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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - November 15, 1918, Albuquerque, New Mexico Six Albuquerque morning journal Friday november 15,1918. Arr As Independent newspaper if sjorning journal pub us if the i urinal publishing co. I a m j. A i. Is Ager edit of re Horn task Aliu a a a i i new a saw. I i. To 6# by 4 a of Soth a to s. He Hiber a Tab t j a a whet a a ?.�?� r a per e j Tai m it a a ire a. A bum ii or or j to it a american a o. To ill a Vest a r a pit j a. It wee a tins rom r a a i to Hie i Eal 4wa by tab0 Bra a a. Quot it pc a ? a a. Take Arni or a to i a1 a a j a a c rut f Etc i a it a re i be a a wire i bar a a we. -1. T her is a a 1 Petite a i to near a a. Take a a a tasty a r i Ira of a a a pre Are Duun a week. Iii Mim pm k l i of i Ihm i. fac torte of dismantled. Sci is their ownersm-i.t wat Between the j Arr family by Hov i or c Urr no 111-1.11 it Jar la e i g i to the lot Lii flu Ilia v of Iii i i 11 Iii ii m t \ la ii \ Busi ii ii i. going about it. I think i very nip. Ohs m v s i \ s to nit take my Deli Ilia tor they the % Don t do pea k to a d ii t a von i a1. A j ii months once passed before country could learn results of elections null u us folks re so unions to get election then at mount Vernon and eight Day turns tip is Days the the begin Elk Felt to before he was inform 1 of his railing no new simper off ires and Victor y. The who eat re i other possible places of of or at i que the rows to mount Vernon was before the polls closed Ami i irishman diaries Thompson secret Dor a Iii who was elected this Ion tary of Tim Ltd Onton Mal Congress. Be tip jul it is interesting to recall How Thompson made haste slowly Stop ii. Try i a Der to horse it mow the returns came Back Tho pin the every a try. Town and Village i when a met at their a Quot old a beginning with our j to Tell the hews when finally tie Terp Ted i Dart first presidential election. Reached mount vet non he was Given it tut fir-1 presidential election was a great reception although the milk p of his ooh Btry p reliably refrained sure a or. D it i Terr v git my i w under Iyo i Quot of Minsk a ult inned a find cd by cigars was Kiel give you people w Ashi la. W to o Yam try b a then he was a to a every Trade a Kine and then i coughed Biti Ai i that lie to ated v. Hat and him. And hut it h i than is too he w 0x1 111 it to do it the people of Tho remoter pails of the country knew of Washington of Hon. Thoro was not much Advance the handling of election nows until Tho hat risen Tyler Campaign a to when railroads steamboats and stage voter Rne. Ii War. But the o r How Wor pm i id t to net by i to f re hair a a re i a i ii Zed i i pc if it it t Volt url a cd we w i up j p a my Fhi f Mil r i Quot it him it it \ \ Ity Heer i a Iliff Way. List re a Evv ill not a a the a her what is tide i a i can cough arum Farr at fir. O sighing for that t to he ii of lie thinks ,.sky with i my Vav ii to cd a flu Anza tall me about your Inabu no Vvs Vav and Mot rid of it All i said or i did t hav it tall i j Quot a if., j Antl j Jarr s a or Ria Vin k a Gualtier a Brut Only about a Vav it a a i tells peril it am talc i no to t a it a i i w j la ing and h v. Hat la broken to up the my i i of. A ends flow for lie i undertaker standing i i lip look us though Busine so we i i charge not till veg it i la but i ii w re a to up i me you know Malwa la i Vav a pop i if us is. Or or to do a Good torn to Aren it done to coat anything. I j put la it is t Aleph inn h open ached for fair. A i Tai Vav to Baa ii i of i atop Roe and hands Iii he Only it s a ,. W rather to att it did no Tsi nov for i it or a its Bud wart thai but w Hen i rough that a it a my ire was i h a if done to Iii a no into flue a to hoi a Ami you Are going to. Do. For Vogt a if fit at some Iton invite id Waul. You lion ? Cai what i costs Vout re a sports Vav Eli Berry Baya Aly what go iou got or Siadik i and y j a p Gnu Fin t i or. Him Irso Jih ii Vav i a ires it Ion seem to. A Feci Iti. Of or not t Iii i vol it 1,1 january. 1789, tint it was. Not until almost autumn that news from any Praise of the Messe Ruu leached the remotest parts of the j Speed autumn had arrived heft country that Washington had been chosen As Iii nations Fust chief exp a a ulv nothing show s More clearly tit Titius comparison the great set Ien Tiff achievements of the past Lut. Iii Al Tali the Long delay learning the result robbed old tune he Lions of their or Sentko a excite-1 coaches carried tin report of ins vie r j cd it tory to Hen Harrison then Indiana. A a Unn the a month after tin fir to election tin within a week alter tin election. Then Abl Couch i Blet tors met ital cast their Ballote came the gradual development of ii Congress then had to canvass the Tell graph. Abraham Lincoln knew votes and it was not until mar h 30 j by had been chosen chief magistrate that that body convened although the of the itch St Des the morning after president was supposed to hoi been election Day. The great priss Assi inaugurated March a a april i nation which ire invaluable the it tin formality of comr my the votes handling arum dissemination of news is it s .11 Wah completed and George washing Are of More recent growth and their wit about or j ton to the first president of the facilities have now been brought to a cider wedding United would sem to be a state of per there were no wires of course to Section for the handling of a h news Uke i interest Flash the tows to Gen Washington is election results att a Ami life a _ _ the Golden j a a a a a a a a a a a another Ier and fifty Camp i or. Jarr till my head be he Hack a said stuffed up with a a bad cold a get Busy with a bottle or. Kings new discovery at once cough colds and bronc Hurt attack a they Are All Likely to result dangerous fee maths unless checked tin. And How effectively and quickly or. King s new discovery helps to do the checking work inflamed irritated membranes Are soothed the mucous phlegm loosened freely and quiet re Maul sleep follows. 60c i $1.20. All druggists have it. Sold sine 1869 constipation emancipation no More Lazy bowels yellow com Lextion sick headache indigestion embarrassing breath when you use Ai a corrective or. Kings new i if. Pills. They systematize the system and keep the world looking cheerful. 25c. sit and i h i a us people wed migs t live that re Dot to file for so i a ii Rob a Case i to or Lav sky it k now i Terre a Why you catch Spanish influenza by Ark m it Tal it i Spanish influenza is responsible for i Roper couple of years ago by leading medical Levi i Tun. Or. Many a la Ati -. Those Days a Large i till i acct Quot tilt proportion of the so deaths a pre f journal of Anatta. Yen table a i a corresponds a pro i virulent typhoid germs were port of the morbidity caused by Joe Ted into various food products. The lbs i co itally unnecessary which wore then eaten by forty two previous article i promised vib Intoci s. no of these sub to it it i sent details of treatment. I be was Thoro a development of i lev it is far better to give you some typhoid or the least apparent evil further information a twin and consequence Nineteen similar sex i v. You a it quire this complaint be-1 pc clients were mud with pneumonia int m Tim it nobody w o r i is it possible to love a Plain woman As much As a pretty one it it a presenting the article referred Hiti will follow whether the germ theory it the or a a Der is eat Reft or not need not to or dered at this a a lit Stag of the Opido my it is of Tittle practical a top to Nee of the a Jis. As is caused by a a t Iii the infect Ive organism has w escaped All Bounds. It is i ecu Artesia celebrates armistice signing Southern spirit Lasicki const Soso Hob Jtj set Artesia x. Nov u Wilhelm b now sex Kaiser. This fact with the signing of tie armistice was celebrated Here monday True Southern Fogt pm and spirit everything that could it it it used As instrument for noise was requisitioned and reigned the Day Long stores were closed business suspended and the Street demonstrations were hilarious the afternoon a procession was formed Dpi h embraced Ever thing with four wheels and ii Carbur Ator and main Street was literally i a Hoke a b poop Iii convey Al s a j St miffed figure i Al resenting the Germi with ends ,.r�?z�?z. With similar to Rortv-1 rtt i a a Tkv la a 7 a i .1&Quot eight experiments were made with it., diphtheria germs the i Icille being lev 111was suspended from not swallowed various food j it \ a a Nimi a Terr pro a u to. But the nose a the rout. Tit 11 t Tillory anti the forty volunteers being swabbed a w it it Inoue with them not one of the Nul jets a 1 there were Dei eloped diphtheria. J fortunate no casualties. A i loin Ltd Rel a a Tili a1 woman whose int won a it is not Likely that the germ of a millions where try people Pant inf Tuena Bear up any Otier Gate therefore your beet pro Ain i for Conditt Otu. Than to tribe of the deadly just usual Hob a a i Delmul far Iii i to i m f. R a a if t a -1, a 111 that it Tda a woman Stela ration with a a fill v. A i i Villi re h thee k tsp Ettori that actual Hump he w my and the d i v b Yout Seif Iii Mutis -.sat. Fuga i ii to i you a gain t germ Hub germ theory of 1 my influenza comes to i a Fertil ant Corn or it get Tus a will not grow unless a present sri the. Hawk to s Livi la. Tis r to ent toned her i thy Yon a to Safe from its attacks if i body is not healthy you Shoultz begin it once to a k a it it Ever you know of right physic you should these Dies of Flanger carefully Anil eat nest put i to nth pro a Dice. First of All Lehmin 1-f� to. For fear is a revitalising agent of if entertained Max counteract til audit of state land office for last 9 you nun rest is it Iii Iii i years is completed no Dis la t v or of g thai Ai d to won pot tit a a like a dlr flow nose i her Sirij it a min a a it Vii a germs Thev % forts to Voreas Yoni resist i it Ain a a ments to i inn St the far of for i a ii-1, a a finds a soil Frienza is a foul air disease. It la Hillh 11 h v Icente. And 1 it f , shut Oft. F. Com put and a Lam the a a i any the ii b bbl Frt. i a i i mingle it Iklin Mug u lint i lits is Nan be opel. Sri i a t111 that til we Umi Iii associated with Lack of a it it 0 a res Tita non. It foxed windows bedroom name ii the epidemic now upon to do it Arn. So j it re lop until Cool weather appear. The j a he disease could not make head a Are j while the and a temper attire Eneo Ailt i it w window Superior \ cry t j i a Ltd a the. Full sip of of v Gen a up i All time. The air by i it proximal the the of r i d the the gov i Arvit. A it p ill lib the Raff the state Ivind nine years Jug travelling auditor to i Arp my of a i e audit Mner of pub. Rain m Bun Bill Balun a to the i map by Monnet Fig tiles Neon and being my to open Lituri a of the interest to exr re a Mien ability p hike i Ole to typhoid. Tut tut. I for til toed pith Punty of the Van have Fulg Nee your to it Aith. Tit by at to should i v a Ivai posh11ir la a the i he a if >1 Aile the know of a a i \ Lull of a Tim to begin i a v a hot standers. Walkers a gets it for corns u is. I find whorl belgian Crown Prince Veteran of trenches at 21 world fins a act known ii i a. A. I ia.1 f a. 171 i wha diff. La will Vav diet Beld i t a it i Frankfurt hid ext to a Ibl i r i i i Iii r 11 i i p her v we Flat better i they w rite p. Us r ii r i a Elop 0 Ute to a 1 to. W ill i. I it a plea men ret re irs Nti is ii ii i Upp v it us 4b min Bah i Tov a i i .copa1, a. Dept sob i Hind the Era \ s of Kin Jai of t o Alagic til. D Whoso of his be howl off to tit a a is iou of lira a a it has if ii of a just i ii a s it i t i a his tee Ith it a Ltd la i i a and he has a ii a a hut a a a a Jar h Vav ii ill enlist the i i i f o i tit a a ii a i f the id Giusi \ marched the and has ii a la i to v f out Walt i his shoulder w his to tiler. Heroic Al to who i -1 reviewed by h j about to i again bus fount the a after that i or w iia a j it a y a a r it i a Broth or a Hes. Vav Are of pm it e or Brin months he to a arte to. A Zed tvs a nth of under fire Ani pm whom it i a co ural. Gnu -1 p under a i German downfall is state supreme court fittingly observed i of new Mexico hands by Kelly citizens Down six opinions ceral a a b told the Corn i deemed hits from Sharp wits a a hut. W a a a t a i Iii 1 at ration the min Ltd a Fen ii around f i Yog limn of to Lien of a i Fri a but air g to ukr hike id Taal Gnu it i v f Nix opinions were handed it it wry we if a and ii by Tim bit Hup Enie court Thilo Tri t j \ cart w affirmed hire care j i Lurphy. Appellee vhf Kef ego 11 t Al Afi Peil Inu. From Kocor a a a tax Pilot ii is. Thomas Aii ppe int from add it Coin 11 or Moi Ilion no it my and company Upp Ilee w i letting aul mining cont s a front Pim nil. County. A court Foi Mora county f tone a a John i Taca it county Ait loud Rich it a i develop to a. Ltd Art -1the .�?��?�11 us for Imp and i Hiir. We of a Vav Ion to m Renea Rui a a it a bad National i i Iowa t pie Dan i is i a pm Appellee from Ity. It denied. Til a i 1 it tile Case it get Thorn 01 Abni s cult a a. I a a hut is it mini a Hants Aud lied to from Hor it to mar irk of sink nov it a or it a .i,.n pm it i amen instr it Tion Vav at St like is Lily be Annat urn of overtime and or k with overturn aint re the no if weekly. To to Ltd a i. A a pm Quot Civ Iii by Kins a i my ii Ca Dau Gatei nov if Thoc la Mava Gantt Myrr the sign of Good bread a it ii Llen 1x1 hat a d Jjo v Uit i i Elk Tomt sign a fakery. Does t mean j Iii much to Roe t Baker with to it a a a mean jus what it say because we t this a it it a la Worth 0 r Ewe a to e Fem Don t miss Thim gut out this la with thaid of Good Baker. P Aru with act and Ovail it to j nothing but tha id Hest Grade flour. 1 by a go 235 he Effie Avenue let it a Fui weight. A to a. Iii., writing your name and j Jad or esp clearly. Ten will receive a j Arn a trial Palt Kage a Tai int 11 1 Honey and tar compound a a a cold and croup Foley by 0> fill for pain Side and Rania. Sin Bai Kmim. Kidney it. Add Ter by Luent and Foley a to Tablet a wholes or a and Ijar clean no Rati. I to far 1 to. A ? i no . Bee Daph i atari Huu Eia hold Ever Pioneer bakery s. N. Balling prop 207 South fut sir at

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