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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 2

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Tribune saturday May 11, 1974 the Tribune s by Judy Nick etl to solve your problems Coll 842-2377 q is there anyone in town who can read Pitman shorthand . A Pitman shorthand in t taught much any More since the Gregg system is More commonly used. We be asked a couple of retire ment to nost notices on bulletin boards asking to Pitman readers to Call fix it. Whoever turns up May have an Opportunity to read an interesting old new Mexico murder trial. Q i read Norman Nadel s piece in the Tribune about the Rebekah Harkness in acc theater in new York City and i d like to go there while i m in new this summer. Where would i write for inform a for a brochure on he Heater and Ballet company write to the Harkness Ballet 4 East 75th st., new n.y., 10021. The new theater about which Nadel wrote is on Broadway Between 62nd and 63rd streets indications however arc that the theater season closed in april and won t reopen until fall. Our thanks to Hester Miller at the Fine and performing arts department it the Public Library for finding this information for you. Q the two gallon Glass Jar to my electric churn just broke and i m in desperate need of a Renslar pent i be tried every place i can think of Between Bernalillo and los Lunas. . A these Are just about impossible to find. A Mer Cantile store in los Lunas has tried to order this item and can t find it anywhere. A second hand store on fourth new does t even get them used. You might happen to stumble onto one at a Flea Market garage Sale or second hand store but in the meantime your milk May curdle. You might drive Down to Juarez and see if a Jar can be made at one of that City s several Glass blowing factories. If any Reader has or can make this item Call mrs. E. At 344-0592 or fix it. Q i d like an address for roman Gabriel the foot Ball . A write him in care of the Philadelphia eagles veterans stadium Broad Street and Pattison Avenue Philadelphia , 19148. Q i be heard of an Herb farm in Bernalillo. Is it open to the Public if so when and How does one get there a it s Turquoise Trail Herb farm owned by the Charles at mores. Hours Are a.m.-5 pm most Days except thursdays and weekends mrs. Attmore says. It s one mile North of the Junction of . Is and Hwy 44 on old 85. It s Best to Call before going to make sure someone will be Home As this is a Home As Well As a Nursery and to get specific directions for going. The at mores Are in the Albuquerque phone Book. We have plants dried herbs and mrs. Attmore said. Herbs Are dried naturally in a couple of boxcars. Readers write residents of the Rural Community of Momita Iview have organized to provide Community services. We have no Money and Are operating on donations and Volunteer help. We can use any contributions used household articles furniture clothing and Volunteer help. For More information Call Delia Mirabal at the Center 877-1611. Sound off in answer to . S sound off. No striker who is actively or sympathetically participating in a strike is Ever eligible for unemployment payments. In order to be eligible a person must be Laid off or let go by a company. Strikers whether Union or nonunion Are not a faceless mass to be stamped out by society. They Are people who spend their lives working and paying taxes. These tax burdens that they carry Are subsidizing he government not vice versa. Every program in existence is paid for by working people. Who should be More eligible for food Stamps a Man on strike whose taxes pay for the program or some Leach that won t work we pay Federal state sales hidden real estate and other taxes. We Are trying to make ends meet. From All these taxes Are virtually no benefits available to working people. Remember too some people now getting social Security payments did t pay into tie program but were include later by . Five Young . Scientists win _ a i the Tribune. Sleak work of Art Raymond Dietrich of Albuquerque one of the nation s top classic car designers stands be Side the 1932 Aulo he designed on a Packard Chassis for the late Al Jolson. The Packard and a 1931 Rolls Royce which was custom de signed for movie Mogul Jack Warner Are among the Mare than Worth of cars on display today and sunday at the Conven Tion Center in the annual new Mexico indoor antique and classic car show. The show is sponsored by the kiwanis club of Albuquerque. Fee hike tees off City golfers by Charles Wood Many Albuquerque Golf ers say they Are teed off about the City s increase in Golf fees. Buta that Many golfers arc will ing to pay More to play More. The Survey was made after the City commission decided to increase greens fees at City Golf courses by about one third effective june 1. The increase is expected to hike City Golf revenues from to said Paul r. Mon Toya of the City Parks and recreation department. Or. Montoya said the in crease is needed because of an anticipated deficit this year. Rising costs for labor equipment and fertilizer Are really hurting Montoya said. He said this is the first fee increase in four years. Boarding Home faces big suit a civil suit seeking Mart than is million has grown out of an incident which caused a boarding Home in Bernalillo county to temporarily lose its License last month. Mrs. Tomassa a. Cabal Don filed the suit in District court against Laura an Yade and i Casa us Casa inc., 2332 Margow. The suit sj.oou50 in damages and alleges mrs. Gabaldon was beaten with hands and fists by an employee of the Home. Mks. Gabaldon charged thai on april 2, did wilfully uranium project gains financing South Bend ind. A five of the 10 Young new mexicans at the International science fair on the notre Dame Campus won awards and prizes for their exhibits three students from Alamos High school took several honors Friday and Friday night. Bruce Steinhaus won a general motors award that included a med Al a savings Bond and a certificate. Steinhaus also placed fourth in the Over All engineering category and won s25. Ken Chambers of los Ala nos placed second Over All in the fair s physics category and won s75. Cham Bers also was named an Al Ternate for a trip to the atomic Energy commis Sion s argon be National Laboratory for a week Long meeting. The third los Alamos student Gary Harbour received a certificate of honorable mention from the Eastman Kodak company. John Zwerneman placed third in the Over All biochemistry category and won s50. He took several prizes from the air Force including a trip to an air Force research facility a pocket calculator a savings Bond and a plaque. Zwerneman also won a Job offer with the depart ment of agriculture this summer. From general motors he received a med Al a savings Bond and a certificate. He also received an honorable mention certificate from the american society for microbiology. The Grants representative in the new Mexico delegation Robbie Gottlieb received a Large photograph of the skylab spacecraft signed by the head of the National aeronautics and space administration. It also was signed by each of the astronauts who have flown a skylab mis Sion. Miss Gottlieb placed third in the Over All Micro biology category and won a s50 award. A major new Mexico uranium mining project received a big boost in plans to open site work in a s16 million production payment loan has been arranged to finance construction of a uranium mine and Mil Complex on the uranium project. The project is in charge of Reserve Oil and minerals corp. And Ohio Petroleum co., both of Albuquerque. The Northwestern new Mexico site is about 10 Miles North of Laguna Pueblo. It is not on Indian land. The mine and Mil will be on the Al bar ranch owned by the firms. The two companies each own a 50 per cent interest in the Rich uranium Deposit with Ohio serving As project operator a firm spokesman said. Officials of Reserve said the financing is by the chemical Bank of new York and begins in 1975. Engineering work is now progressing. The mine and Mill Are expected to pro Duce uranium concentrates by late 1976. The joint venture has a sales contract with Gulf Oil corp. For delivery of million of uranium concentrates an official said. The firm s spokesman said the uranium will be used to generate electricity. Officials said All safety equipment will be provided for miners and that a environmental study had been made of the area. The underground Ore is from 250 to 650 feet deep and the mine Shaft will Bottom out at around 650 feet. The Ore is in Flat Beds. There is an estimated four million tons or Ore in the mine with the Rock sell ing around sep a ton. The uranium will i about four pounds to a ton of Rock. Mow at around s9 to si0 a Pound prices arc expected to go to s16 or si7 a Pound an official said. Reserve also has inter ests in the Smith area of Northwestern n new mexi co where uranium re sources Are currently being developed by Western Clear inc. Western nuclear inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phelps Dodge corp. In addition to its new Mexico holdings. Reserve has exploratory uranium acreage in the Colorado Range and other Western states. Assault her with her hands and fists and wild some unknown after the. Incident mis. Andrade s permit to oper ate the was suspended. The state department of health and social serv ices however later rein stated the License pending a May 21 hearing on the mat Ter. Mrs. Gabaldon s suit Al Leges mrs. Andrac committed assault and Battery upon the plaintiff s head face and body there by injuring wounding and cutting mrs. Gabaldon. The alleged attack caused Sions to the plaintiff the Sun said. I Casa us Casa. Inc. Was brought into the suit because the Home failed to take sufficient a Cimon to protect the the suit alleges. The suit seeks for the unprovoked at tack and in exemplary damages it also asks for actual mrs. Gabaldon claimed that medical treatment Cost her s150 and she Antici pates More in future expenses she suffered great pain in the the suit Al Leges and will in All prob ability suffer pain in the future and fur the rest of her life and he said another in crease is not expected for two years. He also said that the new fees Are lower than those charged a private courses in the Albuquerque area. But the fee increases left a bad taste in Many Albuquerque golfers Mouths. There Iver Little people can do anymore that has t gone up in staid Bonnie Wyrick a housewife As she prepared to hit the greens at Arroyo Del Oso Golf course. Dennis Knight added the new fees Are High. But i enjoy Golf too much to Stop Robert c de Baca a Man Ager trainee at the four seasons motor inn said he disappointed by the increase. But he added they Are a lot cheaper Here than hey Are in some other areas of the country. I lived in Florida where Green fees were almost double what they Are in other golfers complained thai the City commission approved the increase with out notifying the Public. No Public hearing on the in cruises was held. But golfer Steve Ray mond said the fees May have fee increases May have one Good effect on the golfers if the prices go up maybe the courses will he less increases for 18 holes at Arroyo Del Oso and los Altos Are going up from s3 to s4. Season tickets at los Al tos and Arroyo Del Oso will increase from s20 to s28 a month s55 to s75 quarterly s9.s to s12.s Semi annually ands so to s200 annually. At support Golf course season tickets will go from s10 to Sis monthly s50 to s65 Semi annually and s80 to si05 annually. Nixon could give up duties without resigning office Washington up _ president Nixon could if he wanted to relinquish the Powers and duties of his office without resigning. Such a move has been suggested by sen. Milton Young r-n.d., and is Possi ble under the 25lh Amend ment to the Constitution. Young proposed that Nixon step aside and let vice president Gerald Ford become acting president until Congress reaches a decision on impeachment. Under Section 3 of the 25lh amendment Nixon would have to Send to House speaker Carl Albert and the president pro Tern of the Senate James 0. Eastland d-miss., a written declaration he is Una ble to discharge the Powers and duties of his Nixon could regain office simply with a written Decla ration that he could fulfil his duties. The authors of the amendment ratified in 1967. Never envisioned its use in the present Situa Tion. It was spurred partly by president Eisenhower s severe heart attack while in office and memories of a gravely ill Wood Row Wil son. The amendment was de signed As a mechanism by which a physically or men tally incapacitated president could turn Over his duties until he re covered. The amendment also has a Section 4, under which Nixon could possibly be removed from office without being impeached. This could happen if Ford and a majority of principal officers the Cabinet de Clare that Nixon cannot discharge the Powers and duties of his office. If Nixon tried to stay in by declaring he was fully capable of carrying out his duties. Ford and the majority of the Cabinet could within four Days reiterate their declaration Congress then would have to decide the Case within 21 Days. It would take a two thirds vote in the House and Senate to keep Nixon out and keep Ford As the acting president. World report Hijack in Colombia Bogota Colombia a hijackers forced a colombian plane to Fly Back to Bogota today after the government refused to meet their demand for to free 92 passengers and Crew. The plane was hijacked Friday night from Pereira to Bogota forced to Fly on to Call where it stayed hours then Back in Pereira and Back again to Bogota. In cafe Iso Miles South of Pereira and 100 Miles West of Bogota the hijackers held a gun to the Pilot s head and demanded the Ransom. Portuguese arrest Lisbon a Portugal s ruling military Junta said today hat More than secret police and military personnel have been arrested since the government was overthrown on april 25. The new arrests included 300 members of the paramilitary portuguese legion two Days ago. A Junta spokesman said the Junta was concerned with ideas of the future these people May have he did not elaborate. The spokesman said 900 secret police have also been detained. Bus crash kills 7 Charleston to. A seven persons were killed and 35 injured today when a Grey hound bus sideswiped a truck which had Over turned earlier police said. The Missouri Highway patrol said the entire right Side of the bus Ivas torn open but the bus remained upright after it hit the trailer of the Semi truck Rig. The trailer was lying on its Side on the Shoul Der along a Highway bypass around a Bridge under construction on interstate 57. The bus carried about so persons and was in route from Chicago to Memphis tenn., where it was to connect with a bus to new Orleans. Red Square closed Moscow up without warning or apology soviet authorities sealed off red Square today depriving visitors of Moscow s most famous View for the entire tourist season. A new Kremlin Wall built of solid wooden fencing prevented tourists from getting a glimpse of one of the world s Best known Public squares a one paragraph announcement in the communist party newspaper pravda said red Square and the mausoleum containing the embalmed remains of v. I. I Enin the founder of the soviet slate will be closed until nov. 1. Pravda gave no details other than that the clo sure is connected with repairing and building Campaign assassination Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic up a civilian aide of president Joaquin Balaguer was assassinated by three Young gun men in an office of Balaguer s reformist Politi Cal party police said today. Police identified the victim As Francisco de la Rosa 55, who received bullets in the Chest and face. A 22-year-old woman working in the same office was slightly injured when she was shot in the leg. Police said the assassination was a typical terrorist attack of the Type that has plagued the Campaign for thursday s dominican presiden tin elections. President Balaguer himself was shaken up but otherwise uninjured late Friday night when the helicopter he was Riding if crashed and burned during a rainstorm in he Hills outside the dominican capital. Indian body found near Farmington Farmington a _ another body has been found near Farmington. San Juan Cumy sheriff s officers said they found the partially decomposed body of an Indian about 40 years old Friday night in the san Juan River West of far Mington. Officers said they were unable to Tell what had caused the Man s death or whether it was connected with the recent deaths of other indians in the area. Six Navajo men have been slain in the area with in the past year. Ride sheriff Doug Brown said the Man was found face Down in the shallow part of the River near a Park about eight Miles West of Farmington. The discovery of the body came on the eve of a planned March today by a coalition of indians and sympathizers to urge that the Farmington City government launch a full scale investigation into the deaths of the navajos. Larry Emerson a Mem Ber of the University of new Mexico Kiva club an Indian group said the March would be from Shiprock to about 30 Miles. Emerson said thekia chapters of the american Indian movement and other organizations planned to participate. He also said several coalition members were in window Rock ariz., Friday to give the Navajo tribal Council a petition urging hem to press for a Munici pal investigation and to open its own investigation of the deaths. Three Farmington youths have been charged with first degree murder in connection with the slay Ings of three of the men. Cameraman Dies Santa Monica Calif. Up Hal Mohr a cinematographer who filmed pub the first talking movie and won two Academy awards died Friday. He was 79. Mohr s Hollywood career began in 1915 and 1927 he filmed the first talking movie starring Al Jolson. The Albuquerque Tribune a of Tref phone fm2-23fto Sistr Meri Rasme Tribune co. Office streets prices tre . By Mem per yes. Uso per Fuji fund wire Kardoe of United press in Ferrari to Depeio Servix imn Weij the pro Servix the associated press is exclusively Enid led to the use inf publication of news credited h i i s r. Per the herein second Coji Pui Iee 11 m Inq Iery be t

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