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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 2

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Albuquerque, New Mexico A-2 Albuquerque Tribune Nebr 20, 1971 tie Tribune s to solve your problems Call 842-2377 i ivc wailed 12 years to Tel a wild Furcy Iii now i be got one i cloth l know How in Cook in. Mrs. A. A a professional Home economist to whom we relayed your problem reports she has pre pared wild Turkey the same As any other Lurkey. Simply use a Turkey recipe. In her Case she used wild Rice stuffing and found it added a Fine touch. If your Lurkey is an old you May need to Cook it a Little longer. Q my Avocado Saccu does t grow. I have it in the Glass of water with toothpicks on either Side As you re supposed to. But litre a run l any roots or sprouts. It does t grow. . A it s impossible to say what s wrong sight unseen. Mrs. E. S. Lewis who has grown tic plants believes you May simply Hoo a seed that for one reason or another in t going to germinate. None of us has 100 cent Luck Wilh every Plant we grow. Try again Wilh . A marked fluctuation in temperature can affect the seed. You also should watch the water line in the Glass. Water May evaporate quickly in our climate and if you Don t keep a close watch your seed could go dry. Q is Micro some Way to scrape the crust from in abalone Shell and get rid of lie odor can ii he used then in no i be tried scraping a Shell i have without any Luck. But 1 saw Triesc used in Lisle displays at the stale fair. Mrs. . A aquarian dealers advise against your using an abalone Shell in you aquarium. For one thing As you be discovered lie crust is difficult to remove completely. And in has lots of bacteria one Points out. Then too depending on the age of your Shell it May tend to decompose in the water and could Poison your fish. If you wish o try anyway you should hoi it thoroughly before putting in in Wilh your fish. For the odor you might soak the Shell in bleach Ami water for several Days. Q i left some Crown sugar in the cupboard for several months. It s hard As a Rock. Is there any Way to get it soft again sirs. . A Don t panic or throw your sugar away says Mary Nobles Home service director Wilh Public service co. Place the sugar in a heavy duty plastic bag with some fruit such As Apple slices keep sealed tightly with a gooseneck twist or a wire. Allow the moisture from the fruit to get into Iho sugar. This should do the trick once your sugar is Back in its proper form open the bag and remove the fruit slices. Our readers write my daughter is trying to finl Sicol music to a Carol Coli Clcil the Wax annl Carol which she memorized from a Julie Andrews Christmas record. We be tried music stores etc., but no one seems to have it a manuscript Coji won t to As the rules say copy or words to that effect. This is an sos anybody have a copy of the music Muy Pronto the Fry out s arc coming soon we could in pc a copy or just mutow in for several week. Thanks. Don t know we d do without your column. . Sound off Why can people Ivory at ending Rio san on he iras i they pile up on Irish collection Days i m amazed when i drive Down the Street on the Ivay to work in front of some single dwelling houses there Ore four or five rash hags stacked up and this with collections i Nice a week. We re going to run out of space if Here Aren t soon sonic Good ideas for com hat ing this. Hut i Hal ivc a sol it Ion can begin with the Homeowner consciously watching the amount of Irish he leaves for i he City to imry. It May mean he has to go without a few necessities thai he s been told he must have hut he can do in if he really wants to. And he might even be Heath ice and happier . Wafer route Aci toss 1 Indian water 5 boredom g Marine fish 7 possesses 8 continent 9 sediment j 2 Sharpen 6 Mammoth of the sea 11 Oak seeds j3 obliterate 1-4 occupant 15 More facile Fisherman 1c Point 18 collection 17 soviet of quotes mountains 21 Ocean vessels 19ojiakcr 21 noisy Sleeper 2u female 92 carnivore 22 against 25 of a Parent 20 incline 30 French River 31 great Lake 32 scottish she folds 33 amends 38 of Jim 41samuel s teacher bib Protection 45 dance step 48 mexican 28 not As much Latvia 43 45 persian fairy Board rejects retroactive pay hikes for most by Hobert u1etscii scrupps Llo wird staff writer Washington the pay Board Niter More than three Days of argument refused to Grant millions of teachers and other workers retroactive payment of wage increases held tip by the inlay freeze. The five labor representatives on he is Man Board arc expected to press Iho retroactive pay Issue again next week. Tint sources close to lie Hoard say that the five Industry and five Public Mem Bers arc determined to s c t strict limits on granting such Back pay and that the limits will exclude the vast majority of retroactive payments. Teachers pay millions of schoolteachers signed contracts giving them higher pay before the freeze aug. 15. Bui because almost All i Host teachers did not begin work until september after the freeze took hold could not collect their higher pay until the freeze ended nov. 13. About 1.2 million Oiler workers were scheduled to gel pay hikes during Iho freeze period. They Loo have lost out. Under the pay Board s guidelines retroactive pay is to be granted in cases of severe yesterday the labor representatives proposed dial the Board adopt a Long list of definitions for severe in those definitions would include Rosl teacher Industrial worker cases. Limit pay but the Board declined to approve the list. Instead it voted to limit retroactive pay under the severe inequity exception to tic be instances j. Low wage employees wow would have become eligible for a pay increase during the freeze and whose Rale of pay prior to the freeze was per hour or 2. Me or tandem contracts in which workers in Small firms get wage increases won before the freeze tinder terms of con tracts nogo Liale with larger firms in the . Some of those me too con races in the steel Industry for example were agreed to during the freeze. Teachers lose Oul while the Board took no Vole specifically to exclude teachers from Retro Active pay it did decide that teachers would not be eligible under the me too con race exception. The five labor rep resin la lives were consistently out voted 0 to 5. Chairman George h. Ewoldt a Public member has said lie will not vote except to break a. Tie. United child care election reset 7hc cily Lias postponed the election or iwo members to the United child care inc. Ucci Hoard. Frank Mcguire u c c i director said the election will be held dec. 29. We re postponing the elec Tion in order to stimulate More interest among the com or. Mcguire said. The election originally was scheduled for the end of november. Mcguire said candidates for the positions should attend a candidates meeting at ., nov. 24, at the Model Crucs Field office 122 Broad Way be. He said the deadline for candidates filing has not been Sci the Albuquerque Tribune a sort up i Joo up with i capt Sun div 701 Sliver so. Nil. Ii new Ilia to tri Faure co., poll of la t. 57 103, 10c of copy on Lucia and be Kniffi. By Carrier 0c Fer Hail to new or year. 2.03 per . By Mai of Ildi of new itt Keo month Fon Fla to 00 month mail in Advance full a that Ual Mallei Aliou re be Wipper Korv ice. New Yok Tolmei the. Uncle a pm to Terni Tiofil telephoto service. Los Ion by prow new re Rake. Mettr a jj.1t Bureau circulation. int turf w on tor Tel ipad Esfi in the to tort act Tui car crash kills Paguate woman a 56-year-old Paguate Resi Dent was killed West of Albuquerque when the car she was driving went off the Highway and overturned three times. Edna o Brien was pronounced dead at the scene four Miles East of Limo Pucco on interstate 40, state patrolman Robert Martinez said. He said mrs. O Brien was driving West on interstate 40 last night when her car went off the Road and overturned. Mrs. O Brien who was alone in the car was thrown from he rolling vehicle officer Martinez said. Deaths Weici Sueque Csuy for air Lebeque a tilled Ihli sunday even inf Al b in the a Capel of Abr Jinx a mortuary Tequ to my kill be celebrated monday morning at our to Bottom Catholic Churuti in Ikra Alki. Lakerr thru follow at to Berna Lulo Catholic Cir Tilery. Alarm cd a lot Jurji it la charge. Student Council officers lit Lincoln Junior High this arc left to right Troso Hilling Secretary Tanya Peoples president James Morgan vice president and Cynthia gun Ion treasurer. Second warrant some major churches in alb study merger Beta liken the a Mucera Home. Dun Lor of filers and interment Motluk Tref to of Anar Jei Mcm Oill ice Skei tor belly. Uhn till be monday 11 fam. In Fajoni cd 61 Reni therm Motluk Irr co v.111 be fial studier. Rendle Berry urn Frank e. Attn. Honorary Kay Eftic Kcjr ail Joseph m. Motoya or. Liver a be in co Tref pm after cemetery. The family Reque Iti no be Imide o Thi i Cru lilo county Menli he and heart Lux Center. A of Lor 14 Acari. I Iasie to Cedar in a local fihe is iut by Sooj Orefic Melc Sll of Albu and no Call me Kalcl Kaveri de. Liter in. Chahi of ban Dago. Calif., Tod tvo errand cell 6nn. She i member of the a Ilecia Church. She to taken 10 Karlh Holly _ Norf Catl for final and Elmo 10 Erand to tort. French mortuary. 1111 in Teril a of or be in chaise cd Ocak Nero by. Xavier Alfredo m. Age 77 and a Here by Titi years. Djerf in Laeal Hosp isl an Luneski. Lie u j or. Valved Liy is wife maid Tina 2133 Alvarado hyc hmm Fred m. Hot. Dragon Manuel l. Mondrian Boll co Sevellano j. S. Dici. Ret of album a try be 22 a ttys. Passed a but Seitu Daji bar she u or shred by or. Solomon furl or Home one tor. Maxen Felxi Baba. Imp Fri mar Garet b. , Albuquerque. Mrs. Sin Ittel. It i lobby and Fri. Pair of com both of brother Eslia Seido is Vicc. a. Till for Fri. Dillon i to 10 children. Four Vii a cil Cuc wary will be a called at Sunday in Palm i awl of Buroni borne Meili Saiy. Will Bot a 9 . At Al. Fran Cli a ask Catholic our Ltd will la Alt. Calvary cemetery. In police slaying Law enforcement officials today continued their search for two suspects in the shoot ing death of a stale policeman. Asst. Dist. Ally. William f. Riordan yesterday afternoon issued a murder warrant for Talph Goodwin 24, of Berkeley Calif. Earlier warrant or. Riordan issued a Mur Der warrant tuesday for the other sup Cal Michael i Oberl Finney 20, of san Francisco and Berkeley. The warrants charge them with murder in the nov. 8 shooting death of stale police Man Robert Rosenbloom about eight Miles West of Albuquerque on Inte Stalc 40. Federal charges the Fri also charged the two men with Possession of explosives in Federal War Ranis. An Fri spokesman said to Day the suspects still Are at Large. Some of Albuquerque s major churches will consider merging into a single new Church. This is in line Wilh a National plan for the Union of nine . Churches to be called Church of Chrisl uniting. It would consist nationally of some 25 million members. Convenor named or. Harry Vanderpool of Central United m c t h o d i s t Church 215 Pine be is designated convener for new Mexico. Or. Vanderpool said he hoped new Mexico churches can have a conference by january. He hoped for some plan of study of the merging will begin in March. Churches listed churches considering the Union in the . Are United methodist episcopal United presbyterian Christian Church disciples of United Church of Christ Christian methodist episcopal Church african methodist episcopal Church and the african methodist episcopal Zion Church. Or. Vanderpool said that the possible merging might include As Many As Church members in new Mexico. Consultation the talks Are referred Loas Consul Lalion on Church Union each discussion group will Send both positive and negative feelings on the merger to inc local convener in each area. These will then be went to Cocu Headquarters in Princeton n.j., for further study. Youth held in Auto burglary after Chase police completed a three Block car and foot ski ask which ended where h had started and arrested an 18 year old youth on suspicion of Auto burglary. Patrolman Dennis c. Brandt said the youth is suspected of Hrca Kirg into six cars in a parking lot at fifth and Cap per new last night. Officer Brandt said police first saw the youth prying on a vent window of a car in the parking lot. Began running when the youth saw them he began running Brandt said. Patrolman Lii hard e. Hovel gave Chase on foot and followed the sup Cal West to sixth and then South to the Alley. Officer Hovel said the Soulli ran Casl Down the Alley and disappeared. Moments later Brantly arrived in a patrol car and spot Ted the Smith behind the Job corps Center. Dropped Hal Brandt said the suspect dropped his hat and a screwdriver and ran cast o fifth and Back North to Copper where he was stopped Brandt said the to Iiah was carrying two screwdrivers a pair of pliers and a knife. He said vent windows had been pried open on five of the six cars and contents of the Glove compartments scattered on he floors. Brandt said it is undetermined if anything was taken from any of the cars. In death of girl 7 dec. 6 set for sentence in Auto homicide Case purple heart Leader to visit Afaq monday the National commander is he military order of the purple heart will arrive in Albuquerque monday. During his two Day visit in now Mexico commander Harvey Thicuc of Dearborn mich., and his wife a former car bad resident will inspect chapters of the order. National Foll car accompanying the thieves will be mrs. Josephine Zientek a National officer of the veterans administration voluntary service. Tuesday night the rational commander is scheduled to speak at a banquet held in his Honor at the Bataan chapter of the military order of the purple heart 4503 fourth new. Visit pal Hurley chapter in addition commander Thiede will visit the Patrick Hurley chapter of the order in Santa pc before continuing his National tour wednesday. He is the third National order commander to visit the state since 10-m when the Balaan chapter was chartered. Dist. Court judge Paul f. Larrazolo set dec. 6 As the sentencing Day a Albu query mean convicted of a homicide by vehicle. Mrs. Margaret e. Hand 24, formerly of 8740 fourth was identified As the Driver of an Auto which struck and killed seven year old Geraldine Ortega May 25, last year. The identification was made yesterday during her District court trial by Benjamin Lucero a school bus Driver. Tip oils show the daughter of or. And mrs. Gilbert or Tega 207 Wayne new was struck on second Street new after getting off the school bus. Under questioning from ass dist. Ally. James emr. said mrs. Hand s Auto struck the girl As she crossed the Street in front of the bus. I Ucero asserted the bus warning lights were flashing and the bus was parked pro Nerly at the Side of the Street. Mrs. Hand i c s t i f i e d however that the child darted from the Hack of the bus after the bus had begun to move and its warning signals were turned off. Homicide by vehicle is punishable by do Days in jail and a too Fine. Be reviewing fund requests for Branch colleges Santa be up the Board of finance today reviewed stale fund re quests for operation of Branch colleges around the state. Tire be Friday reviewed million in requests for state funds for operation of new Mexico s seven state sup ported institutions of higher learning. The be staff has prepared an analysis recommending Only million in state funds for the next fiscal year. 1 final recommendations will he reached at a be meeting in december. In Friday s hearings University of new Mexico medical school Dean or. Robert Stone told the be he considered it highly desirable for Unm to own he Bernalillo county medical Center in Albuquerque. He said Unm and the Bernalillo county commission were in the discussion stage on the proposed Purchase of the facility for million million the million figure according to Bernalillo county commissioner Willis Smith is Hie bonded indebtedness still owed on the facility. However Smith fold the be that it had been valued at million with a replace ment figure set As High As million. Err Ces adj Bercal heu Todar san join Cal Boll Church. Burial Al i. Calvary . A Arar Mer Luibry in Charre. Ca5aus finkral sen Lees for coils will be Man Day at 9 . At there in Cal Hollo Church. Burial will Lov i. Calray cemetery. Roi iry

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