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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rage i or Albuquerque morning journal no no Mem Colorado lettuce he finest Ever Kiwan ians to dim with big chief tonight local items entry a turf a a it for rib in off a trait in san were. Fri september i 1022. 0m i if i Quot Ltd it it i Ltd the f Quot Quot Cut by visit business Chance 11 a a Lam i i. To no. N m today and tomorrow highest class in every Way tax commission advises county of big reduction in Small school Upkeep allowance wards Cash store phone 28 508 weft Central. Order delivered tor 10c for Sale 17 weeks in san Francisco l l weeks in los Angeles record runs of this wonder picture i nil 111&Quot Heller a 7 i i i <1 f i Albuquerque finest Theiler a 3f$ Worth while m re i i it ii cd Alit a m a a i ii today and tomorrow Rifle ret i or it a of Hov i a. Khz r. He Kly a in t in it i v d or i Fern v it own in to roue or a urn d lunch wed by George Arliss Garfield a d for us ated in Quot f riwn1 Ltd no i Huba c r bom the i to i re j. I t i Auto for Salto not Lull Ion. He a Mumi i by it Noflis a Hart a 11��?� 111 in Millport of by i hit-1 he Tih i to ii Ihmi it ret Iii i tax a of i our a a deaths and funerals my Kij mall i it of ,-1 re a a a my i a Brin t. M i 2 i to til no i Nii to rent a car it von Milf no a re it re a. W s. V.1 ii inlay. T m i l i i Koi i Hun i Isi i is a in it it f cd i \ a of i Here�?T Arf in d a Manl ruined j after 11114 a villain for liar xviii rpm undid it. Ii. I ova in. 1 in 1 o i i a r . To ill Stem Usu. Tri. 701-.l 325-aa 1 to Quot Ltd Tlle rum Rte 0. Lie lie 2 i in Central. Phone 797-w, for Sale or Trade i i i la inns it ii follow a act \ ha1 t or. It or Dorne to the Hurc it to Here for in h d a vim i of Xvi it. D la wed be he d this morn front a he Fli tily in i dip Dent of re t i her is. He. Hurt Barb Ira re Nill 1 Hare. Apples and pears shoe repairing i 1 is r la a it \ f i til m Walt Lith m a aniline i 71 la is it Mua Lair. Up leave Ord the butter shop. City electric shoe shop h. 0. Davis presents a picture ii i and or 11 11 f to. Mil la i. I of t i it or i lie. A ibus Senju thrill of to w Irene i the direction a a would Cut a a a holders rata site a Din a j condition tar or of nut a a intent in i a k for i rite 1 re fore a a Fogg the jeweler pm mend. A Tot in. To Welaj highest Quality. Low ast Pileci or a a to office. 11a South fourth. A a a uni la i Man Miina a a men in Hon Lier i. I Quot Nso he indic 1, 1 the silent Call Quot i he Story of a mighty dog that guard a a girl an t Iii r it no am ill a i a guided h or to it in Tho Hill of tn1quick Servile. Phone .7-aa�?213 a in till a. Oil pure milk it her id and regular admission prices a Morte Cristos starts next tuesday from Alexander immortal novel Phe it Al it of Monte Cristos. Or i Holder. T he county Lopit a till y est erday 1 the rut 0 t quota a la Rit a i Salt Bool i i itt i a ? in 1 a Etc hint this my to shool full Bari Roll try would or a bins if of Koubi have to it of Birri it wit 1 the pal of a Acher �?�97 and $ 2 it 1 a school Vii oven it up the first a l o tint la runner notice j1 h i it in in s. Re Ary. An Iuda milk or Cream a Iua lit it _____41, ii nil Iii a in tick Vilcio 1 la health require Manta. Del ii red Olally in any humility Long smrt of the try. Lin tier Dairy in lion 2 Lur. H.,. Wanted spa a a i no Mav i floor in Busine pee f City. Add i xxx it one third in tis tire room d Uny it the of Bon Call us Aloma of St stand new Alev in Cigar sep. Photic 111 draw re and the a rub d i % Ond Quot Quot notice or. J. J Mcbain or a Fiu Lilter of a or music shop Accord in Aly. Apollo mks i also n 11 k fresh amp sanitary Pale review a current events we Supply the t Ibert cafe and the Savoy Caf. For City delivery phone 2405-r-2 Liberty Dairy i note a Advance in prices matinee adults 25c it Hildren i or night 0 to ii a adult 15c Chi adv hot firt Al Giffis Tai hide Guys Transfer and storage for �t1 i Tho Star we haul Day 1 bal a anywhere , ild phone 37 i 323 ->0 1111 second Naglit phone 2033-j and 1209-m City Tennis title let us Send a Man see est Seis tourney starts on to Repine that broker window Ria. Albuquerque lumber c phone 421 423 North i Quot ret f it a the Quot of j h p Hun t. I of Tro Nihle the Ida ii flu i id i of. Phone office s3-aa it a ii knee i. Country club court fir of p. R q jul i n a Acoma Indian dance is 11. D l. Is to ? la Lui Tri a. Older your Keats nor car leaves it in. In. Phone 37 i is i it a it Gallup Coal unloading car now. The very be t. Coal Supply a lumber co. 4�?phone#�?5 we. R. Walton. President and manager i s Lyric theater Uto in i Al is r Al Puri Anci phom i in ii i h j today and tomorrow j what is a wife a duty ii an leered through the cleaner i by. E. Limbic a a a i. Der the c i h Dat Dis and is a 111 i cd a Nimi Piton 153 for Utti nod to Iota i Al Mim r Hiruo i or it lit Idi hic. I turd Simi i i it rut phone tt2 i i in b found f. Al for Sale Arthur c2. 3-Fa Iii a to it rum k o h n. I Huu aes Twenty Fivi -. Two rooms a cd porches North part o a ii a location. Sew s 09 North pm ret. Each o Fop Sale Many tin inn n int Wilt u Tea the in get la of All furniture i to goods fit the i b Nee of p an Grunsfeld. At too i ii a cute. Bernalillo county members of state dancing labor Day auction Sale at uni ,-cpl1 Rattler 2nd, Al 1021 Imre ill it my Ali is m i it it Al 2 is i i in of i urn tire to 40 to Iii kit is la bib r \ 111 i till i Ian i no a la i it i is Lodi Quot i ii. 1. I Ash Tijeras Canyon Pavilion i at a till afternoon and evening. Committee named Ujj Belt m us in in town. A it Corn it re in dozen. Fancy it Dorado potato too pounds. Kane it a dried onions it pounds. Fancy dried onions a a a pounds. 2oc i 2oc 90 c try he Willy Nilly Cash Way and Bank the difference. A i i 5� Mali la end to Deb a i us 1, the Tut Cunio critic convention a Rev 1-Lect cd the it its ii i ,4 a a Ann Ber of the Matt cwt Teal Eon Mitt a k. 11. Of re kit i Kim in. Of tin Cati or it Meacham and Vjra d la. Hanna. La. A a Ltd ors or. A to Lei seed chairman a a he la a cat Immi m i a Nna a in is rum rust Secretary the Ltd la a Tion it is Fin Talt a will vote i n to i visually and not As a unit. Its. Dim # Tabic and a hairs. A it nil in tim j a is. A viral Hockers. In i a prongs and Multi a base Burner a a i condition. His 18, leather Lavoun a. Is1 a Lien Cabinet Vituj Ertic Coal bans. Moore a Coal Bol in to id Hap. Fact to Cai Burn. It in a to of Kinin i thru to. Garden tools Lawn me urn d a Short Lime and a Biff by of other article not mentioned Here on account of a u of. New of you want i Muse Fott i i hut. You Ca my of foul to nuns this male. This a your Opportunity to e the of furniture that you have been wanting or you Home. Don t forget the Dot. Saturday. September 1021 Cor Rester Avenue we will Himo eel a Liff by 1 r a a i shape come nod Hwy this Cut and unit Wall. Ill i it by it a net Lunier. He open windows Tjie Tau of a dirty heat h Comber. Rile girl stared at lie Man in tile a ii l in suddenly Quot ii recognized that face sudden1 so knew. It was the Man she had married la a v. A 1 i a it ung a i 1 a s into full of love and joyous she had come to join her husband on a tropical Island and found him a Little More thai a beast. I but she tuck to the ship. Paen though it i or come a a reeks stuck until one Day when by i Lia i i flee f r h i life to a neighbouring Island. And ibis is the thrilling Siery of what happened t h to. Mary Miles Minter in my the Jiff to 1 a Drill k it i ii i Kic Shor a Lump i b Iii Uiski Mith second i or i nil his tar Lorri fresh fish today halibut cat fish sea Bass South of Suva added attraction a a Penny Reward regular Price a. A it for a Gantt Melon St crate up. I Hong 20 meat groceries fruits amp vegetables new undertaking concern to come in the Field object lower prices gtd i id morning i none no Ono can to 1� Louat he a sep Altol a till Cerrillos egg Coal pears to pounds. It Ancon grapes Box of 20 pounds. Yellow free peaches Box. Cooking apples very fancy Box. In Boc u to St.15 we a deliver your order for 10c order Over $5.0 3 delivered free. Psi tip i ump skinners Willy Nilly Phon 60. 205 South first Street. Omera egg buy your Coal before the Rush. Alec fuel co. Phone 251 l. To Miller prop ail Firth 11 ref Street in Houe 199. La Ione i Amir Ltd or. U ii to the hot the All Dequer i in i Kuti a l or 4 company newly i de which will but located at la weal Silver ave thin new firm will reduce the com of burial to Al Buiter tue no Well a in to Quot Ollie Slat. Our embalming will 1>� june under the in Alpo up r ii it Lon of cur Anibal River graduated from the Renaud la Niri school for pm Bauers of new Yore City i lenses by the state Board of embalmer of new Mexico ltcem.0 no. Us. Who Hale recoil vied our Chapel we hive installed proof \ Ault we has two separate to r nuts. One for men and on for ladies in bail a trained lady a Eastant. Star tim it flit with a Quot of i Kullos i fib Coal fire. Faut in a few Ino Viii and Tho chill driven iou a Thoro is no in by it ii i fur or jut As a of i a Cerrillos Coal Hahn Coal company no in a a a chocolate in Coffee sold at this store. We sell skinners our Price for shipment adult a i rom $50 to $100 Complete. Delivered to depot. Local burial adult a front $35 to 100 Complete. Children s funerals a Complete cell Droit funeral $20.35 to #50.7- we Are unloading Sug Arite fancy Chestnut Albuquerque undertaking co. The highest Grade Macaroni Spaghetti egg Noodle and Ether Macaroni product. A s. I allows in Nailer ii a of surer phone ill $9.75 per ton i ordering now. Tse in Furnace Heater or new state Coal company ii i 5 save Money by ordering now. Tse ii with Satis a faction in Furnace Heater or Range. Xiv amp it Quot it phone 35. Exolus by Igent for Bugan a .1 gtd diva Mil to g

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