Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 26 1921, Page 7

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 26, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal thursday a 26, 1621. Seven n bringing up father. Him. Ii my. Vin in Temh i m Hill and. I by k hot a five i. In into bleeping pore a modern int ill i floor. Built in Fem Ltd a so d front Hiu It. Orch k run Plettl Ira Good Fui nit tire a olivine Jou that this a a mini Kiel bark a. This Home i furnished with sex look will is a a i in. I i a >11 if to a in ii. Beh ind Arni renting Fin enough a pay you 2k per cent Oft oui in pc a1 me it. Why draw t a rent your Money when eur. In Huj i Pei v ii be v la Ltd i Niu Iii not. \ i tuft completed four room Ilc Epler in it i i it clothe Lionet built in features i full. .1 poll to Inn these new Home is ii Mol in the fourth Ward and to in the High ii a in be ought i a in a Ana n i and utta Nee like rent. Rem hint. It a Quot i a a <1 i. No ill i . It. a Quot Ltd it i i from own with foul room Adobe Muse Ive Aire ranch with three Oom Fra to House two mile rom town but mom Hou e unfurnished Tift u to i nth strut f i n tint re ated in i big i Oil. No e i a it ii i Petty for investment m t fall to let us to Dow you it list Lily property and a in he a result list your property with us. A t. Kingsbury real estate. Xian and insurance Bio w. Gold. Phone 0hi-j Toh rent apartment Iii life it in Civ front ahead Njo Art in lit i a it a a \ Al a Ift in Vlk St in the. A a is Roll apart fun Ais St in i jut do leu co in to is # mow its it . , Fhi h Hoshino in not hou4n to pm f Caj i k in t f j t too t int _. F copyright 1921 in the Etc Gisterek to wanted wanted 11 Oum a to sell Enny term i tax a to payment bal Jante monthly . Ii. Ii i i Usa in. It Al hat ate Anil insurance. 120 a f ourth. I mimic Iii own a Home Cash and balance like int. I four cosy rooms and steeping porch Iii e lot some Shade to rated 1 ourth Ward 4.11,1, a Wootton is Second phone 723-j. Have posit $250,00 Brand new Overland touring at Agency need Money account sick in is will hell my Deposit for la .to.. Terms could possibly be arranged for balance. Address a Al Tomori is a care morning journal. V in new f a pin p t id inc to a Street a fir Rule cd fall i f Majestic tires and tubes Ove Tims a and ova be ask k tire repairing retreading i jul and n Tira. D Hill in \ i Tho a Ici lilt i Ink Viii Khz Broadway a rut Obi. Phone 2s. Bargain for Sale Dob Brick modern a Post in furnish i five room modern stucco Home not a Tidler Large sleeping porch los. Screened front and Back pen Hee Smith and cast exp Oure col to lot South Edith this is a bar Cain at $4,200, i Doo Down a Yin ant a Babi Nee easy payment i it us Abow you this House today. Me Lions Vav the built Sarag i Merv i nth Hist Antis in. Nth in t 4,5i> Khz i a in in a. In a Ltd Perch a i nttiuildir., a Sun Flentse and i.?# in it Par i i Alna i perdy Ani bus be a a 11 unities v i i t is Kivi i n it i i i i Ami v i i i i i in is i a i Vns a lit Otolith i it Airth a. A Jamb up Good one ten room modern Bra k hour. Basement. Steam heat Hardwood finish throughout. This la an Al cant Home located close in in i t rids. Owner to leaving for California and will it h Iii ,4 i. That in right. Keo a. I Martin company Deal estate fir and Auto insurance ism be 22.1 Vav . I la Iii in. Kit the net addition fourth Street. Ideal Loc St to n for Home. Buy the la it and got the Home started. 20 Cash and to monthly Franklin amp co. Ileal i a a a a a insurance. I Nan. Phone m.%7, 220 Vav. Mid a bargain six room flair a Hall Bath two sleeping porches big front porch. I furnished list front Gool lot 1.1.00�. Torme a ail an my d. Mil i i i v Iii i i v ill. Phone 1,, 2lli Vav est Gold a Homes for Sale 1 a real investment Ign rent a a Dern House furnished in the Highlands occupying a Ltd it it a Ltd location South Walter. All modern convenience including Gas Heater and Fortune Nix i eau Tufui airy Mont ii. Full is lot with Lawn and shrubbery a i i v Al. I i v i o., la Vav i a he pm my be f.7. Home and income. A Home six Large rooms so built that la May be us d As a double House which will make your own rent free unusually Large front and Back porches i kith a Reed. Large Corner lot with Beautiful Shade garage and outbuildings. Good location in fourth maid near Park. Easy term. J. Ii. Kui i Hek. Insurance. 211 Vav. Gold. Phone 4ici. Owner leaving will sell five room House and i furniture gum City Tenter and 11 be lot fur only600. 8<.u.h a Edith Street. J. A Hammond 821 i. So a. Piton i�?T,22-ft stares Ileal estate and insurance Al Vav . Phone a a a Fine ranch Over 20 Arr a. Nice is room House two Miles from City All kinds fruit Fine crop. Owner having account Haith it s a bargain. Let us show it to you Vav. Ii. I million. 2oft a Gold. Help wanted i it 4 i in a Quot Iii fyr Iii ii to automobiles a to a . A it in t i k Bai is. $5,0 t a room Ixl g furnish d. A a Malhin Ai u a wok Ham i Kisir ass a. Ivs Hutu i turd is for rent room it i it Quot i � i i in i it i i fur a attn to i a Suva f shall Sud it i Foh a i i Heap i ruin half w Mik ilk Vav Ike i . T a i Vav an i Kilt a. J Perter i twelfth air. I i work mar a a is a City a Duif Hovi hosta Sill built by owner if you Are looking for a cosy Little two room Home a a a what i have with two late porches water and Light. Good Garden a Oil. A cat j a it a ditch. K Tsy terms. I. Ii. i m ii vi., 1210 North twelfth. A a in eds miscellaneous a ult Kent to snit Terr pm. Mod a a t a in w a hot it % a 4/1 a ill it 1w�y ill Ren. A i vat rat a to i Imp a a a t <1 ill Ali a t. To in i Lei pm in. Otu to a. I i. T a 11 to it i a 1 a i w . J in fur la it. I Al it i. I is Quot ill Davit _ Hujet a v fit i t s i a Ama it two mgt. a. So. Kvut j. In i n Lar tahe Ruuth i Torii pit a 11 la Vav kit lit it ent a tut Utah. I h utto Wattsr i Bor. In Jeun tvs a Tel care j w i i a a j Kok ii it anti Ai a part Ita nit fun ish it i a i i it a Oil a Sera extra Quot a a us Uca i to Quot a try to a a a a it it to 0# int it Auluck is 1 a i entrain car 11 j it Vav a la it a cd 4 14 re Quot up Tumulty to in ii f Oiw. 4 2 j 44 j a id a i s in h High. I Iii a. Ii i i test Man la irs Lur hat a it it i Tat agent n to it.l-. I a Quot i tug i a in it one Roll a j Ter. I a i kit 11a no i it Lff Kei i 10x1 la j _ Vav inv a it no Pic it a i in w. Afer j it Mac Quot a St i v it no it n i. I in to Quot urn tar in a nut ton s bargain j. Vav Hart 114 no a k ass Garth Thi ii 11ot k Bra hot a f rent by it Alit. Gat u m Beld it it Vav a Al Vav a ii in it Fri in a 4 ii get. Los. It it in a a a to a a l tips it a. Al a ii is Quot i n. Call a full i it f ii tent Nhi in Fuff Kun i it est it a i f Ayu a ii Quot haul cfjr3 tour Iyih. E it sell j Kew i Isle twit Tok at to is. M int Shaula co in twit a i a a Fri to a. Wet a i ventral at St i. I u Quot Tai i i. I i a i Wurfl a a. To Pou i pah Imit d a a i Clit i a f i w a n tilt . I. A Niwa Kir lenses rat a in i ii is the i it a n j hour j Ita Jtj corots nifty Bungalow thro Block off Centra Avenue Laving room. Diniar room Kitchen pantry two led Rorris. Bath glassed in sleeping j it a. A front and by k porch it Cree cd. Large fireplace built in Bookcase China closets Copia Anis. Clothe closets Hardwood flours in two rooms Lait 60x142 feel Gat other outbuilding sidewalks Lawn i shrubbery my. A i la Tifuh Nom furnished unfurnished. Party leaving town. A insure anything in it a ale. A Verett Zapf amp cd. 2 us Vav. Old. Plum 440. For Sale by owner i five room Bungalow furnished furniture is highest Quality wonderful steeping porch fire Pine Furnace Hest. Two-car1 Gar age Shade Trees inquire Thom. I Riggs �?�20 u in tor. Teone 14��-w $100 Down j125 a i jugs k month including interest j Ood 4-room Hoult a. In Tice 12,20�. 211 w. J. A Hart co. Old. Risoni 412-vv. Fok Sale poultry egg it Tita a a i a a j Post j k a ii a a the a 17-tv. Be Quot Oss is i. If u be basis. Piton if a i Nijib it t Fen. Ii test shh 35apf. Rule Mai j a i. Lit u kit to ital,4 a fit to Quot. I it i mix j to Mumm. I i a it a i phone i a m a Good buy for two weeks Only to heated close in Highland Fly room Brick with double sleeping porch a single sleep in por Ltd also front and Back pore it s screened full sized lot with it St front. If you want a Good buy you Botte look this in today for the Price is Only 14,000. We insure anything insurable it it i vhf a Chi. Hustler in heal estate 2nd Vav a Kidd. Nigh �40, i us Sala Deflum. 15 fur to i ii s ,. Rpt not a i it a 7 Phi time ii 11. Try Han a a a iou self. Office i limn Urr. I Koll top desk. I a it a write do and combination filing to Tinct i Typ a writer desk swivel Civ air 1 ii rating stove with pipe. 2 leather upholstered Rocker. 2 i Cather Bottom straight chairs. I Library table. I so let Axminster Rug. I i. A Emerson electric. Fan. Ilk South fourth. Ltd a we it it Post a fico. I. Was wan a Len Sale miscellaneous Bai be c i atli.,. F in Lut a Utt ii and i Tui . I Vav . It j Vav is i a. Lok Sally Livest Vek f. I a i Kun Riith i. A a irs ii. I ill a a Lulu i my fat Ltd fold. Up. Is for to it to cd u Tauoa. At 50 i East it it a lit j4rpwlrjt�n. It a k to a i a 7 0 Vav a a t a Oil a i. K in i a Xii inn to rat to in Sall a a it la Rev t k i Al be j j Kvut Hest apr to to anti Kuk ii a j Ottist mob Fiji trient a Nin i i a i a Only. Tut i a Ai i out i the a i it i Ulivi. I a a a a. I Hay a it j waste i 01 tax pm so in. La. Nth first Vav an j kit m re arum Mai wat ,. It. A Okha k. Jurat i Ltd a a a i h milk a it irs Vlk a twit a it latib n a rth St a with Taro i. Sit North i a 1,1. Two a Ham a Ltd Mir i in car Beth in f irl Ola a Runnin i in a. Prier a cheap. A ail at Jit North i it a a f a if i fur j f a tax nut. Hano Al Rondil u n. A t a a and f a . To at a Vav. It it a fur Hal i Ford , i texts t. A Lur car mss Rojik Light a1. A a a a it Tai i Fly pcs in a t>1 i i. Let Are a an Buick $700. Ii Vav St hold. W a n the do position in. No it to h4ith Al u a Btl Ste tar., w. Ii-Vnit-1 j Fem m to sick. La ii a. Lex it Fox Knuth Art. J Kuh it 17. I Muiir in Nam Quot unburnt a. Lift we for new pit a no in punt 174 he ugh cd Iii. I h Rte ish ii j Kyj j Kun it Ulm t.di., Furni a no t in Init in pm i. Muta it it t Lumen Only. Re it a ii. J Ltd Kiron 11�. If. To i f j Komi in Cly fur it. I bed Tri j a a a _ fat Anil Nae , a Tao a gig a Joti Rivir than i if dual red 41x h nth third it n 1 ,.r f a m a Khiva . He it it a it i High Huo a Xii net and i. To. Sivta Cara Pany i. 4,1 i Lieut Tok loan ing f a Axil Pat in a an i a ill Tinag and Odd Juba lint Albi Chi. Pm it kor it wante a to buy a Karat Dalamah l if furred at a real bargain pric. And i xxx Stoffl. A i. <27, City. Ill Rel a t s Bra it t let x any a any Purpo Eithar Riv cd j a m. Hie. Of i my put gone Ani f t to i no in Ria. A als. We i to a a tips i i and Carbide for Xii n m St i i Quot. Inc. Phone to a ii ii my loan wan my a per t pm in Terete to rateable nip it Ved real eat ate a hic pulled a very de Irma loan add. X. J. Alef it. To v 4v a n Baia j n it to to >t7� in text. Atli pay the h Sheet Pruto it your Xuy. My n my diag Hoea an fur to 11 Cir phone ass professional Cash is Quot a a Ai iou t. A a _ Jiin w w uj40s, a t a it Rwy ii it and i. in Well whim. Phone Lii a i Fin my Ian am is sus uss. Ilk. A. I. , la i Mew a Afta Gin aaa suite a Barnett Huit Din c5t5tir� i a he , $ if new and to beet a. Iii v. May 4 mox bar t Bai. In phone ass Field Etrain a it i. And sin la com a i office hour a a. Ria brr. Lex i. In. Ii tis # t 17 a in and j to i p in the famous Silver empt Nix i. For Tipp i v it i v lib a to nine k Iii it. L ,�?~.�?,n pm we lava i it office ural a rid ii unit. Phae it pki2r winning Hin Olist Tarrea Restea Rook 8. C. K. I red Ess Fogt a he in it a toll Whit Lxi. In it. Xxiii iss to. Week a eld Chick. $21, pre paid Meei iia v Hatch by Bra ii v Bud it. Hut a rugs. N it k to Salb h in is b j tax i a a in Quot Bab Chick and hatching egg first pen and fir Hen in uis tying Cut it net Ltd entry ranch in. Pm.> i a Foh , Buff Ori Tautoa Naichen a Btu rib Quot n a inner in a Feu Ltd Quot p a try . Ilia end Mil a i t Imi at to Rig . Kent. 4. Is. It weal Polit lit Kate Central hone Sti. F t us a $15. W East Nib 1 a act re lit writ Auld Vav hit. Ltd h. Of a Hoe. It shall n it Okha neb. Phone no. Baby Chick laying hone and by red tag Reg i a jury v Ard cd to i tfx Hgt 4.1 w. A Alianti Xii it a i., a a a u. It. I. Hed baby Chloka Ana Natch j a m erg from the Fin it peas to the 1 a Tate Hatch onto no Aff every week. A few Fin a Quot. A Rex t ##1� if Gas want the beat grow Quot Mou Atala View c p Hay. Ii a Rob filch Pine 223s-4 ii baby pc want a 1 d livery guaranteed i Asi draft Hgt .1 thy try parm Vav. N k Sweet. Den Hick bus d baby Dreka at and a f a Price. Ido de in Afel p a a a a prepaid a lock Ryland i oui try fourth a it it.ii# Ahu dared we Sheridan m. It frs tire by Mitch so Genito Al a it i Kambi Anh Dos easier the Hill. Vav Wera i Tal be Hank Holg Chikopa Ractoo rms sir tiny not it and i Arm but Stag Tai Hummer rat private Hee ret at Pikl up do a a. J i4pl-t&a i. I i rat 1� Tai re. Al a lilt i Quot to to a Quot i 4 v. Al use in ln4uir�? room it Waitr fit Usu a? 4 j "3 he Lith is &Quot"77r i., 3�t. Rii Twa ii. Savoy Liot if. It rid ors no end. Us s can by wanted . Re. N 3101 a work i Tahr .Orn. Yen huh he the big and w a i in Khal la u j y k c Cea n lifts a lid to it thar no s/v17e&Quot i Voa i n Hasi 7 by. A no is Quot if x w 1 2 a Pho i 2x2 a a to a Gers hid to h la a Ess t Bruic Quot inv Tel a by in i ii to \ work no no to h i ii Ray n. W w .1 lot must wining i ave City 4# i nit Bav Jonii 4. E ast m mite in at i i a it Hong is44 w. I it at w acted Tirl. A a it fiut n Asna r m i i Quot a i i ugh in 7,i Wisn t vain j Ini it ii w till fim ii Ifong Faut. R d and Hima Lay n a b s it in a. V Lair it la Ato t ii to Tifai 211 Kuk he gift with aim Waldo its >120 k Koh ii n a i did Ai i a Hor no est a a a Over pastime a int Ai Chi my roots it note it Ting Bath 4 ii i by is the key that shocks out it it the a in Busineau it it it Icieg to ism $11/ Tantsi due their a relight a by Ubly a in. 51 a it wait be air a13. Til Dju int n t for Quot Ding pedigreed priss wishing Stock and in Hutch i pc Hun plan 1591-. Of Ute it Jjo St truth Broadw Ayal he. Head it my work Hor#.#, lyres to ? Ham Quot it it a Luggy. Neta id Quot x Ltd in Tith. A it ii t it i it t in ltd11, Ltd i k Ai i h. A a ill it ire a Wagon Yard 310 n rth .ad Way. I ii and a j sin i and that a her until old in. Cai i ii the i est addle nut re horses Sver Hippo to at Gnu ult a it . It Young sound fat Cheep i u m 11 a a it vows aka iffy Rosi mar pro. Reg stared i a erase i 57j. Is to ugh ii 1,1 n St is n rth f rat . For the a for aural it also fur Sal Evers first is milk c is. Hor sex sad i i b Peuten phone Mai f. For Sally real estate run Rauk two Chute Iota adj ulatan a Quot a ftps. D. T. Kingssury to we 11. Id ii us Faure a Taw Tholos lots in Tbs Highlands i. T. Kingsbury no w a it eld la it >ffi6 Ani Houlf 11 paired sad paint so Wack Iru Aronte. D Tolosi a Johns ii n us third phone Sot a. La f1y i it it it a it a k i. If i lit auf Stenos Rslph. T wants office w. Re esp a fenced a Fer a a a # it i i keel a it a. W \ it kit to i Ltd a desires Pusti in for summer no it Rte a halon to tut a. Nip a v i it <1. Re j urns i in >1 a k kill i n. I it a keeping a pay i ment. Williams a is eng. Public Sec Ouatu ants Moi s a till i la gent t01-Barbb Vav i us work Iii Homes Sud ,11-si plums. A a in toll no it ii reason Abl Quot / at i . 1105 Hast ventral i boo. I it Vav Van i Al it a ii to pint by Marl led Man eighty. Ars expert a it e truck bin hid repairing. It it nip ent to string if Trull Wal go n by when in the american Best reference. Phone ll�?~5 Vav. ii la Rare journal. Mal Quot anti limit. I agents to sell my Nti. Not a Quot pm in every town in be tilth. Pm ate1. Co it rid Anions Init to Tbs la f nth Amo to Ney hark guarantee. Big n nth in with i Luller add is Vav Karrar t Lio Ugek Ping. Mod i m pm no Childr a sit South High it Luks men w men 1 fur Kes Fhima shed Niht House keep past. Mali Frics la co month mgr in go a Bath phone wed in it j 2n, be Jan. per is Are Unn pie a. Children to Vav Gold j san fat a free particulars in b a sri a Terry evil in j a examiners attn. It. J Vav so not it a. J1 a he Wicht her pries Prtrt far be. Na-1 hand bleat irs. Bring us 5 old was a a and Glt i so. Brad Bierie sad Trad 1 kor wittier Ete. To. Age 1 a >2# us tub food phae to. It a refit Bass fun Vav a it Al a Star put Kodak fat lating twice daily ser Voca Hen Ember is us if la a i k a a fact a guar ant re Send your Flushing 1 ii j a i to a re Bania established firm Henna a Hanna master pm t replies. Kolifax Kin in itini.1 i to. Sun. Fourth and a Tell it Glass t Horoho by red Vav Vav vend it to a. A lager a sri a Chicago a ii i by if in a Crest a a a than Ai Ber in the Fine half old Quot f haunt x priss Ding t so this do and Partridge it a Dis a a Are a rum and leading a Ese Tal a Lim cd pkg 1 my f tucks a Tao a few a w Price Clark ill ii a. Kwok Iuca if in no Phoe Quot Stert less it a West Centra h a $2 end is. For Sale Exchange us 7 Farn i in Iii g Quot i Mil in the Law la ids a part payment a do Iraq a re Ming h us phone 1. Ltd address k j. Ear journal a Xuy tet la s rain i in. Prompt it service return j a age paid is Quot Ridera Kodak department Sunset it. I i f pm Ray Barnum x i m banns. A it till. For 1 it u m i in rent Ken for it is t h re in a. All a in is Knight Campi. Ltd a it n h plane 4# rps t 111 by Respre impart in to a v i i. In is phone till vue it tires a �?��?�nditb their phone t la v prs a Vav a a hot by just remodeler he we a y rat.-#, up it a vile Miller manager. 111 a Mouth Piru. I. Ult bin tap co&Quot., atry to a a tile j in furnished for h jul a Epting mad in . Desirable location ii i Quot to i Reg in for 3ale�?houses it it Rauk hts to in Quot quoth Rick thus to North a a both pm me hrs. ten v it i a nag a ctr a # wik so. Cit end state Walter str to. Awalt order pm Une is i a Ahr. A piano and player a t a Tai. 1 in a. He far in its throughout ret Den. A since Isi i your Kur in Quot Hungfai it a. Five ii a Ompie Ety furnished a it North re la for Al Kingh c lass hum., n pc it by i vhf a snug also a vacant lot pm a if.2 i it Tsuei bargain a1 i k. Like hew a. &Quot.fl, 124 Icci Tivi phone uis la i tor Kent Rooma with Board a Ltd rid Hood. By sex hang. I wrist kor. Auh. Singer sewing Mem. To apr Tex Panama St t and mis Ilane our .1 rth a Fri North Wetter kor a 1,15 steel rang and thru i a a i g a a a Vul i Ltd it $j6t>, it $125, Cash. 221 a North third. Fur s a la a w. M .w�-r7 it Ift a a Large i Quot ii paint Tonga. To a. It it a Clarks. Pit ism bin Bual Broad Way. Rur Burness chances por Sauk a garage Best look Tola j t in phone lit. I Foft 8 a la Doris Quot Quot i tunes Quot ight 7.7 i Ltd air it f in bed with mat j Vav a n try it a. ,7. Jan ,7. A a a a a j guru a prospecting it might five to j valuer., mining claims in state for. Me Zuj very Attr scum i it Quot. i h to a j in a i. Bargain eases Mer Hatadis it a i # Ltd c u Fry Village Good f Kine is Quot at g atom. N be lung answer x t a i. A i Ere journal special not in i kubctk1c engine Kub and contractor. We can eave pm in nay Sioe Troal a Nelt a it and get our Amis Ith West cent Rel Phene 172ftj Mai i Kess renovating mall bin Al a a a a i no a Xii rugs Cie Atte. In. win it Adin Meany for Hunt de plug Pur Cli and Board hot re St cent Rel i u ill-.orn and fit St sax u-. u it. 1 k 102? a pm Star. Koh Hunt Kuru shed a a m with Steep a a a n my j. I. H first us b Ard. 410 Burna a get Central. Hot it. A a Cieara >�?���ii.a a h in. U�?pti. apartments at so medal summer rates 5 g West Centra phone 6-5 j a Dowum a Quot la newly furnished Nice Chan roam and h us eke Ping apart Rasente by month reduced sum Mer 313 6<ith third kor run i a a furnished Heusy keeping j k a a Lvi it it Brick it. Dern j rooms Large ale Piaf Poult for two j lowlands St a bargain. Bee Udu to. Bath. He. Ute lights to i. Phone. 5 a i it nth eighth i la. I.>. $50 Vav but i Jar. Ii. A for Iteni i stray u.���?�. And sleep i it go a a a j r2. -7 re a a Urt Quot a h in chg porch Boer fog lady co arb Ihk i 8. It us urn Mer. T w touring ear at a bargain. J a. ,0 i. Ventral i erg. Cheerful bed room hath Eon i Hsin mond 24 rant to River Phons 1522 it a a a a. Be., every tip a. To hum watt�?�?ov7 vat i Quot a a 7.�? la Roa us. To in and ale a ult u . I m. To. To m. H a a a a a h a a Ura. Earn. A Ion. By i a it. with cell the i kor ran Haub clod Riding Sud Dru ing horses All kinds wag a Light Rig hit Quot it a Rrols, 172 North Ara. Ai t k Hunt Etc t furnish d a it Ira to it is Rama with Board. Pious Rel 11? it it warn fruit. Kor Hai k let and few iat v. App pit . La ii Tiara hot nah North in to dont % 1 i a i Jot f i it 1% ,4 oks ail leu oui roil personal Kui Nali i t Iota-.rticr a i d n. Is it Quot a Addith it. $0x14$. A in apply 224 North vv.,Lam Foh Hai e a $0x142 North twelfth Street. 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Home phone 214 Wiki a fir in to j be ii terms it Ell it to in uis .ti.,other cottages and a Alit i a a a a a am a for hint two 1., a u 11 f ii to fit in fled int it a u Blahd with private room Funt i is i t for two bed 1 ins Fop Quot. A a a Una sle Ping p rvs. $7$ per Mast i by d room end living t also Gat -1 1m a j is May now is bad. Tbs. Quot Quot u77i&Quot.- Quot Quot Quot. _ i Quot h a a a Mist la its t-1. Cd a doth . 1ft0? a Vona a1 urn y unit a wit a doubt is i King porch and dressing room would ilk. A i in Pant to share room and expel. j do a car. Jour a phone to i m Money to loan 1 Han i Quot a str vat be u. Try . P. T t a clo in. In lion. Uss $1,000, $ 7,000, $ j 7o�3 a n .1 Quot 4bi Quot leu n at v cent n real Tate j. W Turt a v. 214 West hold Musky to loan . i Vav t trn \ Flayer piano. new and Twenty it Rolls music $35o it w Walker 8 uth sixth phone i Btu i it a it Halk in it v Kerf. 1 lion Oil 1 Heater sanitary Coutch in Sfa in in acc words. 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