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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 30, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Six Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque morning journal monday May 30, 1921. Ii r a. In a i Isren i rat nt1 a furnished a by in i by Iii ism a omit it y it it la ? h Walt Mason i Mikiji a saw it fact six Cam. C Viar re i 1 in i legs Sud an Fry i no j nibble any ran today a \ it Ltd to Navin in is Quot an id 111, i. Winnie two in in and a a i a a rid the \ a glad do the Bunny favor kept on j Nill inn their crabs crawling Al no a ii no dead wanted position a ssi i Ibi h i ant Mil la i pet p i it a Mai a by e Cam. R Mao i k Iii it or. Ming a glad h a Day i a do. Or �?��?�11 Quot to in Stind the Uke it Hump into 111 toll or ii Iii St wiggly and the i h Pici Ftp the ii de did. Lit As the people View it i in Xvi Rati Rig than i Ancor i to any other Pipi r me a a in or i pet i pct a or paper it new j Ltd i y d j r it the be i m in is 11 it i t be a film a i a i kit by the afto d by i to the use for re i n .,11 Newm or d to it j to it or not i Vic j in this id met i thax. Ii 18, 1921 a. Re a i a w nmn ii with i non cd shh a h i j,?.-,i i mind w 111 j Plant i front in h. And a Ltd fit or Iii n it a a it j arvo Phelps in it a Creed. I will Apptt la election or appoint Merit Only such off h to i he i belie in Man Nuth Bli Setal in ii til a int for pro. Oak Ami it i Btl i i he Filoia a til int alter my decision to perform i i duly to my to. I will Ald in Mon May within int Power to a i id High to to a a lard morality ability. It Unen Iii or pow Yew to the popular Yili by Lintt to Mea Tiro the. Win Tek Public off e. The Fetn a. In Aliv fear nor sex Ped Tati will influence in to abandon my Standard in Ani individual Ray i. Xii must measure up in on r to revolve my Ai port. I believe that it an enlightened Public opinion will it no 11 a accept Nee it atan Datil tor to Cau or Tho fit Nev Public a Avantt. The politicians can is allowed with greater safety to Settle Livoti i Iii i h a my Blat ii in do fealty Elped Lent a a select for a particular a Frio. I am iconcern4 about person Titan i am their Filiti Quot for Lite office. In Paramount int re must i a for the pith i welfare. Isi i in a brim hic. Vii Eneth 4 it Cli. Xxx it n Xxxii p by i it Johnny ii i u ii i tile Johnny had a log j tint a i Pirp that it a hut one Day it ? an away a rid now t to i i to Quot a by rih a Quot a rotarian flav 4 in North thin pm a it it j la Tift Elk k ski to to a j 0 a in in the it it Roi Phene j,.�?T i or in 1 a a Bolt kor he Nti to Quot it outhit i>.-,7 men. William a St no 11 ,. Ami 1 in i no him is in Ehne Tai ii a filitis Williia u. Aile a a Tori urns a a. In to 12 noun. F a sit Malinit. Hoika a i anti i h a a i Xiv it a i nil the i a on Ald re i d in Quot Surprise it wit jell you Hoe 0 off to per a or mostly bunk. Pm a two id in it y a i business chances in tit nato 1 it to it nothing la in that to go Hack Yurt Yon the and a Yoni old pin Mal i tin i to \ it r to so w Voth h Emir in v my opinion. Trained do when a woman a i. worry shop it a i Hift. Lid it by in t xxxix Ihm xxx Junior xxx ant Quot daddy to i to my. Tulia i. Al an pleading. Vim and add the i it i it x or Little Benny a note. Book la amp n and Thanki d ,.lid no 1 t she that h in d Rnrrti it in o n a led then Fin v it aet Ted conv i t Ion that it prop biting poly Quot in or flume. I a a a n 1 a. J non one remarked to Ltd it a in the in travelled Ira Ion ears. Anil j out hut we Mill cd s Fecit ii m Carpenter i no let i t it Are my 1 a ring. A 1 debt i . Dot to a Iii .1 v i i ,.in it i i. I no to a t Jax i Xuy 1 i n Rhim i v on not 1 i. A t in a it Khi Al a i i torn i it ural ii to. Xxx in him a i .1 lust the to d id i to Rihl verse today. A. 1 a x j vib pm in a i a a nto it Xiv vib d t it Jet k 111 Vidla ,1 t Public accountant r ii Imp hut i Whit a i 11 i won a the d put to Del Ted 1 i i i in i the it o n i hot inn id the world in Quot ii1 mind to Quot Mon v a it naut h Btl ii i the. Prim ipod a t to 11 i Lynn Tim me a x a no a court Tanu. To 7at-w v. At i a in 11 in no Brig it Bent in it d to Nev greased , bin. Vico is no exception has present not the in t hut the a,i<1 ? St his state a mint enough i a to ? wants to it. Brent Lite few. Bosses has relax or so. But it is Tablet i the Cill Freedom Sui we the in led lungs. It ,.f the a Frimi y too accomplish my that re urious Liberty a re has j a. The dood letting. Yet today there ii in anti jewish Campaign in p it i t ii i this country a Campal in that though d i by enlightened it it Ireni to avowedly a d i a Lens is u sponsored i y one Iii nations Rich St. Me the civil War w is fought t o abolish slavery. Yet to Day i he so e Asp Hill a x its. Though Ferm a Ely the National c is tardily to no Crisp paragraphs by i n in bedtime stories for Little ones by Howard ga., is add a 101 d Fig it in tired i w Roll. My Kami it Cam so a Ming it i Bulf a. To. That you b in t us but a it i led tor Tho loin nah a on and it year. I Nomen it you for the Oft Ltd a i Brize opt a tit it to it bag. J Awn t. Y sewing machines i it a a in 1 chasm m a Iii Toa i \ Pata and ampt far pbraat��m3. It Ihm 1, 4?# we he t. F Thoni wanted salesmen Chi i Xiii l n i it it iding a a to Nett a a to a ranch a i keeps the Birt h in pit i. It a a lot ton la. 1 a a a a both Xii in a a lha it. A Hap Austria no a a in Geo Gnim Moxi o Pabion in min to Droit free in a. Copyright 1911, by m new pm per by idea Tiu hawn or to i n la Hathaw. T a urn the Quot i a. I i it l l xxi ,11.x in it i no ,i he 1 my xxi i Akk Volf a Ltd str. The a it a Noth aide differ a Nee Between Quot a boiled Smith a treatment ,.r� and cd get Hunt s Eon my ration for a draft dodger a bit Burgh Dis Pat h turn tog. I Bunn Stikl. It Llo Binti a a in. To # Farmer Kaiser still is buy with i woodpile. Hut a lot in i twin people Are sure to in input he a coloured gent Iii it somewhere a Cin a routed Aga inst the . a Large a mad flesh and i a a been kept in the masters might plop them. V a x lid right i to native d just Tike the Ell Tun i dark. A a in new population rest us ass so that mat enquirer. Then came the ame i it a Hist blot was freed from the absolute into it Aden yet today the in the Quot United stat Quot with great Quot spa atoll am r impugn it y Iran War. It wan for weaker nation. It Uba Panish Yoke and was Given and autonomy. A powerful clique at having 1.1 impose hut Pillath a Bivy now that the Herman question prs fica settled Ai Quot fro to give our undivided nit to the question whether Goorge Kysa in out Bah hath knocking Home runs a Mist i Aires. Hrth i a a asked the lath to. J kure Hun a a was it j by us show a a we an jiggle i Taim wife time ? two fun a hill4 lev jiggle bugs the 11 hiit4 legs a to g so Many Heil tin a it see mod to to 4 i red Knelt wig tis paws is hard mad a i n t i a Bat. Quot you sur in n coming o that give . Fin i harsh ugly it Fin voice a. Tin Mug Pound with the i ll4? Burn a i. I Uke vet the g am i Baik about the Small fun it a s a t ii cinch i m wild a arc Mort my n Bot a. Typewriters Iii Kha ail main an rite Wale a Ltd jul i called ? it Ltd a a that cok la Oil i Imd hum i up 1thaul a sorrow May chirp with , in sail wailing and Wen a a �?~1 get t Nyk from the store a i Little week with the Hatchet awl j tc7lefk, t the Advt. A in account a a a a Tom Quot la 6l�?ort in with in Ltd i having forgot ail about the i a. I buds but to the store with by a a a y in Pew tar i a i they drive sleep Awa Ai time i., a. Us. I he Ieva in running Iii the Way the a Ami j 1 in for the i a k. An then we a ran Ermound i re j to Bud sos bark Yard Aud had the 1 hopping contest. The fan is the nit. Real ut�?T1 scout notes i editorial the Day immigration Blit lit i is. Biel terms on another weaker nation to the South us for the purpose using these tei ins As a club to favor Cert in american vested interests in thai nation. Finally we com to the latent and most Glor pm War chapter in it it or history America s parti. p.itlon in the world War the prussian menace has been lifted from Northern Franco Aud Belgium j admitting Only a stated number it Ltd hut not from the United but. Herman pro Pagan j from Quot Ach the foreign countries Iii. ,. I some wha i resemble that a Street no a is still at in air midst so much to that in fit a Tiff off a Moh waiting pay eng the a not Rieti d in Rio n Only recently found it arces the Cai filled it from the Washington Post the or 11 to u whore a r general ire Oil meeting wit ii some real problems in his it enforcing the immigration restriction Law Romes effective on dime 3 in find it will prove rather it ult to admin act by which Congress has undertaken i Clos the Gates the United stat y x amp z a e x i r wife 2 ii pm nary to Send a not warning from coaids to Goat. We Are not trying to sound the minor tones pessimism by a retie t Ion but rat i 1 to it. Strike the Quot majors Ltd determination that the.-, unwholesome und a it arrest Hall he St nor <1 ii til River am ii an Lif a i.1 us awaken led us make Industrial political and religious la Ber leg full realities feet us see that America flail never oppress the weak lad us be to it that it atm ii to influences Are forever banished from Ocean to moan and from harder to Border. The dead Are watching in do rth provisions the Law the lion from in h country is limited to it it try 0 the ? a<1 Kim in Ami. .,.av Bug v j no by i i tossing Tho Lute stat Irr Antn i up in to it air. Three o r four a a ii will Tim. My cat a say in4 due for i in y Filiti i Avn to a g than after Flag a in. Tin owing in hi>i4 ways a Irving the m under his Mil i a a a arum Doh k ail manner u a r i Lek a with those to Ere in Quot a this to 1 pc i v la. I a get in i taken. I m in ton ii in a my. In for quota to thought it. Lit Quot a the my i Chi j the yellow St pm Iii or to Ilmije in. Against the confessedly Amateur statesmanship colonel Harvey exhibited in his pilgrims social address at London recently stands re a a a try us Thoi a a a Auckland lld.l.-. a it 1�?o i Valle Batca 4eliv, in new York tue Silav. Tho contract la Purtick laity atrial inasmuch the United states when Tho in to census 1 no it Mon than 20 per cent each count can Roe in Din ing any single tint h. 1 by it May ins seen St a Bontee what a to it Cost Routs the immigration officials in admin int ring the Law after the quota a country has been filled the Bara must be put up by consular offices at the ports ,.f embarkation or immigrants will arrive Here Only to find the Gates close list than for Tho time being. Entrance immigrants through Canada also presents a separate problem since they must a charged against their native countries and not against Canada these and a Hundred other vexing questions will no doubt arise in connection with Tho enforcement the new Lait a stump ii it is anti suited that there win be a rut b from the countries Southern Europe and that each to it hat my month the is quotas will be filled quickly hit from Northern Europe the tide immigration May not be so Swift there is one Point however in favor the new Law it is better to permit the Spiry 400,000 immigrants with present unemployment so widespread than to by in thro. Or four times that Many. For ii cannot fee denied that every alien now arriving in Iii United states in the potent by i competitor some american Workman for a Job i a dropped a i the from we Cath d and Green bugs a w hit St,.ie. A i a i it a t be a raid Bunny y it Leman. Behind the Bush . Ifs prude be afraid it Ort Quot Bug to the other the n tiny did no to run Avay a no More a Kilt who Are you Quot asked or . Irs As he took off be pin twinkling no and it Down on n to me would i a to took Oft his tall t on Iii nose Bay i ill never get tins right will i you know what i . Any How who Are you a a asked Uncle int Gully. A and Way a re you throwing slum about us you did Quot Quot xxx Are jiggle bugs Quot answer Ltd the fre n Aud v. Ii it insects and one them whom la Bun to a 2. Mop Quot held its i a vip. Meeting lax night in t he Laith. Ii a hat this inting three new 11 a m wite it id d 11 the roil. I the Gen a a Tirac Kuhut sonic ii. Ova k tests end the meet was adjourned. Ii n a Mhz i a ,.f our Toop Asi i. Sic to la present at the Ting next Khudav pow Able troop will be divided into pail Aud petrol leaders will he Ted the re will it no jut. Tow Day the 31st, As planned. Hak i Blank scribe ii n i. I x to i 4 i a Quot to i i"lo., May 2.�?bee Star athlete tit it uni oho do today was a i t a a to pm a o h t he xxx tnt4 \ the Rem in a r Psi season. Willard who or at the Olivet t Vaul 1 accept 11 la Home is in Quot Hathi s i5very que or i or Lei Uncle Willy his Tail j"54 Mouth to nil by pm i to Hirth Bunny vet a in Conan to do is cps a several in re my to be in it de at i in Mehurg both inter in ii Mere until Murine for the i Sivc us their vessels flying american Flag. A this i1 a Fin Quot Ltd roared the Gator a and i St Quot going to it have some Fine cur nibbles Quot a ooh Arn you a a cried tit two Bravo us i jiggle hugs. A Well ult a a. A a t Hev St Otto j i a rouble our Troutt. My wife tones and sudd Tolj in i rheumatism in her arms to she could not tis to Rush ban xxi wife Hoth sick or. And mrs. Andrew Coiner so i to Doug. Va., were la a Ali ill ii writes Quot thou it attorn and bladder jiggling the till new the Ai the 8 in Tilery heal i1 v Alligator. A whig Shussi xxx Lawent the Stone bumping Tho a Flat on his noses and tools. A Quot Nib i do undo Xiv to Glldys Egis will you Well. We gush not i cried the Quot jilt a to Keo Santl \ threw so Many Whit St on in at the Bud aug Flor that by tucked a i no trouble sin to King Foley kidney kill. J done to have to get up it night so much site taking i a kidney pills nor have i a weak i ack Quot Hack he sore swollen it it a stiff in hoc i in or joints ired Ping id fasting yield quickly to Holey kidney Billa hold every where. A Sparrow my might but the Dawn the Day when in Hilt i ii a lit to Quot the Bornean to rate olt ens met that i the Usai i years. It is therefor to in 4 j to Sec a h v the v Jock hours Eon tenuous in a nuts about sleep for in. Beauty my no i tells me ifs a duty hut to Wake up at Dawn with the Fis Frow g o, is toe Milch nod i w not in pre i it toils i bed j behaved under the British i Dory aet j factory May to open for More a to Civ hours in any one Day. T 1 8 terns sir i i would ask you a in questions to a Fod it and n Money Ara soon parted hrs bean saved from marriage a a a v i i Quot i Why do a Cid a Cross th4�?T Road in album a Sui t How do you Tell the Btu Between Corn Licker til cubed 4 a fellow a when he t it in i a rih.  44 von think he will Ever com Quot a to to r no icy runs v me a now la read Quot oms be fore mating Quot obtainable it u Hook stores. He the hot Side Hun a paved s Dewalk 4 a a i dont Tell. 4 i that s a Persona flies Bon. Einstein 4 theory 4 ,4h "�?T4�?T 44 understood perfectly a the m in who Tat t o k into a la to adv. Only . Verse Anh Kun chorus us ring to a not Quot ii Saranac or Auk Iii Quot Way Down in the pita # the a spot May to stood in it rot hugs i will take a Chan e on the Des i t for min the vah am i in , it in school Wilt men a Here i in in to the student s it i Irful sigh i. Sheds u 4t. Unman Lear and counts the Days a they a Al it v a m. Youths who have sw�4eti#s leaving the its might find worse senti Maut to pen that Bai a 24th chapter Lith ret a Quot the re is to trying. In Tho i to is. Ail in i Darken i. The mirth the land t. Ii. C. Six Gillette Blades with Holder $1.25 prepaid in attractive Cane satisfaction guaranteed or Money refunded this ofter for a limited time Only. Remit by Money order Cash no Stamps Frad razor co p 1475 Broadway new York City

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