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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 4

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Tribune wonder what hell do for an new Max to t signify int Newt paper a Scripps Howard newspaper Ralph Looney. Editor 717 Silver Telephone 842-2371 Light and the people will find their own Way a-4 saturday july food going up out in Chicago where the commodities brokers play they Are predicting sharply prices a few weeks from now. Here is what they foresee with cur rent prices in parentheses broiler chickens 75 cents to a Pound 65 eggs a dozen 79 Bacon a Pound pork chops a Pound ugh. The experts say such in creases Are inevitable and president Nixon s phase four controls program cannot Avert them. In fact some farm economists contend that the administration s entire two year Experiment with freezes and phases by Caus ing shortages and interrupt ing supplies will result in higher food prices than would exist otherwise. Be that As it May we americans now have a Chance to make things worse. All we have to do is succumb to selfishness for each of us to try to get his Freezer full before prices Rise and we will have Bare grocery shelves Black markets and under the counter deals. Beef is a perfect Case in Point. Its Price remains Frozen until sept. 12. As Decon trolled pork prices climb beef will look like a bargain and if everyone rushes in to get it will simply disappear. In the difficult months ahead As Farmers and processors struggle to fill the food pipelines let us behave like responsible citizens and not pigs. Let s not be like the lady during world War ii who was asked Why she was staggering out of the of the store with a huge Load of canned goods and replied i wanted to get it before the hoarders out with his phones it seems that by recording phone Calls without using de vice that goes beep to warn the fellow at the other end the White House has been Vio lating Telephone company rules. The Normal penalty for this is to take the phones out. The Chesapeake Potomac Tele phone co. Has suggested that it customers atthe White House either Stop bugging or Start beeping but it has not threatened to shut off service. Too bad the company is so feckless. In a democracy so awesome an institution As the Telephone company should treat All transgressors alike whether one is an Overly Nosy president or an impecunious father who got behind on the Bills. What is More it would be healthy Medicine for the presidency which was been Over aau is. . The Amateur athletic Union which for decades has wielded pictorial Power Over an important segment of american sports Competition has now in effect intruded its Way into United states for eign policy. It has suspended members of a swimming team now touring the Peoples Republic of China. The tour was set in motion after a formal request from the chinese government to the state department. The aau got into the act because it does t Counte Nance comradery with coun tries that do not belong to the International olympic com Mittee. The suspensions Are an explicit warning to other Amateur athletes that when the aau and the . Govern ment Are at Odds the aau Weening lately to lose its Tele phones. There is nothing like a great Battery of telephones to feed a chief executive s ego to fill him with feelings of machismo and Power. A Fleet of presidential limousines has much the same effect and they should be taken away too blaming the Gaso line shortage. Then the next time presi Dent Nixon or a successor gets mad at say the Pata a anians and wishes to reason with them with b52s, he won t snap decisively get me the no he will have to go out in front of the White House and find a taxi. And by the time he crosses the Potomac and finds the operations room in the Pentagon he might not be mad any longer sparing Patagonia the blessings of advanced civilization. Must come first. Or else. This latest Flap is just an other reason Why it s High time some new leadership takes Over control of Amateur sports in this country. A Senate committee has voted favourably on a Bill sponsored by sen. John v. Tunney d-calif., which would put supervision of Amateur athletics under a . Amateur sports Council superseding the aau the National collegiate athletic association and the . Olympic commit tee we Hope full congressional approval will be forthcoming soon. At least in time to take effect before the next olym Pic games so that the various messes the . Team got into at Munich in 1970 due to the sheer ineptitude of those in charge won t be repeated. Shopping made easy another City has joined the Parade of those trying to solve Midtown traffic congestion by Banning private cars. London s Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping thoroughfares in the world. For the past several months it new Mexico s Southern Boundary was not definite until Congress ratified the Gadsden Purchase agreement la 1854. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo declared the line separating the United Stutts and Mexico to be new Mexico s Southern Border. However when the Bartlett Border commission began surveys a faulty map had placed new Mexico s Southern Border 34 Miles too far North and tit Rio Grudt 100 Milts far East. to Comet tit to str Alert it Ottnad in War. Has been free of All motor vehicles except buses and taxis and the result so far has been to everyone s satisfaction. Shoppers and store owners alike say it s a whole new Beautiful world. To be sure there have been some problems on nearby streets to which traffic has been diverted but these too seem to be solving them selves As motorists become accustomed to the new bypasses. Some such solution to metropolitan traffic congestion must come in time to every big City. Motorists must be discouraged from bringing their cars downtown at least to the most crowded areas. Perhaps the current fuel shortages will ring this about sooner than otherwise thus providing Pollyanna like an unexpected Blessing. The new York times bookshelf Marilyn Monroe biography attempt to myth Cize reality Marilyn a biography by Norman Mailer. Pictures by the world s Foremost photographers. In set Dun lip deluxe edition some questions and an Swers first before the mis understandings get completely out of hand. First question Why did Norman Mailer choose to write Marilyn a Biog putting aside the retort for Money which is silly anyway the answer seems reasonably obvious Mari Lyn Monroe is a subject toward which Mailer has been heading for a number of yews and books now. At Long ago As the Deer Park his imagination invaded Hollywood. At the end of another novel an american dream there was a tantalizing reference to miss Monroe. In his most recent published writing Mailer s preoccupations have been with sex and women prisoner of and with film in a sense then Marilyn Monroe was next on the Agenda of his imagination second question what exactly is Marilyn a Well first and most obvious it is not the picture Book it was originally meant to be. Instead of writing a preface to a collection of photographs of miss Monroe As he was originally asked and paid to do Mailer has writ ten words. And the nearly 100 photo graphs included Here have thus been reduced to serv ing the relatively minor function of illustrating his text. Second and More important Marilyn a biography is not a biography at All. It is a meditation on certain biographical facts it is a speculation on cer Tain biographical possibilities it is an attempt to myth Cize a tentative reality. For instance Mailer makes it abundantly Clear that he never met Marilyn Monroe that he depended for the facts of her life on certain secondary sources. For instance he has More or less disdained conventional psychoanalytic interpretation. He has relied in Stead on among other per Sonal theories the rather Odd notion that Marilyn had two psychic beings one of them the timid personality that developed during her lifetime the other a karmic incarnation of a Power hungry individual who had earlier lives. And for instance Mailer concocts at the end a somewhat hair raising theory explaining Why Marilyn May have been murdered. To put it baldly As Mailer does not Marilyn was strangled or suffocated or drugged to death by right Wing individuals out to Embarrass Robert f. Ken Nedy who was apparently very close to Marilyn at the time of her death who had very Likely seen her earlier on the evening of her death and who May possibly although Mailer does not think so have been hav ing an affair with her but again i do not think Mailer seriously cares whether or not his theory accords with the facts it has a meditative truth for him an imaginative authenticity As it were. So to accuse Mailer of plagiarism because he has relied on other accounts As one English publisher has done is wilfully to misunderstand his intentions. And to worry Why he did not try harder to pin Down the facts of Marilyn s death is to miss the larger Point. Norman Mailer has never claimed to be a Good reporter indeed he has maintained quite the his Pride has been that of an imaginative artist trans muting and distilling reality. Best Sellers this analysis is based on reports obtained from More than 125 bookstores in 64 communities of the United states. The figures in the right hand column do not necessarily represent consecutive appearances. C 1973 new York times news service this last weeks week week on list fiction 1 breakfast of champions. Vonnegut 1 10 2 once is not enough. Susann 2 is 3 facing the Lions. Wicker 3 4 4 the Odessa file Forsyth 4 37 5 Harvest Home Tryon 1 6 Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Bach 6 64 7 the Matlock paper. Ludlum 5 12 8 evening in byzantium. Shaw 7 12 9 the summer before the dark. Lessing 8 4 10 the hollow Hills. Stewart 1 general 1 or. Atkins diet revolution. Atkins 1 33 2 laughing All the Way. Howar 3 10 3 the Joy of sex. Comfort 2 30 4 i m re . Harris 5 65 4 7 6 my Young years. Rubinstein 7 5 7 weight watchers program Cookbook. Nidetch 6 8 8 the implosion conspiracy. Nizer 10 19 9 the Best and the brightest. Halben Tam 8 33 10 hour of Gold hour of Lindbergh 9 16 what one misses finally is what might have emerged beyond a pro found definition of the mar Ilyn Monroe phenomenon an attempt to pin Down what she reflected in Amer Ica and what the country reflected in her. One misses this especially if one happens not to share As i do not Mailer s admiration for miss Monroe her sex Appeal and her ability As a film actress in Short what Marilyn lacks is the very thing that Only Mailer could have Given us a meditation so extended and imagined that the biographical facts would cease to matter at All. And when be apologizes in his final acknowledge ment for not having had the time to write a formal biography instead of a novel one wishes he had said instead that he lacked the time to escape biography completely. Lehmann Haupt c Ali ill inv Days of Yore from the Tribune 30 years ago dismissal of an attempt to suspend the tobacco tax was sought by the attorney general s office today on the grounds the Law was designed to preserve the Public health and thesis constitutionally exempt from a referendum the United mine workers today invited All the nation s Coal operators to sign a Basic wage agreement raising the daily wage of miners by gov. John j Dempsey and or. James f. Zimmerman University president today gave their views on the peace to Fol Low the War in talks before students at the school 700 of whom were in the uniform of the army or Navy. You will be Able to drive your car from Elpaso to Mexico City in the very near and Over an All paved Highway Between these two Points within 18 months it was predicted today. 10 years ago some 45 South Valley Farmers and property own ers protested today what they called unfair discrimination in water distribution by Middle Rio Grande conservancy District. A City Parks and recreation depart net Crew cleaned up the old town Plaza this morning leaving a Quarter Circle Section of the controversial Brick planter in place but removing piles of left Over bricks Sand and mortar. It will be gov. Alberta Miller tomorrow. The Secretary of state be comes the acting governor since gov. Jack m. Camp Bell is in Miami Beach at tending the National con Ference of governors and it. Gov. Mack Easley will be out of the state Clint l. Kaufman has been named to the newly titled Posi Tion of City manager in the Albuquerque for Frontier Airliner Looney new Mexico notebook help at last on fixing that Leaky faucet by Ralph Looney editor of the Tribune things your Mother never taught you must seem like a highly improbable name for a newspaper column. But it turns out that it in t. And if you read yesterday s Tribune woman s Page you know what i mean. Charlotte Slater dreamed up both the column and the highly appropriate title. While i be never met miss Slater personally i know one thing about her. She certainly knows her Way around the House. She knows How to fix everything from a Leaky faucet to an electrical switch. I was so impressed with her knowledge of such matters and her ability to explain the ing and outs of such problems i Felt her column would be of use to you. It now has become a regular part of the Friday s woman s Page. If you be Ever encountered that helpless feel ing when something goes wrong around the House i recommend that you try miss Slater s column. You might even wish to clip them and save them for future reference. Yesterday s column involved How to go about fix ing a Shower head that has become clogged and sprays water in every direction but the Way it was intended. She s got others in the works that cover such diverse subjects As How to a pneumatic door closer that has lost its whoosh. A Flat tire. Shower doors that leak. A swing set Safe for kids. Or How to go about removing an old tile floor. How to install a Wall dimmer switch. Plus a lot of other subjects that will be the answer to a prayer for Many a housewife and husband. Such problems Are the frustration of any. Homeowner. Breathes there the Homeowner with soul so dead he never muttered under his breath and said what do i do something s always going wrong with things around any House. From Wall switches to faucet Wash ers from evaporative coolers to furnaces. How Many times have you been faced with a fix it problem and not had the faintest idea of where to be Gin if you re like me you approach it warily As you might a Rattlesnake readly to strike. You try to figure out How the thing works then take it apart in such a Way that you can remember How to put it Back together again. The results can sometimes be disastrous. I m sure Many of you know what i if you Don t pre Fer to think about it. To maybe Charlotte Slater can be a help to those of you in that category. I know Shell be a great help to me. And i discovered Shell also be a great help to most members of the Tribune staff both male and female who endorsed the column enthusiastically. Miss Slater s column is especially timely now when it is often difficult to get a repairman to come to the House especially on weekends or Short notice. We Hope you la find things your Mother never taught you a helpful feature in the Tribune. And speaking of recent additions to these pages have you noticed that we be recently expanded our sports coverage i be always been impressed with the superlative Job our sports staff does so capably led by sports Edi tor Carlos Salazar. Our sports coverage has always been excellent. Now. However it ought to be even better because it will be More Complete. Did you know that there Are Albuquerque youngsters playing Little league baseball we were surprised to find that Many. Another 500 youngsters Are involved in other baseball leagues Here such As babe Ruth league con Nie Mack and american legion. Youth sports of All types in Albuquerque involve nearly youngsters. These include the Young american football league swimming and track. It seems to us that youth sports deserve cover age in our sports pages. Such athletic programs Are of enormous importance in building the adults of Tomor Row. We have now assigned a writer Jim Wagner to cover these sports full time and his reports have been appearing on Tribune sports pages for about the past 10 Days. Biggest thing in youth sports right now is the Windup of the Little league seaon with league tournaments under Way. Some of Jim s stories As Well As photographs by staff photographers Norm Bergsma Al Cabral and Richard Roble have already proved we be been missing some real drama among the i was particularly impressed by a Story Jim did last monday about a Lobo West Mesa game in the Little league s senior division tournament. Lobo Pitcher Joe Archuleta threw a pitch that West Mesa Pitcher Eddie Avila nailed for a Home run that tied up the ballgame. Joe got so mad at himself that he started bearing Down. He bore Down so Bard that his hat fell off his head with every pitch. But when the Lobos came to Bat Joe got revenge. He smashed a Home run that won the game for his team Jim has been doing a great Job of covering the mini leagues even though he s operating under a severe Handicap. Just a week before he started his new assignment his leg was fractured in a motor Bike race. So he s been covering a lot of ground in spite of a heavy cast on his let and of crutches. Once baseball is Over Jim will move right into the Young american football league. We Hope you find our expanded sports coverage As exciting As we do

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