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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 28, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Two Sale of half million poppies for memorial Day is Kansas goal in to. Court decides petition for a writ for his release from san Quentin prison is dismissed in san Francisco i i to i or f ,11% it lit of 11 s�0ii a to i <1 renomination of 110 middies possible if amendment i adopted coloradans lose in race with the Stork a my til Quot Iii pal of a v Fly to tic Rill adopt today by the Ami non int off i f Mike Llord Mot i a a no a get it it w a to Ait for ii iwo in six de car the i r Groce i Ste closed All Day monday Stock ill today a doses Bott s of Bud Weiser or be of will Ket you Cool on your Outing monday. Hod weiser�?15c dozen. $1.75 Bovo the All year round soft drink 10c sugar 17 lbs. For is of sugar 6 lbs. For ,50 sugar. 3 lbs. For 25 sunk int Lemons Dozon. A 28c Sunkist oranges dozen. 24c Welches grape juice quarts. A 72c Welches grape juice pints. 38c Welch s grape juice juniors. A 13c English walnuts Pound. 30c dromedary dates new Stock. 23c f. F. O. G. Powdered sugar not Lumpy. 16c by cad of Gold butter. 40c i Columbine butter. 35c Estancia it Ream cry butter. 33c Sambo Pancake flour i cd the regular 20c package Swan Brand asparagus Large ran. Jonquil vol Low fret1 Peacher no. 2 i it did Monte egg plums no 21 it 7, Narn co crab Moat 1 a s7. De e p sea lobster a a. 1 deep sea lobster a. I miss Lou shrimp i37c 23c 27c 56c 39c 66c 24c asparagus. Green onions a Tuc radishes summer Squash Green cleans new peas spinach and Abbage. J Ira cherries s i raspberries Hosen Walow a &r0ce tote no Albuquerque morning journal saturday May 28, 1921. Rance conditions never worse Lui e controlled Bill ill 1 Aff Lares tax commission Meah Aster a trip Over 3 counties w isl general strike is started in Norway f ii till i 1 spit in <<1uumomh\<i to Mon it % to coins a a m the my turf of to. 11l a is Mills claims charges have been arbitrarily increased Many Are kept from visiting playgrounds. In the i # to a feet Heaters today to it i not drink Hilu Illa then and enjoy the Best i i mull ii Sill or Jill pm \ i a s o it ten it i a who in \ Puhi Newt a 0m i i ii i a Pic u ,1 la ii i. I cleverly costumed play let presented by private school Attef it to delay building program of Navy thwarted con find d from pm go on i i m the. In in i. , of. No pow i till of wat i this is we store it has Bri n the policy of the Piggy wiggly to so conduct its Storrs that every person who walks in will at once feel that he or site is perfectly Quot at Home thai no clerk will try to influence i he customer in any Way either for or Aga not any article on Sale. It is Lik Waiking into your own pantry and selection those thin which you want to serve at your Tab. Those of you who have lived in Albuquerque before the pm Gisi. Wiggly opened know what enormous profits were asked on groceries you Ako know that since the Piggy wiggly opened groceries Are sold in Albuquerque at a lower Price than anywhere in the Southwest and Piggy wiggly prices Ari. Lowest of All do you know what would happen if Piggy wiggly closed up the Quot Wise ones know that if would by Only a Short while before you would again be High prices. Think about this. Buy your groceries at the Piggy wiggly where it counts. F Bur Market is advancing Bange in Socorro county benefited by three big Rains Resinol we Art offering our flour at the lowest Price that the Market reached. Remember that each sack is guaranteed meaning that if you Are not entirely plea to bring the a ack Back and gel your Money plus delivery charges. Amaryllis tor biscuits and cakes48s$2.54 amaryllis for biscuits and cakes24s$1.30 an,.try if is for biscuits and rakes12s.67c Home seeker for All round use48s.$2.40 Home seeker for All round use24s.$1.24 12-o/. Royal baking powder. 45c 6-0/ Royal baking powder. 23c 16-07. Calumet b King powder. 29c 21 2-lb. Calum t baking powder. 59c 5-lb. Calumet baking powder.$1.07 this store will be closed All Day monday memorial Day. A lift Opp ill Luti in of int y. Of la. Co is is. In Diego Abeyta wins oratorical contest at Indian school �?~543 a not a blemish fit a Nan the Apt at Ber cd male to in permanent Ami in portly Akin trim bit s arc effectively to treated. Lettuces in i urn Sud Cia a ctr a it a skins. Mighty mss pts. Send tic. For trial sign m for . Hopkin i a. So a y we in it nor in tin Lohi last Gnu it St Bool a. It j11 i i m Taui Ahi it tii it it i h the Winn i i i it. St i Tho a a hit i. It of i \ Irth or or i Alt we it Simf Wimms i a Mullin 11 Llu Iii to it Kwh hiris Tuti on Sale Toda y i will probe reports of typhus outbreak in Cabezon Vicinity new Organ die swig a re voile All colors. $7.95 new silk dresses taffeta crepe de Chine Canton it cepe Kittens ear and All new materials up from. All Wool Polo loth a Oats very desirable. $11.95 u n i. D Ca id 111 $16.75 Navy Yri Cotine Dolman j Coats nicely embroidered. To me to 5 hi.-. Iii i it Urmi in it a a a it. To the a Ioir a >1 my ii la. May 27.-�?dr. Of i Viii. I Jiu i lie i a it ii Dir i i in in wifi s , hit i til la it. A Iii Ito a a. A tomorrow for Utah a a or to the port of i i h it Sia,.i Usi i i i Akun a Evsi it of thin Point. I rom the tin y will so in a. To. K whore Wall r Muttitt will Ink i a. Ike of tin til lit again the i if Brak on la. Navajo to it it of that i Point. To Lur lira in Teci Auk r. In Titi ii ii. I ii it m Chi itt itt h Hilt or to d it Tell to to 11 it f i a Nisi a i it Al her mrs Johari i Sod fail i int. I. Thou i Der thu ii Fiti a it Hack Iti Jilio a h i is it War quit no he r % try o to b but r that h Bod it Fis. Matni it a ii it and i in h to buy a hot a 1 of of it quickly rid in re kor Ctm a Oil i i which he bad Hoith Days of you ii a turn mat sni intr re int ii Tri ii ii c. H. Carnes for a a a. I n i v to Maiu i Hal thin. Lt>7 h. Fourth. Phone 1057-w. In Ste to % xxx v a 7-#. J Advance in Oriel suits in All Wool Trico gird Gingham dresses in new plaids Tine Kiel be Rife straight and checks a Largo assortment for Mohawk Glove silk underwear. $1.69 $1.98 i lines Box coat Baronette Satin skirts. $26.75 75 masked mob defied by in. E. Preacher w ool Jersey sport suits in a i in of Brown tan and Heather. Tel jul of Wool Jersey sport a Oats Black and Brown pumps a covered French i Els. $9.75 la Poti la new silk sweaters a1 colors. E. Maharani amp son 518 West Central. The last store on main Street Between fifth and sixth streets. Illy tile a i i a i l r Ifa to Exhur mi., a it pistol in hand til ii a it Mon at t i it re a it her i i it it ii a ii. I mob inter i in Vin a t a a it 11 Nimox i thu it Tiki Hospital her Jones was wo11 ruled a in j s. Mosley after j one Bird it i i i in firc r i by a Mill. I Muy. Quot i ant i a it Holst i Meh thu Factor Ali la. Me in he i tit As in to i. It 1 sir i in. A it i it 11 in a and i it so Ionell it for a j it i Vou Ria i not our no thus so Una a a atm Rote my Deni i in few shr it get if you dare. You t skill no hut you Hilt a iou i t hone is 4 the mob Hud Dis Tun it ii won the i it Olire arrived. F n hit i hand r a to of Ai -.1 i.-, set a i i Huo Vul ii Vulk 11 hum. It o Jih out hurl. I Lii Iii in Lri wind shield Glass lumber j of Tiina. I t Ltd it i him the tint it. Idman 48t, i new Mexico steel co. Inc j Nolan Nnake Rel Annii welder i k. See Oil it. Tri. Iw05-j, Cuti Cura shampoos mean healthy hair especially if preceded by touch of Cuti Cura ointment to spot Al Dandruff itching and irritation. This treatment de s much to keep the a Alp clean and healthy and to promote hair a growth. In bold Nim a so Salt. . cd cuu Cua some .1., win but we Roo Raph tym Camion i Al he Albright a amp a. Anderson pm sep in hinders a station Kiu a Thrift ave. Today is the last Day special values in All departments Photic 283 the growing store in re in Lum Ber ase5heb. Albuquerque lumber company is ill Tell him Hiltke a

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