Is this necessary if so what s the Best Way . A. You need not remove the paint. You May obtain a sealing agent Weld Crete and apply by Brush or roller after cleaning the stucco then re stucco. Have a weeping Willow Trio about seven feet High in our backyard. Its leaves started turning yellow and we gave it a lot of water and put Plant food on it. That seemed to help it for a few Days. Then the leaves started turning Brown. We put some More Plant food and the roots started turning . Be too much Plant food. Also Willows Are not very Long lived Trees says our Garden editor. We called e. H. Wallace the county agent and if you Call him at 247-0311 he May be Able to help you. Don t the democrats or whoever s responsible if they Are sincere in their support of president Johnson s Cha unification program take Down that sign Johnson and Humphrey lbs in the u. S. From the marquee of the former Milt s restaurant 3311 Central be it s been up since the 1964 Baca who owns the building says there s no particular reason Why it is still up. He just has t bothered to take it Down. But he will. A new Junior High school musical group calling ourselves the Midnight guitars drummer and Singer. Can you Tell us How to gel . Hanson Elliott at Sunburst productions 299 9319. They handle the boiling Well known musical group Here and offer a Complete music service. Was Horn at Reserve in 1911 Anil Don l have a birth certificate i Bureau of vital statistics Santa be has a few birth records dating from before new Mexico became a state in 1912. In they have yours they la Issue you one. If not you la get forms to fill out to get one. Send to the Bureau at the stale Capitol. Lbs dictates War tactics general says says situation similar to ways of Adolf Hitler by Lyle Wilson Washington sell. 26 up published today was neither Liberty nor safety in which a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff accuses president Johnson of attempting to direct Viet Nam Battle tactics As Adolf Hitler sought on the basis of intuition and egotism to master mind world War ii. The author is Gen. Nathan f. Twining a former air Force chief of staff who headed the joint chiefs during the Eisenhower administration. Twining acknowledges and applauds t h e constitutional provision for civilian control of the armed services. But he objects to transient nonprofessional making intuitive company and squad Leader command decisions from Washington. Hitler s approach ineffectual and detailed control of military operations by political officials a prob ably Best twin ing wrote by Hitler s con duct during world War ii. Adolf Hitler operating on the basis of egotism and in tuition frequently ignored or abrogated the advice of his professional military staff in determining tactics As Well As strategic objectives. The con sequences Are a matter of his attacks Mcnamara in neither Liberty nor to Ning takes on not Only the president but de sense Secretary Robert s. My n a r a. Of Mcnamara Twining wrote he should not be in a Posi Tion to ride rough shod Over professional military j u d ment and at the same time be Able to invoke pressures which tend to muzzle the professional establishment in its traditional dealings with both the Public press and the con Twining counselled the see lbs Page a-7 bombers hit red gun Sites Saigon sept 26 we u. S. Bomber pilots reported Silenc ing 10 antiaircraft gun positions in North Viet Nam yesterday along a main rail line to communist China. During 127 bombing raids in the North . Fliers also attacked four surface to air missile Sites including one Only nine Miles North East of Hanoi. Boat destroyed Navy attack bombers re ported destroying a North vietnamese torpedo boat 50 Miles Northeast of Haiphong in the Tonkin Gulf. Ground fighting in South Viet Nam dwindled to Small and scattered actions after a weekend in which ., South vietnamese and korean forces reported nearly 300 Viet Cong and North vietnamese killed. Surprise attack the koreans also reported Small clashes with Viet Cong near the coastal City of qui Nhon. South vietnamese troops sprang a Surprise at tack on a Viet Cong company Headquarters 164 Miles South West of Saigon and reported killing 38 of the enemy. During the raids Over the North a . Air Force fi05 thunderchief was shot Down and the Pilot is missing. H was the 3b6th reported lost in the War Over North Viet Nam. Inside your Tribune today Ann Landers ._.____b-5 columns .b-4-5 comics_______.d-7 editorial .______b-4 inside the capital. Cd markets. A obituaries. A-2 sports.______c-l-2-3 Heaters a a town crier. Is to Page.a-7 women s news __.b-l-2 Trio Albuquerque Tribune new Mexico s significant newspaper Antipoverty Bill comes under fire Russia build ii up Hanoi s air Force number of migs in North Viet Nam believed doubled by k. C. Thaler Uii Teil press London sept. 26 up was reported to Day to have More than doubled communist North Viet Nam s air Force of supersonic fighters. Even More planes will be made available to Hanoi As soon As there Are North Viet namese pilots to Fly them diplomatic reports said. A soviet Aid and training Mission or some 800 men is understood to be in North Viet Nam but Many of the. Pilots were believed receiving their Basic training in r a. Key supplies Mig fighters and anti aircraft rockets Are among the key soviet supplies to the communists while hed China is understood to be helping with Small arms and Road i 1 d g and construction work. North Viet Nam s air Force was reported last by the Institute for strategic studies to have a total strength of 500 men with b Ilyushin-28 ight bombers 66 mig15 and mig17 Jet fighters and 15 mig21 supersonic jets. These figures were based on information earlier this year. But latest reports said the russians lately have been stepping up their Supply of mig21s because of the grow ing american air offensive on vietnamese targets in the North and near Hanoi. Train vietnamese it was considered highly unlikely that russians would Pilot the planes in combat. But there is Good reason to believe that the russians Are training the North vietnamese in the use of the plane the sources said. Begins talks Washington sept. 26 German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard conferred with president Johnson today amid reports the Chancellor would seek of an arms Purchase agreement. Erhard went to the White House from a stale depart editorial Page by men meeting with Secretary of state Dean Rusk and Secretary of defense Robert s Mcnamara. The Chancellor arrived in Washington saturday. Erhard reportedly planned to ask Johnson to postpone Bonn s agreement to buy 35 billion Worth of . Mili tary equipment in the iwo years ending next june 30. Before the United Community fund Campaign is Over these three Hope to exceed the local government division goal of they Are let l to right Damacio Salazar county chairman e. F. Hensch chairman of the division and. Robert l. Burgan City chairman. The City and county sections held their Campaign Kickoff meeting this morning. Staff photo Campaign to open Here Arizona governor to plead for uhf Arizona gov. Samuel p. Goddard will speak at the Zuckoff luncheon opening of he big United Community fund wednesday. The dutch treat affair will be at the civic auditorium and will Cost diners each. The Arizona governor will be presented by John a former governor of w Mexico. Oscar love is lunch con chairman. A full colonel in the air Force Reserve gov. God. Dard is serving in a brigadier general s capacity As mobilization assistant to the com m a n d e r. Special weapons Center Albuquerque. Gov. Goddard is on the National Board of the United Community funds and councils of America. Tom Popejoy president of the University of new mexi co will be master of ceremonies. The luncheon starts at noon and will close at 1130 p. M. The uhf Campaign is seek ing funds for 29 agencies. In keeping with its s p a c c theme this year w. D. James Campaign chairman is to be blasted off Inlo or Bil. He is to rendezvous Wilh the goal by the end of october. Jov. God Daryl 69th birthday Vatican City sell. 26 up Pope Paul i Loday marked his 69lh birthday in Good health and campaigning vigorously for peace in Viel Nam. There is no sign thai the Pope is living or that his con Cern Over the state of t h c world is wearing him said one Vatican source. Newsman finds indians starving in Chihuahua editor s note the tar Humara indians of Mexico arc the Center of controversy. Louisiana Citi Zens have sent relict s u p plies to them based on re ports the indians Are starving. The mexican govern ment refusing entry to 10 carloads of the supplies says the reports Are exaggerated. Elpaso times re Porter Bruce Bisso Nellc visited s o m c of the indians. Here is his Story. By Bruce b1ssonette Al i Aso times writer Creel Chihuahua Mexico sept. ?.g in indians arc suffering from starvation in Chihuahua. A child or two Dies each Day. With a show me Alli Lude Aboul the mexican govern ment denials of starvation among the tar Humara Indi ans of Chihuahua we flew yesterday into the vast stretches of the Barranca Del Cobre canyons o the Sierra Madre went to the villages of is Suguichi and Creel. Visit Willi priests we visited with the Jesuit priests who devote their lives to the betterment of these indians. Among Ihm is fall or Luis. Verplan Ckon Al whose re quest Louisiana citizens generously donated 10 r a i 1 Road carloads of food tools Sec indians Pauc cd cargo scores Lusk again previous lobbying activities by t. E. Gene Lusk May have impaired his ability to act in an Independent fashion As David cargo said today. Or. Cargo. Republican candidate for governor has criticized his democratic opponent for refusing to reveal the names of his lobbying clients. Or. Lusk said that these names have no bearing on the Campaign. Because of the lawyer client relationship Lusk said that it is not Elk Cal for him to re veal the names of his clients. The situation might be turned around on Hie Lusk said. A would be interesting for the Public to know my opponent s activities As a lawyer legislator. The Public might also like to know what agreement was reached Between or. Cargo and liquor lobby in n secret meeting at cloves the other says he lobbied cargo said thai Lusk was a lobbyist luring the and one cargo rage a-2 billion measure taken up by House opponents Call it wasteful inflationary Washington sept. 26 the administration s Al 75 billion Antipoverty Bill an Inlo a storm of criticism Oday in the House from opponents who called it waste ill inflationary Ancl riddled politics. After several months of de a the House finally decided o consider the Bill by almost unanimous voice Vole. The Battle Over its contents will come later in the week after several Days of general discussion and explanation of proposed amendments. Starts debate Hep. B. F. Sisk d-calif., o the rules committee started the debate by telling the House no program before Congress in the last 10 years Lias been More like Many of the other speakers Sisk said that Al most every member a a s found some Good and some bad in . H. Allen Smith r calif., opening Gap speaker said the program was Riddle d with waste and is crying for investigation and ill considered some communities Smith said have been declared pock ets of poverty without their knowledge and against their Smith called the p r o Gram an ill considered crash program with political Over the program is operating said . Albert h. Quier Minn. Rep. Charles e. Goodell. R n. Y., told the House that republicans have a variety of amendments to try to Cor rect this Democrat comments . William m. C o i m e a d-miss., said the program does nol fit Inlo the presi Dent desire to curb inflation there was Little doubt that the House finally would pass some kind of Bill late this week bul with some changes in the form recommended by the education and labor committee. Weber wins Fellowship David j. Weber a doctoral candidate in history Al the University of new Mexico t o d a y w a 3 named recipe Cut of the first Unm John f. Memorial Fellowship. Grad u a t e d c a n c o c p. Springer said. A Day for Greer Pecos sell. 26 up the cilia cons of Pecos will celebrate the 6th annual Greer Garson Day sunday. The Celebration is held annually on the actress birth Day. Miss Garson will be met on the outskirts of Pecos by mayor Paul Martinez and fire chief Cipriano Gonzales and then Csc Rcd through the town by the Pecos division of the san Miguel county sheriff s posse. A birthday party will be held at n school where the Public is invited. The si.000 stipend that goes with the Fellowship will be presented to him by . Son. Edward Kennedy d brother of the late president Al ceremonies oct. 3. The program is scheduled for a. M. In the so Udint Union. The Fellowship is inc graduate school s highest recognition of research and scholarly achievement in the area of the social sciences and humanities. The Fellowship was established largely through the efforts of . Senator Clinton p. Anderson and Albuquerque businessman author Calvin p. Horn. It is financed through contributions and proceeds from Llic Sale of the Book new Mexico s troubled which was written by Horn Wilh a foreword by the late president Kennedy Weber lives it 2323 Kal Horyu be

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