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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1922, Page 3

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico I Chy edition morning journal. No fv-1 i Iii Vic a f 1 i i Xvi. So ?.Albuquerque, new Mexico Friday september i 1922 my n Xvi it i it legend bomb plot Iek Freo he 3dun0 he arrested by officials a re be train hundreds of Row Are drowned when French dreadnought sinks i Complete bomb manufacturing Plant said to i Lave rec n discovered in room occupied Mere by president of new Mexico federation of labor other arrests May follow. Hot n Yip a portion of Tho Santa to rail-1. Tho Hilton Tunnel. In believed by of fit Ian j Tho Bud last night by Tho arrest at of p Osl Viollt of a v a. I Erato to of i ador Anet Andrew Bruno to pc Boon Iii to Ca i in Oxire slate Ira taxi Driver and Oft which officers h tin a i in a nut Ca who plumbing Lui Siru Tho confiscation of Throe Lar pc a. Tho two wore carrying on the train. Soy Rod i engaged in this City. 3ed convention of the of a democrats is underway burned. Boik ire in 600 delegates an Ali Ped plot to Wick j t trains is disclosed tracks Arn greased and several workers sine wed motor car ditched by pile of debris w. G. Haydon of Las vegas is temporary chairman and delivers keynote speech Telegram is read from mrs. W. C. Mcdonald widow of the first governor. Pm in it to. In wholesale rot Isis Federal live in arrest Are agent the pen m ii t i Are Ai Al Szof it i to 1 to a re i int err the res a of Nfn fir in nut to octet s How tit rift ii v a a mrm i t Pill three 0pti0nae. 5 to i \ u ff4. Ai i t a it cd rth it till. ,4��w Isle pro a Rig. It of a plot an Tho in thu it w to i fill lit fir of t Vav i i to fins 11 in Iii u s Nami Filiti a j Racks sins ? t \ i the the a Nev Lima i Fin try Pic of i ii f. In ii i Ark i i the no in a i . gasped i of it bet Tik it Rouglin p,.r Ai it a re Ort to train. In Bonus Biel a measure As amended by Senate would become effective january i. 23 land settlement Aid. A i ult in the dreadnought a franc a ii �.-, 17< la find Tail i pomp nip a France i was in Tervi him ult. Of a Ink i w the Ain i main a Iran i 4? f on Cornu i Hoke a mini nil Quot a i dial adjourned i a i Hui 19 a a y a Vav til 1&Quot unable to top a a fyn a tins Tut g. To and jotted i. U j i i Quot i to cd a 1 Rte to 11 a 1 in log. A a i u in in ii if As a Quot i a i. A via. M,.i Judas it i Oung of i sup for re of Iii ii 111 iii1 Cut 1 anti Quot lint s. I i Bor i Ann county Wasto re vim Vav Quot to i to Quot to an i i i to i inn nine Msty tads be it iring i put a k l Thor. Map Mthm my Anion in the though surprised a s of made a i # on my i it g Ali Tifik i a Bole re Bim up. A he is As he a l v Ere a v i pm j in t .1 at i of the i a do the Quot f loot j it nil Eldress in which it assailed of the Quot convey nation. I til ii. Ail it Lite ius in new m ext a o for and men Idi. In u the Ami a a in i j a t 1 at in. Only Uin. V t i i Tihoi Iam night Jonea for the co ii nth of be who the unit i t i n 1111 Uii la in i Natl a a of Jit o 0 i Aiulu in it Hod to Ort Point i to w i in <1 t Date in this it fit Oil w us a <1 Jot t a the i Al in j Ihas a i if Ami Nill fad. St y u it a a la rpm a us. I Hill t it of i no the w lit u .1 a text i paid t i us. Vote of 47-2? involves an expenditure of Otis Clark indicted with Beuth of Bill Fob control fuel Mayu lot oui i l wan tug 1 i it adjourn that i he Nam Titi i Ovid u v is h h to stat <1 to fore intent a a a to k in it it. A Large rat Jolt it a my i n into i adjournment toy tit to m at m Lii Itil i pen it alms w in a i a Only St it of t in nil Bill. N a commit re Eom Tiiu no i that i Hub p about four billion dollars Harding probably will veto it. Fix ill a <1 in i t Mil a Tiff a a i landed in jail in connection with riots in Herrin Coal Field in july. I Tho to per a. I till. Nog. St it by Shevy ated h n.,�? la tim a ans a to reel in which s u s i to thu t precipitate the riot it is is House disposes of measure and sends it to the Senate. Where leaders expect Quick action. Ii the. I lift. 1tug la the Quot Husli i a. On Trot it tit \#1 ply of a ,1 of is 11, it. A mild i a <1 to pit to it Felt t till j no it #18 room it i re m in t a in 9 i lid a it at pm of the Quot \ a nma5 he in Vin a Tho tit at it Iii lot a a. I i a of in to nary jail in u in with a to a a third is i i pc i Cut. Ii a 111 d Joi y w h it h i and s pits at. Ai Titrant d Tom it to the t Are Glt vat d. Uiting the Vav la to prs a it in in a i it j i tin a hit d t hat it re a Uhall Porta u b i tiv Epin it the i. In 1 Mary us i us i of to i to u til we win a i i in i. Quot a uh la 11 of i n dour k Btl a Ariu a i parch put <1 d b the Inion it it Harlf t of la i to sad let Quot ii it ii ixe i to loan in to run upon Iii a a omit Quot a a i acut a d t v Ilia to just i l t it v i ii fit i a titty amount not in i a a t of the. I Quot it had hunted a Vlf if i pin it the Quot re on 11-# the data it a Rte irate to Tho Dale of la at the i to of 4 per i oat should Tho \ tim to t ail jilt princ Piil and int rest loan w within Bis Moat of s a la j fill w Tillit Fri of to a lop a i to a n n f ii Man i a i Quot i. In Thiv a til it tin h it Quot hanged and t Are a Psi them. In first tin Quot a i it which Havi a Rind the so i h in in Tiyo in into a i nine. In i y Billot n o Ltd to a a i la # a Quot i Otna a Alunni killed Yod As Cha nth in h dry i xvii i l l it in. I thy the As tort Uso i i tim Den in a shot in i ii Quot Al i n Eon in f Dej Nitich Martin into it member la d with Tho Shotliff which d a dispute Over the non a n in Phat a of Tho two trn nut from Tho Syatt Miclia. Sat if cob i Friday much i of i Iii inn i ten Inna for the Twenty four ended tit ii p. Rny Quot ter Day hied by Tho Niniver Tofy u sen a erasure. Sat. Of cd f to i i to a in. Lid i Quot a a Ipi nation. V Al Lief in. If Quot is of v of _ sop t it i i do a a i i i in ii to pay the liter it i to Tui try Tho government would pay to the Bank the amount of Mich principal and interest and to kit Over it he certificate. Thia Auld be re 1 ored in the int Era n a a in time i prior to i m maturity upon receipt j front him it Tho Atwo unt paid by Ahu give in i Nett t to tin Bank Pitta f i i interest on Fri a omm at the Vale a of 4�?Ti pet tit i year onto found j \ led annually. Ital of i 111 e it to a it.i a of int a t i ii 11 i Veteran by the Bank it round no so by morn than to it per it it j ear Iii rat chanted at the Dai Utah Quot loan for the do out t of c ii Mere i i Pic by Fie Federal Reserve Bank foe the Federal t Ltd Erva District in which the Bank a located of i Veteran died be for a the nut Lily if the loan tin government w Ould pay to the i Tuk i he print pal and interest and to thy i beneficiary named by to t tie i to of the Veteran Fife a Quot value of the certificate less the i to fit p id to the h my Niter Latimar y i 1 28, \ it Era in. I to old lug ii i ii i it con d Mike Iii Lect Applice thin through pit must. Is for k my i ii i. In it. Loan. Of such Loam were made. At an it line not More than the o after the Date of the Cert Fucale til Euld not pm i ii a per cent of the j sum of the adjusted service credit of the Veteran Phi interest at per cent a year from the Date of the certificate to the Date of the loan. Of the loan were made at any time More than three years after and not than Siv years after Tho 93 Date of the certificate the sum i m could not exceed is o it of the adjusted service credit plus infer a c t at i per refit from the Damis of the certificate to the Date of the 1 t loan. O if the loan were made at any . Time in Quot than Sis Sears after the to lists of Lim err it Fife the sum i Cornu d to Page two. Quot i proc ii Ai i Hirn ded Tuit in of j p be and bin i pro c Iai i i Art n Fust having in i lad in i Quot tin is rift min i 11 Occi i it Sill la Pesi Intis kill cd two i Twa the Liers i j j i in a \ to lit i in a in in Tiad five lit i charge Smel to w in of la which the a in film of the la i �?T#2 t. It a i i Rutar s. Being to in the Soldier i if i i leg flite for weak err e Chil i i Ion i j of j. Bat i with j. a originally it nuut providing that tiv should end Janu f pc week aft til is ii of in St Cor is to 122 la. Senate a soon i Bonus Bill Hud been #1attention was tuned ablation Tho Horah Subi the holidae Bill p m a 1 ii fling a fact finding Etc aug taken tip. Two Hothow est Rob a e#1 f ii i v of Ai Tion on the Quot mat it v Quot it Over f a fun t la i if oilily gel beaut Boyo i of the i int i it ass i Bill Ltd Day and inside in t it i of 11 it of j lug i icel in t e big fight n i t in i i. F Ion do ii i it Ark. D. R a a Iii Quot t to d a d it in i i tis11nm, m pro it of j. Not in such asking leave of s wits voted out Vav Hoie so. I is finally commie the House Tun i lie d i to Pplau-11 in Fri till and on off a f Denim is tim it to o a it is of the Cal Quot Pic and inc tim Volt m 11j i Low n Umb w a i Quot Tun. A ii exp f the both basis f a u fan Aid i f i to in it. Fri ? Quot i dict. I k. W ii Ltd for Dee in it e tit id i. Mow in fill hire Imalene it at Toi used county if i suspicious tim tied leaving the i a ult the indie in us hastened. Mopped a in at Orn gave to Iliff Quot i in Nen let For was in and d. In t to aim in fion the tiring la Quot p a a t nay no to 4< in a. I111 til ext i Iii a emergence without Congress. The act in Iii i in it i a a of the hut when us of Bill i o it i was put be proper a i. Turn in Winslow Fth Quot Interr Tofte # on Merce committee in i Barge of it demanded and obtain i d a ret Ord vote and the Section i was re Iii Quot ii. Los to i i preventative Haw Burn to x a j k incl of in of the inter a Tate Commerce Eon. I Toffen d Tho motion to strike. It out and he. Via supported by Ltd Ormun mar i in if the appropriations commit -1 it a i Revio Sty . Winslow had ought to a Quot a i the provision so ins to it Quot it Osgi est the i uht it sax t a a a in Corgi us pro ailed in fie1 a a of an expect Cal off t Spring i Ake ta., was a ported a she a to has suited in Ile it tit d i Pat in a i Man an the i injury of Titre Arnild he j it Bara when actor Handcart on i who quoth the v were in Advance a i of the train struck i. Obstruct i a. An attempt to blow up f hic Noa Alton train near Alton he i Point no of a Bridge in Avi Lri to in i in and the burning of a in orig. S on the a Oitt in Belt Quot it also Ware a a a a a to a a muh Namis j w us the arrest of hirer Man la a pig charged w Ith a ply a i dynamite a it i w reek the Neva irks it he a in Western a 1 pres of the n a York men nil tines i til latest Arr j. Li>we1 ? he i holding of four other men accused i of wrecking the a a million i Mil in Quot ,., Quot a pre a #.z tie m big in it in 11 to Niina tinn t near nary Ina Little More than j a we k ago by removing thirty i maven spikes front the rails Rati. My the death of two Encl i a a non. Sand efforts were be no made by j fat drat and tint officials to deter a j mice win the rth re woe any a n -1 i need a w it o the two groups in til Road Dot a elves posing i by a i n cd a a St of. A Kerning the alleged plot. \#.Rlieg the in a Sligo Orthe a k w a a first supposed n b to f lit i a t a Aday hut the a a re a f to Quot fair in Quot ii in Conn finn with the Cilery outrage postponed tin j lha a a Salt a of the pint til j an men week being questioned today i life j in in attempt to a irn if Oil i i. I were Corner cd with the conspiracy fit ill a i to find Floc Pici Iti a of i a ass he dynamite which w s a to Nave Quot in is Quot a Lii la i a 1 re a of j to Yurista we re Misc by i a 11 a by a co Pollee and Federal a gents a con in i d Tubeo a Tivitt Iii All parts sit j of the a mitral a St lust i be spite the wide extent of the a my Day outbreaks no the heavy of a property loss few injuries were to reported v a Dalin mo., four bund guards were i ice the we Man on 11 cd i it Lcy and shattered windows is around t"1? did not Irre Ftp i. A ten id by w up a i Ridge in in Nati Ltd. Was have done it top damage the Adoui no is cd to Elf a nation of a ital is m i for. No Icso Iurii it 11 it s t those who no in Mil Befurt i a pint Iai in f in pull in m a pulled shortly Iii tilted in i rom. La i a i i v. Til is cot cd i i j St in Era and mat Ion input night Roe a Vee Tho ii i order #1 which had a Iii id i i 11u i i i my Jot to vide. A diff i cd Quot to opinion in Tho i it maid o county i. Ilion in its apparent when of My Roll moved that the Convent pm a in a i the report to of Noire that a a vote he required for amp Notum i. My f Lyda tin git y jut Asne i in of i Quot d pm ii a change Marron cont tid d Llinat tin n of #1 cd sine racy had a i a a y a t Vot Hii a \. A ii i i maid Menf Trail inns which h of a in re ask a the Quot for a Tate govern Mcfie 271 per Cen of it statehood a the.-pi.rf of the comte Lttie 0n Rule and order of business aft Quot a Brief fight c it the provision re numb of vol s a Quot of Pili i to nominate Candida is was adopted. As follows order of Busine. A report of credentials a Omar i tee report of the com in h tee on rules and Ord a of bus incs report of Cheww Lttie Imp Ltd to in neat organisation report of Cominitti on platform and is solutions report of and tory cont Mitt a nomination for to noted i it t it i nomination for a p re it it Ivy in Congress Nomine a lion f in governor nomination foe Lieut naut governor nomination for is re Bury of state nomination for state treasurer nomination for at tor pry general Noil Natton for superintend it of Public instruction nomination for commission of Public lands nomination for state auditor nomination fur stat Quot t w on corporation com mid o re. It Quot a majority Vot of f a i. A a any # it Fin a to Quot Unic True a Del w a Quot to shall by hound by the unit in a except by unan . Cup sent of till delegation do i a go a red in the my it ouse n a t 11 ii a a i d a till a Gencur 21 i with a 101 in the in that Champ Clark would have a Quot Iii hons of the several counties sin the nominee of the National Dean a a be the fun strength As set Forth by in i a if a majority j of i a Nti the county delegation a Fri client to Quot nominate j j name four members of the Quot lid have robbed the Parry i Pratt Central committee and a you it in of that matchless is a Odrow w Gley in opposing the i said the it Iii i a i i i no Jot try rules and that j i. I it the Quot in coition j y in this con i Titian hasp hts Sinei said . I a Tii 11�?T a hid been v hic it word the Quot # late matl . To Lim id min i i Tingle in i a in be today until d vim ii Art Blo a in it n by climbing Railroad Tow a for i i Imeon Lenl and the comi Altter report was a i by a Bual in i j i try. >1 in Nln i Huni Icett was St ated by political observe in Quot none i Quot require a malty of two thirds was my a in Effort to forestall a possible Ai nation for o erect for a. T. Miett of Layup. Who has i he support of the labor element in the convention and Over whose Candida a the Bernalillo county Deles j. i a been ? i ? it Knelt has i Imi Dorithh strength and lbs a alive Wing re the party is said to f. A that to May receive a Tea a Fri y on tit i now h thu j i. In pm in the conservative i ment scene to fear that it would to liar to convince the conservative voters that his Devotion to the labor eat a would not make him a too on sided Cati did nth ire beginning to arrive to acquaint i a h. Vauaght. Of Deming w us re the mesh is with the Quot Tiliti s of their partied last night As a St Cong can posit ions j i Ite. Even though ii has oppo a i. Knell a a radiate of Fri sit Ion at Home. Old to my Den i t to la i 10 1 to Quot count v also by 11 Cut Ca a Onset to a for the on the Emmittee after the Ion Hall be fill Quot by the Central committee the and it of Tiffee to Ali report o i f the Quot chairmen of the Morrow Glnn Johnson Fie con in Quot i Nom inst iou faculty members Arf arriving at College i 1 til la a Ihu inure ii. State College i. Jans ? i a he newly elected Niem tier of the f Cutty of the new Mexico.>11 of agric inure and in hard a ii it ? ii nun a t a nut a i in i la i ii the Quot i Vav effect \ fit i -5 i Dent t d is ii 11ct i 9 1 i2 1�?� t 1 a 2 7, i 9ss, i 9 i 93 0, 1931, i 93 3. I 9 3. 19 34, i i3 a 1 Quot 3 it i t Timi ill t i ii to i "3 7. 1 9 3 a 1939, 1941911, 19 12, Tot ii total Xii. Int a1. Jux i til a Quot i i i i % i 3 7 $ a a i 2. S21. R i. Sisr. It 3 13 a s is ,7 a i 7 t 19,139 i of i -s19,4ks,Ric, $17,1115,219, $27, �?�1,7 .3. I v 4 Imi a i. Sir 9 9 i a1 9. #7,7x3,901 i ii t Tov 2 3 be 9 i 3, $,y3 i 13 to i i Quot Pirn i it a Brand juror Immi i Getty a be cried. A a the in i originate with them i was Broad is i v i method after the in open i Marn group a Poi a i i to today jul la Quot car two # ameed that a. A. Kerr Uncil for the Illinois min Quot c had filed a petition"1 for a ase of a a Ark on up hearing Wilt in.9 ,4 x i Chi six i ti.�, x2 a a 91 of it in up. Propitiation that would by made Limiter the $350,000,000 Laud reclamation provision hut under that provision tin government finally would recover these in it the total of he certificate plan is placed a 3,$#4,9f>9,4si farm Ami Home Ald $112,125,000 vocational training $52,323,000 and Cash payments to vet Era a s a Quot Ivin $ a a less $18,,poo. Ii an Chi work her it the ii a Recti Quot a he Ween attorney cd a tip fit i by of , sin. Attorney la St Tut . Kerr. Judge a a it lined. Foiw wiring to i h e. M a Al a tipi in Alt but la. I flu a v 111 t a it in Cli Quot aft a Llu h a i j indict d of Quot a murder a v Torney Fluty v Erat i i us sect ton that t la c it a pre pa1 Etc a i in Quot Aud that the indictment Quot vote i to apprehend and detain a fore this purpose could i Quot us cow j a wished. F. It. I ii i a is w to v pm Ion Van told no out Vuitton i it i i m a. A hut in ii ii Quot ? i it a nit for the purpose of a a he cause i Quot a prevent a to a Pisi. I charged for fuel and Pron Tite 11fare a w is Reje to it d j Ord vote three a Glia i Xum at to 1 Tate d j debut i if in put do Quot sin re Texas a. Amp m Aversit v of place of Al overt Burn of animal h Burna go to he Rah Ait Gtna. It i Leon a. A mss. A g the i Civ a try of in#111�111 als Quot completed i War master s degree a tikes to in Roll in i i i re to n it lure of the convention that i May have an effect on till git nomination a a some Lral ing 1 reported to he under Way i among the delegates i indications Are the the convection May finl hits work la a to i night though it May run Over info saturday. The democratic state convention i was called to order yesterday morning at to of clock by Cor Lse la Hunker of leu vegas chairman o ithe democratic state Central com in it tee Llev. Father a Maids Lari s. Of a a of this City prone mrs tip Quot in docs tins and prayed Tbs fut Impi men Quot v5 i divine guidance might be Given till to p. Get h flu to the end that the gubernatorial Timber. A a Joud select a candidates for pub Lic office people who will regard in office As a sacred Trust and administer ii efficiently and justly chairman waited of the City commission made a neatly hrs so a speech of Welcome offering the democrats the hospitality of the City Quot May you build a platform of planks free from Knothole and rottenness and a i it together with , Aud of he morals w Hoff n candidate Hgt naj a of sincerity a said m Missouri takes the is Cavaille cd making a Strong Walton in conclusion. As it Campaign and win has by to now j y Bandry. My i it t a it. Arc pulling Herd f t Litiby try of i i lad. Of to Hama. it i Ham. A Fly Rosier hcs it 11 like up n night i 1 Jip a is i Ion at i ii us i thy a it us a amp acis who Tho puny a mind for nov nor j a jul 6 i. I i silk self 1 Bis up. A i a it i of -11 a Baa Many support -. Aud i d to tit Quot Grad to t e i name the but i1 a will go it for the # Quot to it urn. Some demo rata comp f de try predict a is nomination. John i Simms.Albuquerque actor they is mentioned of a Strong ?i-1 in Case of a. Deadlock. Steer tug Ltd Mutti c working. In a a w of hic mat y Candida u a Placer on the ticket the la i i til of it White of s Iver City. Ate sup Rich. Talent it t do tip the Quot i professor Mel a i to it 1 of k la t g a t the Aati a pm tit i it Llu Chi Dor Vav t rep 1 111� opposed the a Hod oops Quot l listing that if i had b Btl no t s cd Jated acal Nal profile rec a on West la pre of the it he to Vise j a Cau ii. A Quot i. R. T piers whip i Quot ii a t cd stir re at i a Quot we course in business training 0ffcrf0 at agricultural College at la Urdi Barr. I a a a Quot rein e a a \ assistant i sin sit v it i Indiana member of to Merit is of. I of the k i 11 Eger ii most of i is til instruction. I specialised i a assist in by it n Akin w it Xiv so a m i a p e cd More than a of Home lege to i ,. Iowa ref urn t his Yipe Ift a Surah in of a. In return to t a k the Veimau. Who adult we a for p of i a. Tit no i in in Roc nov a graduate Public d Miqu Center called ural ii t Tom pita p. At univ. It had con id Tami lha Biot it a atry Dot i tora by a a a i in a it i Vav m the Ykin a by a a i d to work i i a s Piffier other an ural \ Ute i Cline t in j i Quot in nut in h i i comm it to it will a do term i o Quot Quot Quot Fin. I the by i on Tho a 5 ii n in win irs Quot i state to Oil ego i of ran in by in legs Grade is to first time this Mexico Colley Quot Mechanic Orts. 4 Are killed when a i Btl s i no no 0 Bim i s Texarkana Reu Sii a i Bridge i tin St Louis soul it Western Colton it it Calin y be few Cen this City my St Ary p a distance of St Pup c Clam i <4 lot i i v a it t a a i be Rice cd flies. N. 71., aug is x t ii in i j in of a i d he offered for Tho year by the new of agriculture and b. A Comer a graduate of the College of Commerce of the in Nive rally of Minn train strikes Auto m �?~o7 a edition to having taken his College i # no had. Calif., aug v Nav Ork in Busic. Training at one of men a woman and an infant were the beats Quot Hoole in tits Middle West i kilted at pan i Atren so Outh of Bijj s had co sop t Able exp Benet in j Hare today when an no a Mold i i tim Bustin so old. Two years of j which thy were Riding was struck ids business experience was As Prill v the of i Ockl in Fly a a of the j Vaie score 1 1 the v i e Presl Southern in a cd Fie rail a rho Idem of on of the Large rail Romia Mac Lune was Cut in half and on j of the country. Ile was also a Nihil of of it cont tining the to Quot n in. Ploy it for son a Lime in the in was Carri Quot More than i too Yards Anco of t a a i noted j a cd Navy. I la to \ j Spring a -1� to lit ofes i Quot Elal irk in take i he i ? ? so .1&Quot&Quot of i v resigned last ii be Pip tee of Quot Sam i v i a a i we were i Quot. P Quot till Quot hum Eom Nii a the i on vent Ion s list 1 s of an adv Sal v St leads to the belief that ii. I Eft i w ill to made in. filleting claims and As so by a void Bitt t gilts -. Ant ton f a Coni thl-1 Hiti d was found Necho v Louvention 1 a a to Seemel the delegates pc tees v divided As to by Quot of Mandala a f i tit Porta to it i cab it at Cis Convent Ion in St rut t of. S by Cia Vohu id ii Quot great a Iti h a of the great ate and re having participated in Sev a # incs of to a state Eiju Ca i association at which the to in of the City Quot i a n warn , be Seal the a Onislo to a nominate Ca int blk officers. Vet a ire to say our governor cat make a hotter select Ion of v pc rid to cd Quot tit for the Quot state pen ton Tiura than the present govern a i he said support i in Hilgon. A letter was read i Quot a a Nith men a d m a a Inena a joint Dot Ca tic c a one Case of Scarlet fever in Valencia co. Lunas a m., aug ii the health department reports the t a Stence of a Case of Acari fever in Valencia county but it is hoped that an epidemic May he Avo a tills discuss is highly con n # and carries a High nit of morbidity in to Ort i Ity. There cry no no Anis of pm Ventim by inoculation unfortunately out if people will j i Ope at with the Quot local phys i Evans and health depart input by promptly reporting ail sure cd a Ltd in sob Aud obeying quae tills it Quot a a i icons the to tee an Chi i a j a avoided a ii i von a my eau part in i it on i Rcpt i m ninth a Quot n tune w ill be envy 1 my acid to it Tho Harmony if the Eam tiv on Congo and Bod feel creation of a i a g i a. The aim Mitt a is include Cue member f in each # Imti to legation and it was notice Abl that Strong men Vav get it pieced to eel in committee. The t of the credentials last night show 502 a Quot died delegates the Ber specified in the Call were a m the Convent Ion and this a a nut it it it Quot St mid in a i a -. I Iii Quot ? wort i. I a xxx Bock Quot Quot Hull. Curry county chm to an i. Clarles Saxon Barding county a v11�?�# Quot Man Ignacio a Vigil a count vice inn Man i of Baton expressing Best wish sex for the Success of the convention and pledging its support to the Quot i i Quot Ket to be nominated a Telegram was i id from by. Tel of to div of la first state go a a in Rex pressing la regrets it in ing u a Hie to be present. The a a cats of the various a do go Lions appeared to he filled my a i Vav is it uti that Over 000 were pre Stone Quot i pot of this number Over seventy of lha of pc women b id registered at the bin Quot 11 in con volition a a tip Vav # i. Haydon Bas Vega a tor Noj and banker w is Numic a a to in p Ira to is Iii in a . Roydon began hts Addry a by Reading a Nevi taper Iii a quoth from Ishin Tou a 1 g t v. Join Quot of new Mexico Las become the Al Leader Quot Fri democrats in the on the Tariff and other matters of first Imp Quot a Ance to the nation. A Jbv try demo. Era and a number of republicans re a thai j % a ted of i ii a Din it to thut a j of do Mccu rho a Bill a i yup Cli it Al take Iii Tariff out of Polit in till a1 a a i a 11111 it was by one vote a tim in Ticle rout into . \ # t Iona i i flairs Haydon devoted a in a Obj of his address to National affair he j it tis it the Quot to a in oof the nary can Mauril on i a in of a a t

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