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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Tribune local forecast partly Cloudy through tomorrow with Gusty winds Ami possible showers. Warmer tomorrow. Hack. . Pit. Oil vol. 51, no. 6 second class Posl nge pud in Albou Cruc. . Albuquerque new Mexico saturday May 11, 1968 in turn in iwo Home edition Stock prices weekly Range Price seven cents me weekly rebellious French students March on downtown Paris Job fair draws hundreds to songs sweets scents and cents by Wike Western Union s singing boys really won t be found on your Doorstep on Mother s Day but mom s greeting can be in the form of a telephoned song perfume Candy or Money wired to her. Here mrs. Roger Cox "7012 Drill Plit a by a Kiowa no gets the full creeping treat and a Western Union messenger l rank Muniz of 1149 Carlos Rev Evv while her daughters Janice 14, and Elizabeth 8, watch and listen. Opportunities Are described in Many Fields ill ur1tii Lucas tribune1 staff writer want to put a Man on the Moon or stamp out a fire or maybe you can sew up a seam in a pair of pants or sell tractors. I these arc some of the Job opportunities in Albuquerque j lilo on Pate a-2 and nearby areas. There s the most Hii Ihly scientific Job or the ditch digging variety. Open tomorrow hundreds of persons jags were attending Thi Why Rose in t finance chairman san Francisco sen. Edward m. Kennedy had a smiling answer for newsmen who asked him a family ques Tion. At a news conference he was asked about his Mother Rose who has been quoted As explaining Kennedy Campaign finances by saying it s our own Money and we re free to spend Jit any Way we please that s said the e democratic senator f r o m Massachusetts Mother in t i finance trapped . Try assault from press dispatches Saigon Viet Cong guerrillas trapped in a bomb raked pocket on Saigon s Southern Border made a desperation As 15 miners Are rescued Mother s Day voice those Western Union operators tuning up Hominy Falls w. A. Fifteen stiff and chilled Coal miners Rode a conveyor Belt to Freedom before Dawn today after spending five terrifying Days huddled in a flooded mine. At inc Western Union of d fice where operators Are tuning n u r q u e by Katy Woolston Tribune staff writer there s a run on Throat Spray stacked in the Freezer at the Western Union office at 212 Gold so Are More than pounds of Candy which will be t i no u Ell u Lei behind deep in i Haj for motors Day singing tomorrow. Noun am Ivorn in of Linn-1. J to Mountain were 10 of Fellows for whom All Hope was lost Long ago. Love by wire especially a h was believed the 10 were tuned in. Toned up greeting to the strains of Home Sweet swept to their death monday jh0mc" is very popular noon when a break in the Wall holidays office manager j. A telegraphic to an adjoining abandoned mine Mcguire says. Living uric Candy by wire the Candy for the one Pound Box or s5.50 for the two Pounder is one of the most popular of the Holiday greetings said shot millions of Gallons of Wal cry of course you take politick1 the Dolly Grams dolls through the mine s Wavy the he grinned we which carry a greeting on their Safeway. Play it by ear and any of the us hours operators who likes to sing does the first Miner came out of la the mine Entrance into the Glare of floodlights and the of changed but the singing Telegram is waiting arms of his wife from the earlier times family at . He had when the messenger boy rang spent a total of 118 hours and Doorbell crushed his Green e he Cap to his uniformed bosom and . Sang an embarrassed version of Happy birthday in a cracked i Tenor. It got to be too hard to find taken them off the Senate Glimmer of Hope to the payroll. Spanish speaking Community. Arr careful j he said ser was Given about Many people want to pay Tlle Humphrey Camp is million a year ago. However 57.95 so mom can smell Good by to Avoil criticism he said the Job fair is for minutes in the mine since he reported for work at 7 monday. The others followed in Quick succession. As each Man stepped off the Belt unaided a Blanket was singing messenger said Mcguire who was one such himself Back in Arkansas when ipe cts about 30 or 40 of the boxes of perfume to be telegraphed. Altogether this office expects to handle about wired greetings to mom tomorrow incoming and outgoing. In fact a Stern Union has gotten such a reputation for thrown around his shoulder was 13 and ,.had voice Joe he was led to a padded Bench. A As he tells it. Black wet today s sing out by Western Union is Over the Telephone. They were Black from hard Wilh the hat to Boot and wet from the m Hon water they had to Wade to cram. On part of their journey. The Telegram. Several Hundred the lamps on their hats flickered through the gloom. At first the 200 friends and _ _ relatives who had waited most Mcguire expects tomorrow s of the night around the mine old a Load to to several Hundred. The singing costs 50 from the three or four daily routine singing wires or. Entrance were silent. Then Sec 15, Page a-7 skirts Cost ?2.35 plus regular wire Cost and Mcguire expects to handle several Hundred these tomorrow. Huh men off . Payroll by Ted Knap Scripps Loward staff writer Washington president Hubert ii. Fair will be open tomorrow from 10 . To 5 . Purpose of the fair is to show opportunities and to Tell of the e d a National background required. Most of the exhibitors were taking application forms. Maurice Miura of the Dallas regional Bureau of employment called the fair a officers at there was the no scene report said of american casualties in the fight that erupted when several Hun dred guerrillas emerged from the rubble and rushed toward the . Lines shouting and shooting. Near the demilitarized zone Security Milestone in he continuing of . Troops fought vice fort to provide greater employ Sharp engagements with North Humphrey s office said today 10 persons from his staff have gone to work at his presidential Campaign Headquarters and have been taken off the Public payroll. His Campaign co chairmen Sens. Fred r. Harris okla and Walter f. Mondale also have transferred three of their staff members to the Campaign offices and have ment opportunities for those who strive for improvement and ceremonies or Micro was speaker for Brief opening ceremonies at the fair today. He also is ser representative of three regional offices of the Bureau of employment Security. Ser. He said stands for service employment and redevelopment which offers a vietnamese units that Viet namese Security sources said were part of a major push against South Vietnam s northernmost provinces. The Viet Cong attacking Saigon for the past seven Days fought from solid positions on the South end of the Long a Bridge and near Phu Tho Racetrack on the Western Edge peace talk rules set in Paris Paris up the United states and North v i e i n n m agreed today on All details of ground rules for their Limary talks . Pc troubleshooter Cyrus Vance said lie said they will be Able to get Down to the real business of negotiations when their full delegations meet monday at . Second meeting Vance made this announce ment to newsmen when be emerged from a second meeting lasting two hours 18 minutes with North Vietnam s Deputy chief negotiator col. A Van Lau. We have agreed on All pro Vance said. It was a Friendly meeting. The meeting on monday will be a substantive no con Nils Vance shirt no contacts be tween the two delegations arc planned during the weekend except to submit lists to each other of the delegates who will attend monday s full sets Lon. Speaking to views Mictl As he left the conference building the French foreign ministry s International conference Center Vance made a Point of referring to North Vietnam As the democratic Republic of Viet agreed statement the North vietnamese delegation left the building n few moments after Vance. They made the same statement about the results of today s meeting. It was an agreed statement. Askarl if monday s session would be devoted to drawing up an dec Erin. Vance said. No. It Sec Page be a substantive wire and Mcguire Exi Sens. Robert f. Kennedy . And Edward m. Kennedy mass got for having 21 of their Senate staff employees continue on the Public payroll while working on Robert Ken Nedy s presidential Campaign. One has since gone on the Campaign payroll. Everybody. Dress Well and Many races were at. The fair today. Most of those at tending were Well dressed per sons wanting to learn Advance ment opportunities. All Ages were present and there was a sprinkling of then a u nitwit 11 Ijuin i handling Money Candy etc., Humphrey aides ask information on transferred to the Amain that Many customers forget to the Campaign summer Obs items Aren t really sent along Norman Sherman Emil overs the Telegraph wire. We had a woman who in Sec those Page a-7 my the Campaign charge Advance men or. Fix it to solve your problems phone 2j7-3311 a a note a s100 or inside your. Tribune today cells More than the usual wire rate. And you not Only can Send race your love to mom by wire you can also Send her perfume Candy a doll or a record with a greeting precut on it. You will hang around tracks you will soon Santa be artists featured in Washington Art gallery. See Potomac Patter Page a-3. Ann bookshelf a i churches .a-5 comics .b-8 editorial a-4 editor s letter a horoscopes .b-3 inside the capital .b-31 jumble.a-2i let s tour n.m.a-5 markets .a-10 obituaries .a-2 Washington calling Bill for Century a Bill is called a morn fix it on Page a-2 Julius Calm who will be Deputy director of citizens for Humphrey and Ted Van Dyk speech writer. The vice presi Dent s office said six clerical sen huh. Page a-7 alb Man named Santa be up Van Doubleday of Albuquerque has been appointed by gov. David f. Cargo to the state Board of cosmetologists. Doubleday has been a Hairdresser in new Mexico for 14 years. Employers seemed in Friendly Albu attractive. Tractor show rust tractor co. Of que que showed beautifully coloured slides of tractors and other farm equipment. We have a continuous see Ion Page a-7 Hungary asks Sanction delay the new York times summary of the news c ims new York times news service International Paris Cyrus r Vance and col. Ila Van Lau the number two men on the United states and North vietnamese delegations in Paris met in a procedural session that in formed sources described As business like with no pro Pagan j democratic a a exercises. The two sides agreed to begin their substantive Igen Cral strike for monday in discussions with full delegations on monday. New violence seems certain police wait action follows 11-hour Battle in latin Quarter from press dispatches Paris thousands of rebellious students massing in the latin Quarter stormed across a Seina River Bridge toward rain swept downtown Paris to nigh i. Busloads of. Riot police were waiting and new violence scorned certain. The second consecutive night of snowballing turmoil turned the French capital into an armed Camp spoiling the peace atmosphere president Charles do Gaulle wanted for the talks Between american and North vietnamese diplomats general strike the student protests have Al ready injured More than persons threatened a full scale crisis for the do govern ment and produced a general strike Call by National labor organizations in sympathy with the students. After a night Long pitched Bat the with police that took on the aspect of an insurrection be Hind fiery barricades Soma students massed at the place St. Michel on the left Bank and then surged across a Seine Bridge in front of notre Dame Cathedral. They began marching up Busy downtown Boulevard Sebastopol. Police chief Maurice Gri Maud said 367 persons were injured and 468 arrested in what he called a veritable guerrilla on yesterday s violence. Held capital the students who varied in number from to during the action held a Square mile of the French capital for several hours. This morning several Hundred students blocked traffic along Boulevard Psi. Michel and police again used tear Gas to disperse them. Two big labor communist led general con i federation of labor and the French confederation of Prague the official czechoslovak news Agency Telcka said that the Prague government was informed in Advance of soviet bloc troop Maneu vers that took place in Southern Poland. Prague s Independent minded communist regime however remained clearly concerned by the International pressures mounting against its Experiment in democratic support tit the students who have been on a week Long ram Page demanding University Reform and release of arrested comrades. Close schools the Federal of National education also decided to strike monday closing Down a 11 French schools. The archbishop of Paris is sued an Appeal for Calm and top ministers of t he French Saigon Allied jets helicopters and artillery Crews pounded a half mile stretch of Saigon slums in an Effort to drive the Viet Cong and North vietnamese troops from their last remaining stronghold in the City. Refugees waited in government met in emergency clusters on the Saigon Side of they Bridge to ask South session. Vietnamese soldiers returning from the Battle scene if their Homes were still standing. Sports Heaters town crier .b-l-2 a-8 .b-2 nation s Battle scarred capital edgy about March a weekly size up by Lair Washington staff of the Scripps Loward newspapers Washington this Battle scarred City is edgy As poor people s Campaign converges on it for a 36-Day stay. Grocery and liquor stores have sent senior classes for usual Spring visit. Annual school safely patrol Parade today was cancelled. Downtown stores already Hurt by april riots expect More loss of business. Washington Board of Trade has urgently asked the president for More police pro to Page. A-9 even in suburbs report heavy some senators far weather data map .b-2 Advance buying. Some constituents not to visit women s news .a-3jrcduccd inventories removed Tho Albuquerque Tribune new Mexico s significant newspaper window displays in Case looting Breaks out again. Hotel and Mote business is Washington this summer. Moscow up Janos Kadar of Hungary persuaded the soviet Union and its hard line East european allies to delay applying immediate j economic and political sanctions against Czechoslovakia reliable sources said today. The sources said that Kadar is Likely to mediate the very real and very dangerous ten As Many As May be Here wnicl1 have brought the by May 30 or whether Chur Iso Voct bloc to a greatest crisis Ches trying to find rooms in private Homes will succeed. Only will be permitted to Camp in tent City in 15-Acrc Point since the hungarian and polish uprisings of 1956. Tho informants said that at no time however did the West Potomac Park contemplate actual Washington Monument a n intervention in Che Lincoln memorial. The As was done to must provide their own Sanita crush the hungarian Freedom lion facilities by connecting to revolt almost 12 years ago. Utility lines and clean up the the soviet Union and its area when they leave. No one j allies warned Prague today that major reason for a knows How marchers will be it would be Selling out com prehension no one knows i Down. Only a few High schools How Many Are coming though Imu ism if it allowed the for-1 see nations Page a-7jmation of opposition parties. I Brussels British defense minister Denis w. Scaly at a meeting of defense ministers of the North Atlantic Tarcaly organization announced that his country was in creasing by 40 per cents its troop commitment to nato As Well As contributing naval forces and vessels to the nato command in the Mediterranean. The announcement followed a statement by Clark w. Clifford the . Defense score tar that the european allies were not doing enough for their own defense and the the situation could not continue because of the Strain it has put on the american balance of payments. National hot Springs a. Arthur m. Okun chairman of the president s Council of economic advisors told the business Council that the responsibility for stopping inflation will rest primarily with business and unions once the new tax increase is enacted. He asked the Council members Many of whom Are chief executives of major corporations to consider voluntary controls on wage and Price increases. New York or. Grayson Kirk president of Columbia University backed Down from his position of Strong opposition to the recommendations made by the University s joint committee on disciplinary affairs in effect he yielded final disciplinary authority Over Columbia students arrested on april. .10. Kirk s altered attitude came after a Day in which a number of members of his faculty had indicated displeasure with his statement on thursday. To Palace the ministers including Jac ques Roccard de Gaulle s de see new. Page a-7 Clear As mud c new York times news service Washington the con fusion of titles in the govern ment bureaucracy emerged with unusual clarity Here. Secretary of Treasury Henry h. Fowler announced the appointment of Hampton a. Rabon or. As Deputy fiscal assistant the announcement continued at the same time another career officer Boyd a Evans an assistant to fiscal assistant Secretary John k. Carlock was named to succeed Rabon As assistant fiscal assistant

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