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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 27, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico V sri fix Albuquerque morning journal May 27, 1021 a go 0? picnic Ben Lyons goes from Gold Rush to fast Pace of new York the Lulu a p la Ici or 11 Kansas club is arranging for Jolly get Toch ice in Tijeras Canyon All former kansans invited i u a in support of the bettor sentiment lately. Renewed gains Are beginning to appear farm work slow realtors entertain ladies at dinner re in to r f a i of third v n a i York i f i tim f in Murpity or b r Flint inn per a la fact hut Merd a Iii than Advance oct Urr it in i in a lift Iii la y. A a s3 Corn Arins with in with commodity Price sit nation a us own More fir Mno a further i i a in St it p # a a a to itched set ofic a Copper Lead and new or a a it id Ltd crud Oil Walf i i cent a p Irr i Whit a on a other article not in the Al of developed in ability is still of snarf Era and Rode in a me but i Market Arie a nit in buying i yet Purl err a t the k to the \. I card vocal of i be tort Mccanna it no Pard i the i. To Thor i f ton i or. Cecelia Gustaf is in Albuquerque few Days a ii i i i i it dined spirit nation no a a few Days dinner on Kansan Day a on rooms Day Durine a ail person to attend the picnic ahem in a leave their Nam with b. V. Berry at the y. M. C. A person attending should take a Haak it lunch. The Chih will furnish lemonade and coff and will arrange for an enteral and in program. Transport Atlon will be arranged also for Tho who do not own car. Tot the reason it is necessary that All Persona who intend to go to the picnic should Register. I this is the lady who predicted t the officer of the dub Are gr<4tt world War from full Dhoti merry Mach president Mise trin it whom the press of the world Fritz vie president Levi Kern j a Wail of much about Hie Secretary. Is. V. Merry Tress anyone desiring meetings of Clr user s. R. Horton chairman en-1 Clos at Honrud or to Konge May text aliment committee Buren make arrangement at her room Lan theum. Chairman social com private consultation at room Metier William i. Shaver chair 10i comb hotel. No charge do than member ship committee. I nation . After All else failed Kellogg Sall bran brought sure Relief from constipation tem. Eat Kellogg am ran regularly two tablespoonfuls daily or in chronic cases with every meal. A Kan brine sure permanent Relief. It i what doctors Call a bulk food. It sweep the intestine clean and stimulates Normal natural action. Kellogg a Sall bran is Rendy to cat with milk or Cream. Also try the recipes Given on the package. Results guaranteed or your grocer returns the Purchase Price. Made in Mattie Creek Mich. Served in leading hotels and restaurants. Sold by All grocers. Thousand have cleansed their systems of constr potion s poisons. Constipation exacts a telling Price. Its hideous poisons Lead to Over fort devastating diseases. But let mrs. Rench of Iowa Tell her Story Kellog via an is the re boat i Var us a for chronic con 11 a a Ion i have used a1 kind of mid in and nothing helped in like Aix san. It a such Nice flavor and it la cheaper than paying out Hundred of dollars a a eking Relief. Your truly my a to ranch to 167, Marcus Low. Done to neglect constipation. Drive its terrible poisons out of your sys All bran Oev iop a r be wed a he in a Are Besin a. The improvement ii or striking h i Ope inc a d in of # rat v me where there had i on from the expansion of who e Fly to or la tins a to and the Price situation i strengthening. 1inflectin the latter phase j i in s list of wholesale quotations i shown fewer declines in re cent week it rude Oil. \ Ariot Metal and certain textiles being j a the commodities in w hich i a # firmness now pro a Al. Aa1 Market show signs of stiffening or of nearing the Tua to Point Rome buyers who have been hold i log off and v Hose supplies have i i Ecru depleted Are of it re disposed j to make commitment id cover in i radiate or in Fly need. Compete j ton for orders i still keen my i complaints of narrow profit mar j gins remain rather common hut larger transaction in pig Iron Bava followed in fall of if ice to a. Low leva i and booking of the principal ate producer thus far this month hive considerably a a i needed pc april volume. To Espir the existing irregularities and the fact that result in some Quarter have been disappointing Busine a n a Hole is in a More favourable position than a the Case a Yar ago when a retrograde movement a la Progress although farm work and the development of crop has Benn pm padded by the balt a Ward Spring Ohleh has also retarded retail distribution report from the West and Northwest rave ii More clearly the constructive Influent of the improved financial condition in agricultural Section. Stork Market buoyant instead of slackness a h id been expected in some quarters the Rise of the Stock Market gathered momentum this week. The Advance was a it celebrated by More favourable Trade report and a number of new High prices were established on a Large volume of trading. I with Sale of,oho shares on i wednesday it was evident that j Public participation had again be a come a Factor and heavy Selling to Tiko profit caused Only moderate a and temporary reactions. At the close on thursday the average of quotation for sixty Railroad share was up by cent for the a a a a while ten industrials were higher by s3.17. Steel common a a Leader in the upturn it mousing in so Roc in rather he Leath Pylon of ids at a when dept u e in. It d. I tic com the turn steel report the in North he ton a it in steel Mit it in cd turn for the belter in the Industry i indicated by a that orders taken by dig interest thus far this been 2.000 to 3,000 More than those for april. It la pointed o it i v the j Iron age that this foreshadow # a j smaller decrease in unfilled ton a in the t a it statement. As us. Trig that production continues at the present rate. Encouragement ii Given by the maintenance of unusually Active operation at automobile plants White agriculture implement manufacturers Are working at capacity More business probably would develop if prices were stable but there la still considerable irregularity with some farther declines and not g Little bar log i deferred. Further Ess-1 ire moreover has occurred in pig Iron vet the Low quotations have stimulated demand especially in j the Chicago and Cleveland District pro flood Market Steudler although further it tee lines occurred in certain quarters dry Good markets a a whole were steadier this week. A recovery in cot to nuns followed the recent \ 1 break leading to Freer buying inthe cloth division and More business developed in specialities in1 menus and women s Wear when j Wool be ame firmer. A larger per cent age of fait orders has been bonked by the leading producer of woolens than a generally understood to be the Case. Meantime. The Price for silk has changed but Little and its present san Mility give 1 manufacture Confidence to pro Ltd cd with Forward operations consumption of this raw Materia in v Ery Large Den my for silk Good h iving increased Sharpie and Stock in warehouse and in Mill Center Are decreasing. Packer Ludo Lack strength largely because of depressed markets at the River plate the Price situation in Domestic Packer hide still lacks firmness. Even i with the decidedly improved Quality of current Takeoff Sale con True to he made at former quotations. And in certain instance at 1 decline. Country Stock however hold a Eady mainly due to a Small kill. And Soma description of Calfskin Are higher. Tanner Are to a operating act Velv in hid and skins but it is significant that biological Survey reports average of seven anti one third animals killed by 22 Hunters in april f. F. Rope assistant Leader of predatory a rim i control of the biological Survey makes the Fob j lowing report for the month of april Twenty two Hunters worked a total of to a 8 Days or an average of 26.8 each and reported Isi True predatory animals four bears three rout talk Lions one Wolf 14 Boh a s. 139 coyotes. The "1 average Ratch was 7 1-3 animals per Hurter. In addition four foxes. A even badgers eight skunks and 16 Porcupine were taken. The or Horn animal reported for april to cry 79 Coyote and four bobcats the Hunters Honor Roll for the month is a follow c c Wood. Fairview so Days three Bear one Mountain Hon. Albert Dickens Cimarron 89 Days one Bear one Mountain Hon. One Bobcat we w. Glaze. White signal two Dave two Coyote. A i. T. Bowman. Dexter 39 Days. Of coyotes. W. C. Echols. Cloverdale so 6a is. One Wolf one Coyote. T to. Ritchie. Fairview 30 Days ens Mountain lion Harry Swift Tucumcari. 30 Days. La Coyote to p. Wheeler. Its German 14 6avo, three bobcats 12 coyotes. T. A. Welch Dexter. 25 Days 14 eco ote. A. E Gray. Lender of rodent control give the following summary York during april number Cooperator. 117 number Ere crops treated. 3.93? number acre Ranee treated. St ?6 total area treated. >6,1 5 found poisoned Grain used 11.-576 Cost to Cooperator. 11.128 9. Current report indicate a trend toward improvement in the leather tide. This is chiefly noticeable in sole leather yet the betterment May become More general As Eta Fristic on shoe production a encouraging ripcord of mock failures the insolvency statement make a better showing this week with a total of 406 default in the flitted states. This i 39 Lea than the number reported to r Quot a. Dun and company last week and i 41 below the 447 failure of a or ago. Fewer default occurred this reek than last v Eek in the East the West and on the Pacific coast. These decreases much More than offsetting a Small increase in the co fit. La tie change appear in Canadian failure which number 49 till week. Against 43 last week and i1 year ago. An operation avoided do you know that Many of the common ailments of women produce symptoms similar to those for which operations Are necessary if you Are suffering from inflammation pains swellings bearing Down feeling with backache and if you Are run Down and in a weakened condition an operation May he avoided. 5 Lydia e. Pinkham a vegetable compound is dependable for women a troubles. It has brought health and happiness to thousands of women. Mrs. J says it is a Quot wonderful 1 Quot if you Only knew How Many women and girls have taken your Medicine by hearing my testimony it would seem wonderful to you. When i first started with your medicines i was a Mere Shadow. The last doctor i had said he would give me no More local treatments unless i went to the Hospital and was operated on. That w As when i gave the doctors up. Now i am a healthy robust woman. I wish i could Tell the world w hat a wonderful Medicine Lydia e. Pinkham s vegetable compound is. I will be Only too glad to answer letters from a mrs. J. A jets 317 Colley Axer it , Virginia mrs j. A Jones Norfolk. Virginia Litchi a e. Pinkham a vegetable compound Lydia c. Pinkham Mel i Cine co. Ink mass. Of Only 20 Days left special offer--30 Days Only ends june 15 Thone year subscription forthe morning journal s6dqregular rate $9.00the morning journal new Mexico a leading newspaper f no contest no commissions simply a a direct to customer offer from publisher to subscriber. Your order will bring the morning journal to you daily and sunday every Day in the year. If you Are a subscriber Send Coupon with $6.00 to apply at end of your present subscription. Done to miss it dont delay Send your Coupon today and Tell your friends. The Best news and the Best features for everybody. Send it today circulation department Date. The morning journal Albuquerque n. M. 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