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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 5

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Albuquerque, New Mexico 20, 1971 the Albuquerque a-5 phase two coat Attl Ruffi one Lime scrutinizing wage fringe increases due workers under existing contracts. Most of these incremental boosts won t do violence to the guideline. Exception teamsters Are due a 8.5 per cent increase. And the Board again May face a dilemma to Challenge the big increase almost certainly would bring about a trucking strike. Nation can t stand a Long one. It wage guidelines slay Bent Way out of shape the Only Way for phase two to succeed in checking inflation is for Price guidelines to be firm. Price commissioner c. Jackson Grayson or. Vows Overall level of prices will not go up More than 2.5 per cent next year. Price commission has made it Clear that companies will nol be granted automatic Price boosts to off set wage boosts granted their employees or permitted to raise prices in order to boost profit margins. This worries Wall Street that s Why Stock prices continue to slip. Pollster Louis Harris finds sen. Mward m. Ken Nedy d-mass., is lop first Choice for president among democrats leads sen. Edmund , Maine by 26 to 19 per cent in 10-Man Field. Pollster George Gallup finds democrats prefer Muskie Over Kennedy 50 to 39 per cent when asked to choose Between the two. Confused Don t be say pollsters. Surveys show that while Kennedy has a somewhat larger Core first Choice support Muskie has far greater second Choice has a big Lead Over Kennedy among democrats whose first Choice is one of the other democratic presidential hopefuls. A watch for the fur to Fly in landlord tenant disputes in Boston s newly established housing court which has a staff of housing specialists Broad Powers to try accused housing code violators and enforce its orders. State Law setting up the local court is seen As response to failure of traditional courts to enforce housing codes. In Boston last year of 700 housing court cases tried Only 20 landlords were fined and All m fines were set aside on Appeal. Mrs. Virginia h. Knauer the president s consumer affairs adviser is an end to stale Laws which deprive prescription drug buyers of Chance to compare prices in drug stores. Although 38 states either forbid or restrict prescription drug advertising Justice department has approved plans by one Chain Osco drugs to Post prices of 100 prescription drugs. Osco has 178 stores in 17 states. House banking com plans major overhaul of nation s housing Laws next year. It Hopes to lure administration support by including a portion of the president s cherished Revenue sharing approach. Under the plan Federal funds earmarked for Urban renewal rehabilitation Mode cities water and sewer systems would be consolidated into single Grants to local communities. Eighty per cent of the Money would be divided among the nation s 247 metropolitan areas. Idea is to Spur More Low income housing outside City limits the suburbs and that might spark a fight. Other facets of the plan would simplify present Laws create a Bureau to set construction standards set up a counselling service for owners and tenants pay housing allowances directly to tenants and owners instead of subsidizing Loans to builders and lenders. Week soon Mav come when there Are no . Combat deaths in Vietnam. It won l Mark the end of the War but it will be hailed As a Milestone in president s Effort to minimize casualties while troops withdraw. U. S death tolls in Vietnam have been below 10 every Welc since oct. 2. Five died last Welc two the week before. The yearly toll 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 to Imit chord concept 122 Tel me . Sunday serve 3 pm of twi he alms Semoc every pm prior the i mini mormon co from one elder David Wolfgramm about this teaching and after receiving his explanation replied thai s the missionaries report that they arc also criticized by passers by for not adoring the Virgin Mary. The Church s two most ticklish Public relations prob lems in the United slates the former practice of polygamy and the continuing bar to negroes in the full Priesthood have preceded them Here. A recent italian Western movie portrayed them in a bad Light. Vietnam avoided questions about the War in Vietnam Are avoided on the ground that the missionaries Are Here to talk religion. About the Only place they encounter accusations that they arc exporting american values is in areas where hero Are Large numbers of communists. Mormon Absten from Coffee tobacco and wine strikes some italians As strange although elder Wolfgramm noted we Don t give them this teaching until they re about half Way through and have an idea of whether what we say is True or a sown Villa when the Mission which has its own Villa opened there were Only a few dozen mor Mons in Italy. Now there arc of whom All but about 250 arc italians. Thus far however virtually All the leadership positions arc held by missionaries. The mormons have nol followed the trend of Many protestant and Catholic Mission boards toward do emphasizing conversion and seeking to Aid people in their economic and social develop ment. The scriptures Tell us to preach the gospel to every said Christensen. The rest will follow from that 1970 so far this year youth citizenship fund nonpartisan group whose advisory Board includes both major party chairmen opens its big drive next week to Register newly eligible Young voters in 18 states including Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee Florida. Group is hacked by in Grants from foundations. Public service is pay ing off nicely for two ext newsmen Sander Vanocur gels and Robert Mac Neil for their work at the National Public affairs Center for television a taxpayer financed offshoot of the corporation for Public broadcasting. Top democratic politicians Don t want the Senate to turn Down confirmation of Earl l. Butz As agriculture Secretary. They want to use him As a Campaign Issue next year pointing out to restless Farmers that Buzz was a key Man in the agriculture department under e i s c Shower s agriculture Secretary Ezra Tat Benson. Mention of Benson s name still raises hackles in the form Belt. Evangel Temple Assembly of god sunday school . Moln . Emf co wort up . Kur Woy prayer . My. Raymond Frakl Paltor 8901 Cam Lorla 199-7295 Faith cons native Baptist end of Mituru in Church is Eccl . . . . It condylar la or. N. I. in hit continuing in god s word Good Shepherd lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod cd Irreg . Am sucked am 3900 Llvy. . T. Putar zw-700 Hope evangelical free Chireh 2 to . Services infer want enl pin. Ermint Nimby full Tulei m Art .1 i 2m-m74 w 29i-m3i jury clears one in riot pay hike continued from Page Case can t agree on asst. Dist. Ally. Donald j. Wilson said Loday that the trial of two men on riot connected charges in All probability is the last riot Case to be or. Wilson made the com ment alter a District court jury lost night acquitted one of two men charged with the aggravated burglary of Cee ice liquors during the riots june 13 and 14, and failed to reach a verdict on the other. The jury cleared hum Aldo Morlano 19, of 2325 i Lela so after deliberating nearly six hours. But the jury could t reach a verdict on Stanley Lopez 18, of 1737 Barcelona so. Dist. Court judge Mary c. Walters declared a mistrial when the jury could t reach a decision. This was the second time Lopez and Morlano had come to trial on the charges. The first trial before n i s t. Court judge Robert w. Reidy was declared a mistrial sept. 10 when the jury was unable to agree on a verdict. Fired Shotgun blasts can lolling it was a piecemeal i n a d c q u a to the Board voted 9 to 5 with chairman bold abstaining to permit a severe inequity exemption to its retroactively ban a cases of 1. Employees who were denied a or improved in three persons who broke into the store. The guards said one was armed with a crowbar and the other two appeared to have pistols. Esho was outside the store trying to what was going on when to was hit in inc by a Shotgun blast. _ Lopez testified he was at the broken Glass door of the firm frying to if his Cousin was inside when he was wounded. Lopez lost his right Eya because of the Shotgun blast. F. F Lei Cully continued rom vac one or mocking laughter from the Union leaders. Obviously perturbed the president Cut Short his previously scheduled Long weekend in Florida and flew Back to Washington. Taken by Surprise to was touched and taken by Surprise when he landed by helicopter on the White House grounds and found 100 of his top officials including several members of the Cabinet on hand to Welcome him with applause. They read about the speech and wanted to show him How they said acting press Sec relay Gerald l. Warren. One response to Nixon s straight from the shoulder Appeal for sacrifice to Cut inflation in half was to vote Meany a 28.5 per cent pay raise. That increase gives Oleany a year. It was described jokingly As a longevity increase for the 77-year-old Meany. Such in creases arc exempt from the 5.s per cent general guidelines for raises established by Nix on s pay Board. We did t even consider the pay Board said communications workers president Joseph a. Beirne who noted Meany had t been Given a since 1965 when his salary went from o so bitter was the atmosphere that labor Secretary James d. Hodgson who has been under Meany s withering attack on several occasions cancelled his speech before the convention. Llam applause the president s aides believe Nixon was shabbily treated. Meany gave Nixon the traditional introduction say ing ladies and gentlemen the president of the United there was Only Light applause and Many of the delegates did not Rise when he entered the Hall. Word had been passed in Advance that there be no demonstrations be it booing or enthusiastic applause. Nixon s remarks clearly were a rebuttal to an attack by Meany when the convention opened thursday. What s your idea of 4 True religion do you below that striving to live a wholesome life is More important than accept ing religious creeds first unitarian Church 3701 Carlisle Boulevard be sunday services . . Church school Aid available both Ull Nixon quoted a statement by the Union Leader that if the president does t want our membership on the pay Board on our own terms he knows what he can Well you know president Meany is Nixon said. Know exactly what i can do and Lam going to do he went on to say whether or not he has the participation of labor it was his duly to Slop the Rise in the Cost of living. Laps Gavel when to concluded his speech Albany did not acknowledge his presence As Nix on was led of the platform. When the president began shaking hands with delegates along his exit route Meany looked amused. Then he rap Ped his Gavel and called the convention to order. The president turned around gave him a look and departed abruptly. When to had gone from the Hall Meany told the delegates we will proceed to act the quip brought the audience to its feel stomping and whistling. Kent state trial to Start Ravenna Ohio the Long delayed riot trials of 23 persons indicted by a special state grand jury which probed the May 1d70 disorders at Kent state University arc scheduled to gel under Way monday. The us. Supreme court decided Friday by a vote to Grant no further delay in the trials even though the High court still has not disposed of final appeals in a suit challenging the grand jury indictments. Such As an extra week of vacation earned because of length of employment. 2. Wage increases for persons earning less than an hour. This was a minor gain organized labor. The Cost of living Council had ruled earlier that exemptions for Low income workers would apply to those earning less than the Federal minimum Ivanc of an hour. 3. Workers who Are covered by a tandem or me too con tract under which smaller bargaining units generally Are allowed to match increases won by a. Larger labor Union and White Collar workers Are Given wage gains comparable to those of their Union counter parts. The Board did not specifically Rule out Retro Active a for in achors. It i to discuss i lie Issei Early next week. Mount Calvary Spanish ii Baptist Church 917 7th St. . Rev. 1iu Alt nolo . is Khjai. Kaijiro , Vul. 1171 Nib i koat-1v Chub 1 . Liny ult Al write in Church religious science 3320 son be i Rev. Luis Del Aguila. Worship service 11 . Message s the thanksgiving Way to plenty alumni meeting 7 pm sol Gould m.a., hypnotherapist i packing on Healing Vici of Hyp Public invited. Open discussion Torum am Public incl cd wednesday night meditation service pm in times like these Rotili Tufili Alio that in tilt but Days it Toloui times ii tin-., we Eft Lilly to Divi wbk Iho it la Kilmr Lexa what with Toma Church inc the a ii Tail up port the Itlie Itell no. Fort Angela Dali cart a Iran do Uteri Voigat vol la the 1.1. Governor advocating n racial i Lect of tilt our or neral the Lolly Jor crop re. The Why Jan l you is at Lor my Lell him whal you incl no of Hli re Lonj when local count aoa1n8t Runty la Quck Palm find kor Wil Only 23.1617 a in my for an ar.iwr.-, and Ceai is or. Datu l. N Orrell Al corny of , p. Of Box 22i6 Banta pc. . Still then worship tilth u Ihli b-in3ty, Tor w for the Book urd he sins Wlecke Antii in St. John s Cathedral Irh to Silver a. So the. Car Xor Call 265-7939 episcopal Church hot Dekome Yoti St. Lidai s in. K it 11 am of Cutcli to am St Mark s the Mesa 4jo Darl Mouth Star uni Una nutty serf of 10 am pm Chirck 10 a Central Assembly the Iove of cd disc controls us Loma Del key Baptist Church sunday school . Wot help . Tvs Nung str acc . Moon in comm Chat . Phone 299-0041 lutheran churches Missouri Synod Welcome you Chhist 7701 can Dearlo be 293-os76i h. Worship and . Sunday school . 1mmanuel 300 Geld be 245-5276 Brink p end of school redeemer 210 Alvarado be 256-98811 Rev. Martin j. Harton Berger Worsh d . Sunday school and Bible classes sunday radio to hour am. Immy Rhyl Lul Hcrman he i a Daz Rodio 730 pc am. The l it the life Kab to can Mil t first Church of Christ scientist1 Christian science services All Are Welcome sunday morning services and sunday school 500 Richmond place . Wednesday evening meeting Nursery provided for Small children Vii term Are Alloy Welcome the Christian science Reading room 2824 Central acc. . Corner inc control listen to Hie radio in English am a gym 610 Khz in Spanish am Kab 1350 Khz the truth that heals Sumray 1z4 Texas sunday school Vyon hip Church Kelly past08. G. B. Marking Christian Church disciples of Christ Monte Vista Christian Church 3501 Campus blvd. . Or. Tho. O. Fistick minister worship cry acc Church school . First Baptist Church or. James f. Eaves pallor . Bible teaching program 1 1 . Worship service morning service broadcast Over Daz radio at 730 on your dial. . Church training program worship Central Bap fit Agio Chatfan Central and Broadway service Nursery provided special hearing aids available classified ails gets results he Mirk l put a Colp mini 11. Co am Church St. John s we it help 10 Church to am St. Paul s 9500 me j. Clan Paitis win help Church c. A Christ 62co a Fawn Seft. A fill is Poi Tor won hip Ond am Chuich school am cd Mcday Harwood 4th in i. Will Kim jr., Church am Carlisle Plaza 3013 i Tern Selth Wihl. 10.40 am Church Fenoil lorm am Central 215 he Harry Woitula am Chuich sch Tol and am St. Andrews 3905 i . So amok. Acornl Dorli Woshlo am chuch a cml am Mountainside vex North 10 John Tonj Cri Vyp am Church scr tool am Paradise Hills University hts 4700 Taroiu blvd., Larf acc h. Mayan Palter Church won help sunday school a cult clan 11 00 Wesley 475 57th 5limt h. Maion pallor won hip 11-.15 Church school l. 5t.li.u, worship 7 pm chime school am Trinity 371? Silvir 5f c. Edward disc inc put i am Church 1cmo am pastor Larry a. Wright this year Marks the 80th anniversary of the establishment of St. Paul lutheran Church. In 1891 the Church was organized As the first lutheran congregation in Mexico. In 1892 the first building was erected on North third Street. In 1906 the Church was relocated at sixth and Silver . Where it continued to serve through sunday nov. 7, 1971. Now after several years of planning the congregation is pleased to announce the completion of the Sanctuary and educational building at a location at 1100 Indian school Road . St. Paul has always been a metropolitan Church with our congregation coming from All quadrants of the City. continues to remain a metropolitan cd wifi even More so for stands at the Crossroads of the North South pan american Highway and the East West Cor Ofiaro freeway with easy Access for Aji of her membership and friends. The pastor Ami congregation extends a most Colial invitation to at cml Llic special service of dedication sunday november 21 at . Open House for inspection from to . Abo of Oor dedication service we Fiall be High honoured by Ite attendance of Trie Rev. To. From m c. Heglund president of Rocky Mountain Synod and former pos for at St. Pauls from 1958 to 1970. Or. He Jund White serving As Pailor of Pauli participated in he selection Oline local on and Early plans Lor the Church the Rev. Or. Teglund will deliver the dedication Sermon. Regular Church worship 10t30 . Men sunday. Sumray Church school far at . Sunday. This Arf Verf Row Marl us Rwy of Tow

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