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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 4

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Albuquerque, New Mexico A-4 the Albuquerque Tribune May 20. 1963 the Albuquerque Tribune a Scripps Howard newspaper Dan Burrows editor will find to licit Hon Way and Tim i m. Oft. Full la of l wire or Vern of dulled in lilt ii Tomkil scrip Iii blown no newspaper Alliance anew Latzl Tress. Exclusive Kylir pulse association service Aba i la lure serv be service United 1 Ress Tell Hoto service. Mern liar amyl unreal of circulation. Associated Tress is exclusively Rill led to the use Tor of nil news credited in tins i mid also tile news published herein d every evening except sunday at 7qi Silver ave. So. no. By the new t Mexico s Ati trl june j Osl office Box 1350. J Price to a copy on streets mid news counters. By Carrier -10c week Ken Likht in . By mall t in new Mexico per year. S.l.1 5 per Mouth. By outside of new Mexico 51.50 per Stra Riihl. Telephone Chapel 7-3311 pipe the Navy aboard . Taxpayers have invested million in the world s first and so far Only nuclear merchant ship the Savannah. It was to be a showpiece of the peace fill uses of otherwise warlike nuclear Power and a demons ration of american interest in these peaceful aspects. Bui the ship is being mothballed at Galveston tex., because the company operating it can t get along with some of its Crow chiefly 20-Odd Union engineers. They Are Money jealous of the deck officers who months ago mane Vered an arbitration which gave them a generous pay differential still in the courts. The Engineer dispute seems insoluble and every body on All sides pretty angry. Commerce Secretary Luther Hodges whose department has jurisdiction says the attitude of the engineers is deplorable and according to or. Hodges these Fellows were trained especially for this ship and while the Long training up to three years was in Progress a majority were paid s14.000 to a year. Not bad. Anyway the ship has no usefulness symbolic or otherwise while it is tied up. So or. Hodges has Sev eral notions of what to do hire another shipping firm to run tile Savannah a course not Likely to remove the Union problem. Or let the maritime commission oper ate it directly. Or turn it Over to the Navy. The Only mentioned objection to Navy operation is that having an armed service Crew May seem a Little ironic for a ship. Of phooey the whole purpose of our Navy is to preserve the peace. Anyway the Savannah is a peaceful ship regardless of the Crew. If the ship is to be sent on a world tour As planned nobody could be More competent to run it and nobody would make a better impression on Friendly Peoples than Navy officers and Crew. This seems like something Juk an old Navy Man could handle with immediate dispatch and decorum. Half Way Security is no Security once again the House has passed a Bill to tighten up the Security at the highly secret National Security Agency. The Asa is so secret hardly anyone even knows what it. Does but the defense department of which it is a part has said officially that it has enor Mous Security thai being me Case the utmost care in choosing employees is essential. In i960, two mathematicians employed by Asa took in on the Lam and wound up in Moscow where they presumably spilled the secret information to which they were privy. As a result a House committee made an exhaustive investigation. This inquiry revealed thai Security precautions at Asa were extremely lax and led to the dismissal or resignation of the personnel director and the Security director of All people plus 28 others. The Bill just passed by the House is designed to prevent this from happening again. The House passed a similar Bill last year but the Senate let it lie. Tins time the Senate should act too. On its Way through the House the Bill was subjected to several diluting amendments All aimed at protect employees subject to dismissal. This Mish Mash was Defeated. As one congressman argued nobody has a right to work for this Agency is a High privilege and the government cannot afford to misplace its Confidence in employees not of the highest character and stability. The Law in itself is not a guarantee against defectors or weaklings. But it is a proper step. There is no such thing in a hush hush Agency of tins Type _ As almost Security. It must be absolute because anything else could vitally affect the National Security. What Are they asking the tragic racial turmoil in the deep South has overshadowed some equally distressing struggles to the North in the Small town of Cambridge on Maryland s Eastern Shore negro sit in demonstrators have been marching off to jail in such and with such apparent cheerfulness that the forces of Law and order showed signs of coming unglued. At one Point last week 5 youngsters told they were free to leave jail and go Home simply declined to accept the inv Ilal Ion. Nor would their parents come to pick them up. The wonderful thing about Cambridge is that it numbers among its citizens circuit judge w. Laird Honry a Man of obvious intelligence honesty and coir judge Henry took it upon himself to form a com Mittee with five other prominent. Cambridge residents and together they sat Down with the sit ins. What did the negroes want Well they wanted to be allowed to Send their Chil Dren to the nearest schools to spend their Money at restaurants and other business establishments of then choosing to work at jobs they can do and to buy Homes what they said judge Henry when the was. Over is not Only reasonable but what they ought to a statement so simple so Jusi and so True it is remarkable that no one has said it in quite these same words before. J the negroes have now agreed to halt their demonstrations while judge Henry s committee attempts to spread the gospel to the rest of the town. We wish them Luck. The warning to Poland communist Poland As a member of the three nation control commission in Laos never was expected to do anything More than support communist Side distortions All along. That was her Job As Moscow s errand boy on the scene. But in the past Tew months she Lias been exceeding going so far As to obstruct the truce team s functioning on the Plains pcs Jarrus and thereby giving Groat advantage of Patchet lao movements. Belatedly fhe Kennedy administration has taken notice of this and is now reminding Warsaw that the United states is not Likely to remove Trade harriers against polish imports if the poles in Laos do not help in maintaining the cease fire. It might work. Poland stands to lose quite a few million dollars if we exclude her from Tariff reductions under the a s. Trade expansion act. And red satellites have demonstrated that they like dollars some times better than exerting mischief on the International front. Anyway the leverage is there and it s about time to use it. Ruark cab s merger reluctance called silly by Robert c. Ruark As a fellow who flies More than he walks and who has come to regard his air travel card As equally Valu Able As his passport i cannot for the life of me see where there is legit m a t e avg men against the merger of America s two major internal airlines Eastern and american. Logic is not generally a part of the Menta equipment of the civil aeronautics Board which usually files its decisions by the Seal of its punts but even the cab ought to be amenable to some of the Basic facts of life. The scuttlebutt is that Eastern is having a hard Lime with finances Eastern which used to Rake in the chips on its pared to the Bone operation in the old propeller Days. American in t busted but it s breaking just a Little better than even. The reason that Eastern May be Short on Cash and american Ain t filthy Rich is that both air lines share duplicate routes jets have changed the whole concept of air transport and the government via cab gave Eastern a whole flock of fresh Competition Over the past few years. Eastern can take a million annual subsidy to which it s legally entitled and perhaps Limp along a Little longer in the kind of nonsensical operation which allows six of eight airlines which Fly out of new York to make the Boston run Limp along and almost undoubtedly disappear. Or it can merge with american eliminate duplication of routes make use of american s Jet and Eastern needs 10 big jets and some 40 smaller 707 s to replace its Creaky Piston Fleet. These jets would Cost some Mil lion which Eastern has t got any More than it s got the million it owes its creditors. At this writing the two companies Are awaiting a decision from the cab and the president. Everybody concerned in both Compa Nies management the stockholders the Money lenders Are in favor of the merger. Everybody is in favor of the merger that is except possibly the cab the antitrust , and t no airlines which compete with Eastern and american. The chief stated objection is that a merger would sup ply a third of America s Domestic air transportation which seems a Petty silly argument. The chief com Peting tines such As Delta and nation Are doing Fine because they recently have been awarded More or less monopolistic Roules which in the interests of sanity is As it should be. There is no Point to a Duplica live scramble. As to a combined american Eastern merger providing a third of the transport who beefs about Campbell supplying four Fiflis of the nation s soup what cab really does not seem to understand is that today s route system of air travel bears no real resemblance to the Fine Brave years of the dc3. The big new jets produce four times As much transportation As the Best of the big Piston jobs in a single Day s work. Tie jets inherited the crazy Quill route Structure from the pistons and chaos and potential bankruptcy is the result. The Only thing existing airlines travelling duplicate routes can do to survive is to Cut operating costs american and Eastern now serve 30 cities in common. Brass of both outfits claim a merger will reduce an Nual operating costs by million in three years and capital expenditure by More than million. An example is that Eastern s to r k 1 o a d is heaviest in Winter Spring while american s is heaviest in summer fail inter switching of fleets from transcontinental to North Pulli would make a combined Fleet smaller than the separate fleets of today. Dropping More work on american s current Jot Fleet would eliminate Eastern s need for 10 new big jets and Cut requirements for the smaller Tri Jet Fleet by six or eight aircraft. Eastern a n d american moan piteously thai they Only want a Chance to help themselves by the merger to Cut Down on the empty whence Hope had All but fled. American ordeals not ended for our new hero of space the Tribune Public forum Why not Transfer Money to stamp plan commodities through Wel fare for those eligible Are valued at per month per person. Under food Stamps value of the food added to each person s diet is and the recipient pays a per cent the Federal government a per cent. Wilh the push to get North Side counties under the Pilot food stamp plan Why could t they just Transfer that per person to the stamp plan and get it under Way All would Benefit. Statewide persons Drew commodities in february. With Stamps this would put Over million to work As turn Over dollars through Normal channels of distribution. H. R. 5733 has been introduced in the House by rep. Leonor Sullivan and refer red to the committee on agriculture. An identical Bill was introduced in the Senate by senator Allen j. Extender chairman of the agricultural and forestry committee. This Bill makes provision Lor Stamps to be used by those eligible and commodities discontinued in the areas using Stamps. The Bill is called to h e food stamp act of 1963" and is headed a Bill to strengthen the agricultural Economy to help achieve a Fuller and More effective use of food Abundances to provide for improved Levels of nutrition among economically needy households through a program of food assistance to be operated through Normal channels of Trade and for other Pur tend to cause the distribution in a beneficial manner of our Agri cultural Abundances. As Well As result in More orderly marketing and distribution of Howard p. Davis is director for the food distribution division department of agriculture Washington d. C. Interested persons can write him or to the congressmen. Mozelle Klein gop leaders to miss this dinner by Lyle c. Wilson United press the modern Republican Magazine that rates t h e gop leaders of the House and Senate As a pair of clowns and sen. B a r r Goldwater i r-ariz., As a humbler is seeking funds from the parly faithful at a Sloo a plate dinner. The Magazine is and founded a couple of years ago by a group of Young Harvard men and published occasionally from Washington d. C. The Din the Pony express by pan Burrows a headline says that the South gave president Ken Nedy a roaring Welcome when he visited that area sunday. It was a bit difficult to determine whether governor Wallace s Roar was one of Welcome or pain. Rumours of a proposed track in the Valle Grande Are branded As entirely unfounded by the owners. The Viville Grande is one place where a Tole Board definitely would mar the View. Down at White Sands mis Sile Range they re using the hum of a molecule to develop a revolutionary new tracking system. If o u Haven t heard the hum of a molecule you be been missing something. John Galbreath who owns the Pittsburgh pirates and Chateaugay also owns the towns of Santa Rita and Hurley in new Mexico. The Man is holding a pretty Strong hand. George Bowra the Sage of the san Juan who has More common sense than most people says it often is possible to stumble in the Pursuit of happiness. George says it must be hard for a girl with a Mink coat to believe that eve fell for an Apple. Put Candy spots Down in your Book right now As the almost certain Winner of the Belmont next month if he does t go lame in the meantime. Seats and the duplication of routes men and material. In this instance i can t Sec How allowing them i h c i r wish could be anything but healthy for our Economy of the air and the cab talk of monopoly is sheer est twaddle. Ner is to take place Mon Day May 27. At the hotel Pierre new York City. Sen. Thomas Kuchl. A Calif. And rep. John , r y., Art As speak ers. The presence is prom ised of other distinguished c o a Gressional republicans and parly officials. It is reasonable to believe that sen. Everett Dirksen and rep. Charles a. Hallock. Republican Leader respectively of the sen ate and the House will not he present. Advance dealt with them and with Gold water in the March 19g2, edition shortly before former president Dwight d. Eisenhower startled party Reg ulars with an Ali out endorsement of the Magazine. Ike professed to have read it before uttering his endorsement hut there arc doubts about that. Opening a june 30, 1962, Republican Gal hiring Al his Gettysburg farm Eisenhower endorsed Advance and urged All present to sub scribe. Those present re ported that Hallock required restraint by Calmer counsel when Ike endorsed the mag Azine. The March edition contained a free swinging at tack on Hallock Dirksen and Goldwater. Halleck had read it if by Chance the general had not. The March Issue was devoted to re publicans on Capitol the Magazine described the Republican congressional leadership As reluctant Lazy or hostile in mat ters of responsibility to the Well being of Hie nation and of the Republican parly. It attributed to several of Hal Rcck s Republican colleagues the statement that Hallock has t read a serious Book in 10 years and is suspicious of those who have. A e p u b 1 i c a n s of All the Magazine re lated feel they Are being less led by Halleck than presided Over that the Only attempt Al hammering any thing Oul comes not in policy but in the strategy of the Young editors of and Vance found Goldwater to have been a bumbling chair Man of the Senate Republican Campaign commit lace. They railed him disqualified for that chairmanship add ing that Goldwater s Lia i lilies in his c a in p a i g n Courni Tecc position seem to us Dirksen and Hal Lack it hint time were regular Republican television spokesmen on what came to be known and to be ridiculed As the eve and Charley Advance rated the show As Little More than comic Relief and As evidence of Republican intellectual Pov erty. Advance continues to Potshot Halleck d i r k s in and Goldwater. There continues to be suspicion that Advance i s promoting Michigan s gov. George Romney for the 1964 re publican presidential nomination and with the Conni Vance of Gen. Eisenhower. Acl Vangemen stoutly deny this on balance however Advance must be rated As a representative of mod Ern or Eisenhower or Liber Al republicanism As opposed to the party conserva Tives and especially to the nomination of Goldwater. But Advance is no Ostrich. It looks the facts in the face and concedes that Goldwater has a consider Able following in the re publican party. In Days of Yore in the Tribune thirty years ago the world arms Confer ence took a definite step Forward when Germany accepted the British disarm Ament plan which president Franklin Roosevelt urged All nation to adopt. Four perfect Bridge hands rarest possible Deal were Laid Down in a game at Greenwich Conn. Lefty o a caul Rangy Brooklyn out fielder who entered the maj or leagues first in 1919 As a Pitcher with the new York Yankees has banged out his hit. George Savage has been elected president of the University of new Mexico alumni i m a starring Al Jolson and billed As the first Pic Ture in rhythmic is showing at the Kimo. Ten years Atco a psychiatrist has said that it will probably be a couple of weeks before he completes his report on a a year old girl who authorities say has admitted Selling a fire which caused an estimated million damage at Sears Roebuck and co., fifth and Central. A stale Highway depart ment official reports that highways and 85 a n d highways 70 and 80 from Las Cruces Westward will eventually be four Lane divided highways from end to end in new Mexico. The pumping capacity of the Scruppi Llo wird writer by Richard Starnes Cape canaveral May 20 the United states Seldom shows any restraint when it about Cele Brating i t heroes. It Perse cutes its re turning warriors w i t i a d o r a Tiona drowns them in turbulent or. A Larne seas of treacle showers them with confetti buries them under mountains of Semi literate ooze from women s magazines invests them with every Manly Vir tue that can be conceived by the Black Art of press a Gentry exploits them elects them to Public office and ends up by paying them to pretend to eat Patent breakfast foods. Gordon Cooper has now endured homecomings in Honolulu and in the Juke Box Community that sur rounds this rocket h a s e. Ordinary human compas Sion dictates that he be turned Loose forthwith. But this is not to be. Further trials await him in Washington and new York. Even these ordeals will not end it. At the moment we must assume that festering in the recesses of some political Hack s mind is the conviction that Coop or should immediately stand for the Senate or for some other office for which he is manifestly unqualified. It takes some skill and Cour age to Pilot a space machine. Both these qualities Are handicaps if not fatal disabilities to service in Congress. Gordon would be the first to Tell you that any reason ably skillful test Pilot could have duplicated his feat. But none of us is willing to note this simple fact and Content ourselves with admiring his courage and then permit him Qiu etly to re turn to risking his neck for a living. Instead we subject him to All the tribal rites thai 200 years of adolescence have taught us. The specimen american hero must meet the presi Dent often must address Congress As Well and is Al ways subject to the final in dignity of starring n a trash throwing Parade in new York. By the time it is All Over our hero is firmly enshrined in the folklore a waxworks figure Pat ted into the same unreal Mold of virtue that the re Public has been using Ever since Nathan Hale got the Steps and the string. Any american general who escapes from a War with his major blunders undiscovered is even Money to become president. Grant a Good Soldier and a skillful whisky Drinker had no More business being presi Dent than he had preaching a gospel but he was elected by a Republic whose gratitude was exceeded Only by its Lack of wit. Until Harding replaced him As Anchor Man of course Grant was the worst chief executive the nation has Ever survived and poor old Harding s Only offence was that he looked like a heroic statesman. The hero himself is Seldom to Larne. Charles Lindbergh who stands first As the All time victim of hero worship did every thing he could do to shut off the disgusting spigot of mass adoration. But he might As Well have tried to shunt aside a Hurricane. Eventually the whole sorry show revolted him As it would have revolted any Man of decent instincts and he became a Recluse with the tragic consequences we All know. It is possible in View of its median in to forgive the Public almost any orgy of tasteless Ness. Not so easily forgiven Are the cynical and self seeking politicians who commonly Sun them selves in the reflected glory of the hero in the game of getting votes. Hanging a medal on an authentic Folk hero is Worth two dozen wholesome Type family photographs on the cover of life. Nothing helps the old image quite so much and for the hero himself there is always the Heady possibility that he May be appointed court water skier As a re Ward for his co operation. Taylor believes . Needs spirit As Well As program or. Taylor by Henry to. Taylor mount , in communist Hungary they tel1 the peas we ant lashing his horse and cry Jing pull you beast. This w a g o n is in red China i they quote Mao i t s e t u n g a o m m Unis has nothing to do with love. Comm u n ism is an excellent Hammer which we use to destroy our in Moscow Khrushchev said we will Bury and you will f i and that in red marshal Kle Menli Vor Shilov proud wearer of a jewelled Dagger and a Gold revolver once said in Russia we count rifles planes missiles and tanks but never people. Of these we have always had an meanwhile in stretching an electrified barbed wire Fence around its entire population no system of govern ment Ever demonstrated distrust of its own citizens As much As have the c o m Monist dictatorships. This age old system of despotism oldest political news in rhyme by Ben Foster London sergeant major s trousers split at the knee at the guard changing ceremonies at Buckingham Palace but he continued shouling left right the old sergeant major stayed with his com Mand a real Soldier s Soldier supreme when suddenly things got a bit out of hand his trousers split clean Al the seam. But no other Warrior Well Ever know could any More Fortu Nate be. As Long As those pants of his had to let he s Lucky they split at the knee City s water system will be increased shortly by five million Gallons so that the City will have a info pump ing capacity of 40 million Gallons. System in the world now passes under the name of communism. And it will Al ways remain the enemy of the american Way of life. It is a thin Streak of free Dom that men and women Trace in history it is like a Mere line of Light coming through an opening door and piercing into a dark ened room. But slowly it widens it grows. We americans have opportunities beyond the peo ple of ail the world to Benefit from this. Our Mission is Freedom our cargo truth. Because the whole object of Poi Mica association is to secure moral completeness it is obvious that the citizen and least of All the american citizen does not surrender his life and his Hopes to the state. And for the first time in human history our founding fathers incorporated economic free Dom As a part of the whole. They announced that All Freedom came from god not from government. As one result this nation is a Success. This is Ameri Ca wonderland of the world. When you tour this land you cannot believe there is such trouble and uncertainty As there is in this nation. You cannot blame our floundering entirely on communism aboard. Our government needs a spirit As Well As a program. If we Are weak it is because we citizens Are not trusted. Nor do our leaders seem to Trust very much in the Constitution. This is being written in the Garden of a House that is older than the . Surely its owner if alive would suggest that our Lead ers cannot circumvent the Sanctity of their spoken after patronizing every conceivable voting group and promising that a Pate in a 1 government will keep them we contemplate Healing world. We contemplate Healing the world when we Are not decently governing o u r selves. Our politicians did not make America. Amer Ica made them. And the owner of this hallowed House would see to it that they understood this in mighty Short order

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