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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 5

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Albuquerque, New Mexico Co banking institution has gone into receivership. Auditors hired by the savings and loan company and by the department of banking will be looking Over the company s books in the next few Days to de Termine the solvency of the firm or. Foley said. Foley said "1 want to stress to everyone that this particular Bank is not insured whereas most in the state Are also i want to stress that no other Banks or Sav Ings and Loans Are suspected of having he said. Foley said a run on the savings and loan when the doors open monday is expected but he said the supervisor has the right and probably will delay any withdrawals for 30 Days. Foley explained that such a delay is Legal even on demand savings accounts and is part of Federal Law on Many types of certificate deposits. The Independent audit of Daniel Smith a certified Public accountant for great West is supposed to be completed on May 21, so Sanchez ordered the offi cers of great West to appear before him on that cause Why the receivership order should not be made permanent. State sen. Anthony la Cero s name was injected into the situation As an offi cer of Congress construction co., whose Parent firm. Congress industries apparently has the same address As a firm which allegedly received a questionable disbursement from great West. In the affidavit filed by or. Campbell in Sanchez court Campbell stated that Between april Island 29 great West disbursed fiscal services. Fiscal service co. Apparently was incorporated in late april or Early May by Richard g. Harper and state corporation commis Sion records list fiscal service s address As 127 la Veta be the same address of Congress industries Ami Congress construction. Sen Lucero contacted by the Tribune today said he has never heard of fiscal services Lucero said the firs he knew of the situation with firm seizure c from Page a-1 great West was when he picked up a newspaper. He did say however that he does know or. Harper through s. W. Pirlle an officer of Congress construction co. Campbell also obtained an order to receive depositions from Ben f trans president of great Smith Allen Thoreen listed As being affiliated with borrowers of the savings and loan firm Harper and or. Pirtle. The three Oiher institutions in the state which Are not federally insured Are citizen s savings and loan of Albuquerque new mexi co savings and loan of Albuquerque and Security Mutual savings and loan of Santa be the banking department said. In the s9th annual Bank department report great West As of dec. Was listed As having regu Lar savings deposits total ing savings certificates totalling 253 and borrowed Money to taling also the report listed first mortgage real estate Loans outstanding of s4 Loans in negotiations but not yet closed to taling and total assets of in testimony presented Sanchez Friday by Camp Bell several questionable assets were listed Foley said. Foley mentioned an unsecured loan of which was listed As an asset of the firm. Foley said some of the types of assets listed such As this one Are not Consi dered Legal investments for a savings and loan firm to Campbell s affidavit indicated the Bank department has been investigating the great West firm for the past 10 months. The banking department can take the action of placing a Bank in receivership under court order if one of two conditions seems to have been violated Sanchez said. First if it is deter mined that a Bank does not have sufficient assets to cover its liabilities and second if the banking department issues orders concern ing the manage ment of the business and these orders Are not com plied with such action can be ordered. In March of this year. Campbell said orders were issued to great Westin sprucing the firm to Correct its books to reflect its True net Worth and assets with the association and its directors to Correct the deficiency by a contribution to discontinue further advertising solicitation and acceptance of deposits. To make no further disbursements in connection with any loan nor to assign or acquire any additional Loans nor to make or to enter on the books and records of the association any new Loans or commit ments. To refrain from accept ing or paying any Deposit withdrawal to any officer director or employee of the association and from Mak ing any loan disbursement or Transfer of any properly to any officer or director of the association and from paying any dividends to any shareholder. A March 2s order from Campbell Foley and atty. Gen. David Norvell lifted the prohibition against accepting further deposits under condition that they be kept in a special account. This order was fur ther changed on april 30, limiting the special account to with the excess to go into the main account. Sanchez said evidence was presented before him that the order to discontinue advertising apparently has not been complied with. In fact they presented evidence that Many thou Sands of dollars Worth of advertising has been ear Ned said. Reyes May take c from Page a-1 top men received a total of Only 26 per cent of the vote the remaining 74 per cent of the electorate will in effect be disenfranchised in the Runoff. Here Isa Cas where two nun who polled Only 26 per cent of the vote get into a he said. One will win. Even though a majority of the voters May not actually want reves also has said he will not con sent to a write in Campaign in his behalf unless several conditions Are met among these he said. Was the fact that it must be clearly understood that this is not an ethnic or racial movement but rather a people s movement. People who feel they did not have a Choice. If these conditions satisfy me particularly that one then 1 will consider being a write in the fact that he finished ahead of other Spanish surname candidates in the first election Reyes has said Means he is the new Leader of the Spanish surname Community. This generated a Strone response from Reginald Reggie Garcia another unsuccessful Mayora candidate. A substantial part of his or. Garcia said came from voters who re Side in the Heights and who do not carry Spanish surnames. His self serving statements that he is now the Leader of our Spanish surname population and his desire for a write in vote Are doomed to failure. Such statements Are destructive and divisive to the general Well being of our Garcia also was critical of Reyes Ett Orts to become a write in candidate. My understanding was that or. Reves was on the charter revision committee that Drew up All the rules. He did not complain about the rules during the Campaign. He now wants to adopt new rules to cover the Washington calling an0tlier film for 6eorsifl Atlanta b i gov. Or Navidi the Kinh of c from a-1 by of two of the children got the House and most of his Back pay earned while he was a prisoner. Will arabs Cul off Oil again if Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger fails to bring off disengage ment of israelis and syrians by june 17. Nol Likely. While arabs said when they lifted Oil embargo they d take new look at situation june 1, saudi Arabia s King Faisal does t want another freeze now and he s the key. Kissinger has left himself plenty of room for com ing Home without Golan Heights troop pullback. Arabs think and israelis fear that Kissinger is going to undercut Israel. He needs time to ease israeli fears less in arabs expectation. Watergate investigators Are intrigued by a Little noticed portion of White House transcripts which show Nixon worried about what he seemed to presume was his own personal attorney s role in the mexican Money connection to the watch rage burglary. The mexican connection involved s100.000 in secret contributions routed through a Mexico City Bank to the Miami Bank account of one of the water Gage burglars. Transcript shows that on feb. 28, 1973 _ three weeks before Nixon says he Learned of the watergate cover up Nixon discussed with then White House counsel John w. Dean Iii the fact that Nixon s own attorney Herbert w. Kalmbach would be summoned to testify before Senate watergate committee. It will be hard for Nixon said. "1 suppose the big thing is the financing transaction that they will go after him for. How does the Money get to the Bank of Mexico watergate committee investigators and water Gage special prosecutors say they never have been Able to link Kalmbach to the mexican Money deals and Kalmbach has stoutly denied any role in them. Why Nixon s concern they ask. Is that Why the White House Fried to get the Cia to ask the Fri to Call off its investigation of the mexican connection Atlanta up gov. Jimmy Carter said that another film is being made in Georgia and claimed the state now ranks second Only to California in provid ing settings for feature films. Carter and actor Rober Culp announced that television series fron to shining an american Odyssey Wil shoot two segments in Georgia Culp says the two Seg mints have nothing to d with Georgia but the site were picked because the provide the kind of settings needed Carter says information he has received from film Industry leaders indicates that More movies Are made in Georgia than any other state except California. Faith lutheran Church Alc won hip and . 2700 san Pedro or. . Rui Solic. Lee pallor first Assembly of god Church 2335 san Pedro Mph. 296-3816, 268-0725 Yva of. 7 33 o cup i. Greer episcopal 1500 Nef Tel. 29s-cm3 sunday 1 j. . Chuich school pal who oui is m t Albuquerque Community Church 1701 Carlill be Lawrine mini Attr regular Baptist i Fellowship j 1101 Indk school i och Lloyl Noll sunday and . I . Evangel of met Assembly of god 1901 Candi Rio he sunday school y 30 . Moron j won help 10 to . . Sirica c from Page a-1 subpoenaed materials were either relevant or Armissa ble As evidence and had also failed to demonstrate1 any compelling for the materials. Twice before Nixon has resisted prosecution subpoenas in court Only to yield in the end once last fall in the uproar following the firing of Archibald Cox and again this Spring after intensive negotiations with Jaworski s office. 25th anniversary sunday unitarianism yesterday today and tomorrow music seraph n Trio anniversary Celet Rafort at 3 pm. On Church first unitarian Church Church school and Nursery at 11 . Services Girard Baptist Church Uoo Girard blvd. . Sunday school worship 5. . Inning worship . member cantral Baptist allocation n. Tucker pair Christian Church disciples of Christ Monte Vista Christian Church 3501 Campus blvd. . Or. Thao. O. Forshar Art . A Mclalan Man liter worship service . Church school . St. Marks on the episcopal 431 Richmond or. . Stole s. Of Lomu on Lih mend throw to ski n. Of Central on Oarton with sunday services am. T . Irma Rewt Omi Dow Ibn in urn i he Albuquerque Tribune saturday May 11, 1974 Leader reportedly informer for la police joins american John e. Buehler former vice president of Moun Tain states financial corp., has joined Ameri can savings loan association As vice president Ord manager of me association s mortgage loan department. Diabetes group offering course the new Mexico diabetes association will sponsor a course on How to under stand and How to Cope with the disease the course will be Given at Lovelace Bataan medical Center from 6-9 . Tues Day and wednesday and from 9am. Until noon and from 1-1pm. On May 18. Cost of the course is s7.50. San Francisco up the Leader of the sym ionese liberation which kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was a paid informer for the los Angeles police depart ment it was reported to Day. Los Angeles police chief Edward Davis denied the report but said Donald defreeze an escaped con vict identified As the s turned in a crime partner. proved himself to be a cheap undependable turn Over Punk and his depart ment never considered using him As an the san Francisco chronicle said defreeze became an informer in 1967 and served in that capacity until 1969, when he was committed to state prison. Miss Hearst daughter of san Francisco examiner president and editor ran Dolph a. Hearst was kid naked from her Berkeley apartment feb. 4. On april j is she was with eight oth ers who robbed a san fran Cisco Bank of some she said in tape recorded messages she was forsaking her past life and becom ing a Soldier in the the citizens research and investigation com Mittee a Southern California based group of private investigators told a news conference Here Fri Day that defreeze served As a highly valued and protected informer for the criminal conspiracy Section of the los Angeles police department s intelligence unit. And the committee said cent3al Assembly 114toaoi.ne.-16s.7511 sunday school worship Church oily g. 8 Manning i 2l5locudt 3 of tract. 3t or. Carltonc. Allen pastor bowmen worm p , Road to Damacus or. Carllon c. Allen Hoffman town Baptist Church or. 311p5 w. Bryant pastor sunday services am a Molher s Day Sermon proverbs 31 pm the Good news i corinthians Christian education 7 pm oui trains provided Messiah lutheran Church Alc sunday school . Sunday worship i.mi.1 , . s.mc1 Don Tonieng pastor . 3910m, 294.3417 Church Central and Broadway Morris h. Chapman pastor service a Mother s prayer teaching program morning service broadcast Over Daz at 730 on your dial training program . Evening worship service the old Man whomever stopped growing Nursery provided science of mind Center Rev Luis Del Aguild worship service 11 . Message the invaluable Mother love . 8 pm location 3320 in Pisho it metaphysical books hop open daily for Pon onal Call 265-7939 the Rev. And mrs. John a Miller have come to Central Assembly o god 124 Texas n.e., o take the position of music and youth director. They bring with them a wealth of experience in their Field or. Miller has worked at a i sit ont Youji director in Michigan and Arkon sos prior1 o coming to Albuquerque. He has also rave led extensively with the ambassador s Trio for years his Educ atonal background includes a Oyne in and a , degree in sacred music from Central Bible College in Springfield Missouri. Mrs. Mellor has attended control Bible College and Sang in the revival Lime or. Miller and his wife sing and also play various musical in Strati. Ments. Or. Miller s duties at Central Assembly of god includes directing the choir congregational singing and also the entire youth prof in. He continued to be a Snitch while in prison. Committee investigator Lake Headley said he con firmed defreeze s role in a conversation with los an Geles police set. R. G. Far Well. He quoted Harwell As saying he Cut Del Reeze 1969 knew he was dead As far As his psychological slate was concerned i just could t Deal with presbyterian first Church of the Nazarene 6605 phone 368-0460 Poiror Jim Thorp Mikell i soil sunday school . Of ship service ., . Family night wednesday _ inter Faith Bible Center 7501 Trumbull be a charismatic Church o Alfo Ifni everybody Welcome sunday school i Foo . Sunday morning worship . Sunday evening service 7r30p.m. Wednesday morning prayer thursday Evanina . Donald g. Shackleford pastor lutheran churches Missouri Synod our Savior cd Immanuel 3dooidsf 2j3-s276 redeemer ?1c i a Vise to Christ sunday radio to Hydu 930t, no Phy Csc i i dial a 266-5718 episcopal churches St. John s Cathedral 4th Silver so 247-1581 sunday sen ices and 6 n m . Weekday services monday wednesday Friday. Saturday. 12-05 the very Rev. John h. Haverl Atid Llean the re Rev. Richard m. Trelease Bishop pages. For other episcopal churches see listing in the phone director yellow Asbury 10000 Candelaria of Donald Murphy Poiror worship find am Chuntai am Bernaudo United methodist Church Coll Don Andres or 10.doam . In Kim Carlisle Plaza Tom Mlih pastor 1ur4or school i am Central Siw Dmitr Bou Stord s Coppa no Harry Vonderpool pastor am school 5 and a broadcast Kzia-1500 am Christ r. Cyril slant pastor worship and am Church sch am kindergarten Paradise Hills 4700 parodic blvd. My wort m. Lampion pallor Church worship i Sun toy school youth clan St. Andrews Gene Farroll. Palter worship am St. John s re Church Sthool 4 St. Paul s Hill to first 41 h and Lead. Doun Lown irae. Church school am morning worship Brood Tail Kob-770, am Trinity "18 Silver be Philip a cyst Pau or Church am University hts. Of Silver Loo Emanuel. Pastor worship i 7 pm Church school am Blackwood Brothers free concert Albuquerque civic auditorium tonight . All invited sponsored by Echols for governor committee hit or Cal met to Tor. Cim. Tarn Jet Iran

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