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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 3

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Bonus. State five Day forecast generally fair thunderstorms through wednesday. Saturday july 21, 1973 feeding her flock a-3 Page Gallup poll shows Nixon popu Larity at Al it i me Low her feathered friends flock around her As Christina Bill Bey age 21 months shares her wealth of Popcorn with pigeons in St. Louis Forest Park on a warm summer afternoon. By George Gallup Princeton . Richard Nixon s popularity has declined to the lowest Point since he became president. Forty per cent of the latest nation wide Survey say they approve of the Way he is handling his Job As chief executive and 49 per cent express disapproval. The president s current approval score based on a Survey conducted after John Dean ill s testimony at the Senate watergate hearings but before former attorney general John Mitchell took the stand represents a five Point drop from the previous Survey in late june. President Nixon s current rating which represents the first time More americans disapprove than approve of his performance in office is Down 28 Points from Nix on s High Point recorded in late january following the Vietnam peace settlement. This decline from 68 per cent in january to 40 per cent in the lat est Early july Survey is the sharpest decline for a six month period recorded in Gallup surveys on presidential popularity since the mid 30s. Nixon s current popularity score his Low Point since taking office is however five Points higher than that of his predecessor president Lyndon Johnson. Johnson s Low Point in popularity was 35 per cent recorded in August 1968 during a period of profound discouragement among the Ameri can people Over the course of the Vietnam War. Disapproval of Nixon s perform Ance in office currently outweighs approval among All major Popula Tion groups except among South Erners and persons who align themselves with the Republican party. In the South As Many approve As disapprove. Among republicans across the nation the vote is 3-to-l on the approval Side whereas democrats Are 3-Tfc-l on the disapproval Side. Watergate and the Issue of government corruption Are key fac tors in president Nixon s decline in popularity. A recent Gallup poll showed seven in 10 people believing Nixon planned or was involved in a cover up of the watergate bugging of last another contributing Factor As determined by a Small scale Survey designed to probe into the Why behind the current rating is inflation easily the nation s top problem in the minds of americans. The Public throughout All phases of the administration s wage Price stabilization program has favored tougher controls. A recent Gallup Survey taken after president Nixon announced a 60-Day freeze on most prices but not wages found a majority in favor of returning to the stricter phase i Type of economic controls on both prices and wages. Calif tire women take Over Napa Calif. A nine House wives have joined a county Volun Teer fire department and make up Northern California s first All Fem ale fire Crew. Using a new 15-ton Tanker fire engine and an antiquated 1946 Pum per the female fire fighters serve the dry Creek Loloyan fire Protection District around it. Veeder. The area is eight Miles West of Here. The women have vastly improved the efficiency of the Little fire department during 10 months of weekly drills according to Norman Sil ver. He is s fire coordinator and Volunteer depart ment training officer. They re going to do a Good he said. They re very Sharp and efficient and they have Learned well.1 efficiency is All important in the 50-Square mile Hilly area which becomes explosively dry. Officials say it is almost certain to be hit with some fires this summer. This in t women s says mrs. Joyce Bowen. This is just common sense and being reason she is one of the volunteers. The men Are always at work during added Bea husband is chairman of the Volunteer firemen. Started thinking that it would be absurd if someone s Home burned Down because there was no one to drive the Many of their husbands Areat least a half hour s driving time away during weekdays and could never get to a House fire quickly enough to save it. A Brush fire could easily get out of hand before the men arrived. You dont have any Confidence in this at said Vera Schaublin on a recent Drill. But All of a sudden it dawns on you that you can operate this equipment. Suddenly you know what you thought you could never possibly we re a very determined she said that everyone learns to rotate the driving ladder and Hose work and pumping water from pools and creeks. The men weren t very depends Silver said. Conservationists and ranchers fight Battle of rodents Prairie dogs Are funny and but pose problems c 1973 new York times news service Boulder Colo relations Between men and Prairie dogs have taken a turn for the worse again. Decimated by Early settlers and ranchers Prairie dogs in recent years have found defenders and protectors among conservationists and environmental Protection groups. Even the White House defended them by restrict ing the use of Range land poisons. But now As they have begun again to flour ish Prairie dog colonies near cities and towns Are under new pressure from land developers building subdivisions and shopping centers for people pouring into the american heartland to escape the clutter of the East and West coasts. Ranchers and Farmers have Long considered Prairie dogs to be Pesky varmints that ruin grazing land and crops and have poisoned them by the Mil Lions and invited sportsmen in for Prairie dog shoots. Conservationists meanwhile consider them an integral part of the natural balance useful in aerating soil keeping foliage trimmed and serving As food for animals such As ferrets coyotes Hawks eagles Bob cats and badgers. Newly arrived nature lovers like them be cause they Are funny and cute. But the new arrivals Are the ones who Are indirectly forcing them out. Vacationers campers and tourists Are so thick these Days that health officials have to keep close watch on Prairie dog towns for diseases like bubonic plague that might be transferred to Man. In the past Prairie dog communities caught the plague and died off in Solitude. Now health officials Rush in at the first sign of illness to either Poison the or occasionally to fumigate it to kill plague carrying fleas. Plague serves As a natural population curb for Rural and other animals but As people move in closer to them health officials have increased their precautions. There were 13 human cases of plague in 1970, the Peak year and-10 were to contacts with Prairie dogs. Treatment is simple and deaths Are rare but an epidemic could Strain resources. No human cases have been reported this year but three Prairie dog colonies have been reported by Colorado health officials. As Long As Man and the Prairie dog kept apart health officials worried Little about them. Rodents have relatively healthy fleas although an overseas rat occasionally jumps ship at some port with suspicious fleas and spreads Alarin. Now there is some concern Over the extent to which City rodents and their country cousins might integrate and thereby provide transportation to town for the Flea. One Way is for a suburban rodent to come along that could form a link. The Pentagon took great pains and spent plenty of Money to insure that an adaptable Vietnam Ese rodent did not Stow away aboard a retrograde tank and take up residence Here. California bans the entry of imported rodents called gerbils that make Nice pets but might get along Well in both City and country. There is another Way. As Man s cities and towns push into the Countryside his Urban rodents follow. Prairie dogs and other Rural rodents Are either wiped out or flee but there Are fewer and fewer places to go. Bubonic plague aside Prairie dogs have other troubles and the City of Boulder just Northwest of Denver is a Good focal Point. Boulder has become swollen with newcomers tripling in size in the last five Tion of than people Prairie dog towns on the Edge Are being squeezed. But because it is a University Community and full of professionals who moved in to be close to nature pro Prairie dog sentiment runs High. For example after an elementary school was built near a Prairie dog town on the Edge of the City school officials worried that children might be bitten or catch diseases. So instead of eradicating the Prairie dogs the children were fenced in. Mountains higher than party q 1973 new York times news service Moscow the soviet Union s leaders have discovered a new con tender for the political loyalty of the people the towering Snow capped peaks of Central Asia. The party chief of the Central asian Highland Republic of Kirghizia charged in a major ideological speech recently that local poets sought to glorify their mountains As a Force supposedly capable of Ben fitting the life of the kirghiz peo the writers seem to forget Tecl it is the communist party and the soviet people who Tural and economic gains for the said the Republic official turd Sun u. Usu Aliyev. There is of course nothing wrong with a writer s lovingly depicting mountains which have Al ways served As a Symbol for poetic National the kirghiz Leader declared. But the Point is that for Many of our poets the mountains have become a fetish a subject to be revered As a the unusual sensitivity about the mountains which Bear a chinese name Tien Shan to Boot is part of a continuing concern about nationalist tendencies to glorify the pre soviet past and the natural setting in which traditional life evolved. Nationalistic writers and historians in some of the ethnic republics have written about the pre communist period in a positive or romantic vein that has been Politi Cally unacceptable to officials charged with maintaining purity of ideology. Despite decades of political indoctrination the communists seem unable to eliminate nationalistic feelings among the ethnic groups including the kirghiz an asian peo ple of 1.5 million who speak a turkic language and Are physically Akin to mongols. Nationalist trends were also revealed by Usu Aliyev in Kirghizia s reported failure to meet planned deliveries of goods to other soviet republics while providing amply for its own needs. Bribery drunkenness and corruption were also pictured As rampant in the party Leader s remarks. He spoke june 20 at a party meet ing in Frunze the Republic capital on the need for fostering inter eth Nic understanding. The theme often a priority item at party rallies has received partic ular emphasis since last year when the soviet Union celebrated its Soth anniversary. Gourmet specializes in free food London express service Paris Charles Bernard s trouble is that he cannot ignore a Good menu. Every time a particularly Choice one catches his Eye outside a restaurant he goes in and orders the Best they have. Which is Why Over the past 19 years he has spent 17 of them in jail for Rood eating. He was Back there again recently for the 40th mint Piying for his latest Outing a trip to the expensive hotel suisse it Bordeaux in Grenoble. A 48-year-old Charlet a former French foreign let tonsure took his Sot he called for an aperitif then the a la carte menu. He chose a crab salad crayfish with a cheese sauce Saddle of Lamb a bottle of huits St. Georges and with his dessert a Cognac. Daring the meal he sent a bottle of Champagne across to a group of Swiss tourists and then expansively called for a Cigar. Which was when the head waiter approached with the Charles smiled and said i m sorry i have no Money. And waited for the police to arrive. The prison has Given him a Job in the Kitchen. Roundup in the rain heavy Rains did t hamper cattle rancher Hyde Merrill As he and hit drovers rounded up 350 head of cattle to push them into Cheyenne wyo., for the Grond Doddy of them Cheyenne Frontier Days which opened today

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