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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 27, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 27, 192albuquerque morning journal Fae seven tem Book of brain must wed brawn he says Mirage to make its appearance on varsity Campus today Fick Conqer Bowman and Price head staff it id it year Blok sity of new Mexico e its no Par not a a to the. I mpg today. Paul a it. In agog editor Mies Man editor and Wiley Busi ii Ess manager have Tho by Abs Ual Ever pub the University. Of is Delcau <1 to coach Johnson Whoso athletic jilt of scanty material wonderful record dorm school year. The d ids. A to Otis who Ive Salt la he blows with a s keen us the Best. To on for a Horn every nun the m h it Tho in Vin Mike la Ive of it y of i it k Roger. Ally to Quot Price. It Rod cd d t i the by by w. Learns h a pad a la pad la t j o n i of told Willis ador a f till a a of la athletic plenty of Al in and tic a i ant of til i the Anni Semi test cd Hoe i s act ult duo an of aptly Ani int part a of the latter i a k is a so i scenes i Price Busti hrs photog a ii Tell la ton pict Monk Quot i Illy Cie i m i ii n swell i Tho m duct. T it Ivin a of 1 h a. No f Lobo blood tiled. To the o o h it by w. Men and markets by p. R. N. Shop crafts to help bring War Hospital Here a Hipp or re might n p i f c my Buh i my the dullness men ire ginning to won far the build intr Boom hat will happen when Ann too far they Sec rec. Bidding in their own localities understand that the building try in not Only lending All at this time but is promising of its own Prears High rec during if. Housing Short ape in Many misfortune Awalt tip seems to hav it been sup. If not Over supplied. Rents j would go. Til. In average turned Down for shafts. Ret time last summer and the a1 trend at present is in favor a tenant rather than the land be i in i to no Tieg already Reft surplus of empty houses in Huiming Boom continues to j Aerial wedding plans of Young Albuquerque couple postponed Day by Day As aviator Isnit Here i will present you company in Ben Mormance at Hie auditorium june Caf Shopey it has arranged Ute concert to fee g a 1 0 a june 6 s a Yott Cor a amp air. The. Proceeds to it a give in to the a rial fund the Eon Cert will i an at the High Soh a d audible j no p. The so p r Iff bout a a acceptable to Commerce Board if till fund. Clr Lead Quot Vav to in us to it Bride f i to Lim b wishing to do their a bringing of the War to nor Letl Hospital to Albu i it c of ii by def a los if w late in a those who a of cupid s to concluded the editorial staff 1 of an Albuquerque afternoon new i paper who undertook the promo j lion of in a Ria wedding nearly a a w re ago As Thev impatiently scanned the Clouds tuesday after a for the appearance of Bob Mausler one of the originator and Pilot of the ski lid athletics gave i John rpm Mtjoy a Tutty to Wield i Juk contains an Best athletic year in a Hool. Exceedingly we i Art Nunt of the being Given its More. The Pho work Are Excel Fortner and ail no be n done a a it forepart of the ted to Cam in Hilt v Quot of line. Vav i icy in b Ager made i a it Well is Tak of t he at i tic hot h e dra Quot t tic it. exception ins were done by furry Arni Albuquerque it ton of the a ties having binding ant i studios the exception i i fib ii in of the ii ii in it n i i t o ii fill v ii t ii i a h in it n tim j a i t Ion ii an i pc to i Vernon Briggs isl says the Hest fam dying out been use the people of the same hug standards. The beat mar avers Are those in Whir the contracting parties a ally Strong and to other Strong. Heaters today j in Nim. Hanks a knows a i a the St lilt by Quot <1 i i Heater in a ii 1 it Ery Bori v in a j Bun Ouk Quot it at till or in a when the with an is client screen stars also a of fix Quot t starring in a a timing Vav Cost William Fox review of the of t he n Ivajo the ref a to unusual feature the pie or Quot when the Roll by a is the subject superstitions it s a. Ton to say the least Beta us of people Iii the believe that to i t a r seven k a. Mirror the Iii real be ii i a Fri i hey by have fid sea their or 11 r Olds it of i at. A land tire about a Fin Iris treated a by theme e of the a country hey won t years if y in analysing the situation we find that this years stimulus his re Jyh suited from lower building costs. Each reduction taps a new level of _ Fol purchasing Power and a new vol a for upon of business result. Here we j hangs the destiny and fat of be hive one answer for la building Roy Ellsworth and miss Lesha Industry is a whole. Whenever mattock both of Albuquerque. A chilliness sets in activity can fee cording to plans Laid out by the it mutated by lowering building promoters this Young couple was costs. I to mount i too feet shove the City Vav ohm find that the Hulk of1 Hill in Munday afternoon Ami building contemplated for this year i while wafting merrily through the promises to he in business and my j Clouds the knot of Matrimony was up a1 construction rather than in j to be fled by judge to Montoya. Residences the volume of activity monday came. The promoters then will not affect the housing and the Jude awaited the Edven dilation a it would of construe furs. But the Knight of the sky turn were i c ing concentrated to i failed to arrive. The Western this Field no Vuu heirs there is i Union carried his nov message. In act Tinl housing surplus in Many Quot will arrive communities Anil the operators and j tuesday came. Again a similar builders who continue to build on 1 was enacted with perhaps an the Hopes of their past perform-1 added touch of impatience to the Ance and profits will learn to their promoters for were Thev not stall Trow that they have overstayed nil off two Young Lover who were their Market and will pay dearly i looking Forward to each coming r their shortsightedness a careful examination of the a id also reveals another interest a situation. Vav have been build path or that liter m manager h the except dents will be managing have a quarrel of they i in a annual with and nil Tho other hut one superstitious jinxed. Way a Doug Quot candies this just to the liking of who crowded the the moreover he comes tis terrible doings with th1 to in is tic smile end goo press a n that he Law smashing to Smithr re old hoax stuff. G to to i i to in by a i n n f in ? in >0 to a i a i r the Imi put an in proc years dented wit earnings of Lobato and Luna continued to this afternoon the preliminary hearing of Onnlye Luna charged with steal a lumber and Mandayo Lovato Virgo it i with buying stolen Turner was a a a a finned a n tuesday of a noon t lit to a a wed in a i it to on $1,000 Bond. Luna a unable make Bomi. Pill Salt. I Ami hut the in Iteria everyone i 1 ugh his Imp no will exp it Neall the i t us # at Ieese last f Cen building houses that a out one tenth of the people oui to live m. The Hulk of i Hon has been in the $15,-$2000 Plasa and there Are entity of not too Many houses a a who in afford this sort be. The shortage in the r Home Field la still As acute there has been Little or it f for the Man who cannot orc than $f<0 a month rent building Opp Ortu Lay As the happiest in their life gain Boh failed. But his inv it a a in a mag of Good cheer came. A who arrive and co wednesday dawns. For a a l. I the third do a. The principal of the Aerial mating a watch the Clouds in the Hopes Flint their Long deferred dreams May Blossom into Joyful reality. The fait of Albuquerque voting Lover awaits the Arri ii of the intrepid airman. Or i if f in Uke City boys go Strong in Arizona do Iris Chavez and in a Klu a to \ j or a que 1 1 i i e who d Tho withal a. Team a r in erg i a if ? t Roo in a game in w hich u Linum a pfc c ii Etna i 1&Quot it. To i. It in 1 if hed for a nip and a h ivc i Ved in h a Outfield do a g k am 4 Good no to Quot it a a son f a avg hit a he poled r in the a to Quot Ith to Quot 0 Mer excellent i a Wilm Iller it is in n an i keep Young and attractive his is what every woman wants to know Ideal alien Sci a Ltd no of to a biggest ranch drama pictures yet a crowned la the main attraction at tills theater the title of which is Quot Trail dust with in a a ast Fin produced by k hams on the Famosi Brothers Iii ranch. Great thrilling picture. In portion there will be interesting added attractions j he in the a Trail duet Quot the Buff ii to stamped the covered Wagon trains the burning of the j Village the in flan War dance and Many other thrilling scenes in i the season s most unusual picture. S you will to gripped by the dramatic a pc Riem a a of the Plains peo a pie held spell bound by their thrilling True to life obstacles and charmed by the Beautiful love in Crest of this greatest of Oklahoma picture dramas. I this wonderful picture is being repeated today. Sunshine theater the greatest i picture of the year Herbert Brennon production presented by Adolph Zukor and Jesse l. Larky a a Peter pan Quot is the main attraction at this tis. I tor. It played by a wonderful cart including Betty Bronson Furnest Torrence. Cyril Chadwick Esther i Rais a and Mary Brian also showing the interesting pictures of Tho Quot International no the Story adapted for the so Cen by Willis old be a is a delightful modern fairy Tao. A Peter pan Quot is a Bright mischievous i boy. Head of the it ult for having a Good time the picture open in i the Darling Home. The children s Mother entering the Nursery at 1 bedtime is startled by the glimpse of a Little boy walking lightly it Ltd tile window Sill. She la greatly alarmed for the safety of her children. Or. And mrs. Darling go off to Din with a neighbor opposite leaving the children asleep in bed. At the window the Little boy appears again. To opens it and jumps lightly in it it r pan Quot from the never never land. Lie tells Wendy and her to i Broth Gas prices Advance new York May 2 a. A wholesale Gao in pres were edited building opportu-1 banned one cent a gallon today in today is in this Field ii territorial served by the stand j tip building Industry and the in and ii company of new Jersey the 1 Rny it bidders can but see it j Sinclair consolidated Oil Corpora he i id i no Boom will continue for lion the Gulf refining company i years More of they will build and the Standard Oil company of j a pens a houses. Nor does this Tou Iana. The Texas company and j in an ext cup a it. Sri Materia banned prices two cents a gallon is or in building wages. It in greater new York and one cent in new Jersey. All grades of expert gasoline and naphtha also were increased one half cent a gallon by the Standard of new Jersey. Ill require a simplification in do Ign and the elimination of need less expense in construction meth j ode without other sacrifice. Ai building or development company. I fur instance can acquire a tract i of suburban land for development a my can undertake the building of fifty or one Hundred modest Homes either to he rented or sold. Much Money can he saved by buying and building this number of houses in one locality and simple sturdy houses at a reasonable Cost will find a ready Market. The Burh is replacing the slum the automobile a stretched the bound area of our Citi and of the builders will but a use the situation they can extend their Prosperity for several years a a two Mil in share Days the first sin a March Lith or again seen in the Stock Market. Trading gains activity on Price increases land the speculative Public is Rush i my in with the hop that the i Market of last fall will by repeated. Prices for the majority of stocks seem to be too High of measured on a basis of business expectations and probable profits but nay Money in almost unlit a i Quantity supplies the urge to try to push prices still higher. A a a a new York to Chicago air line is promised by the organization of a $10,000,000 corporation understood to be backed by Marshall Field and the Wrigley interests. Three million dollars is reported is paid in the National air transport inc., plans to Supply nightly freight and express service Between new York and Chicago. This is the first private Enterprise in the United states to be organized to do a Public business in air a transportation. A shall probably gee Many More during the next i few years. Beautify it with a Diamond dyes perfect Home dyeing and unfit g is guaranteed with Diamond dyes. Just dip in cold water to tint soft delicate shades or Boll to Dye Rich permanent colors each 15-cent package contains directions so simple any woman can Dye or tint Ingerie a Una ribbon skirts Waist dresses Coats stockings sweaters draperies coverings hangings everything new. Buy a Diamond dyes a no other kind and Tell your druggist Arnether the material you wish to color is Wool or silk or whether it is Linen Cotton or mixed goods a adv. The automobile Industry nears Capac by production As May out it. Promise to top the record april production of 420.000 cars by about 20.000. Demand is taking care of present production and stocks Arlow. Many of the Era. John and i Chad of indians i chop a car manufacturers Are far pilate., the Little lost boys of a Hon it on their order and at too cd health is the Only lasting prescription for Good looks. Take a tonic occasionally9 such As or. Pierces Olden medical discovery is purely herbal contains no harmful ingredient procure it from your Diug Giat. In either liquid or tablets. Pend Loe to i Quot rial Pacarr to or. Firms # invalid i Loti. Bull Alo. N. Y. His underground Home fairies everything they have known in their dreams in fact. He offers to carry them off. They consent. Peter teaches them to Fly and Quot a Hen the Parent return hic Nursery is empty. La rift crowd attended to ter Lea to on if the More expensive Mike is reported a thirty Days behind on shipments. The body makers or working frantically frying to keep up with the demand for closed bodies. A a Cotton spinning a reached full replace that faded paper with fresh let Beautiful designs such As you will find at our store. Come and let us show them to you. w Mexico paint night . Papi r it rim y m a i Ion 208 North second phone "20 wholesale and retail ran Quot at the shows yesterday the my a of ration for the ,n0 enter today. Program is being repeat d t. Is of Erc Omi s pm Pils Chicago May 26 a. Two of three pupils of Tho eighth Grade at the Blaine Public school fainted today supposedly the result of their exertions at play in the school Yard and a number of others toppled Over to excite Tho teachers firemen reported today it it or Rushing Hesuse stating machines to the school in the belief that a Large number had been overcome by Gas. Sine june 1523. Active spindle hours As reported by the census Bureau show an average of per spindle in a place which is understood to equal single shift capacity. If renew interest in life seek vigorous health Neil scientific Way learn what the vigor and vitality it of Norma health mean. Enjoy the thrill of buoyant health that comes when the glandular sys pm functions normally. Forget the tired Days Lazy Days Jewless Days and renew your interest in life. Now science knows that loss of of of taking glandular . Strength Lack of Pep weakness and j Gla Dogen is prepared in convenient general run Down condition Are Tablet form for both Mea and wo-lanifestatior.? of a a Asthenia which men. Accept no substitutes. Insist or usually the result of glandular j on genuine Gla Dogen the original sufficiency. Gland Terne. Glandular treatment endorsed by physicians of this country and Europe. Offers new Hope of True health to those who Are Quot below Par Quot workout physically and mentally suffering from glandular insufficiency. Gla Dogen the new scientific gland Tome provides a simple Irth la Dogen Quot tie original gland tonic i n dreg company 115 West Central Avenue phone 51 will Supply you. President Burton Chicago University is dead of cancer Chicago May 26 apr president Isi nest Hewitt Burton of the University of Chicago died at 9 41 a. In. Today at the presbyterian i Hospital. Peritonitis which developed incident to his illness of intestinal canner for which he had twice j been operated on in recent weeks caused death. A i ii a dug of president Burton left the University shrouded in i gloom. For 32 years sine the founding of Tho University of Phi j a a ago or. Burton had been Asso it elated with its faculty assuming the presidency two year up sue j needing or. Harry Pratt Judson j who resigned. While principally noted for his scholarship and writings or. Bur j ton s administrative ability was de i clan d by his associates to have been of Tho highest degree. He was 65 ears old. Ale Murray divorced Paris May 26 apr announcement was made today that a divorce Ivis granted to Mae Murray american motion picture actress in almost record time. The movie ii Tress set Forth that the Union with her husband. Robert z. Leonard had been unhappy. The fishing season opens May 30 the fishing season opens next saturday decoration Day get your fishing equipment from us. A in a an attractive line of Camp furnishing. Drop in and make your selection Early. These outfits Are for Sale or for rent new Mexico tent amp awning co. 212 x. Third it. Phone 198 of Aimy look. For specials mar keel Zarit k Orange tas. I a str eur Auto supplies Camp goods Western Auto Ira my May 27th, 28th and 29th greater values at the beginning of the outdoor season. In eluded in these specials Are Many necessities for the motor and Camp trips you have planned. The very a a things you needed to make your motoring safer More comfortable More enjoyable and More economical. Limited space permits the listing of Only a few of the articles on Sale. Scores of others Are displayed at our store a look for the Orange tags. Every article is taken from regular Stock and sold with a Western Auto so guarantee of satisfaction a Western Auto tires arc used by countless thousands of Motorist. They Are made from exacting specifications in some of the country a leading tire factories and sold direct to you through our More than one Hundred atoms. There is no middleman a profit to pay. During thin three Day Sale we offer with every a Western Auto Cord tire. Sold at our regular Low Price an inner tube of corresponding size for $1.00. Wear Well cords just what the Nam implies fan Dora q we Fht a Standard Overa tse a Bluet ribbon tube for with Cilery Vav ear we Cord 9 Deposit of $2 will hold a Tiro to Day us Urlce 30x3 Reg. Size cd $7.75 30x3j/j oversize cd. A a a 8.65 soxs1/ str. Side. A. 10.45 31x4 str. Side. A a a a. 13.85 32x4 str. Side. 13.95 33x4 str. Side.14.70 32x4va str. Side., a a a 18.40 33x41� str. Side. 19.10 34x4 a str. Side. 19.65 33x5 str. Side. 23.15 35x5 str. Side.23.85 Western Gant cords extra Quality extra we get extra her ice a euro nonskid tread a jumbo tube for $1 of with every Western Giar to Cord Slid Price 30x3v� giant oversize cd. .$11.85 32x3va giant str. Side. 14.65 31x4 giant str. Side. 17.80 32x4 giant str. Side. 18.95 33x4 giant str. Side. 19.65 34x4 giant str. Side. 20.60 32x41/4 giant str. Side. 24.90 33x4va giant str. Side. 25.85 34x4vj giant str. Side. 26.65 33x5 giant str. Side. 31.75 35x5 giant str. Side. 32.90 ask for Lylw on other Kum Auto supplies and Camp goods for years a Western Auto stores have been the recognized Headquarters for Auto supplies and Camp goods. Only Standard Quality merchandise is kept. We sell for less because we buy for less. Greater savings Are yours if you buy during this three Day Sale. Below Are a few examples. Step plates All aluminium with shield. Prevent slipping. Keeps inside of ear Cloan. Reg a up ular Price $1.15�?special j a a a a comfy wind wings pedal pads attach vastly to Brake and clutch pedals. An absolute necessity. Fits ail car. Regular Low priced amp a 75c a distinct in looking serviceable wind Hield Wing at this unheard of Price. Made of Crystal Plato Jaas. Bracket Are Black enamel. For All cars. Regular Low proc $4.86. Pedal. $4,25 Western giant c it re specials from our Ford department . $3.38 44c $13.94 $2.85 $2.80 William foot accelerator. Kingston Ford Carburettor. Ford Gasket sets. Genuine Mckinnon radiators. Clincher wheel 30x3 Vij. Each curved All Metal visor rigid a permanent a unbreakable. Break the Glare of the Sun and approaching headlight. A Lake with baked on Black enamel. Regular Low to t $o.45. F pc cd a1drum Type Stop signal $2.76 flood water pump. Other special values Schrader tire gauge. Bumpers. Nobby Locking Cap. Sport Locking Cap. Gearshift Ball. Explosion whistles. Mono dash lamp Cap. Top recovers. Handy Cigar lighter. Pumps. Pliers. Interior Mirror every car should have on. A Protection against re Arend co Cialona. Our special 7-Inch Mirror for open or dosed cars. Regular Low Price 85c. Q 7 special of u our no. B-416 has neat Bevelled edges and Attra tiv Nickel plated brackets. 7-ln<m size for open or cd d cars. Regularly Sells for $1.45. Special. The Standard of perfection. Deigned pm installation Over the tall Light or License bracket. No Hole to Drill. Neat and sturdy. Dust and water proof. Regular Low Price $2.40. Special. F $1.88 Williams spotlight 95c universally recognized As a Standard High Quality lamp. Two ask est Junior Model 5-Inch. Regular Low Price $8.4. Special. Large 6-Inch size. Low Price $4.85. Pc special. Uit a p a a regular Standard Auto tent Here is an exceptional value. A tent Ideal for camping Hunting picnic or Beach trip. Size a 8-oz. 36-Lnch Duck. Regular Low Price q Ort $0.90. Spec a1. 81e 7x7 Khaki 10-oz. 36-Inch Duck. Regular Low Price $14 35. C i q of special4 Idi Jug Oline stove a compact Safe and durable. To Well known Prentiss waber make. Small size without Windbreak regular Low Price Ort $5.85. Special. 0 03 medium size with Quot and break. Regular Low ice $7.36. Special. J v j i tvs $6.28 folding Camp cot guaranteed to support Over half a ton. Makes a full length comfortable bed regular Low up. E. G a Quot a $3 35. Special. $ j i folding tabla a Light weight table sturdy de compact. Regular Low Price $4 50. Fit Pecini. $3.83 open until 9 p. In. During this Sale aug at Spertal Price Ore lug Gaoa Esrher. Stools chairs Tod Jara canteen Ana other Camp nac Stoma. More than j25 store a All Over the West Western autom Supply co. Of ask for 1925 general Catalon 208 n. Fourth Albuquerque n. M., phone 690 Bah

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