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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 10, 1918, Albuquerque, New Mexico High Albuquerque morning journal tuesday september to 1918. Crescent hardware co. 18 we to Var Al. Air. Plumbers hot water and steam Heaters Tinner a wrote Quot steel warm air furnaces Knonk is. Al sol i Tilly til aran 1 1 1 i. i f.rq1ic, n m. Re. Cd hems conference Here to prepare tuberculosis to for fond drive be Helo oct. 4 we advise \ shit i i a in Iii ital to lie to. Inui nil. Us. It a bean i s l a Mai n ii to in. Ward s store Crescent grocery h m i it la. A it d 15 Marble Avenue. Phone .itm7m74 Robirt ton arum Smith Walter. Phone. 57 iss any Crowder Ai Rives hem firn Dallas miss Margate Hutchinson it Thea ii a in w 0 Marn a t cum. Jyro a Roll tub vast i ii i 11 it Aith a ult it his s Rob to i i a atm i tin a Tho a it pm a a a Isis. S issued is a Asnoe Hutton met a in ii Lumb britishers enlist nov All perfors wishing to enlist in the Brunot Ltd a Force ate requested to Call the undersigned. British Canadian Sib ton George Roslington resident officer mrs. Blanche Underwood teacher piano Hui Fisit to Lent m to Gilt n i in a inner to Lyllo i a Lolly is. Sam pm a i Homie Ltd a a tip Lite 20 i la i it i put rut is into today and tomorrow House High class pictures and music vol Goldwyn presents am Tim whim Fliri t lie be ret ii Puis in a the glorious adventure in i in i to i v Tun in i no also a Good comedy a ifs a wild i i i Usu m. I Iii vol a it Mph i Iii i 111 it a i i mid i i i Wilt i lilt \ Wil win i mar a tin i is i Uva ii i Lyric theater Quot today Only a Myrtle Lind in a Nancy comes Home t i tangle feature in five reels. Ford animated weekly one reel thursday i Bidav amp saturday matinee 2 to 6 p. In. A a to hell with the night.7 15 to lip. In front t ii if in a Rill. To a no a Piton minx Wilson b Ami in upon her Din mend the nine i ? a a my t h. Hot "br., a Quot us run it it inns i Tami Rita the a hic i i hint it. i i 9 i it St a it Kin. It loth. Xvi i s legume tuber Quot Prog in no in wat time. Khu cation tules , general it Ltd. Alien so Ary Oil Atuaiia knit bion it d to the Hviid Touarti i a Prever Ion it tut to Louie. Ltd to vision so w la it Annm Fily. Oriol i. In Thiv Max i is in it nex us lbs in rim re he a a a a a tar. Sitao u tub. R in Rector fur x. N til Inlet inst int Ion pin univ Ari. Tic i 1 Lux ii ii i ii i ,. It i a a 11 Midi to director print Ere Home re do fur ? a is it Ltd u a to springy to do Iii u in Wick it Tittle i . Fun it Clellen in cd i 1 1 �?~>�?�1 director municipal to tie re ii i Osin who returned yes flatten by i Mavet a . A a us. A. Ted a a a i i �1 a Fie by i it a via Tidei to no a a. pubic i Lith a Sec Hilton the work announced actin Tex. Of mis. Maud Wilson i Quot n air is hons in i Metzger not is a it Etui. A. Medical inor. T Loon has till Ady in twin in. Tuc a it a vol duties not who Industrial con la taken the i Rex Cut Earl n. A tile Sui kit it it tis. Pat it it ii and Iron company i Liber i a. Or-1 1 luncheon. The i Stern How to solve the indigent migratory it the hint i . Lan it Ion Sali Sui i a Hie Range fur sheep foe Lea at it lot it i Hoft term lease win. L. Study \ o., second Aud Gold ale. Let us Send a Man to replace licit broken window Bliss. Albi our rib k i i m Iii it co phone 421. 423 n. J Irot. \ Rinna by. Us i 11 ii la a i both to i thus f. Wet a 4 tin Iii. It Jar toe a is in the w k will i w he i i mum a a i i the la i Piton in t a left hard b tor att. Arm it. M. Williams f Ihms Lxi to kims i and 2. Whiting nodding phone no. Ohi Comer Stroud ital Gold City electric shoe shop 111 j v it 507 fh1.k tut Vii pm git i it Batch a tills it \ it a proposed a Ltd i cd. Out Ive in health a to. A j it i la re and sat it the Felt Iron lilt it Al i Tarn. A. A a today and tomorrow highest class in every Way Paramount presents the White hands Law. With. Sessile Hay a a was current events a e the wot i and Tho off i i u. S. War picture. I log admission g to i i. ,. 10c adults 15c, children k c cd i Trull title. Pm a car suttee Jar >attd�it�?~hoi.�, Jar t Honey ii. Use i a tract Horsey pm. Jar. In Mel nor e los. 43c Mit Nicci palladia id. \ Groch till x Ano my to j a a i w. Tijeras phones 495-4110 4 the n a v is it shut i Alo Civ i a Lei title Vail i any . In Toller if Huu it min Puhi -it--4, mrs. Olive Chat �44�44�4��������44444��4� a try an enchiladas with i Filiti <.11 till i \ Grimshaw is u t Umi t it i Trad j a a a Thrim Law Wen it see ten Quot 4 a �����T��T���4���4444 i s pc. It dressmaking and tailoring j Strong Brothers ii j undertakers 5 let so cd , phone a 75. By it in it his tsp pm. Ii # Anh i it us4 �T��T���T��T��T���T��T��T��T��444�?�4���#�4�4 Ujj who ii cd firing tour stat eel to into by ii Cill 2kiel tit Lour iou ii Cit Anil mat 5tat a a Sun �. Min Una i 1 our Iii trim t. To it. F Horn 9 to i a 1 by garment tit Ufa it a 8-5. It Al i i n u \ it Oil til 321 1-2 heat a it viral. A a a a i a e a i y St to ii u j today Washburn while they last a Vav. Pure Duroc hts vac Cinato Ani bred Price s Monk Ridge farm. Plume 2112 f-3 local items deaths and funerals in. 1 \ it oiling tourist Lur lies bul us no fab mar a a Thorn taxi Phons 71. A la Fri i he Cuttle 1 a icons 1 Vav it Iii in in a Matt the i Aile it i ufos i i it ill no it i. A u put a till i Irvy iu., it i c. Of c. Registering All alien citizens your hauling by tons pure it in to Uthit it mint ukr out Peoble Rio hips in Tim hell pro do a by 3 it it Btung s honk Afore is 4 the it it i .1 <�s., i i mrs la ii i it Rug in a la a planning Riv Rne i a Nail. Lie a Hie mods i Raship Tuiai Bittner House rooms. A a suits cleaned. Is i i wanted four Luigi pressed $1.25 i Moi ired try Henryjr s hell very cont Rule i Plain 4 Olio hit 4 it Piton was ii. t11.�?� it eau try the want and Way p. His i t tired Cross fund to receive second s4.000 a to i i 1 till j t tile he t la j.,. J i i i h a a it. Iii 11 it lob ii i a a i cd if jul Tim i to j a it via j i w m Earl to Willii a i 4vv Fem in a i w unwed a Hep i it t by Pplk Ila i i icon ill a. Springer Transfer go. It it a prompt 4 reasonable service Santa be stage a but Auer que to Sint % be bigger i a a1 pts., phone Imi Tver Munday Wedrite Days fridays and saturdays car leave Al tee it a Kph a 7 0 St in Hunti be i to p in. I Are Tan mme is75 Plu it War to skinners grocery announcement monday the kith we will discontinue further credit All Good delivered after thai Date will be strictly Cash. Thu step in taken As a War measure. The food administration says that Etc nixed it credit is a cause inflated prices. We will prompts the Trade the same better service at lower prices. Watch our ads and save Money t illicit Blate i mid atm Lite m Amu i ii. Of 1,11131 A. Skinner t y v a t v r i pc t in. F i n i the f 5 it. If i \. I i i,.,. Loti j a in it i a v i Twenty one comedy burglars Scenic a dapple Blossom land Friday and saturday Mary Miles Minter in a Beauty and the a a f a a a a a s s a Vav i its is so Quot la a a a a a ss94 ass a a 41 at once two three experienced Sale ladies. Apply at the economist auction Sale thursday september 12, at 803 s. Edith St. Sale starts promptly Ai 2 30 p. M. Four rooms furniture to go to the highest bidder for Cash. Note the following articles that will be offered. Dresser bid Springs and mattress dining table dining chairs rockers carpets Cook stove dishes tubs cooking utensils two Heaters pm a a Lor Tab and Many other articles not no Niom d account space. J. L. Gober auctioneer. Real estate problems purchases salts Trade Are easily solved by journal want ads. I a it today pastime theater phones >0, by and 03 205 South l in set St. He in i i ump Errilla k Hahn Coal co. In Alltop hot a trill. Hiu a phom Sisk ii a i Iti Allm i ii it i in Osk cogs Miu wxj4, same it a Ltd lord we cd. No us Sta Lac. Has a Why America will win \ r Wiliam Fox production 1 thursday Friday saturday sept. 12, 13, 14

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