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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1922, Page 5

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico September 1. 1923alpuouf.rouf morning journal fast three. I rehearing Beauty sues coca coi a Kino s son cob attack Case is asked petition is filed with the supremo court the United states by attorney for Coal companies. Ll.? ifi#1 i in i re within tim atm a Chui to a his so constr a lion v i unni7 <1 i the r. It r Iii Ori or it. in it i �ii11 by John a. A a. Set. F mrs a i fir coh i com lit i i n it it v. To no fiction will a i a ii til pm it inn tint ii tilt i t a . A in t.?.>i. Fir i i. Iii it Wai n i ult 1net s it i by to i a a it Rimland other on i in omit n i at feb a unit ii mine Vin t i is tile re t St null ii e that or�anl7.fttion ant it 11 to nil Tath t a for troll to a i. A i i a the Ltd a frug Tom men s dinner eur democrats creaks record Large attendance aroused i / talks senator Jem s. Mrs. Blair and local women politicians Bolden tile is Ore Al blk tvr n he. Quot an olo Quot Stoat win a new spout or. Sarah Gillespie fled right or Balter Candler driving favorite horse at the Candler r ice truck and Candler. Mrs. Sarah Gillespie Byfield brr Colin on in at1rtir liner i the be dirty husband Cluj rat k. 11 noted Atlanta. Ga., Beauty has while 5 he Ami 1. By band weft. By held i he by e a att sued Waite. T. Candler son hit guest. Her Utah wed handlers were great Iri re Aud the Tho coca cola for i one brought Candler who track.1 or ethics. No Outwith a ref a court in n de $100,Coo damages charging that seeks to have cancelled a note the party hut Cath the attack i j Quot i he attacked her after a party in i Foi $.10, he a it 4 he rave charges preposterous. On fac a a a nil com s the it the to Llic workers t find nth r in inert .1 la try nah talons wit a uhf let but a did the v. 1 r l dammit a 11 a Tilow r Feleni court a round it it the lit ii i the Tili the the Petit the to in he Nti in tie i fad ii in it a is to Hgt the ,.f in. Tit and tto demand that 1 i tint i i an lab a show 1 Gay Ope ? it these eone erne a. J the petition n a sen 1. Quot i to Rcpt Itu i in r 1 it Gay i supplied in lift i fir Cliitis. Left to nil in a a a a in Iii a t Fri \ a intuition i v Idem c a d or she i an h 1 Indir-1me record the c ise the is run petition declared Quot showing that ii j it to j Over a Lone period Fen re us a the i result pro Simi exp lie Nee wish d m Nill us a met fire a pen shop Consue Titan. There had been firmly 1 in -1 a sir in court a. T aside the Plant d through the <1 or dams g a a the around to United Mitt workers inel Dimi the it Union it sh"11 the officers in i members i mine workers had not been Prtrt Hal b a la tiv to by a. A to in it a it to i i Ltd a a parti i whatever Mea the i pm it a i irs the strike and 1 Lusetha Ejup f1 shop coat a Hon id he prevent no w or int the jury a n id it Pointe nut As Insi Golf no no that the off Oil d i rent Quot that ult the evasions 1 a ,1 1 a Gnu 1a 1 Vvhs St the prop try was att irk 1 to Dot a Leon will get an Rozini my $500,000 in cosh out the Colorado Springs and cripple Creek line. La the to Hal Tilard a the floors must be fixed a it nil Hor to i Tike in i which h end t to on r i a v by. Finn i to is i in it nne in sol in. I v i Vav rotate c em-1 a Wuh. I St. Par in it Fri a for the Inis it i it Ion be m ted it Fen 111 to must in the co the strike was no a nor sporadic Iti hut wan h a Ltd on a. that ii jew the operation it p nil its a re a n a it Are vip thir further a i a prism Linch Dee j owe left Pinion to i on one i a tort an i it it Clit los by or efts pct rued so a his yrs. Tin Hook i g it hip. The a be Pum. To n eed a a ton it it net or a copy far who fills out Arm Coupon below Encl cents in a nips Fri by ii d h vol. Us Rotor i i Vav us a 11 b $ t 1.4 ip9n, first m co ii Inch Kin announcement a the painters will have put the finishing coat hard enamel on Kahn a new Gro Ceteria by the time this news reaches you. A the glistening White shelves form a most Beautiful and pleasing Hack ground for Varico lored labels the can bottle and package goods. This will truly be a delightful place to shop. A and then too the line has been extended increasing an already Large Range selection suggestive attractive and delightful menus wholesome and appetizing. A saturday september 2, at 9 clock in the morning the Mew department opens. An invitation to our Loyal patrons whose patronage has made this possible is now extended to come in and participate in most advantageous purchases. A Kahn a buy for Cash take their discounts which is passed on to their customers giving them a double gain Quality merchandise at the lowest prices possible. Those who have not heretofore Given us the pleasure serving them have a very pleasant half hour or so awaiting them when they do come to Kahn a. A the entire department has been re arranged new equipment built to suit the convenience those who Are served. It is with the Solo idea our patrons Comfort and pleasure that the re arrangement has been made. A tomorrow saturday will Mark the completion the first year the Gro Ceteria a most successful year it has been greater far than was anticipated. But the end is not yet. As Albuquerque grows we shall keep apace. A watch the papers for further notices our anniversary Day. Remember your Dollar has greater purchasing Power at Money to be taxi h i a Ltd a m h i us plating i converting it <1 in p the Road English Giri Star athletic meet a True rat Story re to in int phone 352-353. Opposite y. M. C. A. To Toft a a a 1 i a rat Tai but Nve a i.-. A a it i. Just i Utah v a s it Quot t i let. U know that soar rat paste i Coo t i s. A. A a i v tilt a Tii bks pay buy a 33c Box today enough to kill so to too rata or mice re no to tin trying to it kill thru Pep v the Owr ii quiet idiot to it re it attn Neal a ,.til for i a itis Tefr i Hun a Ruk and general stores fit Stearns electric paste j children enjoy eating a % miss m. Lines. Nur Brul Beci Tuse it in Good it tastes almost Uke cake and it is arb air some food for Hie Trow i Ilia child. We bake everything j from th1 bread to the Fin. St j Fine cakes. Cleanliness reigns j supreme Here. Miss m. Lines representing great Britain a. The most sue it on up Rak pay cans Ful competitor in the women s a dry re i i. I International athletic Nuet held at 207 South first Street. Pershing stadium Paris recently. She won the goo no u r d ish and. A. I Broad jump. Want ads briny Quick results hour sales for Friday september i Auger fat clearance Sale prices still in effect. All items Here Are reduced from the Sale prices. Sed i til affair fat u it v 8 30 to 9 30 \ Ahu to \ Ion. I in Moti i to to i i 9 30 to 10 30 27-1 neb i ire to Caincr Lains Bijj be 10 30 to 11 30 unbleached Muslin at 121 Chi an at the tier tin Llord Piir nut 11 by la in for i return Thi remark Avain i a Quot King a. Ara in. Woman s ills make quote h i a unhappy Home. A Lac 1 on Tho Humble i 11. Re la no question but what Quot country to 8ild, a i the Llie Wom a to to Noblr Arain it to the 8-?<- tor a i Doft it a Lac Harmony. The t Tine Quot Dixie tit a n it nod r Tel it to i remark. I and the nov Nietman find it h t a 1 t Al committe Wnm rom a in it at a it Iii bus Sera to party who in to at rut in it in in re Ore in Over work 1 Vav Mil not the r in Tutu to dug around d v soft re Day out ii Ida a a Ltd in Ekaete. Artful and nervous. A h w Hollud he c i d 1 i e Lon by the a i Reft it v j it a but a 1 them to i both it in it e worn n Airt to organisation in j who i tire Vav Are ? re democratic. Publishing in this paper Manyva my r 7 j than a a it to o that they have in former governor j been creator a i to health eur ii Lith a i wag not int Rte an a a one Juenst Happ Lenee by mrs Anna Wilde Strum j i 1 1 a Fink Ham svy a a \ Over the it it to and Ift a doctors and All Llu a i the women other in Iii a by a had failed to it Ai d work and to take i ship them. H Al sorely p y their Ile w Ameti v hot it St fut Orrin Sinh the re i motion Kcrrn-1 adm tit to try it. Quot the is Nator the i Mumm Quot i for and 11 30 to 12 30 s3.25 Satin Baznette 51.75 12 30 to 1 30 silk. Is Yard or a t tint Cleft Rance a i i it in a to Loiette. Ginny h Ike. Fanny str tins Quot Hill a it non Tuffe a a 1 30 to 2 30 women a and children s slippers. pair a i a ?. A kid n and and pump 2 30 to 3 30 women s crepe Kim inns $1.00 rep. A it cd red pattern d Pii 3 30 to 4 30 04xs0 Cotton blankets 89e sic i it to and White Fttie bord my i t it is in we the work e the but in d the in mod to 18 tit a the in i to Fink it int Omen to t Oills i Sti till is Kooi Vav Oku i behold teacher hot ted rive to Watne advice to cd Tydren who a i cough a this Florida to a Chi r. I fides n lion. V it tar to the children in my Ach Vav to h id the Quot flu and a i it a i came whenever it was used Quot w ? it or. I at in Stotik. Okee Hoo 4 30 to 5 30 Silks si.69 Yard ,.00 in re re Fanti Tatj it it firc 40-Inch to. I d re a taffeta. To. Rich 7e-Inch Mack Satin Dueh i. No refunds or exchanges d the a have in n a a i printed 7�?o the a to in up to to t Ike cd to half the Reapon i Hronich maintenance j u Here. Croup the trouble. For Quick results try a want and the family shoe store no. 2 will open tomorrow saturday september 2, 1922 at 4081-2 West Centra Avenue d. M. Elias proprietor you Are invited to Call and let us show you better shoes for less Money than anywhere else in Albuquerque Selz six and Selz five for men the famous Selz Royal Blue for ladies and children free ree free we carry a Complete line Fine hosiery for men women and children and to introduce both shoes and hosiery we will give absolutely free with each pair menus or women s shoes purchased tomorrow opening Day one pair finest silk Hose. With each pair children s shoes one pair Fine children s Lisle Hose. Come tomorrow and get acquainted. Our prices til make you glad you came. I n d a a n get i i i i h in

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