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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal. To Tkv fight year. A <�1j, Ian la no. Twelve Paget Albuquerque new Mexico wednesday november 24, 1920. Twelve Paget Dali toy Tarrier mall. My a Mont Bingle Corteo. A a. S. Must feed europeans Hoo ver a �0�?o to teachers enjoy concert and dance after night program to -0 Quot a to Quot -0�?o Quot a Quot a com a 0�?o a Quot a to american legion to fight gov. Larrazolo a Pardon 16 Vil listas War has collapsed among both allies and foe in the face greatest famine in Coo years president elect in a battered boat. Of Relief Council formed to continue feeding the undernourished people abroad 3,500,-000 waifs dependent american Charity and must be carried Over the Winter. Fhy till a Mhz Iati la pm Phi Chicago now 23. Formal announcement the organization it get r european Relief Council composed it eight american organizations was made by Herbert Hoover at l dinner tonight. Continuation american support in ceding the unto r Nouri tied Peoples Europe was urged in . Hoover who will act As chairman the Council. Re dinner tendered by Howard pm. Jackson formerly ice president the United states Grain corporation was it tended by .300 chicagoan. The Council consists the american Relief federation american red Cross american friends service corporation quakers jewish joint distribution coun-<1 Federated Council the churches Christ in am a lieu knights Columbus v. My c. A., and y. W. C. A. A Rke i v in in Heller i tins com do Tfir full invest icon a i it i-.-,i the ii it omit i i Ltd vliiiii1 i i a i Solo anti Tiel if la f in Europe to Sii ppm i children who have Vinci to Brint i i,.-.in dependent Ltd Charity until the child it i. Hoover. A in r. In in win it it i for dim it i to Ion will h i t tit St politic religion. I lust the in. I v Allan the live children. The War in collapse. Anion a a a. A ii i in Ami enemy in the Faith greatest famine in hire Ollie i \ r in to fir a Iii a mini the human animals a a it food their it ate and the id Luime Lite nonet hot Quot Mill i til Mai till a a Umi thee in Ini it i Little 0,. Int i v the Eit Lodr Fie White Chiin Are depend iou Cal i a for uie a try existent i is fat Tim i turn haul a. Upon the turn. I int re i in Rilla i a re it to it Hlay the v ale Waim live by virtue the the i Tel mud a 11 is i >h,oq9 Stern to oui a a a to it an a it i Al helps the lath armory thronged at afternoon and evening n. M. E. A. Sessions local Post sex service mex passes Resolution in which Legal right the Riti Kaitann i mum a governor to act is doubted educators looking prosperous convict audience declare three addresses made by noted speakers Best group speeches Ever delivered in state concert much appreciated and school May ams dance till clock strikes 12 convention ends today. Provision Law is cited which says that no i shall have been sentenced to the Penitentiary shall be pardoned without recommendations the Penitentiary Board Larrazolo bitterly condemned for issuing pardons. Humiliation Chagrin and indignation were expressed by Alida f. Sims. In a Resolution passed lat night by Hugh a. Carlisle Post although a careful study the excellent and com no. 13 the american legion condemning in bitter plete program issued for the thirty fifth annual Conven terms governor Lurra Zolov a pardoning the sixteen Vil Tion the new Mexico educational association which is listas who took part in the Columbus raid. In Progress Here fail to reveal any department Section the Resolution questioned the governors Legal right devoted to the subject personal appearance never the to Issue the Pardon without previous action by the Board i less the gathering some two thousand educators is Nota Penitentiary commissioners. Hie for its prosperous Anc attractive presence. Enthusiasm referring to what is termed a a misuse the Pardon was even higher yesterday than the Day before Tho Ling Power a the Resolution says j chief speakers seemed inspired and an excellent concert a the act suggests if it does not justify the Conlu i and dance at the armory closed the Day. Final sectional Sion that the governor had More in mind his personal a programs election officers and the lyceum contests to sen to it a Warr it cd. Hard frills. The president elect is in Aly to Hiatt a fishing till ii grail ozement than an act Justice to men undergoing wrongful and unjust punishment that being about to visit the Republic Mexico As the guest the president elect the governor completely forgot his duty to the peo Nir his Vit Calif to without a vial the state who have so signally honoured him and min. In in old battered Bual also forgot that a mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the in commenting the Resolution leaders the local night Are the program for today. A detailed and wonderfully us. A a a armory wait turned into a Dane Hall and dancing mat Ca till twelve the floor being crowded Tho entire evening. Or. La. M. T Runks. Michigan. Or. La. M. Crook president Alma col lege. Michigan won hts audience in the afternoon Avalon instantly by his manner telling dominating if to Mew hat technical by Lirra. Was delivered last night by . William a. Wirt speaker the evening How to k to a in if intern efficiency out every school and its equipment. How to arrange classes and How to dispose t. B. Tells How he cot that vote Esat rss Filer Sisic Kew a ski Sam it a he used no. Than they a. Forby Thel ,n,., not special work which Cit uus u lout j a a duties choose the ugh in the class room. A school rooms to Best advantage j j l vat f a 11 to a Hinny Quot Slot w a Quot mild Vii �<�?��1 an my. said that he and scholarly manner. A High Callo sleeping porch Campaign won it Penitentiary. Vows he did no to cast it himself _ i at i m egg the Hugh a. Volt not As such was a a Quot Ponte can i Glon held at Albuquerque n Al., the 23rd Duy novem Ber 192&Quot, it was a Ile soit in that the american by t. B. Crabb. I legion ids tin deepest him Lila. We Ull folks now that the secret is out As you prob Ltd us the la a Tov nor tin Blo for their acts under the Law War. Indeed. It la not too much to say that it was their intention and Tho intention their leaders by talk so called raid to involve stir j y Rwm government and the government the Republic suggestion o.,. _. Lug profession he in id. Leniency. Play and in the a. A a a gent a ext la Ted his can ran gement their to in hours i a i i i r res their breaches prof a Buettn. And affirmed to at Bell a in allow cd r i sprit do corps Wnm need to bring Tho proves no a state it new mexi a a Ouid i ably know if you read mondays Palter that part it by have pardoned sixteen bund dui it \ Toa fellow who Calls himself Don Fulani i feel that you i convicted in the arts to hts Al Millu to hot Arall entitled to know the fails in the Atory about me xxx a a Quot . Getting a Vot it for president the i nit cd states in the i m a a it a Iii Villa i a id the last election which because the Way it went i will Call it Quot it. The. , Luto Motif j night tin no the March. La it it americal tr00p Yvo i,., Suff red to the democrats late bereavement. in i to denounce Tou har jul Hill an Kome a what Don ii ugly were he lives at for the next i this misuse the pardoning Power Down h,.tr in i j in. In Ornis St rung As scout to b ver wore he mor ably a uniform in Organ exc i warfare and is cup Dally insulting to Vav ii _. A a. D . Crook in closing it Apprice Totel. A a. 1 a lbftlinwu1 a it Strtt Dereli the Voca Timal dinner at the. Al last evening was attended Hornc Maurice Kab lit Ami i by kit no it and women Hupy i unt Van the ,1 a Bol to cent cd his sleeping a to a Chilly to it j a a table Witt out a hot and what did log to i d my a Chanco to get dignity Anmer-lab0r party vote in state about i Coo Complete canvass returns reverie i siting i in ii tint Glt vial Vav i Mictil i. T i sat d it speech jul <11. S i ton telc a i i. W 11 ii i he i f the began Luxation Ltd Holved further that in the v it w this Post the outrage upon Public right committed by the gov Mer is magnified by the Reoutt whih h a for his misuse it pardoning Jow a in that i i seen in to latin r Laid Down their lives in protectingl4�?~ a Ai to indent Wagner acting As Toaston a t Tim and dignity in j i we i i ire r Quot Quot Beaker Tho 1 country involved a a dirt it t in i. A a convention with . D. S. Shu to. Suit this so called raid. A �?o�?o"ii1� Jim Quot up Ondong to f arts. A a a Cults for l tha Tater of010 the commercial luncheon at a he lived Furt lid that Quot is the \ . A i Quot Ivy Tiv it a cd a had to flirty go few sen. Fib i tic Tim in Ullh i r to i in my a a 1 let Loki get Quot continued Page two a following the Roundup alleged criminals continues resolved further that it is them n i y to sense this Post that the time an i jut in h i Mati tier the exec so and Abu i the pardoning b. The gov a doubt both As a nor Mew .vfe.m-Calls for to it the court utmost reprehension by All Law tried the criminals and the i abiding citizens. I their punishment and the act suggests if it do a not unjustifiably Aspersen the justify the conclusion that thy is ration Ltd t log my Iii in Kiridly i it it runt just my it i a Lect i it in 1 Litty Al mfr i i Cuil be chem a final plurality is 3,c71 average Lead g. O. P. Electors is 10,601 Hanna runs ahead ticket and opponent behind certificates May be distributed i Oday Iii to i. Imp he a no l liminal Laws j governor Hail More in mind his j doing has -1 personal aggrandizement Titan att j our to na-1 act Justice to no in undergoing i i insult to the wrongful suit unjust punishment Republic l that being about Lovett the re pub i a it it a ,1 lining belief that lie Mexico a Lite guest the he Jthn he Bandit who were outlaws in i president elect Tai governor com i their n -nmtr.v, engage in a -1 Plet by forgot his duty to the pm it it Al Ting con minute i auth it atty there pie the state who a live Bonnal to it i tit cd to ii to their acts in tutored him anti Alstot forgot i i. The to Tell standards a that a mercy to the guilty i cruelty a Plica Hie to the us Ion to Tho innocent. Engaged in ictus warfare i further that it a a the were not hot Liguri a in. I n it Fliris Quot get that the granting it bandits bail i n soldiers thin Pardon is to Jiri Triplo sub i. belligerent Thelt j a a Riv tit authority Organ -1 to a government it cannot Boac As a i 111 Pilc Ltd Platee t hat i a May plead As his Creus fat a has j tug assassinated it in i lied while i he slept that he was coerced by to i threat c that to in turn w i hint Der a ii a did hut obey i educational policies for us coming school year outlined Conway advocates free gooks state superintendent elect John Conway discusses plans for coming year in schools new Mexico would have compulsory attendance Law observed. Hays asks for contributions to Kake up deficit about St,500, in Campaign fund presidential contest in 1920 Cost republicans $3,400,000, exclusive pre convention expenditures popular subscriptions wanted done to Send More than $1,000. A in at t t ii i .1 i Lek time when Tim opponents All governmental authority Are actively engage in Tho in Vin Lent method to destroy the Power organic d government everywhere it to particularly mortifying and humiliating that the Gucci in Fin Tirrie f 7�m re ire tax sectional programs were More numerous tuesday morning than the previous Day ten being conducted in the High school building and a Large elementary Kyo Iid Tion being conducted in the y. M. A. Gymnasium. Tho addresses which were delivered the papers which were read and the Fiauu scions brought Forth in the various departments were extremely interesting and covered a vast held educational activity. Former Slat Iii i by Thi Akawi Atud Pitass g an up Quot a1 i 1 mounts i than the 11,000 unit i Timu ilk in a m i during the Campaign. Mat in f i.-00,00&Quot i add Cating the editor re i us Jaidt the Repin. To an , the. State meet Dot a. Cia re that the National commit. Weather have i and it to Ift Toi i tied i to i Muia Tel Eim \ Iii in lit i Imp i in wit a net a v the Alp t p Rich Pliml la he Matt ii til. Of Coul Lulea Peri yay Cut a v in today a program fill la St Iii h to ii ii in anti Tob i ague. To 211 Al hic tie Lye urn by Mon Toom 23. F Ity sup Mitt mien.-, Coom 302. English 8 Vioti audit Nuin n. M. Ase silence chemistry building . N. M Fler notary by Vilusi i. M. C. A gymnasium. County Supei int inlets Toom child id ecu hit v�?3 p. M Rill c. Me address eat elect j ii be Blate that Ati by conical auditorium a Clinty fill i a n i at he d churn i m gift d i bima tend s. in i it y no pc to la county to a All a Bildert the poll f he re ent Public i urn to Tater a a it Naa i Quot Offley l re ext it my a in t due att adat the my it text school Ages we by a d sup Struc Loti for it us i to Lible Ait r h n the drat the n in every try super Hooka for i i Lri to a nth in the Peterd in the Chi upor intendant Al Vin v Whit Alan add Tebe i Tho county superintendents. Llo to Quot i Ltd the difficulties encountered by him title to Lack funds and insisted that the superintendents awl teachers get behind a to it i tent to further tin school wot k when tit b i attire meet Quot. Or. Adelina tip to wart to a poke Tho by Vity for the county tone re education to hav the pow r to appoint teachers Only Toups intend a Quot j f Baving seen i building i j1� a a a a to veto ouch act ten by it Otic try Iii Ternent sew mix t fee t As Ahsu Meff the comte an noun Kirts toy Coit Way in an Tho run High a Tat it v w to the i. Of the county to aaa let new i school an act As truant it reporting int Oder my Ahu. Tenting the re in. Chs Inton i minty in a ant int contras Ligot urn Tat in w Tret. H it attend a Minooi during toy Law a the p Wagner Tot Ter by Conway per i n extent eely Over the Parlick a attention to the state wit Al Condi been flans Are in died the a Chi k wart lev in made it Clear that i is e it work la to cont nut i with Foo m r y in hts Pew Conway in pistil by that to deliver Tith a tax pay e Nills fur to enc w time Jen a red ii ail

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