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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page Pouf. A Albuquerque Morni no journal september i 1022. Brooklyn wins indians rally swat est from in its defeats girls i to 4 Browns. I to 5 grand i of. Gats Flaim to throne ship eras make it two Cleveland scoffs five runs straight from the Cham on a base on balls a pions braves win a pair from Philadelphia. wild throw and hits new York i. 11> five s. A i i 4 Mil Quot net v Ort. I i m. V / fir and links or ii of Hub a i a. Grand puke Cyril of Russia. Non of the lire Oran i Duke Vladimir Btu Nurs it 1 who late Erar. I de t Eltred i f a i Ned of to John a goal the torte nah grandson of j emperor ale in Der la. But so f in Tho Bostl to i a to t invited Hun to return end Rule if it woe Miti win Imp i Rief Lyn \ i in yester Csc Days the offs a. R ,77th to who Mizomi i i i Metier. $ sin Itji me Matt. It ir/7 Tkv i i. I to i to i i i i Quot iou to Brooklyn. Sgt in in fir or of Fath Miller a. Three Law a his Pue Johi Meuse Young to Tihle Elnyr Ltd it Rob j h i Onn wan ,1 a a j. A Well m it. Mel a. R my nuns Bif w i m Vav 4 amt a p �1 Jar. Re j Ito jul Winn. Two rite time 1er 21? of a a of i Arr _ a by a i v sit Ico it a i Foster he a lilt a i l of Tyr Smith. Mamaux and a inn Fritch wheat. A he mein pts in a Rifle it a i a Kine Olson i we Waff. Cunnin them and o Neill. In Anil heh Fosnot Ltd half Iff i a. Bail off Van. I it off Paula. I Hiruy u out by my not Der. 3 in i hit Iff j. Marne 7 in it f j Wati t none out in third off Hyatt. 2 try i Oia. Ii a , a in 2 v. Barn 1 Quot it m i a fat he 12 n a 1-2 me i. A it a i 1 Man a in 2 2-2. Winning Pitcher t i a it �?�4 for nth. Hosing Pitcher j Quot a a time 1 n. A v i new a Ltd re it i re ton it Philadelphia 4-2. Yet \ i a Boater aug. took hits it mob a both game from Philadelphia to in me and i. Hay to 4 and 7 to 2. Rose from a Hind Riel to left off Meadow Beth a won Hia Twenty get Jjo a or Jet the fir game Seamn a nit i 1 a 1 a cored two t in and in the hint ii but a Holli Nutly he Wen Hack to the Wall nod threw out a runner at pulled Down Pinch hitter Peter a score a be for ti., concluding via siting on out Winter a hard hit in than h 0 04 and wins j f wretched support Hia second base Harris. 2u a Quot pair making five error. Oeschger Ludge. Itto a t Hall for six in ooh Ltd. Of a Ning i Brower of a a cores Firat game b. M. E Charr Ltd c 2 a Philadelphia 012 000 01��? 1j 3 Pekinpaugh 4 Boonsoon too 03�?3 t batteries Meadow and Lim we hits i i Chi i we ii n who i v i it n a a it / Kuhn a m in the ii laity since 1896 a flesh allure from Java sure Java Home of Batik fabrics and choicest coffees and of rare tobacco enticement tor the smok wisc Man. Java Leaf the most expensive wrapper in the world supreme in smoothness pleasing flavor and tempting fragrance. La Palina blends the Best of the old world and the new for Java a finest wrapper develops Undre amt delights in \ Delta Abajo Havana a filler. Try one and get Light on it for yourself. J a Lim it t Cigar comp m Anu Actu Kitt. U. S Van it net i. T or. Hunt had i a it a a Iirth in Tod i it the re trn to i. A a Ltd a it St i v to i i Ai a k Vav i Hiti t is 1.1 i of the tar too Jio 2 80�?j it 3 i ii n t n if v it Vin a a a dec to i i line Marquard and second Gam one ill. Tot a1 31 i 8 24 12 n Imd Laih Iliin n. W York up a b. In ii. To k. A. P. U i a i. Tie up 7b.3 Fletcher is a n it i it it Quot it 4 0 it i it i 2 Dongun 2b4 i i i 0 Iii. Tar. Of a it 4 a it j it Ruth of. 3 e it full Walker of. 3 0 it ii a pm to ii.,. A 1 i 1 Parkinson. 2n it to a it Yohoi a i a Quot 4 6 it a lf.4 i 2 it me if. A 0 6 it l4alie. 1bquot a 2 x it to War or to. 3 0 ? of tem a a Quot ? 7 ? t i i 3 Quot a d 0 it a Terr p7. It 1 i it Bim p7 it a it i it vow ight Tony i 0 0 it it 0, i to Tats Quot i 3 4 1�?~ 7 i 4 i totals. ? 7 74 i it 6 by in lugs x re to d for wit it re in no int b. Wind Ting inn. It it 9 106 66ft _ j to ton. A new York 621 666 Fox a a 3 a. B it to. Of. Btl Nim a i v a two base i la a Pipp Powell of. A a i it a 0 la War i Hagan three i Lase i t a St,1 of Ltd it 0 Hanger hat to i la and it a 0 Clayton. Freoff fan anti Ahi i a i ? i Ward App ii. E 4 Ltd la Mew wholesale prices on All Diamond tires 30 x 31-2 a $8 of 32 x 4 Cord a s21.53 Standard guarantee c of a j fifth and Central. Phone 823 d i Legal notice a Ftp o 0 Holf to Harc it Ford a Howdy met Kath nor it a Char Totth Ristell 1 n t 11 i o it it i 0 1 0 it it r it it it 1 it it it 0 0 notice m. Forge will and left Jusso Brot con it a port ii i court a Pipp. Sacrifice sch gone. To Tel h Fourte ont play pm a if Arri. Andia the in j j .1 it a a do pan Ward and p. Up Law to i Brower and Tudic a in a a on Hall a off , 3 in grids a Struc out he but .7 to Gilda. A time 1 84. Mph i i 11 Nai. It till it we ii Pok in. Tile Mutt r of the a a of hat icy it. Furs it on. Decca a. Shr a v Ahen i a i Ltd bar total. A a ted third. By inning Boston. To r 7 11 27 i met a Mara Stamen of Harvey if deceased in filed in o court or Bernalillo w Mexico her final re a it executrix and the appointed thursday the i a of sept inter. I.�2 Foi j no inn objections of to. To to a a. I Royal a d firm r i Ort a i the do of raid executrix. Witness my hand Ani of said probate court Thi seventeenth Day of August i�?~.22. Rrt j vow Asp Zakri. Pounded Thorn Detroit Pitcher fori Quot i ii. N i hits Todne and took that it third to. 17,4 92. 11 a Rasht Gam from the tigers 1ft state of a w m a a it o Noih a i to 1. Tho White sox collected Rev Bernalillo. In Tho District 4�?zn hits one of them a Home run be i Smyj a j a a .,v�?~4, by Schalk in the fifth inning it Shergill recalled from i notice contractors architects and builders the new build i kit id opted i v the City to a to icily enforced from t of the code Shou 11 Call a ode of the City of Albuquerque Mission is in Chi t and will be h Date on any one wishing a copy once As the Supply la limited Pri i t i a eat a i Arl Bow Dich building inspect a. Opening announcement of the Angel cafe ii saturday sept. 2, 5 p. M. Phone 768 Bob la Smith i if f a Der ? Hes-1 to the above named defendant i you Are hereby notified that suit to been filed against you. All a a d Ftp . ,002 010 40x summary two base hits de i ter ape red in right Field for the Tsaile p. Res. Ford. Three Lase tigers today a to a a miamis. Boser. . Score stolen bus lesli4, Gibson. Ftp a i Phi a Ixko a a a Ltd a a a Tapp Ford. Gibson. Dou big play Parkinson to Fletcher Nasa on balls off Winters 3 Mcnamara. I Oeschger. 7. I Ruck. A i by Winters 8 Oeschger Boston . #. Tilts off i Ira. 4 n l j Philadelphia aug. St. Corge lf"8 lt0mh,. A. D. L�22. Judgment air Chiev 7 in i winning p. To Ruina Hora run in the third with o each get. Time a 3l. Two on bases gave Boston a the it Detroit i batters i Phi. Tie cols Doore a h to u Tho Sal court and county by 00� 142 102 a 1021 v tune named plaintiff in which Oft 000 000�? 16 1 5h s u l plaintiff prays for divorce put you. On the ground of abandonment t Woodall and you Arn further notified that in i a you cd tor or Causa to be mentored your appearance in said Cam e i or before the thirtieth la said Legal notice Noth a Wint Iii 1.1 mph in to All to whom it May concern. Notice is hereby �lvp1rit Bernalillo county amp re int refunding Bonds r re one o Twenty six 7fthoff itry. Fotr of each. Dated july i. 10oi and null ered from one la Quot in in. Quot Quot is hated september 1.1 a 1 Fly it Encl. be or in l i the undermined at his office in courthouse a old Bei n a 11llo Cunha near will be rendered in. I against Vou by default and the to to not lung Victory Over i Hila Delp ref lava a fir we to granted i Pula this afternoon. The game was i tj1t, name 0f the plaintiffs actor ailed while Boston was at hat in of yes Thos ,7. Mabry whose thit the sixth inning when a heavy j Piffier address 1s 0 Shower swept Over bribe a Erk it Ai the athletic 8 had three hits off m i n eds lib , it i k Warren Conin former Yankee pm Harby f. Lee deput. During the i pc rounds he pitched. I was the third game of pc ties won by a Home run score b h. Is. Boston .003 ft0�?3 0 Philadelphia. Too 00�?0 3 i Battel ii Vav Collins and Hue hat Ria and put Rhine. Boxing labor Day at armory 30 rounds monday september 4, 8 00 p. H Mike Vasquez is. 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T triad Many kinds of Cong medicines but a never want Anvil Ling hut i a Oley n Honey and writes mrs id. Al Chen. Superior Wise Foley a Honey my tar was established in u75 and has 8tood the test of to Ltd a rv1nf? three cd no Ratt quickly relieves colds i let Cef a a vol Are <otnc4 to the Smiths Tonus it i or o nhe to a wait Koc i o take asap y>0 Noull run error. Or vow that wad to it ome _ is apr c what time is i re at head Ems a it Moris inc i t7tt of Hulk Huttoe you will never be held up when you need a Quick clean shave if its a it on a Quot a. To Bra it fat. Quot in i in o it a Linen

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