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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 29, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Fag four Albuquerque morning journal May 20, 1925 n baseball Calendar National league american league f nov the k y in and How to v stand to Philadelphia Grib schedule Sigma Chi inns Poindexter to por Institute Ball Pennant i 1925-26 season varsity league i four twirlers were unable to Hon the senators Down and Phee j Nix do Fra cd Albuquerque. To to 6, j this set Albuquerque Down to third place in the league batteries Ere Albuquerque a Zamloch Jordan. Trek Eli Steven and i Phoenix Toner Mccreery n qui and Lynn tink tinkle being the retin cheer Leader s. The varsity letter men Teflon of 19242$ follow letter in n. Cos in football bail basketball end track. Be h. In football bae Kelbi baseball and track three ?1 men Brookshire in of to ii t. Reful baseball and Nunn in for amp fell i Hail la v we a Iii Washington hurlers Aro punished severely in both contests Faber weakens in ninth tigers win0 .19 an Early fall training Camp defeats Coronado club 20 will be held for cadets to 10 in final game of who by Tbs rial w Iii of i Iii y Flat on the Ruidoso expect to have a Strong eleven tourney three teams tic for second place s i n d e i p h i a in a of a a 2.�? follow Dut of the Institute for Robert Simpson tied the world record in the High hurdle at 13 try Ond when Missouri Wen the Missouri meet. $ Rorr by s rearm to i i a Pard set Ai j to a of. 3 tort 3-2 Washington i ii p h f 11 Snyder a Home american Flag wins the Withers stakes pop mar leg at ref i o so her 9, Clarendon. To Oher in Roswell. I a ohm a mine at Al pal november la us full col t we Clarendon College at for Walland College at tex school of Taos Teeth near Aik 9>n a # la of Isi Wash a to v f a h t x Blea. Of. 5 i 2 p i is. 2b. 5 j i i j. Harris of. 4 1 a a Goblin of. I 2 3 it i judge lha a a a i 0 i 9 it a in 0 9 2 it peek a a s it 0 it 2 it a a i la Al it. I 9 ta1 a e i 1 0 it 9 Johnson p 2 i it 0 it reef. P a 9 9 0 flt it cd Den. P a a. 9 9 it 9 it 9 la bold. I i i it 9 it xxx re usher i 0 i it 0 it total i 4 la Philadelphia 24 it 2 a r h to. A e. Pis hop 2b 6 0 3 3 7 i Dukat. 3bi 9 0 it 0 9 Lamar of. A a 4 i i 2 it it Riesmon. Of 4 i 3 0 it Miller of. 5 i 1 2 it it Bool la. 4 i i in it 11 it Galloway be 3 2 i 5 4 Cochrane a 2 a a. It it b. Harrole p. I 4 i 2 it 2 0 a my Mem a a a a total. 7 6 9 1 % in in 2 1 13 i defeats braves Nark r a f kid j is a i Gold Al and f is he Lav is a it a Arrer Inson up won the f the historic with fur re at Belmont Ming away easily in h afr pique Candy or Fox finished two d Riddle Colt and it third tim Harold John Coronado club a Ufier weakened in the sixth end s support filtered at the same me. End the Chin drove in runs winning the Gams he chd i j the championship of e University intramural league Bur Aday. 20 to to. Tim Victory Vee the Sigma Chis a clean a nerd a five victories end no Coronado Are to Arith the to i final boxing match. Mega rho end pm Kappa alphas i see r second place with three and two defeats the sum. Chia tapped John for ire i and three runs in the football track and baseball t letter Mon. English in football a trick w. A Evans in track a is Jtennis. Poindexter in Foueti ill a1 Al Palo Defeated Tucson i to o. A Roswell pc m. May 21 a George track peat in ten la and to remained in first place in the Poindexter tar right halfback of j Ryan in baseball net t uni. O league. To Mexico military Institute Lff Man were Adams Baaba football team. A Pamplona of the Ajah Jake in Mia vow cuff baseball Carvel Polo i. Mirk to in Jwj manic a Norm la p. Non. ferry or Quot cd Ai 1 has been elected Captain of the denture Pele Hgt. K in. Ira 1925 eleven. Captain rial who Johnson baseball Johnson Iraq id the team to Victory this year Knight Polo. Little Basket Bai -1 f a b a Radata with the class of no Hysek Nymph. He Tom a him run wrestler won kid a Vanorn of Boston in straight Falls in Albuquerque Young Joe rive put insure to kid to sleep in four rounds in a will i 925. Brookshire a been elected Cap Tam of a he Basket Bai team for rat year and Shaw f. M., Clary and Moore. A. I., were elected cheer leaders for the session of 1923-2, Quot rip Somerville and Ketol Mcdougall. Pc. V f a Aid p. Basket Ball Moore but Simpson track Smith. Ball Somerville baseball f tin football tinkle baseball. Til jello track i von Nyven track Walla football Watts football Wilder to a k of d i a y v p a in ii m for ars College at Roswell november 2k, Blate College at it to huh they have offered to to Waha and Deering. Albuquerque n representatives in the Border tern1 tournament at Elpaso As or i e 11 in i n a t e d. I new York wins the final game o the series from Ltd a a a Boston. 8 to 6 Pittsburgh a was from St. Louis 7-4 \ Texas s Bool of theolog the r ads next car expect to have even a better Tom than the or. 1 during the 1924 season an Early fall training Camp will a held on the Ruidoso beginning in the firs w r e k in p f e in her. Tame hit he held then to twee s altered blow from then until a a Kex h. H v As wild in the., v cd Hazard second Cornel won the to a and tale third by. A son of i tar 2 to i Tai or c and fat rid a fief Glt a it a in a Field of if a a air Olds in the received $29,909. Western i far of Omaha 4 denier 2. Avie Bitt o. 4 St Joseph. 5. Oklahoma City 5 Tulsa. 9. Des mein 12 Lincoln. 4, Boston mss 21 a new York won the final Pun of the Rio a from Boston today i to 4. Snyder Home run Over left Field Fence in the eighth inning coming As the winning acor. Score new York a. R. H. To. A. E. Southworth of 5 it tit a v Assoc Atton Columbus 9 Indianapolis of. T undo f t Levine. 3, Minne apol a. J St Paul 5 s j Anse cite Aukea 6. Intern Tion \1. of Baltimore 4 Jersey City 7. Syracuse 3 Buffalo in. Rochester. 3 Toronto la. Providence 2 Reading 7. F Ruth. However. Issuing four Passee to , he was rapped for nine safeties in the sixth. He was hit seventeen time All told. Armstrong went Strong on the Fig Mound until the fifth when he was hit four time twice for three bases. Top to that time he had a1-1 Lowed Only one hit he weakened a it the last inning walked two Meni Coronado a and allowed three hits one of Tbs a batteries a sifting Horn run by merge the last inning Rall a netted the f Cron Ados four runs but they we re too far behind Armstrong was hit safely ten times. John got five strikeouts and walked nine men Armstrong struck out two Man issued four a a of sol Thern association Mobile 4 Nashville 5. Atlanta. I Little Rock 4. New Orleans. 8 Chattanooga 4 Birmingham. 9 Memphis 4. Fishermen attention t \ v r r i is or i a Rifle and t a John and merge final Eta thing in 95 i 4�?to Sigma Quot his Arm Pope Joy. Corer Ido Young of Kelly 2bmeusel of it a a Lindstrom 3b a a batted for Gregg in eighth xxx ratted for Ogden in ninth j 9 e v inning.-. Quot a a so. No ton .919 09 9 o s r>�?4 j 130 2� x�?9 summary two base hit a Bishop 2. Lamar Cochrane Tharpe. Three base Btu a it Toslin a Ole. Homa inv ice c a a a n e h of a Barnes p totals. Xio Nell hated Ball. Run a stolen base a Goalen. Plunge. Balt a Rifle hit pack. Double Pia a Bishop to Galloway Galloway. Bishop and pools i Harris t unfitted it a allo a and pools. Buh up. Galloway and Pool s. Harr and judge. Bases on balls of Johnson 3 it it regg i Ogden. I. Harris 4. Struck out by Johnson 3 Gregg i Harris i. Hits off Johnson r. In 4 innings Gregg 7 in 3 Ogden nothing in i. Losing Pitcher Johnson. Harris. Bancroft of. Marriott Quot a. Harris of Burrus la a Felix of a a it Bolth. 2b. O n Cit c. A. 0�ew$rh, p liven p a a Gibson. R7psdgett. A arc Leney ,. J Barnes p a i i i 0 v b i ii i 2 0 b i 2 la 0 0 4 i 3 3 3 0 5 i 2 a i 0 0 5 0 2 4 0 i 4 i it 2 6 2 i 4 i i 7, i 6 i j 0 i 0 4 0 1 0 0 ii i ii Rny a a a .39 8 los a a it t in 8th, hit by Fak so on a. R h to a. H. 5 i 2 3 5 it 5 i 3 5 2. 8 i 2 0 it i. 5 i i 2 full 3 it it 7 0 0 3 it i 2 ii i. 1 i i 1 9 a. 7 it 1 7 it i 1 a it it it i it it 0 0 9 la. I it 9 o it 0. I 9 1 0 it 9 it 9 it it it n. It it 0 0 0 0 Cross word Puzzle Sigma Chi. Crona a. Omega rho i Kappa Alpha or dependent. Stellar Fielding by Bill Goodwin. Kappa Sigma and so Owell of the Sigma Chis and. Porter of the Coronado featured the game. The Sigma Chis mad in cents a 41. Score by innings Sigma Chi w l. Pct.8 0 i >99 2 .699,3 2 costs 2 f. It n. .1 4 .299 it 5 it >0 for the convenience of our customer who May require fishing tackle and fishing License we will remain open until 9 of clock tonight. A with their poppies in their Bel 144 runs m . The front files Beld the line. The five games flayed to oppo keep Faith with them. Wear i i a adv poppy Quot made by disabled american men sold by 390 41 12 0�?29 the v. F. A i Introit. A Vuu Vago Tiu i am i j \ . I. In in. Ii a it at. Co. A of i Tifik Iii Jecter Ilia it ii Hun let a Ruto to a Urio Auu a t i Iowa. Can i of Iller i Poutia Iraq tour run Oil Ken in a horns r in with the Baa Lilied in tins Rit in inning. Chicago tied the cont in then half of the ninth out red Lyons who refined Raper a unsteady in the to nth inning Ani t Tai leu Tho Suopis to Victory v. A a a Wii throw to second. Bunched nit followed this Jed Detroit won it to 3. Score iks roil a. R. H. To. A. E. 4 0 0 04. I i i 0 0 c totals 13 27 13 i Haney. 3bxxx Xii Ruih Jones. 3bo Itourie 3b. Burka she a Aat ago of. Cobb. Of 4 , of Blue la. Rav , is. Bailer c Foth Grill. Woodall Ca hit Hill p. By noun. I to in i .37 batted for Van in 5th. A by to a for Benton in Sib. Rtt ran for Padgett in 8th. By innings a. Be v York ____399 399 911 a 3 9&Quot 299 a a a summary two by of Southworth. Meusel. . . Home run Sny. Der double Pis a Jackson to Kell v t i Terry j Ark Ann Terry. Per. Re balls off Nehf 3 Gene. Wlch. 2 Rvan i. Struck Ruth by no Elf 2 Genewich. I Ryan. I j ton. 7 hit a off Kef. 11 n 9 1-3 Genewich 3 in 3 23 Benton 1 in 3&Quot Rvan. None in i 1-3 j Barnes. 7 in 1 hit by Pitcher by of newish Kaleva i Zuj us by is Stern new a per Volon 4 0 3 2 i to i i horizontal in men s of in it it 11�?eat away. 12�?to corrupt. 13�?ocean liner abbr is Point of Compaq. 15�?at Home. It commercial notice. 19�?copper Coin abbr 20�?terminus. 17 30 15 i Pittsburgh. 7 St. Tom e. 4 i Pittsburgh. May 28 a hard tilt Orting at opportune times gave Plata to Burgh a fete re Over St. Louis to-1 22�?� a it ave above treble staff 0 Day Quot to 4 the pirates collected 23�?personal pronoun. Or Toh. The game. Meadows kept the St 0 Louis hits Well scattered. Errors 31�? 5janfi o by Wright and Traynor gave St 0 Louis three runs in the second in .7 4 a Bra Eagle. 35�?the French. 36�?to free of. 38�?to prohibit. 72�?Early inhabitant of England Nung. Score total .44 a a ran for Basher in a the. Xxx batted for Whitehill in 9th. Xxx batted for Haney in 9th. Chicago St. To Gnu a a. R h. To. A. E Al. R la. To a. E. Most of 6 0 6 2 ii 0 Dav is. Be. 4 i i 3 6 2 Collins Job. 5 i 3 e 4 it Sheely la. A by k 0 i 9 i i Falk of. 5 i i 3 0 0 Hooper of. 2 i i 2 3 0 Kamm 3b. T i i i 0 0 pc Hulk c 3 0 0 5 2 q finer p 4 0 i 0 2 it Lyons p. ,. 9 0 0 0 0 i Gar Dearon i it 0 0 it 9 a a a a a a. A totals .37 h 8 30 17 s a a batted for so balk in 10th, let roil. 109 too of �?7 by file of j. Smith of. Flack of. Hornsby. 2b Bot a inlay la. Of Farrell c Mueller of Cooney Esbell 3b. , Dyer. Day Stop order. 5 it 2 8 i i 0 it it f. 3 it i i ii 4 o it i i 4 it i 13 o 3 i 2 4 i 4 2 i 2 0 4 a it o 3 3 i i 0 2 2 0 0 0 3 i 0 0 it it 0 0 0 0 i i it i 0 9 totals 35 4 a 12 batted lop Haines in seventh. 40�?territory in which Ai states capital is o abbr n 41�?sam As 17 horizontal. 0 42�?prefix meaning Quot two Quot o 43�?means of o i abbr 0 4 5�?single. 0 4 6�?to make a mistake. 0 4s�?note of diatonic Seal 0 49�?wind Catcher. 0 i 5i�?violent. Give off female Deer. 1 58�?humans, 0 35 i is learning. 14�?rostrum. 17�?to change for 15�?profanation. 21�?lair 2 2�? initial of a president. 26 a poetic for a Ever 2v. For example abbr 19�?bam As 21 vertical. 50�?City near Babylon. 72"�? harmless Enak. 33�?flowed out. 37�?boy s name. 39�?atmosphere. 4 4 a precipitates. 45�?ancient. 4 7�?vermillion, i 48�?depicts. 159�?at Home. I 52�?gift name. United 53�?exist. Located 54 a girl s name. 56�?personal pronoun i 6i�?long Cut. I 62�?nam played on horse % pc. Transportation 64�?minority group 65�?english Nobleman. Tip part of a to 72�?preposition. 75�?money keeper abbr it 74�?large american City abbr is abbr 7 6�?like. Vvs batted for Day in ninth. Pittsburgh prefix meaning half. Within. Scout. It i ago a a a a a a a 9o9 ii m 041 0�?5 summary to a a a a hits a Hail Man Whitehill. Cobb an Ngo j Nim a stolen bases hoop a a Daw s. Double play a Davis to Collins Osh eely Hooper to pc Haik a n go to Jon to Burke base on Balliu off Caber 4 off Whitehill 4. Off Dor. 2 off Lyons 2. Struck Cut by a no Thill 2 by Faber. 2 by Doyle x. Hits a off what i Quot 7 in 8 innings off Doyle i in 2 off fiber 14 in 9 off Lyons 3 in i Carey of. A. 4 r q h 2 to a. 0 Moore 2b3 i o 3 4 Cuyler of. 3 9 i 5 it Barnhart of 4 i i 2 0 Treynor 3b 4 i i 0 it w right is. 4 i i 3 5 Grantham la. 4 i Gill i e. Smith of a a 2 0 i i i Meadows p 3 0 0 0 i totals. .31 la 27 12 Boston 32 new York 1-7 a cat York. May 28.�? aft of dying the first Gam to Boston 3 to 3. Today the Yankees won the ter i c in 7 to 2 sri Mok these. J a from the red pox three Gam to two. Froth Boston third i seem a a. Inured is right leg sliding to second Bas in the irs Grana and retired from the linear prone first game r. P e Boston. 399 990 990�?3 a i n new Yorkton Ooi Eood i 8 0 Bat arise Quiat and Pocinich by of key and set hang Perez second game r. F f to of a i 8 2 new York of Soo x a 7 to i by innings. Of Louis .930 009 ooi�?4 plur you go .410 002 Fox a a s u m in a r y two base hit Vogt go three base hits Carey Moore Grantham e. Smith. Sacrifices Cuyler Moore. Double it plays Moore. Wright to Oran Ham Grantham unassisted Blades to Bottomley Cooney Hornsby to Bottomly. Left on base a St. Louis 6 Pittsburgh 3. Bise on balls a off Haines i Meadows 2. Struck out by Haines i Day i. Hits a off Haines to in 6 Day i in 2. N 6 6�?negative. 0 67�?addition to a let a abbr 0 68�?behold 069�?note of musical scale 1 i 79�?tin chem. A in 11 71�?slanting. 0 74�?spanish water wheel. 1 77�?two whelp it self propelled v hide Ltd i a vertical 1�?personal pronoun. 2�?land measure. 3�?skeletal Structure. 4�?first Garden. 5 a not of diatonic scale. 6�?preposition. 7�?same a 4 9 horizontal 8�?ruggedlon. 9�?half an pm Ion right abbr 0 Quot i i closed All Day saturday account memorial Day Mead hardware co fishermen a Headquarters Albuquerque is invited to attend the formal opening of the Natoma plunge Friday evening from 8 toll f through the Courtesy of the management swim-1 Ming on Friday evening will be confined to the hundreds of visiting shrines from Indianapolis ind., and Little Rock and Pine Bluff Ark. At 8 p. In. The Murat Temple shrine band of too pieces will give a Complete concert to Albu Quer a a Queens at the plunge. Fancy diving acts have been provided. Additional band concerts will be Given by the shrine bands from Al Amin and Sahara Temple. All of Albuquerque is invited to attend this opening of the most modern natatorium in the Southwest. The plunge will be open formally for swimming saturday morning at 9 r bringing up father copyright 1925, by the International news service registered u. S. Patent office by George Mcmanus it him go 13 Cincinnati 3 r in it innate May 28.�?chicago batted three Cincinnati pitch out of the Box in the seventh in Ninx today and won the first game of the series 3 3 to 3. Luque allowed Only three hits in the first so innings. A or a re e. Batteries francs Lucy. Having i Mea a. 909 999 1219�?in 15 i find Piconich Jones and of Neill. St Loula. 4 Cleveland 8 by Louie May Louis Browns disposed of Benjamin Kerr a Pitcher who bad won five s might games in defeating the Cleveland indians today 4 to 3, bunched hits and skillful base run fling of the locale aided by the vie circa Natl too 910 How 3 8 4 bakeries Cooper and Hart Etc Luo in Rimiller Benton Brady and druggy. Coast Brague Sacramento 2 Oakland 0, pm Francisco. 6 Pettle 3. Salt Lake. 7 Vernon. 9. T of Angeles Portland Rostron a Tore two errors gave the Browns so rain the score a tfx As of. Age Ltd level re. .091 Oil of a 3 9 2 pan Antonio 6 Dallas 5. By Louie .022 too Fox batteries Kerr Bush and Dixon. And 4 4 0 Myatt a Houston 2 fort Worth 3 p us mfg 12 Wichita Falls 9. Waco 3 Shreveport to Voell Well. Cit rid of that cat too a Oil dim a a Coit out a Ever a 9mo head take to to Hub Nephew to �1925 by int l feature service. Inc great Britain rights reserved

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