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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 26, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal a it to unusual features in Case now being tried at Santa Felo the infirm theater today i _ j Union leaders Are reported indicted u. S. Grand jury livestock and agricultural loan company working on plan for Relief of drouth stricken counties. It to 40 or Osu a it. Mot a in of a of to the Dis Riel court ref int to go a a a judg Rne it i for the Contin a ,41 a ii Cotill a a no again it it a it Gonzales of 4 a Lap hum x. M. Thi Tigh err r the i id Merit Quot in a ported t of a it Vij i ii of o h a in a ii on ii 3 n g i v a to an it up 11 eat in n h i in i a of tuft filed in the i d r it con Toothy it b Mary i r me to t a i ill t Jot co Tup i for it rom of n cation under to i v Rork no Al a com ii Medion a t of or to i # the of Fred it. Too Ley hot r a Ion Ehy ask for a Lump sum set12 the Ceido a tit of Elf d look. Mura Nee company a f lied suit a a Quot inst a of. Doyle for the Iller loft of 4 62. I 8lh a 1 to a Tif a on a Holt has in la i brought the i onion a it ii i Pany against j. It a Phillips for the id. Finn of i Rah Ile democratic candidate for governor declares extravagance and waste in state must be stopped. Al to in Lull int i jul. I A i a a i floater�?�?"rous1 in William de Mil hut in Paramount pm no Ayr up Ami ii k i get Rinc pal stars of than inn at the to Toda j Jurf of a Ufa to it a current events picture i Tyr a Tai 0rr,� lion. I paid of v re the attract How Frand Bolden. A Tulc it it Ore Al amp qut jul of a ii to Lush the air cd r Day ii in a in to Alto Hap or t Ion it a it Railroad it Aal i old Sopr with a new smut tuesday specials crepe de Chine to Quality re wide special co qty i v la god u Dun on a nor it Nill in Amini. Or to Inako Pic i to r a tin a. Unpi led for car it ii f to i and Lui a it in Tho be eat in a re Lap of the Rte i iof. Will tonight vaudeville it feb a a drop the moment. J a i Mea i p. Hir j de in socratic nos r a to r gov i i mad a his remark a so p fluted i a apr i a Aix a t it j i of vol a pm tim from a i urge a tidied f the heart of the o a net 11 a quoth ii try. Coming a but la Quot of i from i to no Flay journey throw a the no it n a w moxie i. Mens for a Al no its and ill Nikii a Foutin 1 in 8 be monday Nix i i the i largest of Tafisi a appreciative Aud Ien o a f i he Din build to prodigal to the world fan shun or he a Fen la a and a Thor Well h in run attraction also showing the or to up. I to. S4.95 r h i in t Iff the i get Obi if to night at the Crystal hid gent Burny quit a in the Campaign. A re publicans. Including number pm mar it in tots Quot re t re k liar \ r Deville i arty Aff a1 helped to of ii la. Night at the Crystal. Bom o rep audience. And the were among t Iona a it <a1 Acta make u p a pro the most attentive listeners. Gra in i in it la More than pleasing. Within till last seven years Rui and 11 at tip Caff App car in a Tho St to expenditures have musical oddity using a it it in no leaped fro in six to Tift n million guitar in something very ill Fri int filial sat d St w Mexico a now Felt Man thing this the a of r has Quot riling to a a Mink dec a i a a. R pin �<1 the numb r a re. A tit tie More of this re a whole splendid Mush Al offer 1< Hsi 4 w Mfd soon begin to in lug of t no of ii melodies Perfy. T Stilt ill Fly in population a1 i 1 Iii get Quot he w irn i Ltd a and a waste must i Endorf a a unique in. Torn ii rid xxv Little 8kit a mgr. Rth ii a it i on the then a a go extra Agar deck a it of i Quot ail Hun ship. The a t if a on i n Elk an entitled d there ii stopper done Toa said. Ii and can a application of a Littig i a a i 4 # f fall. A of a Soa a % ,. Plenty it ugh. The v in Fry their cd Efu a i Tho dirty ii a if n i Pill la he #1 Pul in,.y in in a 41 own so i a setting which ii tie. Resides be striking Good in v him exr in on of ids of n Muon c a i of a a Riegel at which it Titus Lim ,1 to pit St i me theater we . I. Mini at the pastime starring a Quot it it inn blur to finer. A i a Nee of the great Southwest a showing Fox Nevi cartoons a Jimmy Aubrey in a a the hint. A tit a i in till Imi p i of. It i try w to ave i f 1 Ful. T if its Kin Oday. I i far above Tho a i i. Ilion of the no i it if til re it t a the work of to i lot. Being or Peeta mention. The homa the pretty log a to i sir Wear v i his Faith to i How to in to to favor Ivy pfc fish if you do not get your record today. Here the reason i r n4 a x r it p Iii x it la a i am in b xxx ant rial w i t off a tiie of from Xvi la 4i a m a i. J Geof n f a fat it tit w la i cd come i c a fit to or to w i the i Par it a v a Aiad. Jack i Oft in t h a cd frees. A i a Elk or lied he r i ret it a in the Mot in Ltd Victuro a Dun ins the ii Man g to if the int i it a god f a. I a g her a be will. Lie Iff or i u re Ash c play d in t of u ran hand a Hob cd hoi in i go six rout xxx in la i Law lev cell it do j thus the arc the Aff airs of in i Quot or id ii bought an i in lid throned Iii Fri a that Lim a m ass Pic n Pugil. T Hod an sex i naive fled a r j de. Or. Pin ring v. It h xxii Quot i made Rma i Nota ism k nut Ami other. 1 to Lcy a inure. I i in thib j Oung lad la. I pledge Tho Radut to and a Ira i ii aka the r re to Hon. I of a v Beautiful i Tun h dmae St i c a ded i of Lent v of i in of nne a Rny a of the i i an St arid j a. Rio rave the to it a extra i Dor Vin if in said to g Coni ii i in. A Ivha inn w i. I non told the of the had and i the i now the tiling of. N c. And Rani xxx Fob a t1 him Liioi i. i Iii ii in i a a id i stud i in Ivga n i a a a a it i at i ii Gall it t the cry St ii mating a at 2 3d a adv t Fin him. I h i i will n 18.000 people saw big circus saturday i i l held at d Llad 7 t pc that to and Here a hid a i govern tar Nti it Cill j a i will ainu Man i to has lie a nest an d ebb a Tif ii a for not it the ply for i he cd i pts Point Quot i Hay had a i ult a a nit into a % w \1 exit Al i a pro print on than did i ii pc a i xxx i i licht Ful f c a had an when i speak adut to offi a the ability to handle and i in to Trail Paige whose Tarn re metered throughout the country a her splendid portrayal in Vatu master pie Quot Ilia k Beau a the heroin of a the prods i judge Quot w i h ill to shown Tai the Lyric theater today the the Book Vaughan Hester in ii was to. I a hug Success when it was produced Pui dished in Frev years ago and the h sat i a film version has been made in such a i. Not a manner that it Ope of the out a rid that in Good. In no it that i ii i am a Boxer main on a strength to p h i its i b x n f to of hint g in ult i g Btl flying Bluejacket Sells his air plane productions of to a be Ikun a i now to d w it h that null he to get it f i to in i like get to got p All ref rut i building i a Penis dam mind Nob Altor. A find try a and Iii a d tin Aud ii untied and to la a i d the Poi la Xii xxx Lull xxi i Xun of i. X i tin i a a i Imi in a a Hil Loni St Vii it Nilius whirl beginning today the noted we i i pox Star. William a mum. W la be no at the pastime theater for two in Quot the Lone Star langur Quot a lira mat Lea lion of the to. Or novel of the Texas Border path of j ,.s of Grey in this play or. And linguist i for Scott ari/., Pear a a 4 i a it. F i d a Hyp i i in St Art re to Fly it Oft fifth i Ichi Horny in ism of sold his air pin tip to a to son in Mfd or mint arts son bought a r Dhond tick i rom i mom to i,.� on Oral i word received a re 11.i v. Ran into bad in cent jell which Rudminat i who i i tempted to Ris it was fore d to int be Iii nigh 29c x i itlik�?~1 of la i dist. Louis. Or pm. 25. The i e c jury which inv�tlg.t leg Vuu a re. I who was k in h1 to Civ Ltd of Hisa it p 0 it t portrayals it Tern Char robbed held for i Der t a i. A import in i i n i in i Hlls up to and ii. Hot h each a it x i i Iii i it i i i h Indianapolis hopi .�?Al Tho a Story contains a love then a a i. Teiry developed. Admirers of today r or Fame in in the City already know fits ability to throw his a a a magnetic personality into an emotion it i Ole. And there can he Little doubt that a treat in store for released and who was foul today with he thro it alas in i a Verdi i a no tent a i 1 Tbs could direct a god to j. Gordon i lure. Edward nervous wreck for six weeks Bank suit filed in Federal court the i alb no i i sub that Hurt of Dei a a gently a Iff. A b Santa be. In refiled in f the United to will great to Albuquerque business at _ 1 a lava 4 e Tutei >1 uses Complete courses in Day and night school later. A ratio to Kef his address v National anti int but he spoke rat i Iii in Hereof be d a 9 min if Jbv lauded or Tho a Nim i Rig his had no 7 tin ii up a it rth vied t i issues a Brit Fly Nill in Fox St it. Ii a a i i this rag school May ams name committeemen for Kentucky lady tells How Book Benefit Ball she became Strong and healthy recommends Cardin to weak women. Bur bar skirting to Inch Bur Bur skirting in Oyster xxi Only if5.50 value special for tucs a wide Spanish lace Beautiful Quality Spanish lace in Brown and White this fabric being used extensively for various kinds of trimming specially priced for Tulfo 4q tuesday. 0fa##"l a 32-Inch Renfrew Gingham soc value in Beautiful color and color combination in stripe., plaids Ami Plain pedal c for tuesday. Single Cotton blankets 01-80 a Otton blankets in Grey tan and while fancy Borders a splendid value for tuesday. To do Pound paper 50c value Pound paper in Blue White Sqq re and yellow priced special for tuesday. A a ,0#/c three Quarter sox 35c value three Quarter sox in Brown Black White and Blue broken Stets for tues clays special. Women a gowns women a Fine Muslin gowns si.50 value fancy stitching and lace trimmed \ Beck Short no sleeves special for Bandeaux Brasier made of Pink and White webbing sizes 31 toll value to $1.50, each. Doc children a Muslin Wear slips drawers a waists and gowns made of Fine White Muslin embroidery trimmed values a to 75c specially priced c Tennis shoes broken lines of Tennis shoes and oxfords in a Black and White special for tuesday. Martha Washington shoes Martha Washington Black kid shoes and slippers values to $8.50 broken sizes �10 or special. Children a shoes sizes 1-2 toll in this assortment Are Valuer from 3.00 to $4�00� included Are Patent Button Black and Dull cult lace shoes to close or. A save Money on these specials and buy t tickets to the elks carnival i if . 46 i Len it Traci of. 2-7, ind. The Early a a morning to i Rio Ai i ii county. Other of the in ii but w Bidi nun prominent demo among its citizens. A to. It it or Days he h a to Rongholt a Lead die Blouse of buoys Cort in Jih i w a re made for the a annual Olma Bali i to or Given a in Nix a Hoot i a Ach of a the Rtuh in i hoi a a at Ai Mot of tin drool spec lenten dents to. No a late was in of in Aff air it commute a were cd to Tak e car of All Arf a nge to i an the Dane a Benefit. A ii in chairmen we Ere a led i it Hows tickets m k in i a in miss Cecilia Mur Wiir i a x Clem it Ion miss Kush on in Umi i Mars a lung. In rite. Miss Louise the Tom p in til ant i Herr . Miss Irenc ii la a Good a you 8.t�n awl iring you of you Are Peri a 1 to int att in it it school enrol in our night i xxx a iioskinc3, proprietors exposition Hall the busiest puce and in. A a in fade a thin dire Dri Tkv a a it Fri i Lurk. A meeting of All of the teachers of that Unity i be n called for joob lock saturday morning at the courthouse i Hecks will be distributed and a talk will be Given or. A. A Vest City and county health officer. Diamond to your i t it. Worth Given severe drubbing at the hands of Mobile mount Vernon the la Vanhook f Ford but now of that after her till a undertook Boull work too eau aed me a in hic Quot a i Bogan to to played out not Vira. Vanhook a lion. Quot for ahoy lust a nervous or Ltd it have some one do work. I Quot doctor told n i once had eau. I so Quot dus system and la Wax to use a the in t of pm run. Ray tiding h .1 child to Resu at Deal ibes Hor it of do we i v reek. I had a ill me Horn d Drui u Wiir Quot to Kum Aranof fad or in it u nether to Dye her it in some More Good news just received shipment ladies millinery of the latest new York style Sale Price $2.98 up remember you la always do better at Busy Hee Are the carpentry and decor atom at the armory transforming the Interior into Pica of Beauty and brilliancy tor the merchant exposition w h i a a ii open wednesdays i get. 27, 7 i0 m. It Safe to predict standing room will be at a Premium a a simply grand Quot la what you la say a you enter the h g auditorium on the opening night. Then a to six of album a must i e Aire merchants will hat interesting exhibit. Free Cating Sample and souvenir and in Pios will be distributed nightly. Specially arranged musical pro Raja Don t forget the Day and Date wednesday sept. 27, 7 no p. M a adv. And 109 a first St. Risoni .,35 of tool i i x i x m bile Ala. Sept. 25.�?-mobile8trr,1ittl. A a fort Worth a severe drubbing recanting afternoon knocking Wuchtel very soon i a nth it i it ill Pitcher out of tits Box in in condition. I. It a sixth inning and winning it tie of Gatdul and. Corn. S to la tits All Dixie aerie w re stored. Now stands i i am a Strong ii Aith. Mobile won fort Worth. 2, this Ken Tov \ the to Anis left tonight for fort she a never j let it xxx a re u i to weak Aid run manager in Boff was the her Quot of the game. In the sixth inning i thousands of women p Quot the Bas t i i aft Mobil dui to their Iii had sent tin run Over Niehoff this mild to harmless t Rove the Hall of or tile e enter Beld tonic Medl ii a i A Fence it was the longest drive Ever Jceal Efell use for a forty Saen Here. The Mobile fans in their the treatment of Many pm a predation presented the ii a melts offer d women rating r with it j Aper sack that vow drip t to it appeared to be Lull of Money be Piiru i up you t act u t was yer effects a. Ii pitched the Best game of the series a. I galust fort Worth los out curve a l l Hist lither Opp Cut f our la get rid of a ii to the a build up i card it Hinkle does not equivocate Santa be. Sept St. In answer to a c inquiry from or. Ii. To. Mills of the methodist conference now in a axion in i la ton a to his record and present stand on prohibition or. Charles l. Hill has just wired a answering your inquiry wish to state that i supported the dry amendment to the Constitution of Tho United states and the pre ism t in which i reside in Dona Ana county went strongly in favor of stat a prohibition which i also support j. A i consider liquor a men act to health and a financial Handicap and certainly Laver till enforcement National and adequate stat Laws on the signed a. L. Hill Hinkle answer to a similar inquiry Tho con Lei in co was weak and equiv cd i it a Pun publicity manager and v. In if Ca. Man la mud. Sent. K. M. I gabbing our attitude Tow re prohibition. You Are requested and authorized to say to the methodist Coo a. In that we Tov r Tho eighteenth amendment Aud stand for the strict and impartial enforcement of All prohibition Laws there under both Federal Aud a. A. Jones James i. Hinkle till above a copy of % to i Al til nut senator they All know the value of notice the members of the executive committee of the Republican party of i rna Lillo county or hereby called to meet at the chamber of Commerce on wednesday 8 it . R 7th 192�?o. It 7 t,0 p. In for the purpose of fixing tin Date Tux Tho holding of precinct Lynn units it who county to elect Dele Akia Troubl make it Ideal lot Gate to the county convention b for the purpose of nominating a Burn Bor county ticket. Frank a. Hubbell chairman f. M Chacon adv it Secretary Witch Tel used his spitter with ii effect. Scott innings fort xxx orth.dd2 Oft Pool a thera orc sir Mobil too 215 Dux blackheads,1 that i batteries xxx Achtel Goodbrad to do till a a Haworth Acosta and Raker nit powder from. In. In Rinkle a lit. Reel Tiol Tablet presente0oh&en to Church Wilson i w tin not hmm ointment i for thu a of a vows member of the i Quot a Ber be the Staunton. X t., set a Quot. -. I r in it properties the Mke it a Eftev Tir lot i r i std it xxx Woodrow xxx Uthil blackheads sure Cut Bod 5crtch� Felon wound Pimp cold tote Dis stint tie at All drug a. Imp n d flu on thursday Tho Mil Day of a a september 1922. At a. In in in. Of the. City halt present d to Tho congregation i it of the first Presb Tertan Church of this City a Bronx Tablet in memory of his father the Rev. La. Joseph ii. Wilson who was pastor of the Church from 1855 to jsf.?. F was during the Rev. Bead so they or. Wilson pastorate Here that Chur w Woodrow w i j son w Lis Horn. J trouble with the Unsei Ute it i a a a a in huh a should it i Quot id. Aly try Dilt sign Silex Lin pm method. A Ai to Blu Khe Matt or vaudeville High class selected acts today and tomorrow matinee wednesday Black a a cd. A re. Simply did a Ivy d leaving the Turl it without a a it hat or. It i. A i a in a a mixture of ius Ai l d. T a thins from the body that for pore of rho skin. I a Ini a queening Only e a to a a t make Large p i a it and do n blackheads out after to hard the Ator it now water simply data solve to Tai til i right or in v Ami clean and in noltion. A n Vona North second Street i will sell no Brown Bay horse Quot ill weigh about 900 pounds to year old branded on left shoulder and left thigh. J. In Galusha. A City Boston mass., sept. 23. Udd it Shevlin of Roxbury was Given the j Edge decision or Alex train w.0 Lutas of Imu Fornola at till closed of their ten round bout Here tonight. They an we a term gifts. In a a Bill amp Hattie Carr Devore amp Worth x in Leal 4 i tilted. Hastings lined v juggling Novelty Xii 11 x nos on Dia in \ t 01111 a t Romano Sisters in la Sty a i i try i cps i soothed and healed Fey rubbing nightly Quot a in Cru Oft Point old of. A tre to a Riotut Bruet the tiitrr1 to., a a we h a in it .ll-.,t�. S to. I Philadelphia so it. A a a fresh Mill gallon lots also Schotl smut Arr kuk.s44� Louk la him Pillad out Point Huller in ilk null outlier cheese. Utill Mrena Ltd 1 s Vij i Xiv-1, i san a no hair Lui iut till l kit it a. It. I a a Gie of. I a fast t round bout touch ass or it Suim v. A v a r Quot o r u it a fit Jar or nerf a a the woman in room 13�?� urn r forge t the matinee wednesday Xiii in Don at 1 30 nights t t5 and a in. Matinee 2 3<i wet uts Day pro i night 7�5c. U5c children 25, tip cd 35c How licit Kab. Crystal opera House

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