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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 5

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Albuquerque, New Mexico Phase 4 no favorite c from Page a-1 like autos other steel items clothing. Egg prices were among first to jump to 90 cents a dozen. White House has forced Playboy Magazine to Canel and Campaign capitalizing on vice president Spiro t. Agnew. When Agnew jokingly told a to interviewer that the Only bad thing about being vice president is not being Able to subscribe to Playboy the Magazine s marketing staff rushed in with radio spots and Bill boards urging that vice presidents be allowed to read Playboy. Unsold White House told Playboy to Knock it off on grounds that it is disrespectfully using the office of the vice president to sell its product. Playboy officials say they re stopping radio spots tearing Down Bill Board ads. How times change when president Roosevelt s doctors urged that a swimming Pool be built in the White Houe for polio crippled for the Cost was contributed by the nation s school children. If presidential adviser Henry a. Kissinger becomes Secretary of state a hot speculation these Days look for him to try to bring former Commerce Secretary Peter g. Peterson Back to government. Nixon dropped the savvy Peterson who seemed to rub since ousted White House aides John d. Ehrlich Man and h. R Haldeman the wrong Way from Cabinet Jearly this year but Kissinger has been relying on Peterson heavily to help develop strategy for forthcoming Trade and monetary talks. Despite watergate Money still flows into the Nixon re election committee coffers keeps com Mittee s total assets at healthy and stable million. Main source of Revenue comes from refunds of Advance payments made to airlines and phone companies Transfer or surpluses from state commit tees to National Headquarters delayed instalment plan payments pledged by 1972 contributors. Pollution problems wrack Europe bring on International quarrels internal disputes. French Are in an uproar Over latest incident poisoning of 20-mile stretch of Garonne River. Twenty two tons of fish floated up to River s surface and lab found they were poisoned by chemical Plant s lethal cyanide discharges. French blame Italy and Spain for pollution be fouling French Riviera s beaches. Protest builds against giant italian chemical Plant at Scarlino which spews red mud on once Pristine corsican beaches. New report finds Mercury level in Rhine River five times above level considered Safe. European common Market s executive commis Sion for fighting pollution and guarding environment mulls suggestion that motorists pay special fee to drive in centers of european cities. New Protection for unlucky Home buyers is being pushed by officers of National association of Home builders. Buyers would be Given 10-year warranty Protection against major structural defect found in Homes they buy two year Protection against minor flaws. Program would be voluntary on part of builders but speculation is it could become mandatory if mortgage agree to warrantied Homes. Home building leaders Hope to push through proposal at association s fall convention in Effort to fore stall Bills in Congress state Legislatures to set up War Ranty program by Law. Hill charges that Stele depart ment deliberately misled Congress on Canadian government s View of proposal to build Oil pipeline through Canada As alternative to Alaska pipeline project will be examined monday by Senate foreign relations committee. Nixon administration wants Alaska pipeline and environmentalists claim confidential diplomatic cables show Canadian government was More receptive to Canadian pipeline than state department aides told lawmakers. Restaurants and carry out food shops serving House of representatives turned a profit for first time War i boasts chairman Wayne l. Hays a Ohio of House administration committee. Eateries netted in fiscal 1973, compared to loss two years ago when Hays committee took them Over jacked up prices. Pentagon potshots army has found that higher mental test requirements resulted in More Black recruits than before. Last month nearly one fourth of the army s recruits were Black. Navy s experience has been just the opposite when test require ments were stiffened Black recruitment dropped. Air Force infighting grows Over selection of new air Force vice chief of staff. Man reported in line for the Job it Gen. Robert j. Dixon s3, air Force personnel Boss is not popular with Many of his col leagues who claim he s overbearing. But he s Brilliant administrator has kept air Force Way ahead of other services in recruiting techniques personnel manage ment morale. Overseas notes unusual number of chileans seeking Sanctuary in foreign embassies in Santiago 10 in three weeks leads to diplomatic speculation that abortive june 29 coup there May have been More broadly based than a single army regiment. China is by far the world s Leader in the number of women using Oral contraceptives. . Officials say 25 million chinese women Are on the Pill compared to 10 million american women is million in the rest of the world. Politics in the miss universe contest a Beirut Lebanon newspaper demanded an investigation and the immediate recall of miss Lebanon for having posed for picture with miss Israel at the contest in Athens. Miss Lebanon hurriedly said picture had been doctored by an israeli wire photo service. Wigs win decision Richmond a. A a Navy policy ban Ning the wearing of Short haired wigs by reservists at weekend Drill sessions has been struck Down As unconstitutional by a Federal judge. . District court judge Robert r. Merhige or. Said the policy violated the equal Protection of the Law clause of the 14th amendment to the . Constitution because the Navy permits Bald headed men to Wear wigs but denies the same privilege to Long haired reservists. Five reservists complained in their Case that the Navy threatened them with Active duty be cause they wore the wigs at Drill sections to cover their Long locks. The reservists wid they spent More time As civilians than As reservists and thus should be allowed to Wear the Wigi to cover their fashionably Long hair necessary to meet peer group watergate testimony hit Mitchell Washington up Sandy haired Gordon Stra Chan another of those clean Cut youths in politics says his watergate role was Only that of a messenger. But one of the messages he delivered to his White House Boss h. R. Halde Man carried explosive implications. It came from key Bis Cayne fla., where Jeb Stuart Manider a Young Man running the Nixon re election committee until John n. Mitchell could take Over said Mitchell had approved a sophisticated political intelligence Gath ering presumably that included watergate. Magruder had just returned from a meeting with Mitchell n key Biscayne fla., March if Haldeman was told about watergate two months before the initial wiretap break in did he Tell president Nixon that becomes the crucial question monday when Strachan undergoes his first Public questioning by the Senate watergate committee. He has been granted immunity so what be says cannot be used against him in any future trials. Got no further than Reading his 15-Page opening statement by the conclusion of Friday s hear ing. By monday the com Mittee Hopes to have presi Dent Nixon s response to its request for the secret White House Telephone and office tape recording which would disclose exactly what Haldeman and others told him about watergate. Haldeman Nixon s chief of staff and his no. 1 aide until he resigned april 1 with Nixon s Praise was one of the few officials who knew that everything said to Nixon in his Oval and hideaway offices was automatically taped. Haldeman too will testify next week Nixon was widely reported Friday to have decided to refuse to release the tapes Deputy press Secretary Gerald Warren said there is no change in the presi Dent s Basic decision stated in his july 7 letter in which he refused to make requested White House documents available to the committee. The panel could subpoena the tapes but sen. Herman e. Talmadge d Asaid that could trigger a court fight taking years to conclude. All the committee Mem Bers want Access to the tape but few to think they will be granted it. An exception was sen. Howard h. Bakerr Tenn. You can characterize me As Hope Lessly he said. Nixon went to Camp Dav id md., to recuperate from his bout with viral pneumonia and draft his written reply to the tape request. Earlier returning to his office from the Hospital the president remarked to aides within reporters earshot any suggestion that this president is going to slow Down or leave this office is just Plain poppy Strachan in his state ment to the senators disputed Magruder s earlier testimony that Magruder had fully briefed Strachan about every step in the watergate operation. Strachan s Job was to be the political conduit be tween the committee to re elect the president at 1701 Pennsylvania ave. And Haldeman in the White House. Hald Manhas already denied under oath that he had any Advance knowledge of the operation. Adhesive stamp the adhesive postage stamp was invented by James Chalmers a scottish bookseller. Patrick Dalley boy Dies c from Page a-1 artificial respiration until Acra arrived daily noted. Or. James r. Hutchinson a member of Acra and an Albuquerque physician pronounced the youth dead at the scene. Patrick had been up on the Tram Many times be his Mother said. He skied up there and he knew the area and was the athletic daily remembers his son As being very adventurous and full of life. He liked to climb around on rocks and Chase lizards and he said. He also like to build he had to be doing something All the time. He wanted to be Patrick would have entered the fourth Grade at s. Y. Jackson elementary school this fall. One of our neighbors said that Patrick gave a lot of love to a lot of mrs. Daily said. Patrick was considered a one Man greeting commit tee for people who had moved to the Sandia estates near the Tram his father said. Aaron who was with Patrick when he fell was pretty shaken mrs. Dailey. Said Aaron s Mother mrs. Gantick said that her son and Patrick have been close friends since the can ticks moved to Albuquerque in january Aaron had Only been ii the Tram once before with his mrs. Gantick said. I Don t know if hell Ever want to go up there she said. Urea Plant new York up w. R. Grace co. Will build a million Plant to make urea at Memphis agricultural chemical Complex. Capacity will be tons a year and the unit will replace an older one with a capacity of tons. V Unity Center pmoni142-5441 my Nimri Viola Mcdonnell . 11 . Wmk Day coun ulling by appointment 542-5251 Ann. Unity Unity tragedy f Tribout so Turnoy july 21, 1973 from Page a-1 fallen Trees through the rough wilderness area. Kim sat in front next to Pilot Larry Weismann on the Way Home Friday. State sen. William a. Sego a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints which sponsored the Outing sisent his private twin engine plane to Yellowstone Park to pick up the survivors. Others returning on the plane to be greeted warmly were Paul Porter 17, soil of or. And mrs. Donald por Ter 1817 Glorieta be. Russ Hallett 14, son of mrs. Vilate Hallett 11109 Ralph be. Kevin Seamons 16, whose father Darwin sea Mons 46, died in the mis Hap. The Seamons reside at 9104 Haines be. Ken Foley is son of mrs. Willie Mae Foley 10513 Carol place be. It was almost a som her group of relatives who waited for the Blue and White sleek Piper Navajo Turbo charge twin engine plane to land on the East to West runway 30. I know the Call. I be heard november six Char Ley Charley Many one flight attendant said referring to the plane s n6cc number on the Tail. Happiness and grief were expressed in Brief words and a few quiet tears. There was silence for the most part. Friends and closely knit members of the sixth Ward of the Morman Church rejoiced quietly that five lived. Yet their grief was close to the surface too. Beside Kevin sea Mons father the dead Are Burris Wollsieffer 28, of 1841 Madeira be. Tom Gower 16, son of or. And mrs. A. Rusty Gower 10409 Aspen be. Robert Louis Safran 16, son of or. And mrs. Robert l. Safran 8508 Princess Jeanne be. The search continues today for or. Wollsieffer. Someone spoke of i Wollsieffer s wife Chris Tine. They Are expecting their i first Wollsieffer and his parents or. And mrs. Adolph Wollsieffer 1841 Madeira be have gone to Yellowstone National Park to be on hand during the search. Bishop David b. Cummings of the Church walked among the families his face etched with Sor Row and weary from hours on the Telephone. He placed a gentle hand on a shoulder or spoke a gentle word to another and carried a Small Brown leather engagement Book to write Down names Tele phone numbers and Mes sages to relay to other rela Tives or friends the explorers were taken quickly to waiting cars. No one lingered to talk and although the families kept courageous control All were close to tears. The boys did not speak of their ordeal. Weismann spoke admiringly of Kim s Cour age. He was the Only one in a Canoe who the Pilot said. Kim kicked his shoes off to swim and that s Why his feet Are so Cut the Pilot explained. Park officials said Kim must have been an excellent swimmer because he swam about a mile and a half. They said no one has survived the cold water Weismann said. Holiday Park Nazarene Church temporarily Matin a at Sammt Mio Hool Corner of 1 Morolt . Sunday school i worship hour . And 7 . I Dunk ser. Wed. 7 . H. L. J94-5190 regular Baptist Fellowship 111 Thurmn . Club Lii mini enjoy idiot 7ioo . First Church of the Nazrene fell . Put Mem my j Church 2l5locuet Street at Copper Awe or. Carltonc. Allen when the barometer Faiu or. Car twi c. Allen Hoffman town Baptist Church 2335 Wyoming . Or. Lames w. Bryant pastor Sermon topics . The by psalms . The untended Jeremiah Christian education training Nursery provided of attn 0 episcopal 29b-024i Ami Ami 11 too Ami holy c Tom a. W. T Christian Church Miclis of Christ Monte Vista Christian Church 3501 Campus had. . Or. That. O. Flirt a Whit Ibous subsidized housing for Low moderate income families speaker Mary Lou Sorenson will talk about he situation in Albuquerque child cart Labh first unitarian Church 3701 ctr lilt be Man Altor . School . Worship service Missouri Synod Immanuel Mog oust 343-5276 owl in iroc redeemer Iiona Trodo our Saviour Wal Mno . K. To fax 10 am Christ 7701 Conr Arlo be h. Glom emf orime sunday saw . Sunday Zadto to . Hot i0-.30o.rn. Koa2 Lota 7301c first Baptist Church Central Ami Iraq Wiy or. A Tim i. Inn teaching program service moral of i Loo . Training program . Evening worship service Nunzy when to Tow to Ntolik Community cinch Cam us to mfr 9115a.m. Inibrim.n.1. . Kim to in the water 90 minutes. Kim in the where the killer bears Are turned out Park officials told Weismann. The youth had climbed in a tree for a Brief rest. One Bear saw him and lunged so hard at the tree it nearly Shook him out the Pilot said. A sudden thundershowers whipped the cold Waters of Yellowstone Lake wednesday. The scout group had just eaten lunch and headed into the Lake s Southeast when the violent Thunder storm hit. Four canoes and two Kay aks turned around and at tempted to make the East Side of the Lake s . The other Canoe made for the West Shore. Kim was the Only one in a Canoe who survived. The boys had raised Money to buy their Canoe kits. His Best Friend Robert Safran perished. The last thing i heard him Kim said was old buddy Don t leave me when i turned around to help him he was no longer there. I guess the undercurrent took Kim added. Joint memorial serv ices will be held for sea Mons and Gower at . Tuesday at the Church evangel Temple Assembly of god 8901 Condelaria . Highway funds for buses trains Washington three year million fed eral Highway Bill that would permit Highway Trust fund Money to be used for City bus and rail lines in the third year has been recommended by a House Senate conference. The conference had dead locked for 214 months be fore approving the Compromise Bill Friday. Of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints sixth Ward 4109 Eubank be. Bishop Cummings will officiate. Strong Thome is in charge of arrangements. Services for Safran Are expected to be in Jackson wyo., next week. Arrange ments Are pending. Weismann left Early to Day to pick up the bodies of Seamons and Gower at the Lowery funeral Home Liv Ingston Mont. Central a emmy a Victov my son Fey Elm won help Church rally Mitoi 0. 1. Mannino . Men. Episcopal churches St. John s Cathedral 4tb Silver s w 247-1581 is indy serviced Anil 6p.m. 9i15 . Nunry 9ils.mil . Weekday serviced Hominy Weih Smilay Friday i2i05 . Tier inlay. Loilo . The very Rev. John h. Ili verlanic. Dean the . Rev. Richard m. Trel Raie re shop fur other Eplin Inpil Chi Richei we ill Long in Hie phone directory yellow paged. Science of mind Center Rev Luis Del Aguila worship service 11 . Message Freedom series Lou non Lajou Namoni Ute Xvi churches of Albuquerque Asbury i first in. St. John s in Lori h. , 3023 Hist. Paul s f 100 i r.11" i Chi itch Mil Christ Olbiano ii i. Cyril slwi., Cal Orth of chm am Smiy Kmitt trim i Trinity Inisi infill idyll Central Nln Rill by Evanl a Contr i Juit Unm Harry omd Rotl Palter Wohl. Till and 10.39 am Chi nil am Brmdcbitkzia-1900 1t-tli30am St. Andrews Retoy Palter a Iirth am am Mayanice Ull i c University hts Tali .1 Cunt no i. Urli wwikl.114 Huml mind and soul pollution our City contaminated by a rated movies and pornography germs. Why do some local stores and news papers assist the spreading of such filth god will Hooray for our . I to clean our City. Hear Sermon on this subject this sunday it . Temple Baptist

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