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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 28, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal May 28, 1925 Albuquerque morning journal an in us us no Enine a six a Peh a published by journal l l bushing company Joseph t. A to Suk editor office a a t 61 p h o to entered of album of a. Pending us second Clara matter at the Post office Rune n. M., end entry in Santa be. N. Under aet of Cor v Ess of March 17. 1879 one Mon b three Mon fix months Ore year. Subscription rates Vav Carrier or mat. Fsr. A. .12.50 a 4 75 .$9.00 Mymper audit pure a of circulation the Jot g Calls Resolution s. Advert semen to or a r sen is the right to reject any matter that n a deem improper. meetings cards of thanks society and Church socials lectures Market in increasing quantities with no lowering of Price and often at a higher Price keeps the buying Power of the Public i All the while at the Point of exhaustion. T he people Are buying up to their limit and even mortgaging their future. The result is the manufacturers find that As soon As there is a slight depression from bad crops or am other cause their goods begin to accumulate in their warehouses. So the commercial agencies Are constantly report there s a limit to democracy a notices Call for Church meeting except sunday cd Reb a Ogra Are considered As advertising end veil a charged for at regular advertising Rales item Ber of the associated Buess the associate i press is exclusively entitled to the use f. Re u r Aller if All new credited to it or not a h c r w or credited in this paper and also the local no published herein. Too l my bad business does not go in cycles covering a period of several years As in the past but the cycles Are measured in months. The solution is to be found in the method of or. Ford. Costs of production my a be decreased if business is to expand on a sound basis. Each time an article can be put on the Market at a lower Pri e i reaches a larger number of people who have the ability to buy at the decreased Price. It is time for the manufacturers to see that their Prosperity lies in attending to the production end of their business rather than keeping the Market at a Eon Tant state of saturation through forced sales. Old Tycobb the spa May 1925 another Arctic tragedy old Tycobb is continuing to increase the number of records that stand to his credit. Soon a new volume will have to be added to the sporting guides one devoted solely to the list of records that the Georgia peach has established. He has hit the Bali As this is written the indications Are that the Arctic mists Are concealing another tragedy. The natural interpretation a it e n e Rand hit it harder than any other of the Long silence is that the Amundsen big league player. No other Star in the party has Rome to grit f. The Polar Region game has got around to the Home plate so which a taken such terrible toll of the Many old Anno Domini has no Iii ii terrors for him. For Twenty years he has bold spirit mho have tried to wrest its a re a Hinnir luminary in the baseball secrets from it seems to have satiated itself firmament and his Light in this the with new victims. Twentieth year shows no sign of dimming. The party intended to return at once and he is today As he was when he first en-1 the Long delay indicates but one Termina tired the big league marvelous to ebb lion of the venture. Whether Rescue is possible would seem doubtful. Would the rescuers fare any better and what would be the Chance in that vast Domain of finding the survivor. ? the party had a Large food Supply and Amundsen is both expert u Jug understood that the new traffic rules win ended and resourceful. That he will be prohibit left hand turns and left handed comp liable to extricate himself gives a to a hot by Koot v rattling the pan by or. Frank Crane spent. Often it seems As if a Man had no More original ideas and w Nen he talks he is simply rehearsing what he has said before or he is making an empty sound. It is like rattling the pan when All the contents have been the reason Why so Many people give out and their source of Supply ceases is because they cease to take in. We must receive As Well As give. The novelist must have material constantly if he is to keep on writing novels. Many a Mother has found Lier task irksome and tiresome because she is constantly giving out and never taking in. She ought to have some Means of recreation or study or something by which she can Lay in the supplies which she is supposed to give out. Teachers also run dry. They become bores and repeaters of platitudes simply because All their Energy is spent upon teaching. They Are constantly giving out and never taking in. The preacher ceases to be a source of inspiration to his congregation when he gets no inspiration himself die cannot pass on what he has not. This reasoning applies to us All. Those who Are Able to help others Are the Strong not the weak. There was a play not Long ago that stirred new York called a the fool Quot in which a Man quit a Good Job where he was getting a Good salary and went to helping people by giving away overcoats. In this he was supposed to be like Christ. What tile play did not show however was that when his overcoats gave out he would have to beg for overcoats himself. His actions were All right As Long As the Supply lasted. When his abundance ceased his Charity would have to cease and lie would have to be a Burden to others. It behoves every human being to remain Strong and capable in order that he May lie of assistance to others about him. The weak Man is of no Aid to himself or anybody else. The Golden Rule which says that we should do to others As we would lie done by implies the fact that we insist upon our own rights. Self sacrifice is based upon self preservation. If there is no strengthening of ones self by a constant intake there is no help of others by a constant outgo. Copyright 1925, by the Mcclure newspaper Syndicate indeed merits on c ventral Avenue. More ground for Hope than that others can the Globe Bay a certain Atchison woman makes come to his Relief. Such bad plea that when her husband surprised a what is happening in that Polar gloom burglar in the act of stealing a pie from the ref Rig i a. A. Enter he yelled for Tho police and a physician. Can Only be a i matter of wildest conjecture. The chances of his Success could not be guessed in Advance and Tho commander deliberately Cut off his Best Hope of Rescue in leaving his wireless equipment behind. It is to be hoped that As this is read there May be news dispatches of the safety of the party hut the Outlook now is exceedingly dark. It May he we shall never know the details of the Fate of these bold mariners. It May be As with the ill fated balloon expedition of Andree and his companions the North May take them to itself and hide All traces of them As completely As though they had never been. Proclamation in i ii looking and up discs it. Me thin postpone Church fight the fight Between modernists and fundamentalist in the presbyterian general Assembly. Ems to have been shelved for this year. It was brought about by the Well known expedient for securing delay re and Post ment of a matter am it May be portent Matt the whole a mainly the amen Talis Given any of the by creation and the r in but to it t to Haig a decision the appoint a min Ion to study the whole port to the next Assembly that by that time More in is will have intervened Ami n Trover be forgotten. Cerr it doctrines which the funded As fundamental were not h importance by the writers the account of the special e world is told in 600 words of the Virgin birth is found the four gospels. That then a a a Over in Kansas to appease those who can t make the All state football team they have started selecting an All state oratorical team. It is understood that people who make this team three years in succession will be recommended for radio announcers. A a a engagements Are not announced by radio but everybody knows All about them before they Are announced anyhow. # # # there is a shortage of rubber this year but not a shortage of Lubbering. A a a every House should have a comfortable hiding Mary Watkins place for dad to crawl into when Mother and the think its a in girls entertain Buckshot. A a a it makes our town seem a Little finer to Gle the glad hand to each Shriner. In by a a a i it the Money lenders favorite song a to Promise me and sign Here with two guarantors e Laws Are now so plentiful that it Ain t no use to try because it in impossible to break Emall before you die. A a a reports from Java state that there will he a big Rice crop this year of this is an Omen it should throw a scare into the hearts of some of the old bachelors. Ltd it the study of comparative Anatomy might be transferred by the medical College for the summer from the class room to the Beach. Ittle Benny a note Book of Lee rape j imely views on world i topics a new kind of Candy Mommy summonses be of Jolly boons for 2 cents e in every bag and yes Vernoon i went Ermound with puds Simkins and we each a not one. And my prize was a Gold la Vii is \ Tor would Ian in t a it Tavs automobile taxes St 7 to too. Min it a i i Liberal to if i to who h arc Ann Yang to a Bill intended to lop 750,000, business and to the Public. I pro 000 from Federal taxes is being a a a Quot to eduction of income taxes in.,. Eluding the super taxes. I believe prepared by senator King of i Lon tax ran be Cut to 1 member of the Couzens special 1 to per diam <1 in it prize in then Well be engage i and i looked at i looked As if he a Sam thing and i i to <1 o wit Hing pesh Ive this to maybe Shell it ring and puds and he i thinking the and. Wats you Vav you Pini b they sed. And Mary 1 pie t i she a on 2 it on her no. Do you think they col Gold for 2 cents i sed. Mite be by mistake i in darted to walk uses House like 2 of the same thin ing on her front s and Wilt did she r but another tin id Budges saving. Weever gave in n Inga gement rim Tot log Wilt per a no these two the i a in is the t in a differ octane am Erian churn until or. Bryan and Oil promo intr Type forced the was Content to let sleeping Dot the fundamentalists insist on is doctrine an essential of fellow Compromise seems possible. It taoists and modern to go each his of division of the cd denominations. Non or a Rory o known u com churl i Sis v ill event to n Way which Rich into two a1 in me must Cut production costs Henry Ford american pee the or i Kly a of �?�1 Friger Ator South at with fruit cargo in Pendeg of or. For for conv to the Sot Back. This v both cargoes cheaper Muon Ira Tife cheapen this pro Poi Ford a eons.? tither Man us Belling end o on advertising getter to Dis costs incr a enlarging the \ Ford while not i aliment puts lion end. Rating w atre ans n maiming to furnish a pie with tropical fruits r abundantly. As it is now p. A Quot empty to Central an ports and return Iii the freight charges on in s efficient to pay the trip both ways. Huie the refrigerator it i the products of his factories and bring fruit service for m memorial d at to of clock in the i Kloek w ill deliver the and Road master g j. Hutch division of the Samta be Vav a a he by in Bear Tnya a Al t b m Millen mrs d. A bit Ion mrs. A e. Or i a in Baldridge or a. To Hupp a. E. Boldt. The be formic Day were mis. J. H. Vorom. Pc i a her miss i Fitch mrs. E. L Medler Amia Thomas is const Cornish mrs a f. Lilt by Jon Etc and mrs. J can t. My a a in. R l. I ast left to be held tuesday theater. George n of the Here be Albuquerque it erday from the Senate and will be Intro induced As soon As the next session of Congress opens. The measure will be in the nature of a n amendment to the expected House tax Bill in order to comply with the constitutional requirement that Revenue Bills must originate in the House. Senator King Lue to the evidence he has presented to the Couzens Lite in the investigation of in thous of the Bureau of in-1 Revenue is convinced that i lits Are possible of Alcorn a by a More strict admin Strant the tax Laws and revision ministrative provisions and by Economy on the part of the government. Discusses proposal Vav Ping out of miscellaneous my would lower the sur taxes As much or More than proposed by Secretary Mellon. He also would reduce income taxes generally. An important feature of senator Kings program is a stringent tightening up of Tho administrative features of the Law As to corporation t fixes. He would do away with allowance for depreciation and with the present provisions of the Law As to the i zeus Cost ments so lost $4, taxes Quot a wrong an for de pre partly heard of to Altal gain and loss. Insures before the Courter and other develop a the government has too or $500,000,000 in senator King Quot through unjustifiable allowance Ilion. Amortization and corporations. In View a sur s i shall urge that e be made for Dep Recla a whereas it is our privilege and duty once each year to Lay aside our Dally tasks to do Honor to our illustrious Soldier arum Sailor dead both those who have made the supreme sacrifice and those who having offered their lives for their country were granted additional years in service to their Fellowmen before being called to the Quot unit beyond and whereas we should Manifest by some outward expression our gratitude and appreciation for All that has been done for us by the Soldier and Sailor dead of 1s65, 180s and 1918. Now therefore i Clyde Tingley mayor of the City of Albuquerque not w Meo by virtue of the authority vested in me. Do hereby declare and order that saturday the thirtieth Day of May 1925, shall be a general Holiday in the City of Albuquerque and hereby request All citizens to participate in the proper Observance of said memorial Day to the full extent that they shall be Able and i expressly request in behalf of the City commission of the City lugs provided the ground work for the and Anet m the automobile stocks which was 1-1 by the Maxwell issues. Maxwell motors b. Which was reported to Harbor a Luige Short interest was run up nearly 8 Points to to record top at egg and then slipped Bai k about a Point from the High. Tho b certificates i loss d 5 4 Points higher at i by 4. Revival of a demand for Mack trunks sent that Issue up Over f a Points to a my Piik at i i. Other automotive issues to t their previous High Pierce Arrow comm and prior preferred. Hudson Paige Delro Axle buying of the or Long stimulated by a i dividends on the common Stock. Public utilities also took on a new of use a f life International Telephone i Adlung that group by climbing t i a in Fen Points to re Ord top St 102 on Pilli Atlon of Tho annual report showing earnings cell id i a share in he common f of in a i p were i. Preferred Studebaker. And Eaton named be us option of u the est null record in car ended Mav re and for the a the Best gains the coolers. Oils h v e i with a Cern a n w 192 5 i Lings for the week stimulated Tho de Milroad shares with being recorded by i which of Albuquerque new Mexico that business be generally suspended with a continuation of heavy throughout the City and that All i1 in Independent Oil and the inhabitants of this City dedicate said Day to the memories of our Soldier and Sailor dead. Done at the City Hall of the City of Albuquerque May 26. In to lion h the Panl lion of in Seal i Clyde Tingley. Chairman. City commission an sex offi Cio mayor. Attest Ida v. Malone. City clerk. Proc mod shown a Mer of 1 for debate strength f heavy buy Gas i a Point higher at St of the other Oil in a tonally. E improvement also was the Standard industrials. Cun Cleis d More than a put or High ital i the rim in of income to sur taxes and some reduce corporation taxes Are Fea of senator King s program. Auld remove All excise taxes Laneous taxes Quot said in no including admission tax Aid he would also urge that j Awa Nee for reduction on ae-1 it of interest on borrowed Cap done away with total government Revenue in valor King s opinion ought not eed $2,000,000,0 1 1. A when it is remembered that a lion dollars were sufficient to i the government for a year be Quot e the War Quot said senator King a display of the work w Ould seem that we ought to Chi textural drawing Clit along now w Ith $3 too Quot que que High school is b my and Navy sex in la it window of Strong s Bofty he much reduced i 8tor or pm an an Ca of be. Either of the aer-1 it Ellent character of the w Ork Beking done in this department pm he d i la 4 k 4 i drawings made by High school class now being displayed n1 f 189 a and Baldwin i showed fractional and 11 s. Respectively. Gain held steady at or ult. Tin e Money and com Quot Etal paper rates were Anchang with business quiet. Call n of the Aret Al by Long shown foreign sex regular de fairly steady cent h i n in cents to a re year. Re Poi a n held lie b Ca n a rip greets and accepts it in ring party of ladies spent c. E Holgin mrs. A Toner. Miss Grace not title. C. H. Conner miss bes a miss Shaffer and mrs. In another party yester the mrs Charles Smith Edith Easley miss Mabel mrs. Harry Lee miss Rte Abbott its p Irene Saint mrs. Rest it a All clar02 advice Klonas Den a Man passes for what it rth. What he to engraved Ion his face on his form. N i fortunes in a letters of Light which Rill men May read but him concealment avails him nothing boasting nothing. There is a confession in the Glan is of our eyes. In our smiles in salutations and in the grasp of hands. Who a who in the Day s Newt Winston it Iii Hui Iii l in min who has just introduced Mellen plan for the reduce j of income taxes in the British lament arid is being Crit i ii w it h a your tin i i she to us 811?y Cone emf of i remain if invt at he n do it a a he it he led by me in it Luquer m i it Havana Lue a for Kansas City. Who is returning a pending the win d to a a confuses exclaimed Quot How can i Man be concealed How can a Nan in concealed Quot of you would not be known to to anything never do it. Quot a Man May play the fool in the Drift of the desert but every Grain of seed shall seem to see Quot Emerson opined. He May he a solitary Cater but he cannot keep his foolish counsel. A broken complexion. A Sinish look ungenerous acts and the want of due knowledge a a1 blab. Can a Cook a chef Finch an a chemo be mistaken for Zeno or Paul pm we gained from an examination of the i display. Trie students were taught plan i Nung drawing Blue print making and specification writing. The work is made More interesting by i the fact that the boys Are dealing with real live problems. One of the houses at 1021 East Silver was drawn by the boys of the class and built by another member of the class and Thomas Benton contractor. Another House will be built this summer from plans drawn by d the class and two others later on is on the As j plans have been drawn for a is being too Model shop embodying the same i to tax pay a Ylo architecture As the senior High s Hool and containing 12 Day rooms for special subjects As Well As ample store room Hope Wiley and Andrew Sutherland have excelled in this class during the past year. Thomas Benton has charge of the department All All an a Fra i in pm item a Erling r $ i 86, but below for o re for the cd that tile a is planning of the Dollar. Is Chat yrs Dye a a t 83 is it a ref g an a the in w St Tel. In. A f la 9 \ p eat Iii pad. Cd a pal with to p Vtha return been the go d to her est of Home Large Inco maa. Tilt made a Brilliant recovery from the discredit into which he fell during the War. That Man is i Winston Church Hill. Ile is now As Chancellor of the exchequer in the highest politic so position he has Ever occur i i a i a few years ago it i the markets Cru Ltd i Erie Farn Gene fir neral great a Quot inspire int Mer Ken n err i i pm. 4 4 or financial 5 ii Ato veil Mot ors Quot i nirl Kan a t it url Pacific r it c a it lories a re Lute the Iri Righta the South a Lien Abd the North i of �ai1 be r cd in the City. Or. i the the characteristic c Licy aft a Man fat a Lay the stress on business they pressure salesmen f their Ware of t try to absorb then Lume of their sales unmindful of his Sale he stress on the pro he is cutting overhead Eli Niin a increasing the efficiency of labor As Well As of machinery. This u no new discovery on h part but was a common practice will All Mariu lecturers a generation ago. Developing salesmanship to a Millan Lea re he will i aged by cd John r Jennings is in the Alco t of heir i i by or. De inc e. Kung from the new me Xiv bae been presented v in the new Mexico Tyrian was Cadet a debate medals were que que h. Sha and g. I Hart of cd tile graduate brow Nell to the Negle t of production is a do Meta Feess a a the City tomorrow for we employed in the John Becker i Dalles of Belen. A a a it the Post office Force at Lead City to visit his Friend Frank j. Attend the race. A a a is City who graduates this year of military Institute at Roswell with a commission As lieutenant National guard. The Vale dec. H. Crews of Hillsboro. The e won by Vav. E. Talbot Albu in Las vegas d. Vav. Kennard be. Tex. The following ars this year w. Bell Raton j. E. Minn. It. La. Crews Hillsboro h. Daily lessons in English or w. L. Cordon Wall Fet Reet new York May _7 of Market averages a to Btl Date wednesday w f to a re of a eau to big words often misused Quot done to say i am not going at omit a at i fun mispronounced recess. Accent the last syllable often misspelled. Ghoul Hyinio Iiams ascend Rise arise mount climb surmount. Won study Quot use a word three times and it is ours. Let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today a i word i Nappe Usa Hie incapable of being appeased or satisfied. Quot their desire for pleasure was week ago High 1925 Low 1925 Liu lust rials 121.98. .111.60 i 22.25. .126.10 114.31 to rails 102.91 102.39 10 3.01 104.68 9 613 total Stock sales. 1,567,400 Ehart Zelop meet. The forcing of modern tie oods on the a Lakewood c. It. Delre Taos c. E Jer que e. A. Lohnan Las Cruces Santa Rosa m g. Paden White Oaks Las vegas f r Bmith Roswell a a Kunz l. C. H m it will always Momand Man it Gariup Lim the Law the fell he it to Laid tis an graduated Gerald Dorsey Champion of Tularosa n. Will be graduated from the de Pauw University with the Cliss of 1925. The University so ated in Noblesville id. W would have been a More Likely i prediction that he would be finance minister of France. At the outset of the great War or. Churchill was at the head of the British admiralty and he was held responsible for two costly 1 18v failures the attempt to take Antwerp and the attempt to capture Gallipoli. Both were sound Strat cry and boldly conceived As is _ thing that i Churchill does. I strength and activity of the to had either movement succeeded to it or Bhare a a dozen of which broke a the War would have been shortened through to n a High level for the i by half. And the attack on con Yar was the outstanding feature Stant Snopl would have succeed of today. Irregularly higher Stork i of lord Kitchener in charge of Juar Ket. The Day s sales again to land Oigt Erat Lons. Had supported or. J trilled about one and one Hall Mil Churchill s naval move upon Jainar shares. I Lipoli. But Kitchener and Church a reports of record breaking pro-1 had hated each other Ever sinc e Duc Jon and largely increased eaf11 Urchin charged Kitchener with Arr Yang away the Mahdi a head As personal Tro Jilin from the Budan. A rid for this reason or for Lack of Ion Kitchener let Churchill fall t Gallipoli and Churchill a politic i career seemed to be at an end. Churchill was set Down As a Bril Bant and reckless Young Man not i to be trusted with responsibility. He was the kind of civilian official i who would not leave strategy to the professional Soldier i w v 5 n in North Maniet Northern in Pacific of pan a Meric Pennsylvan Pella a re Phillips be Ray Consol leading. Republic or by. Louis bad Union born in pet band air col Southern p it re it Quot 44�?~34 4 49% pet. Quot a. I a a i. De Copper Al 44 4 i 4 3 i 2 n a by Celan Frau ii. Learn Oil. A if in Ter stroke made against the advice of experts a desk Napoleon. The premiership had seemed at one time Likely to round out his career. And once More in spite of his indiscretion in the War and his indiscretion later under Lloyd George he appears to he headed for the premiership if he does riot As Chancellor of the exchequer Southern railway. Standard ii of Ca Standard a ii of n j St u d e a k e r co r por a t to i Texas co. Tobacco products. Union go of Cal. Union Pacific. U. S. Indus. Alcohol. United state rubber United states steel Wabash pad. Quot a electric Woolworth co. Worthington pump. 4 3 4 8 1 48 1 so 139 9 2 1 j a i 8. I 6 1. 73 1 .128. 42 who j again do something which shocks uld risk everything for one Mas the cautious britons Lite Rev new York. Minds closed 3 to Bonds la by Roku f a 4 1 continued on next Page

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