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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 4

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Tribune new Mexico s Signi Kant new Piper a Scripps Howard newspaper George Carmack editor still a Best seller 701 Silver ave. So Telephone m2-2371 Light and the people will find their own Way a-4 november 20, 1971 Equality for women much noise has been heard in recent years about women s lib. Much of it has been downright silly involving demonstrations a n d picketing obviously designed purely for the purpose of publicity. Extremists have Given women s lib a bad name in Many quarters. As a result they have obscured the very real need for correction of inequalities under Hie Law. For there is indeed a serious Side to women s lib and it is a Side that something should be done about. Usually it involves matters of economics with inequalities actually written into he Law. Marcella Levine a Unm Law student and co chairman of the equal rights legislation committee brought out some of that Side in a talk before the Unm faculty women s club. She outlined 10 Points in new Mexico Law w h e r e she said women do not. Have Equality with men. Some of her More important Points married women Lack control of their own paycheck the husband has the right to take it. A married woman can t will her half of Community prop erty ii though her husband can will his half. legally in tilled Only to the property she owned before marriage. Nor can married women establish a separate domicile. If her husband s residence is elsewhere she can t vote run for office be taxed or get tuition benefits in the state. What justification can there be for such inequality being written into the Law we can Only assume that they Are hangovers from the dark Days when women were treated As chattels and had no rights. Liore can be no excuse for them. Nor can there be any excuse for not correcting them. Some aspects of women s liberation Are matters which deserve serious and thoughtful consideration by gov. Bruce King and the new Mexico legislature. The next regular session of the legislature should take action to give women economic Equality under the Law. Trading with Russia Secretary of Commerce Maurice h. Slans is off to Moscow to drum up More soviet american Trade which the russians expect the United states to finance. In general we favor East West Trade because it can con tribute to better relations with communist states. But we have grave doubts about the Wisdom of financing an expansion of the soviet Union s Industrial base. What the russians have in mind Are joint ventures with american capitalism to develop natural Gas and off Shore Oil Fields and a Large siberian Copper mine. The . Investors would get no ownership or profits in the ventures but would be paid off in products. In addition Russia is hoping for Export Cret lits so it can Pur a base american machinery and equipment for a huge truck Plant being built on the Kama River 550 Miles cast of Moscow. The soviet Union could finance All such projects out of its own resources except for one reason the enormous amount of Money going into its military buildup and its expansionist foreign policy. It is now outbuilding the United states in nuclear missiles submarines naval surface vessels and conventional armaments. H is giving about 52.2 billion a year in foreign Aid to Advance its own position in various strategic areas. Naturally this vast military geopolitical spending reduces the Money available to expand civilian Industry and meet Ris ing demands for consumer goods. Is it Hen in America s in Terest to relieve the Pinch on Russia s finances and make its level of military spending More bearable we doubt it. 1 x moreover America has Good reasons not to permit the russians to get deeply in debt to us or for us to become dependent on their raw material exports. The Kremlin still has not paid Large debts to the United states for lend lease for civilian purposes after world War ii and refuses even to discuss the Issue. It also has been known to break Trade agreements and abruptly shut off supplies for political purposes. We think it is right for the administration to try to expand Trade in no strategic items with Russia. But until there can be More Confidence in the Kremlin s intentions toward this country the Trade should be As Ucli As possible on a pay As you go basis. And we Hope that Secretary Slans with a Bent toward salesmanship and inexperienced in dealing with the soviet Union docs not make any arrangement that the country will later regret. Seconds to safety or death we re All living by these conds in today s motorized world. Decisions which we make in fractions of seconds can plunge us into Cler Nily Send us to hospitals wreck our costly automobiles or on the Bright Side bring us through safely. An amazingly High percentage of our Drivers make the right split second decisions most of the time. If they did to the already sickening Accident toll would amount to mass carnage and the fender shops would have Block Long waiting lines. But even the most careful Drivers occasionally Are tempted to take a Chance which when we make we regret. There is not a one of us who has not had the unnerving experience of making a turn across oncoming traffic which turned out to be approaching faster than calculated. Judging the Speed of a car headed your Way in the opposite Lane is almost impossible. Sure he should be going 20 or 30 Miles an hour in a residential or business District but if he happens to be going 40 or 50 that could be your hard Luck. If there is Only a squeal of brakes and a shouted epithet or just a swish past your car s rear end you Are Lucky. You say gosh that was close. I must not let that happen and you mean it. In defensive driving which is the Only kind for survival you Don t get mad at the other Driver. The responsibility is yours to avoid recurrence of a similar situation. And Here s one Way to do it. Try counting the seconds the next time you re in one of those turn across traffic situations. Just Don t turn at All but hold your place and count the seconds it takes for the oncoming car to Roach you. You May be amazed to f i n d that the interval Between safely and possible disaster ranges from a scant 4 seconds to a Long 10 seconds in most cases. Wait until you re sure you can turn safely. If the Guy behind you blows his Horn let him. That s a sweeter sound than crashing fenders. In the average Case you won t have to wait More than 10 seconds until the potential disaster passes you. That goes too for turning into merging traffic. Try driving by the secondhand chances Are that you la live longer. National Bible week 7a the Tribune bookshelf hearts a great reporter writes about two great heart surgeons hearts by Thomas Thomp son Mccall publishing co., s7.95. Despite the cliche that Mark Twain saddled on several generations truth May not be stranger than fiction. But truth can be far More fascinating. If you Don t believe it buy beg or borrow a copy of life Magazine writer Thomas Thompson s unprecedented Hook on two of the world s top heart surgeons or. Michael a Bakoy and or. Denton Cooley both of Houston. Skilled As these two men Are with a knife and each is an authentic Genius they have no More skill at their Trade than Thompson has at his. His Trade is that of a reporter. What he has done Here is a classic example of searching out the truth stubbornly patiently and with sensitivity. And then writing that truth in simple logical prose that has As its Only objective telling what happened. It s a shame the phrase Tell it like it is has been wasted on to much cheap trashy propaganda. For no other phrase describes so exactly what Thompson has done. The professionals in the Book publishing business have put their dollars on the compelling nature of what Thompson reports. For four clubs have picked it Book of the month header s digest Playboy and psychology today. And the juror it has caused in Houston where drs. Debakey and Cooley not without reason have been enshrined slightly above the Astrodome and the ship Channel further evidence of its Puneh. Part of the Story has to do with the partnership the split and then the unspoken but titanic feud Between these two croat doctors. And no Small part of the Book centers around the greatness of the two men. For example there could not be a Days of Yore from the Tribune 10 years ago Lucille Ball married come Dian Gary Morton in a simple Church ceremony in new York today. Lucy divorced wife of Desi Arnez and Morion the son of a Bronx trackman will wait until january to Hon. Eymon in Acapulco mex Ico the Hurricane which lashed Mexico s Guerrero coast sunday killed More than 80 persons in coastal villages North of Acapulco it was reported today. 31 years ago tradition steeped rivalry Between Texas College of mines and the new Mexico aggie flared anew this week in Advance of the annual Gridiron contest in Elpaso to Day when Campus leaders in no need the new Mexico aggie Victory Bell was missing. The miners were blamed although More than million Worth of defense savings Bonds have been sold in new Mexico the state numbers 47th in the nation for the amount of Bonds sold. Nevada was the Only stale which has sold less Bonds than new Mexico recent Washington rankings showed today. More dramatic passage than that telling of Debakey Start ing his Day with an operation at 7 . Straight through the Day without halt ing and finishing up his eleventh major operation at . 18% unbroken hours of operating. But Thompson s big Story is neither of these but one of the most dramatic episodes in Man s history in or out of the Field of Medicine the Rise and fall of the heart transplant operation. Thompson took a leave from life Magazine and moved to an apartment in Houston close to the medical Center. He would go to the hospitals where these two great doctors operated at seven each morn ing and sometimes stay As late As Midnight. Many of those hours he spent right in the operating rooms with the surgeons or at the bedside of patients. He got the life Story of almost every person who was Given a heart transplant in Houston he was As close to their struggle to live to their death As the doctors or the families. At the end of each Day he wrote a detailed journal which in time became thousands of pages. Then to took six More months to write the Book. The Reader should be warned about two things concerning the reviewer and his approach to the Book. The first is a special interest in the Story and its people through Many years of new papering in Houston. We particularly plead guilty to prejudice in behalf of reporter Thompson. We were Thompson s first newspaper editor when he came out of journalism school. He was called to. then for these were his initials and we had another Tommy Thomp son on the staff. That newspaper is still the proud boast of any Man who Ever worked on it. By Chance there came together on that staff a collection of newspapermen and newspaper women in the grand tradition and the heart and soul of the paper were its reporters and the people who handled their copy. What a group they were no Man could spend six years with that Crew and get his share and More of the top assignments As Thompson did and not be a great reporter. One series by Thompson and a fellow reporter Burt Schorr special really Points toward this Book. At least it turned Thompson to a special interest in medical affairs. M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston is one of the great cancer Thompson and Schorr did a nine or ten part series on cancer researched at this Hospital. The series was a Sleeper. It had Only been under Way two or three Days without great promotion when the circulation manager suddenly realized that streets sales were shooting up More than 1500 papers a Day plus demands that could not be filled for every Back Issue of the paper. It was the Thompson Schorr cancer series. There Are two main types of research for a newspaper Story a Magazine article or a Book. One of these is research through documents and letters and government reports and printed newspaper stories and articles in scientific and other Learned publications. This Type of research Calls for skill patience and ability to interpret the significance of what one reads. Two outstanding examples of greatness in this Type of research come to mind immediately. One is William l. Shirer s masterly Job for the Rise and fall of the third another is Barbara Tuchman s guns of the second and More difficult Type of research is that done by Thompson in this is on the scene face to face where its happening research. There is no Middle Man Between the event and the person who sees it and tells others what happened. That s what a reporter is. That s what Thomas Thompson is George car Mack Best Sellers c 1971 new York tints news ser race this analysis is based on reports obtained from More than 125 bookstores in 64 communities of the United Stales. Figures in the right hand column do not necessarily represent consecutive appearances. Fiction 1 the Day of the jackal. Forsyth 2 11 2 wheels. Hailey 1 7 3 the exorcist. Blatty 3 22 4 message from Malaga. Maei Raes 4 7 5 the its was the kingdom Delderfield 7 ,8 6 the other. Tyron 6 22 7 the drifters. Michener 8 21 8 the Sha Dow of the Lynx. Holt 5 18 9 Bear Island. Maclean 9 2 10 Maurice. Forster 2 a Okraj 1 Bury my heart at wounded knee. Brown 1 36 2 any woman can Reuben 2 7 3 beyond Freedom and dignity. Skinner 6 5 4 Eleanor and Franklin. Lash 5 3 5 Honor thy father. Talese 4 2 6 without Marx or Jesus. Revel 3 s 7 the gift horse. Knef 7 15 8 the a expeditions. Heyerdahl 8 10 9 who owns America Hickel 1 10 the last whole Earth Catalon. Portola Institute 2 a Fetter from the editor crows against sky a Dawn Anda trip seeking old Chilili dear Tribune readers if i live to be 100 and travel far away one thing about Albuquerque will forever be engraved on my heart. I think it s the most Beautiful sight of my life. It s the Early morning flight of the crows who spend each Winter in new Mexico. And Roost each night along the River or on its islands just South of town. I never saw the Early morning flight any prettier than one Day this week. As an afternoon Newspaperman i get to work Early. I live Down a the Valley not far from the Banks of the Rio Grande and i drive due East into the rising Sun about each Carmack morning. On this particular morning the whole Eastern sky Over the Sandias was streaked by great bands of Pink and Orange separated and broken by thin Black Clouds. The sky alone was a memorable sight. But it was Only a backdrop for out i front of it there must have been 500 crows All headed North their Black feathers turning faintly Punk or Orange As Cloud filtered Light rays caught them. They flew pot As a flock no waterfowl a for them. The Crow is too much a Nigger individualist for that. Each was strictly on his own Arrow like on his path As though he knew just what Small spot Miles away would furnish him his food that Day. It it it can anything surpass in Beauty the Early morning flight of the crows against the new Mexico sky and to think that someone complained to City Council about the crows As Well complain about the rays of the morning Sun coming Over the Sandias and painting the sky. It it it much As Bonnie and i like to travel to Remote places in new Mexico we must admit that Many a mile of travel often brings us nothing any prettier than what we have right Here in Albuquerque. Earlier in the autumn we saw no tree anywhere that was a More Beautiful mass of Gold than one in a Yard right across the Street from our House. And so it was sunday. It

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