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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 15, 1918, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal sunday september is 1918. Five will preach on the subject Quot the withe Del i Byrd will sing a Solo a in my i Ather n hour Quot in tile evening the Young people will Felt v 6 an tin in topic a the Faloon m uni in fifteen minute address to the pair on the subject a the cull of out Friend sprung r and the Quot is h0o-Evei will find a Hearty Welcome at out worship a Noeth font in gospel a i if. Min Ortli loll Rill Street. Puurula school and Billie class at 4 in a in. Topic tins week Quot win Ion he world to Christ ill a be breaking of bread in re me in Bra Nee it it Fth Quot lord. S p in. Preaching of Hie gospel by ail Hub Jeet Quot at what to you value your soul or Quot bought or sold which Quot wednesday at 8 p. In. A meeting for prayer. N a in thursday a meeting for Hie study of the epistle to the Bornean. All Are cordially invited. St fait/8 English Mth Euan 111 ii ii. Comer s Lver Mal myth arthurm k Hudson pastor. Residence t0h m sixth. Phone 2299 the Hun a y Bool met to at 9 with classes for Iii morning win hip will be held at la of clock Hill. A Bassett will speak nth Iii by the choir the Christian Endeavor society meet a 7 00 of clock with Irwin hallo Hon and Alfred Pillion Chi As leaders topic the k Loon 10wef, my How to overthrow t i nth Mitzi Al a methodist Iii lit la. Soi in. Corner to aint Antral. Joshua t. Jones pastor. It Elul a preaching serviced 11 00 a Iii and t 43 p in morning subject the Progress of the kingdom of Lod in Tho world the it Alioth a a series of sermons on tin to rabies of our lord evening a la to Quot the Quot he Ruet Cyrhl tic. Of i of special music by it hocus hot. Mentor Epworth i it ague to Jie a Peru i program has been prepared for us service pundit a a Hon i a. In John w m Jor s., a i int Nile id. Frayn meeting wednesday eve Ding it 7 it of clock you Are Welcome to a tend All the a services. Hart Schaff Ner Marx clothes for True Economy sunday Church services where to worship today Las vegas the oin Lith it its i me t kill Iii \ a 111 ill Mitre Avenue and i a till str a i a v i a i a �?��11�?� i it motor. To get. Not it Epworth ii. In. A a have i Hith i Quot. Beatrice it i m iss it Miti a a log of the to ii Lin t w i rite m a. Non re oui a. Newt a a to Moon if a i it i he is Tasi gnat Ion of i Rte presid. It vim Frank to elect Miti of to Hob i of a but sin w oui i hot h in a it in r Ere n hairy i i in to Divot e to i the Vav of win he Tai a of up a it Ted to i heavy ibis air Iez a ii u Jie my. 0fllu extra amount of ii i it Fnu lie rvs e arid a a a Marl Charity diva rid thut i i it he a it on Iii club on a Fife Man 2% the club will mss it a hold a my act i my of .1 a in rut r i h a Ami yet Cond vice president ii it Tett j Nobis or i i my in i no a m r or w in 4 Ort Iii r were ram Eil Dele or. Gate to the my Ting of t he Kuff e fete Datum in Baton in of Tot it the Lifto a by Lutish Ian a Iii ill f to tor i a i \ v 11 in and a Iii ii in Sui Vav a v by til Fiefel i Kojo f i of in non go Anthem Ttoe he. I ret i i. Ii ear k a w Dicot alternates ire Mij to Ila no i i it it pm Tiff ii. A. ,.in fumes i t f i la unit Silver Vicinte j Hugh \ c oops. Barie it. Ujj j stand i s h. Ii i ail in a Sims. Two i Unm Erit i i an have a a. Choel�?1 9 a. In. Edward piled for comm Mon in the Medico i pet intend it department of la army and expect service la a it to Ltd called for Lichtly a service a a t a on. A with of their departure Sill make three i. Pea1 e i i ivc is Italy Gay Phy to it tans now in that scr i err tight 19 bait so Safaa k mrs a a the Best is the cheapest a that a Why every Man in Albuquerque should Wear our suits and overcoats to the men who you Are no doubt thinking about your uniform you Are going to Wear but buy and enjoy a new fall suit and your uniform will follow later on. Manhattan shirts Are Here this store is showing All the latest patterns in the new fall shirts in silk and Madras cloths. Brighten one piece pyjamas just received a our Complete shipment of fall pyjamas in one and two piece garments. Shirts Wright clothing company a fhe exclusive menus fund i it. Hium Mot nit i. It i Udall. Millett i i our holier a Hrim lit n in topic the overthrow i. Ider 111 Sermon Quot a t halt 1 a a Oik for to i haul i wet and Law hah. J ill. La t no i ii my 11 in walking i 11 ii i i i a will Al i his Huy i or j to in at 4 Vav Lay Mon in. M ate Hel l by Sun in Par Quot w or h the will give in their club moms on the night of i a temper 2 the affair in i it. Formal and in to be la Swelle a \ i Given by the antlered boy ii sin night of kept mba i Quot they a a Lvi a Quot tug party till piano Ami violin pupils of a a i ill. A Ltd male v gave a i. Ital Thor eve erring Iii the auditorium of the Normal in a a ratty mid in Hoffman i left Fri Indian who in aha writ Quot trend All re a v loyalty menus Artesia j mis it Illy Kkt b a he \ i lint pc. I. Affy not St Hooi. Kab w held Iii i Hail to her us of Artesia at the redid Rah last former was gassed and then w aet wounded both arc in a him. Is France. Sha Lay i min w ill in i gone to to visit her daughter. Lambie a recent Bride Vav up go in time to in rum or the of-1 or i Bur no the Dot in the food a i i Hati ii my will be an in weight by drool Withes he ii a i ill it la i la in set Horn it a it a i i i i. A of ill at n Ivock it i. A i if it room open d Illy except s i i. I i to a f a Kiu 2 "0 to 8 Quot it p in Miti we hold a a a nut pm Olid ult a. A free ii dating Library Iii holing All his Wanks of m by i to gag Eddy my Obei a it hoi a a i ii Riel tank Lent ii a lure in n a a i it in 1 in untie Hon with tier i Ling room that it it ii ii idly in lied to it lend lha mind Day evening tire a to g i Quot Oil. With rela i providing Quot j those chill i dal attend m irs it no h or w ii i a a a emplo.,Cit pm Nokia plus in tip of Fly of count gent m it i Jon in for the i let Vai now in employed h i s Mil i it it a to ifs to i Luca i and mrs i Ai pit w net Ham and children have returned from an extended visit in California and or i to the Pur i tiled to Ilion a it due that i a ii for family Here Are Eek ill kept i St at Ion announces ride at that Phi ii few we i Here mrs i. J Brook who went a a i suppl it of Light Jan Early Spring in search of a Aiton the in ii i a returned much improve d minion m that it and i Ai. In Alexand r a w hat s i i ten asm i a ii i i a i to Homo of i ret a in mended Annie Armstrong of he Well w to w ire i 1 i i or. A a a a a St of vib Quot i nil. Krasn t a or loaf Al j i timing and a a re parties Prumis a win it direct a to i. Popular i location in to inf of la it it f a i is Noa and Winter. A vet if have air a abroad with the i been held and in St week to Arni or. Be Civ. Ii he 5 j j Lark life tallied Tho Broll or c ii buddy t in ton to for a visit win to is Slat oiled there fifteen no n of Tim a ii w Ark in mrs a. M. Thomas who i join her husband it Idem or Thomas is employed keeper in a Hank at that j mrs it h a Fadden i Havana Iii will Ltd ply a i club a i the Young Mair. A Peop full i Home i m i. Durn it the residence of Miami a a Ltd Immi fail Ingle t j is i Liming als or 11 1 cd rom c. A Arch met la from a Nas place left fast i old cold or fro in of Quot vie copier ii of Nashville term j my a Thui Lic fore it a. Air of a oho it Pic let works. I cold j o Cunti acl the in fee by to to i.nh1 Hijii halon Al first acute become i it i reception to it by when the void is properly to treated Etui promptly cured Ihnn no m ins further trouble l i iut often it of Kiev t v of in contracted by their Chil i dry ii and chronic Catarrh from w to ii to j they it Vei fully recover is the result ii a to a t rid of a a id Takeff Humber a ire -1 taints to ought lie Tuedt. I i i 11. T i ii i lined to posit us la in fam Iii it i a be i a i 1 i cd my we Heth. Ihnn i i the wednes Luth a a a Van Quot Quot a i Roll nne to vice inn and to visit Tbs both the u ii. Hams and the Heidet Ait Popup ill in Vickas my a i Iii Llma Nab hot n idol to. W rot fee Ken. It to a a to min Mabel Bigler no to letting the family is u Bigler. In the Hsei ice of p to St on unite an c it her Broth kans Eureka sprint att i d h a it i it a an hoi by Mig w 11 ii were off a have both i irk., w her and Benin mind for by lion tiniest this v offer to. I i it a i i \ i i i in i by Ion Iii it Llod it la v a i of i. Id i in i ii ii Tim it in it la i Mim i i and Venin and had inv imm Vaill i i Mil i la Al m i i Iii it a in Lill. Carl so timid. In a ii a. Ins Situ i it aum Street 1 no Blume 1041 i w la at ii i ii Ltd i jail 1 Bro i h it a. B i la hot i. I Ion Ai. Iii Bill. Form Al unit Broad Sij Ami i Bierce Leewart it i -. I. If m Ball for ii ii Ami will re the re for a Vela i months Lei. The eminent Arch i to spend s Llis tin a. Oar among Home Folk or Springer or win i though engaged Iii motifs it work i i in a nth a a it knit Hinian institution for mate. Off i month Soh veil Law of t it urns in bloc i a vegas for one or noir visit or Naulty. La a maintain Quot i reside sit Here and is an offi Cio in the k in Al i Miguel Natl ital i Ink i he la i the i e w is la people will Iii re e to in Tho ii Vav i a to a v of a. I t a tie me to i. Whir i Utho a in j ii a solemn in it a a Fust n Kunda 111 h t they is a hold service in the first Bielby term n chinch Aud Agal on monday Moi Ning a special in j St. At program of atm my manic a i i violinist will he Given o each occasion the i w is la Quot tor Iii Cai. Fast with Rotim i ii ii to ult Home. Burner it with Nayonn break a to or reran i Ai ii it a Brown is hindi or my Vel he it Ifni a Orton. Pastor. Anti Llu dance 4 i South Edith i hts i i i Hoium i i i is a i a i in v i a ail Ami Homo i turd liar4 tip a la kit Ute. A or i i i Iii. Re a Iii no a loved All via it Moindi m iss a in v and miss end Titan of Wagon Mound two air popular ii i a veg Cir Lea have gone to \ a it p net a attend a Bool during the w to i or and mrs e e Bree Quot a i i is at i. Fast of fee i ii into i Blister a Affie bal urn hoi i ebb vol a potato a at sponge 4-alt�, a v Ding prune Quot with cookies Tea bean pure pm ii entails. Boft. M d m ism a l l the is by Eshett Nan afternoon at to a. A press Koiv Sis on liter i i i a is stings Simi Tho red. W to blakemore�?T8 mortuary Home pet b t to isl k a Btl Ollil of to Loti a a. A a la s i Misu i him 2�?ot til. Music and Vogt a Ltd it w ii it Quot a a Cital i hot a i pc hog at the Home of i and or John a a a to a in Honor of my Del a Fgeorge to k irk. I Kii Tkel a one of the founder of to so Jet v or my i u in it i thou a to returned from we automobile lip to i liver whet in a left a ont Ere Margaret and i a a 1 ult s Hoot twp b that the in it limn Rill Quot he d and a Bai a i i i. Quot of a bom i Wei to or 11 handier a j do pow Jar . What wrul4l i after St p m do Quot lain to of sentry i j go up Wilu feg Ftp Oft ii Pihiou Tiu e Bay tire aka i i a plums with Cream and sugar i Lim to t to. Its la to i Ollie i i pea-1, guitar Brea Khaet Fie at nip to lat Neli i by liner fruit . I break it i Hill i Bio it to a Tad of von by Lone Ami von a Eft Bay heart on in amt Carroll. Coffee i i cod Apple i Oft Aid closed All Day monday on account Holiday watch the paper for Imp news of tuesdays bargains biggest than Ever. Meyer amp Meyer International Salvage to. In charge in ii i Iii fail Wati

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