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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 3, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Fir of r a i Quot of Albuquerque morning journal a by their fruits be shall know them text selected by Rex. Xvi. Pastor. St. Paul s lutheran Church churches Shobe d eliminate poverty rather than give away alms Rev. Davidson congregational minister says Jesus stood for principal of helping others and forgetting ones self in promoting others Good says such a life is Richer than selfish one. A Matthew 7 20 sentence sermons it All christians Pray clod daily a Stren Rohen and pre Ltd \ a a a a to fast in thy word and Faith unto it a a Arl Schmid Immanuel Evangelic lutheran a by Reb i a Church to Ald in not chiefly a dispenser of Al in but rather an organization whose great aim is to eliminate poverty and and that make for wretchedness and misery among no n. Harold s. Davidson congregational Church. We can afford to have open minds on questions of More theory but when it comes to the burning thrilling question of our relationship to Jesus Christ god demands a decision immediate and . M Knudsen St. Paul a lutheran Church. I bkg xxx Vav aniline a. In a Vlod it tit on owners i it of or ten r nor i Tho proof in of xxx by a i am to be x ii i number of our ten per i stills sort for mull cup Al Road in prs v from to a or turn to or trips j prove Menf till tit a while hav up j tiv pow or earning in j Tiff it a i a a ant Oft ent Oft Sale i a a Day Wath tim Wmma a i during Tho pct u i of deflation j. A Quot for getting taunt inf fit a my a quids Ion xxx. I eventually a c feb a he re fat a a a a la i in Nirh for fun Industry. xxx the the program i Quot terror it limit at Ion of Al Virn r nil mini offt of if Aff Fie Ai via astr to it is 1< Hafter a rely r of in tis which there nth ii Looth it a types of a but within it a a great of in t a duo to it Simp m fro Ion to sops Roto la. Or it i it l l la composition is puff in a liquid penetrating every Crevice Excelsior the soft water laundry it a Imp Mol of will 1f i the i Hur i in to re it no in a pint in f ill ill hot feel <1 no by fur the f car in ,1a-r this is Fhi i of err. Prop a n i n ii rive i Holt sin i m ill in ii demand a a. Shipped c of 50.&Quot Iraq Ion h pre ulna 1 rom Imp 1 the d i dbl if Minnoia if will r of i it flu ii i not t rib n feat i it it Scio w h Pirn unit the Fin Ort of f re tuft a Bury Brit it Liny r n f Tir Axer m it Rob a i i f o 626 South Walter a i at i a a. In. J i xxx re r re i i it i Klimt he i son to i t hurl ii the Stithjr to f Ion i to 4 arts a in int his on i car it the or nothing ii t rat aft truly that y Vilt w t ii or ii la s Lill Al n 11 i r g 1 w it 11 of my Lus Urio phial it a no As a or Conn f it shows i of for Tho thu it has rot univ from Tho it Wpm in of Jesuse Christ. Tho Plain Man it a a Tho in Orts a a of a it of this. Of ill. His of to life a jul t As self 1 u. It a a a thinks somehow that the Chun h Sli Oul i it .1 i Fri Quot something different. And that those who Ai a up thirs of it should look of he front h Tome what Der it it viewpoint from that of those tim Annet. Tiv r i have Boun Many amp tto mph to of Phi n tie p at i Lolo 1. Some have s us that let Means jus j what it Savu. Other Haw Lur j tended that St cannot mean for mature try. It is not a million of discipleship to soil tithing on has and give the i Cecils to the pm a this morning i am going to try to make Clear what i think is the meaning of Tho numb a sosh. We it s i the present univ that a Young Nues lie has a on i country. He pc great cities and 1 o it h an a i is to i f rills i Felt in us jains the Chi or the n h tsar rid. I or .1 nil that a i misery Rcd i in Tho a in 1 f of to at to ire in life the the sunday school h Ive t that 11< �1 always to who fire honest and in 1 Wlms such men v m they arc cite d a a 1 but this View is .1 from th1 teachings of. From the West. In to Post which ufos pro North i Oti Rili Street gospel had a in a 1300 North fourth a Fri it t a r f. I v 1 i i tie hum Ify school Silvei e i Semient int j of a 4r, a. In a humbly school and i ,1 1 Bible class la a of trend in remembrance of Tho lord acts. 2&Quot 7. No or aching at this hour i 3 p in a in a o Hing in Spanish by Jose in Bey. To p Tea chive of the j gospel i in Jim in. A p m Bible fuds in Spanish by a a b. By. To. Inert a. 8 p frs i p to tit fray r Bible study. Is Patts i i tithe ran Buri b six h of re t i Wiver Avenue we Vii hippos lat Lon it Suppo i among spin n. Irmina 1 w i will it to for i my a n tit. Morrow. No Al i bely in to aspire. Oan mein by r of the to and pleasure for costumes too Stipel b for pm of old made to be worn bul a till to be replaced by i Ore elaborate it luxury too end to the will buy. Of hut a try vim Cut Ive Abt once. This bed his for owned som into his i Chance 1 Public it help w in a be Shat put it j it amp to 111 loin Bis 1 h i i i r Gpe in ids Over of Liu i a rigid i a hoist Blit a Law a d a Arthur m h 1 r. Bill it h of i a d 1 f in. The a Waag peal k rub Avo r iving. J. W a it cd the i he \ Tok i 9 1 a. In sunday of your 1 a. W. Be o in a. Supert a a my la a m m Riu g v and1 pastor win give to ill theme a the heart appt Var. J 2 p. M Chris me met Ting topic better Iliad j Leader mis Bella Danielson Over int to i v p. In it a my Ting of a a Tiro by get it r que que i hurdles at a a. A hot f or. I vie methodist Church to hear i it a of in doing he Gudron. I him Xvi Ita a of. A 1 be it. Johns Cut Lindral i plus Copal psf r c. Lie Sld Chun h St Trines Supern Feib of. Morning service at it. Of Sermon. A a Chri is was 1 it a with by la Quot the lot per will i observed 1 i rial to Endeavor at 7 subject Himer giving a i ii , 1 i Fly tig s pm Iron meetings at the i Centra Avenue methodist Church j this a it. 1 Nom at $ end this a a veil org at i vim a these meetings Aru mass Union meeting of nil Hie j churches of the City the speak-lr., a fur today arc Hon Oliver j Wayne by w 1 r and it v. Norma in. Jerown. Clauri ii of twirl to. Meets in it h s Fay in Pew to i it at i n la f Bel i a a Iii j Long service and Bible study Ipi 11 i in by add g by Brothel i Reb urn. 1�?Tem run i on Irvle i i lid to f Btl Sil Tirc so Lotf woman s club building at a j a Gold Avenue. A in a a it fiord at a if n in f set Rob in at of i in. Wednesday testimonial meeting it a p in. The a Adieu room in Boom no 12 Al Ini i sibling at 412 a a a West Fen Tinl Avenue is a pen daily to opt sundays and Boll Days 12 to to 3 36 p. M. it Buret. Fifth a to a i i Hilver a a Nile. H. A. Coop r an i c in so Kean. Past a re. A a in a and a school. K to Christy superintendent. 11 a in moral g worship Sermon by the pastor 7 no p Vesper serf u 1 in a i s i 0011 i i till by. T hum to a a of Tux. At the to i leg of the re ii incl last 1 a a Iliff v Foble w As dented u e a egg c and a f Johre on. Alfet a i to the App Roncher r m Etc a j of ? tie to. By mount v n sex nod j of b will i Belliti la. 1 Hor ii or in in october. I Batt a Vii it nor it sin Lei fifty women at ended the Tea of the missionary i to of the Hon e of Che m a1___ Grace to Terson. It a Coal Avenue on a conc a Perry thinks dry storage Battery better than wet cd ill it at Ion to St Type. And eighteen Hovin stiff ii b to tit to by full Charr e. The non arable saving 01 rent inf vapor Baths Bath Massage treatment for skin and nervous disputes liver trouble g hib rheumatic anti neuralgia Dise a is s. . Influenza. Lum Tiago obesity Etc. I l l 111 of him boat j Central. In Horte flt do hours to a. M. To a p. In. A rib and phys and mod 1 la a Irp in a i i of la it inn it for the Lull v ii a. T Tup a no to min hrs ii Quot Oran. Or if Christian i Adf inf soil Why \ n All ii a v outline is pm finn a .1a a Peop of to a Ulreh f a j Llev. The find Avo t is will meet at the Church Are 30 o Elock and go to the mountains tor Tho 1av the regular business meeting of Cie soviet v will be he d on tuesday evening of the Rhui re. Indies \ <1 a Elrex. The regular i nines meet a a i Aid so Eli to vill be held it the p ape of mrs x my thick 1 a Quot nor a fourth Street on afternoon. La Gal notice in Vic i it it a b i hit i i let n i t hoi in is of x of Dirix vhf i it we i i la i him of i Bill. Notice is hereby riven us int boxes fir i a til. .1 p in Toni a 1 Mutton of four and three quarters it a r time shop the Sti Ich in a a stitch in nine save Bax i pm pm it 420 xxx a Gold. Fri Iii 8111. Mrs. I. M. Hagan crop a it x three a ii Irti rep a ret t \ it it i a not w. It her xxx unit known a l of St to. H of amt of a i Gold not Ella r i 9 22-1f 2,. V. Tit. Ii Bour the i ii Ting Ufal i of taxi to it let i ?. The i a but i i or null i. Baying Loon ii pig nut it for the Bur i so by scribed but Treasury. Igor on the Road conditions hinder aut0m0bie sales in Japan -.x. Midweek 11 it while. I of in the per u other ill Ury xxx it another a be Ren la i moral uni. Him n the or Tith depraved out i it cur by cat in talk Peep t i to ill by ?. T c it t up Tylor v. Iii t h a and this not the re in taking toil of ii dirt ted. Of or at try in the to rid of Man is May but. In t in Fri to ins fatha Iota xxx Inch a hand by tiie in got pose to n of v to water <1 Tho a t up his in ill ohs xxx u i have it pay and of god ill Iff a p tent Lary xxx Ith his to ram laity hell pc i in t stint. Aer1 so t i mention of tire Hud i 6 lha poor a i such a Way s. 4, i eve to i g an impugn Row up to l it ext in f a the i u jul t pit orig a Anu in in without Ami t Ion x it tem and it it 111 Iota inn a they Iii Dill rent. My Man fees it alb x Soma of t he he out it Quot of 1 the doing a or i this try. It urn i i is it ral j of a a have holes and liver Avenue and fourth Thi Nir have nests. But Rev. Win in Allen m a dear Grin of Man hath nut where to residence Rio South Bourth Petreit a 1 ,. .1 a a t phone it s a. .1, to of i to live Sot ,.30 a. In a holy communion. But. To to a does to boxy eve r j 9 45 a m a sunday school. Intorn tonal linux a Mondene. Ina it r lib re blinding ,1 Avenue and Bdl the Street meetings it non sect Triani Bibb a perhaps greatest i Renee to the tex a torment automobile of 1 ass try in Jai a be poor Ond Ilion of i. Zollner. My ii ii one torn sen Talve of the Willy of Eon Patty xxx h a h he Al let of from a trip t i a Orient the exception of a for xxx Road in b v tiie m to it Are Lien a cart Ria i it i1 to we h use 6 Road to the \ contained in t to it to try Deport men cd Irv d of i Al i it. I which the no fit Wen tit no d inter St on All the three que a of or a r re no thus 1 ii i i xxx ill cease on said Rede i december is. 1922 j Victory notes of to j i a t a r i i bearing the dist lug Ili the manner of i Eta i y of 11 lied for redeem lf., 1922. Put in for re i mid it notes anti i Tif i j anally a a the four ant rent Viator r to i i i it or in in pm Ion do to Imp know n. A in tim few of the and it b w. 1 prix Ltd Der ,1 cd Evhen t 1 Pally by ? pants of Sudar a with the i lentil methods of transport and to at 3 p to a study hour. Ton however. A onto of the la run 7 3a it m Gowdy ties Are building wider bid a Edn Day. 7 re p in Prover but those for pit in t part a an a fest Mony meet inc. I limited to Tho main Friday 7 re p in a St tidy hour j fares in the in in re i Prem be ? a we a Tria us s chairs do Tom of g ii i j k or i. Or fix it their Aerial number. Re not i i v manner of feet e i to i r ill by redemption at i Xxiii Bort my due my a x a Blo a to Pron i t a i on May 20. 1923. A Cocoi t o their to to. Second b tailed r mation a to the i it a ton in t i surrender of fou r and hit pour in t t r l ent i torn not a to r re i of motion to i r a Ina rail the v a i i i 11 i eix a a it in it Cir min. I. No. 299. Int id july 2 8. I. A a pm it of xxx May i old tin t t rom 11 to a sury bet a Art to off i i x i on of la i a and a an in to of to i a a a r Yerx a i a k. Any fed Era i to Don t carry Money on your trip Money May be lost or stolen our travel Erst Cheque Are washable everywhere. Are game from theft and May he replaced if lest let us equip you for the trip. First savings Bank and Trust company i by it j i it que i n. M Hobbs j Quality cars rebuilt to serve priced to sell f it re tour nor. $150 Llu Mohile touring $425 Ford True. $250 Blick touring. $600 Ford Speed ter. $200 Willy Knight. $-175 Ford spot cd ter. $175 Dodge roadster $250 Ford truck .$140 Hod ire touring. $425 in re to Bra $325 Dodge road4t r. .$550 Ford Coupe .$55�?T> re Speed Wagon .$650 Republic truck. $850 \ Perrior curation w ill satisfy. Hobbs motor company. Or. Xxx but plume a a xxx c i the be to and Dunk the bit h he Tri in Mccu my Mic. Is nil tar a it re Hirt of it. H Jim run Ion and i i Var la xxx i i r mi.tii.m.1 Quot pastors bet urn la n. R Sermon.30 p m a liven by service and r v ,1 to i. I it a i a a. Frim or by it it n i \ i a Lilly. Quot a pet 11, j to t Bim j tiv. It i the it Ity by Btu the v it cud to to n. How h to h i hell Iii i Jeth i rip t j,.- is. A la he will i Witt will b he cond it i1 a Man to f feted Dean Bev William in Allen has arrived and j i his family 1 will be in charge of All by veiling last from a j a ii. The a Altvan. Lutheran Cipun a. I off it it a physical Way la Casoia Avenue and Amo Street j no apparent and Ive Are a Carl Schmid pastor residence go a the t the inspiring effect of got eth Amo Street. L f to it Vavy in been of j Munday a conc l $ at n , is the to in to the j pro acc in Iii it Tali a 8n.sj8jcf Elf a anon orc in. Pine to a. In. Tat i no it nil in be r or e in the Gervies in the German language at la a. M the ladles Aid society will meet i to it there will be i thursday afternoon in the Church it tim Church next Anne. Mrs. Henning and of articles of in Dieball will serve r and family Broadway it to a Linen Broadway and Gold Avenue adults who Willard a Guy minister Orcsi can Petri-1 Dence in Booth Xiv alter Street. Phone 1549-w. 9 45 a my Bible Reb Roomer is Practlc-1 1045 a. My morning it a. Hoot year Sermon topic a the t and to i is Elk am returning a Ink ship Bolo by mrs. Nichols. It u urged to p. meeting a runs. It is or gym. P services with our Etui Reb work. The flying Squadron at the Central a a hts will find in Avenue methodist Church. Rho or a a ult Quot hire. Lion. I>1v r set it a. Paft it mos i a Ere. Arid will speak. Of rib of Quot Church t in soiling worship Anda tremendously and shopping Dusti a eth try of to ten recent x to my a. Secretary of the tre f a Mike is i a governor. Federal Reserve b of i la t r is in Tiona 30 f o it i Quickel Auto amp Supply co. It Lxii Aud Centre old Doc Bird says xxx Hick led of their trip. This xxx la 11 interest to our Sun pupils i n not been to to forests Etc. L Hurt at by a that i worship. Not u note the Many distinctive features of the Westinghouse automatic electric ranges to i Vav i h xxx h. If thin the i Bilu and u ampule struggle for b at the to 1�?~ i i till m to join b a Belt a r Tho 1 pen lie xxx i Cong by f. Mion i. By i Iii Tun own Hun b. With the services of today w Gin our fail work in or h Kvut body end Central a vent met Host Avenue and Amo Street. C cd Higbee pastor. Residence 318 South Wolfer. Phone 3262. 9 30 a. Rn�?Church school. J. For or. Us e1nt< Dent. 11 00 a. Rn.�?1 no Mentor service i. A a with free will offering for the poor Ssmon a a a Abom Quot fall or of heaven Handel. I Flint n a Clr lift to to i vote Price of we co vex snort one a oven by. To mice of by so p flying Squadron and Anions he meeting Hon. Oliver Xiv. Stewart i a i Iii of the pow a to heir i the Ole to yet on the r f s than nut a re sir try i a ins and it ii make n la to he finds ii id n us a sympathy with ids Jib a1 the flock to Brar him. Grow a. My Day while a Frow it lug a ii hound t o his word a y nuns mat i rid f ant Mobil he by la i i for Tuni or to give Bel m Young people h Many i Row Ninvi Uii o therlinc-7 a participating run bes will not cake ,11 in Tho coming months to et5r Grose presidents Rolce. Appropriately this s it m Fly or Squadron s a a in Fillas be. A miss Nora c. Brown. Is will Conte crate them Elva a 1 5wed Mer the then tip that be la lug said. He t. It of i �?~\1 s. Of a is net it in the lords will be a a Christ a Way of pealing with �?�Eli Squadron. No g no one should miss hearing Hon n i Quot. A i s it and Rev. No no his chauffeur j Brown of the flying Squadron. This afternoon and this evening at tile mass Union meetings of the churches of the City at the Central venue met hindi to Church. The Scy Hiar what grows interested. I he says to him. Ninet it 111g out of i. J. I Isi Kutch a v a. I. A j. Pm for an Ideal xviii be the great meetings of the. Y of with All it Lux flying Squadron and no one should i o x in Stout. S. Amount to of int than. i ted in a us t it a m chef Milan i ii Buve or. M Avern ant As that i would not find. A delightful Christian Endeavor Ute such a bor.�?�, meeting was held last sunday eve when the address i f Nashed. He Ninfer in spite of the storm there his chauffeur ride up the be t Good attend am e. The sub a a a Jose a with the Young 1 set or i pc t was a a god a out of doors Quot and a a. J Many gave into a resting talks de a Pardon to. Be begins a but i it be of their Holiday outings. A Rowh to Tell you How much i Dpi an enthusiastic business meeting1. A a. A a nil h a to a t i tim speaker. The flying Squadron meetings Are of a Union character and the general Public will feel an interest in them. All strangers Quot ill find a Hearty Welcome and a Home by atm Quot phere. Hurcot of god. Igi it South Edith. 1ft a. school la a. A a wrenching. In san apathy with what you have been saying. You have certainly nit the Nail on the a you behave in these things the Quot s. answered tim in Hyoung Man. A i Helot is such a i Borch and am a Krait g i Ike Tel r of it. A you i just Tho Man i it Loo. Ina say the Lefoi Mer. I Ltd some one like a you to go Down into the slum Section of Tho a it. And live with the people there my encourage them to save and to in to a their condition and inspire them with higher ideals Louie the Man in a looking for. The i h x a Tang my in a Quot h he Bud by it a a it a to Cive a xxv a a head on Friday evening. The Christian Endeavor begins its fall xxx irk full of Pep. Sunday school. The primary and beginners a depart nut its of the s May school have been enjoying Wick Day religious ired auction during the last xxv weeks. The work concluded with a picnic at 11 a Uhland Park on Friday afternoon. A number of the parents were also present and a delightful tape was had. To allow Bio de Janeiro the bra7 Ijan capital City to grow a huge Mountain is being removed tin my in pox or being water sent at great pre Bure against the obstruction. Spanish i Tupil to it burble meets at 1007 South second Street. 3. G. San Che pastor. Albino Cost ales sunday school super pendent i n. In sunday s. Hon 7 try p. M preaching of the gospel. M r Church Spanish. Meets in Barelas. Xxv. Clutter pastor. Ion school. Ii a. In. Sermon. 7.r>ii p. service and a no on. Vain roue Church. 31 i North third Street. The l. Gaines pastor. Flume i .�?~70. Sunday school at 9 47 a. M. F a Mccabe superintendent. Breaching by Tho pastor at la a in 7,45 p. In. 6 45 p. M a by p. 8. Wednesday 7 45 p. In fray t meeting. First a it i lurch Corner Coal a nlso1,h broads a i Harold b. David san re. L>., Mill prewar prices obtained at our Plant. You can now have the family Wash done at our Model laundry at a very Small Cost and save you time and labor. Throw off the shackles of Wash Day. Send your dry cleaning with the laundry. The Imperial laundry co. Distinctive features Westinghouse Railes Are approved by the National Hoard cd i ire underwriters and by the Good housekeeping Institute meals arc cooked automatically without personal a supervision. Clock turns current on and thermostat turns tile current Oft. Economical in operations automatic control saves current. Ovens properly ventilated no disagreeable doors. All parts accessible for cleaning and repairs. Ovens can be kept cd Van and sanitary As All equipment can be easily removed. Ovens Are of High Grade porcelain enamel finish. All oven burners removable. Ovens beat insulated with Iii Ghast Grade of Mineral Wood. Tight fitting oven doors with compression latches. Positive sure acting thermostats and thermometers. Three heat snap switches for All burners. All switches Are oxidized. The dials have White enamel letters to show switch position and porcelain buttons lettered in Black to How Burner controlled. To dirt soot nor fumes. Saving in weights of food cooked. Superior flavor of electrically cooked food. # All ranges Are finished in Black baked Japan. Tins gives a very neat and attractive appearance. Phones 148-449 211-13-15 w. Silver Albuquerque Gas amp electric company Quot phone 98 a at your services

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