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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1922, Page 4

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico fwd morning journal september i ip2 it pm f i Keb Sto King May make brother first Smyrna Rufer Quot in three optional plans provided in Bonus Bill fun Linnol Fri two a on i f to 5 link Golf chum United haste >7 it hic Bard Walsh of new to info in the Fleet United Golf am latino tournament Ayer not in Ember of it a u. S n i. Linn state convention of democrats under Way 600 delegates Here to it 4 j us inter the Date Date a f of Ary to i h brought 11 <1 it out if town title n old d he of the lamp a ish or nip which in a tall att it Winner Wachol the i attle i be in any tour High ref f l of a intent of i of in is i to i i old d in Rte it a eld ? Trimaco of to Ira it cent Rio Sci pal it of with it Ding the d Neth the d for take in cd Ltd a n d to to. The a certify ii proclamation Prince Nicholas. In to reran Fror f the to monday in be poem be if. If Btu Hern for lot a red f Brough out Thna Ihor to. All useful e t c Pell gaols n e the Gas vol ability the readiness with which gasoline sires up its Power Kin Constantine of Oreee it is reported will name his brother. Prince Nicholas first governor of the new province of Smyrna. Mid a value d h path f t id i if it of 1 Ai /. My lid or. <1 tor. D la Ard i. H la if it d of f in. A ii for turn f f i Lam Dmitr it am pet of Tot. I Hith i to i Eon a t ii remit r la Ltd mall Ollil and Tell Ere i Al i i tor nation of a Merle enjoy d the Greate a rat Prosperity he Amerl Hon Bream the in foe Good and a a hed it i Peak a f leadership in Affa or vhf rein the of i liberation of the Timm i Tomi Natum of i on Rel t v Tyda i be Felt pay a the a a Michigan a d i to h tidal in a d i la i it Lnch Forth in it Hor Sty vested if aet. The Rase a like t hat of Titi i of he it Impi if ult Cost of dying or. Hayden Eald the Den Patty tilt i been e title i d i to us font of living that put during a t to Par of if Betsey. Quot but we had to e with Ohleh to pay the pile or. Avian. A Tiow Roan it would by it glad t a a a. To a it the la of it us Prier an to of Money a a a it has to Iii n All that they could have during cig of Democrat a Prosperity of. Don Ron minued Quot and r j the Etui Fry has been Abler a to r. Ather the a a Torim pm of Ai of a publican River Al the storm in not a it All v i Miff ii Quot. A Bith i if Law a it Fig i Law # int than at a i b i e t Sci ii xxx i rid. It Gen 2.3 i i soil 1 tip it i Enn name. I Laydon Al it Nee the in a Kun a lira get Quot a it a Hgt a �i11 i at Sonal it in a the Gall by a Yin it from a the recut it finite 192 d coif 1 platform that word and w to critic with the pm a ror the carry out if a Van 1 Democrat prot Sneum-1 Promise Wert in on a 1uot of the it a ignored of it Tate turn to or. Lia Ydo 1 Plen Public an Yeti �T�1 a a a too m Rosin ext Ganca r year i Otic ans for or. Be Arad to ill that that rutting to Hor he of Bern lit. Of to i it it i it by and it it and larg t Sun ?.&Quot i most Road Prtt a Abd re promo the f attire o in far be a Mil need right to know is a 00,000 3 i i Horn t qty not porters of Thi Neurer to be do at borne r than he a it d the ruin of of to fall id to payment when due -in1 fault continued to i death. I Ripul Tel in a if option the land settlement Ald Myton of Tho House Bill Bas by n Patriek n out and the Smith a Nafy reel mgt Ion Bill by psf it it cd. Under that Bill the veterans would be Given preference in employment on reel in at i on projects and in obtaining Horn of and on lard a Cia in a 1. Tony would be rent ired however to pay for such Homestead without f utne gov a Ern mental old at a ame footing is at her Bome Svader. Set tie men should be a to to 11 vet. Ran of the world a the sunni hand a i ran red the Hlll Polne Ansur re a and it a Sportive of whether cd bad relived any Ltd a rep a Tjon from the government under kept of Elf of today the Bonus a a Fng tit Quot vie v amp Letsly the it ter ans b ire no options proposal won in a mum a a �?�-1ty.1 it ure labourer in on co a Cit v Mother and Dolfen who is hilarity Idle us then be i car poor is detriment to it by Trinity. Or present and future wet Fai end largely upon the Prosper ii rid Contentment of labor or i it a Lehment of a Hhd no or a of the work a of tin i a n it i n acknowledgement of Tho Gre it in material and moral that to contribute to the ufos of the Ion of nil a v a i Kern in the a i of i bar Industrial nod rapist in. Would sincerely Endeavor Tho principle it f tim do Rule in solving their difficulties y would soon arrive of a Quot in Ler Tandon. A of a would per t of St interest of both a 4, a Etu Aliy putting into Pray the just doctrine of Quot live and la Ald , n be la ran Ven to on of j democratic state r almost word for before the a empty that they woo in ted fill that third. Home of he Merritt c f h e state do Here sept mba r in the state now therefore. I. Methem. Governor i of new Mexico to designate monday 4 if2 2, a Tabor Day of new Mexico i respectfully suggest that nil Cid rip take an Active interest in the Celebration of this Dav hint of Anil in i As Well o Gen no i Hor also trip a and Civ r of Den or pure program the it school teacher take the occasion to in pres Jinn the mind of their Pupil the value it d necessity of labor on the Nurt of a1 honest and useful Citi volatility is the life of gasoline. And because of that Lively response with i sex Aco gasoline you do with your accelerator what otherwise you would her to do with your scar shift. Shifting reduced per c nth the v the the Erro 1 i w re set v a to ire were with ii is Appl cat Ion nov time after Tel and would in Nally by the j it in the oae of i incapacity. In would be Ramie by int Ive of the Veteran Rianner a the nacre-4 my the a be rotary of it jointly by regain a a ii d it the executive office if August 1922 my h ind Aud the f the state f new Alex u la ii la itt i i i a. Clov in to i a St Al Mauti Nofz he ret nov of 11 e. Journal want and tiring result / of it drink is have mount-1 or i i it a 1 at. La blamed i military fore part of the ie-1 of the in heavy tim uses amt in to in. Or a i Tea or. Hayden said the naval fore the school will not might be Mafi r education is in the passage a a hate., spending la have to be no tor education an tour j Veteran Excel roil stat. Upon physical or n ools How to. Depends which event i if not w Mexico. But such Roper men the people have a am in such t Mea of the tary of War a year the pay in the Navy r t a of. Non or # a a a us in rom a cry i t # has at or of a Ltd i eau Ca bea<<1 in All �1lnu aass the in at. A it mkt1iod a or . For of vhf a Partl Eul a a in Art re. Tvs inhalant i St Oil co Ark course in St. I Ama so intent it a a did. Kay re i ground for broken Down politician Ajuis nod not j i. r method Imetta a curator. Fog the Driver with which to i to i i Lunate in for Tuta state our inst Ltd Ball an it a r by it to straight do the tex a company u. S. V Texaco Petroleum products Ftp Tessa needed said in an equitable syes melt a mint Fin i taxation i i by the stat the speak a Ritly a Iii tax dodgers. institutions. Quot till stamp of Public disapproval inuit to placed Quot he declared Quot Moat a emphatic Niiva. Under t la it fort that 19-Yfar-olo former Caddy is open Finks Golf Champ of u. S. Texaco gasoline to has been made to make our Educa j held. It to on a1 n Tut Ion a dumping at the r he Fli a my it la re a do a i aug. 2.1 in Vors old. Former it Park course Texaco motor oils run it with Texaco gasoline save it with Vrato motor Oil hrs. Riding Are goner it charge of parti n thin be said of v it r try at la \ e delicious and refreshing Leo cold just the beverage you want for old thirst 159�t& v the be Cercet. R att it a to on of higher ally fro from i a san politics. C the Normal or k a or. J l a Don said there i need for a i on j it n audit it f new Mexico Hooka so that the Quot people May see what b on Tho in de. He briefly mentioned the state tree Jurer s office and the department of educate a saving. Vav have had blimps it a into the Way the tip a ia11�? i ment of education and the treas user s office or be been run or. Hay Don a Rte i Tat tit Kevn Otu speaker at t a Inci Ting if new Mexico Republican women in i this City a few Days ago had condemned corrupt politics and Bossis. He said this v i Roper but j that the Quot tragedy of til a matter i was that the women in spite of i this note of prom. Had Aid plan i to perpetuate the system and to re j lain in Power those who at e re-3ie for fair Umoh mks2� Rwm for the re la of of pain in the stomach and cramp Colic diarrhoea Solo everywhere up on wind shield Glass lumber j a n a t i i Rig k. V in Mil i. Ii to j c. Bali Bithie Lam Heb t o 121 Boll tint it let in Bod #01. Is window shades we carry the Crescent handmade unfilled tint c. H. Carnes spilt i i is i i n of i i a it Tern ii tin phone i a Ai Vav 107 s. Boart h Standard furniture co. Us North i i ret by. Phone a in we boy. Fell and a soil of new and to <1 furniture. Handle Complete Una Kotchm Uteri Etc. Monument this famous Brand represent the highest Quality hand mad., translucent window Shade. We also f Rry the hand made Oil opaque. Lot us give you end stint a and furnish Sam Oles. Twelve colors to select from. Anderson Bros. Phone 370-.1. 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