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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 24, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 24, 1925albuquerque morning journal flare three life to she others from frightful Oeh Mountain in Robinson Park commemorates deed of Man who stuck at Drivers Post in burning float during territorial Celebration old timer corrects legendary stories that have grown up about incident it a drawn by two horses and handled by John Braden a vet. An staff Driver from Dixon amp it instead s livery stables. James and e Smith two Young boys were entrusted with the Are Era o or s. Torpedoes. Roman candles and sky rockets and these were hied off intermittently. Even \ thing was going along Smoothie and the fireworks were hugely enjoyed when All of a. Sudden a Large sky rocket exploded at the wrong end. The burning fuse a shooting into the opened ammunition Fez week will e asks $100,000 damages Dan hid a / a Ems at tem we germs at Faiman s p him i p Felt i it. J _ re it t i i Pir Ai t a vhf m Amin to i Utti Rock. Former student says Temple Epin Bluff ark.8 0o p. M. To 11 00 p. In. Dance at Temple. A a a a sat unlit \. Lay to Chi age it Lugt Al t committee of the Day Alex i boy Ion a former student in the j hied ii try chairman. Aides Bari n. Rational t Niv Ersita if sciences j Boul Janies la Coons. Chester to i ii Larler a in a stir French. Walter b. Non Man. Frank fitness for the prose uti a in the w. Roberts Edward d Sac Kelt Raj of William ii Shepherd. Claude a. Shumaker. I charged with murder. Is president. Temples to be entertained Jem filed suit for $100,000 damages to Salem Temple. New Orleans. La j be Bov a or ii fax tie i to 111 Iii k ii i ill la rain 11 a Quot. A a a a. A a it a a a cd in against the school he Chare Box with the other unused Shin cars by a Doss ads will a Quot i. To i 4 i \ Tuo bib the 1 a acut be entertained in this or tin a City in route to Imperial i Council meeting Albuquerque arc fireworks setting them affire. And also setting fire to the Frame work of a near by float and to the Ehilt in itself. Seemed the whole skies were a mass of flames from the fireworks bombardment the pyrotechnic Wagon was Al shiners of Seething cauldron a the horses plunged reared and kicked. But i prepared to John Braden stood his Post held the City to about 5.coo Nobles and Sre Lal train onto the Rains and finally subdued the frightened Animato just As they had pushed their noses into a in. Toll a. In. Meet the train Cyprus Temple. Albany n. Y the rear of an opened Hack in which were seated half a dozen Clorn to 0 45 a. M. Automobile drives about the City. Kalif Temple. Sheridan Wyo. Oils a. In. To 0 45 a. M bile drives about the City. This liveth Hosp tally of j1 Quot ii w0l�?~j a Quot Ith a1 Kaly Temple Here leaving As one their wives who will pass through j Imperial Tri insurer William f Albuquerque on ape i a i Ira his on Brown. Pittsburgh. A special Cai their want to los aug los to attend on f ret auction Tram no. 3 i 3o the session of the Imperial Colin in bacteriology pm Tsue his St u w Ere in was unable to because there pc ruts c hos it Hod. By w. T. Mccreight in the Robinson Park a pretty angular place of Grassy ground Ith Large Cottonwood Trees with i Reading branches covered with 0 verdure of Spring lying Benet Copper and Central avenues 1 the North and South and eighth id tenth streets on the East und est respectively to litre is a foun in or Monument that is a silent hindi r of one of the real heroes modern Days. To tile Cid timers those who Ive been left with the living the cry of the death of John Braden nut news hut to it those who have Ime to live with us since the pass a of Twenty nine years the Story in pled with his tragic death lowing the heroic nature of this d Pioneer and plainsman the its will to read with genuine incest. Carnival of sports John Braden realizing the enormity of the catastrophe and the a a fact that be had saved the Little Temple with Mio assistance of the girls fell from Iris burning seat chamber of Cancun Roe and the to the ground enveloped n flames people of Albuquerque in general two special cars on second Section in lieu of it fair a a carnival of i port was held from october 12 i i 17, Sig under the auspices of in Terri leu la i fair association of in even number of games and the Evv exit a w the Joseph la Saint v Secretary. Thoro were horseionsi"1 a a1�?T Quot id Ostrich racing baseball games. Cycle and trap shooting Tournai Lenta and Many Miler exciting Ems which took place on the Littie girls dressed in White. Bra j Cli. A committee has been a Den thus saved them from a tar pointed for each Day that the Pil-1 train no. 8�?10 40 a. No to 11 10 rite death. It we is then that grimaces Are in Progress and Thoa. In. Meet train. Whole men be ship of Ballut a it and Mydah Tam pie. St. Louis to two sections�?11 l 0 a m. To 3 p. In. Automobile drives about the City. A. A. A Ararat Temple Kansas Ito. Braden a burning la Al will join in giving the visitors Auto the r do Ink 4 a a p a. To a t. Mccrea ight flite thou Emaj tr�?~p8 of cars dances and Souve p. A Imperial potent. Train Smith and others pushing the Hor-1 no a the Cit it the a it and drum corps and patrol rifled people Back out of the was i the first of lha special train will meet this train and Parade t and rendering what Aid they could will arrive on tuesday others Sui it h finally smothered the flames j Vav ill follow in in a it Swingly Largi with his overcoat and lifting the numbers on thursday Friday and Praet Illy charred bogy of John.ii.,. Braden carried the victim to the sidewalk. Or. John f. Rearce the delegation Tim the bit jul took charge of the Case hut the Abyad Temple with drum corps in Rit of that old Western Trail i at rid and band Xvi i on a blazers John Braden winged its special train fur los Angeles flight to its maker on the after about iou new Mexico Hli Reneri noon of monday. October 19. 1896, and their whig make the trip three Days after the tragedy. Or. Among til i Fri j in a Roe stated at the time that a a is who will be entertained hire in memory of John Braden to tie a to i a patient who under Are Impi nil i a a it it handler Sam fiord sumo october 16, w a t die Fth f ii suffering that of Kansas it and Imperial Orcas. A Automo Mindlin jewelry co. To observe Sterling Silver week. This wee National Sterling Silver Wei k and the 1 Mindlin jewelry company. 314 West Cen Ira a tin will have instructive displays of Silver. Among these displays w la be one showing a dining table completely and correctly set with solid Silver and other Spei sat piece a adv. Grand rapids mich., May 23,�? Conrad Hoogerhyde 40, and he is Yeap old sort James tonight Are buried in a Sand Cave at Richmond ii Ilia a suburban Section and Rescue parties digging frantically could not say whether the Rad or alive. V Early tonight chased us us a i v Hail a ii n k if to Hilt of the Many escorted to the train Sand Cave which Dot the Section. A a a fir sacs said. The father w it distasteful Medicine May be and ing for i son to reappear heard ministered through the skin by use # cry for help and rushed int of a newly perfected electrical a the Cave to he aught by a general Taratuski. Pc in and buried. Temple. A social time is planned two Are with dancing from 7 to 8 o clock j the t Imperia potent tend amps i Chandler will b Maii Oti / Tok Faivret tall put Etc i9 graduation remembrances \4�?Tl la w i a Vav lie in store full of things suitable for graduation Rem a brine a a things that every veins Man and women to hound to appreciate. Sci the full Lino of Fountain pens. I vets a Harp pencils memory Hook. Kodak and photographic supplies stationery Hooks of All kind card ass Tell but a and porting goods we Lune g Luger re together for the of Awslon. Scholastic belts non to forget we have High Kichool belts for in v and girl Sud i. N. Vit ifs for Tutu Croft j Nim Ami women i i. Muf a. 1896, to save the live of others last came was to decide the Cham Lien Tho smok had Char ii away and the last Man on the la i Iso team had batted he was Juan Hart with three on the baes and he the or grounds in the old town and knocked a Ball Clear up into Blue skies into the Center Field it looked like a Home run hut the tis 11 seemed that the whole country it a Hundred of Miles around had Itne to Albuquerque to enjoy a Rek of genuine hilarity. W Einfeldt Nance. Raymer and to Jar baseball players that held paths in the in leagues. The Titer had charge of and played a Nti r Field for the Lumous old Ai Usu Erttie Browns that won the ornament from the crack la ase. To team led by that Prince r Good fellow. Juan f Hart who As the owner and editor of the 1 in Aso i me Hart played a latties it e is cond base the to in a d t a to i a a i w it it a a to i the As ire 13 to 1 Money s. At do i was caught had i the the Brown grew on to crowd numbering several i thoroughbreds Good nature enough Money to build a t to of Quot Ell 111 t a or id. Tile 4 ii univ >1 in a ult Here starts the tragedy whole fair of that year tit was held Friday night. Get 1896. It was a Brilliant As everybody in the City with the fair officers to i grand affair. The Mrad by ended i Ivr of t seemed paso mired Braden did before life Wasura Brown of Pittsburgh t. J following is a list of the in melt Lien it occurred res on Enon Talon tit t a the it it id it occurred at the1 rious Java and a list of the special. In r of fifth Street and Railroad i trains Anil the time of arrival Avenue. Confusion ran wild mild general chairman Peter came cd los ions occurred front unman run. Illustrious potentate of bailout Agen Hie tramp several persons Abs and. Aid to general chairman were burned and otherwise injured j a j. Mil Ltd Thomas n Wilkerson and us ii it looked a though a George it Tiete Reuben i. T would he destroyed Perry. John w elder Alonzo b. At anti and Pacific Mcmullen. Frank of. Barr Charles entail marching with m. Barber. Bernard l. Wiles and few Yards ahead. I Charles it Lent but. Commute it be gtd Hoe from on automobile rid a. Parades and a Quick coupling i uniformed bodies a. B. Bets. Rhar hydrant. And soon by % i in j a of til the f. N a test Evert min past 40 should make i a i a a that a of is men past Middle age Many much younger Are afflict so w the a 1 order of the prostate and. Aches in feet leg and a cd frequent nightly risings i utile pain a some of i turn and now a member of ask the in the i and Cam turning a it ree so Road aver w Here t to firs in t in ref fir up w Fornoff to Bowen i from the i it a i it the t h e Titi i i nearby Cit pouring water on the flames. I a Ming Ashing the pyrotechnic Simun Ltd ii a Goa. Or this confusion Cairney the broken line of March a led and the Parade con i it St an r i inroad Avenue and disbanded at that Corner of Street to it seriousness of the a tit h id pot reached the first i visions of the Long Parade. T. Only t in who ame in with the tragedy knew a human life was in the bal the carnival was held curl a halt where the a Lif a Mhz an i other fascinating a merry Tny hours until Niter Midnight and we were Mao russet of Mead i it hard h. Hanna Arthur Prager Alex i. U led i be Imp re face Frank it. Shuffle Porffer Lloyd Bourges Yex. A i it n i Aen. T Ommittee in entertainment dances and re i freshmen Ltd John f. Linn chairman Van o. Demon. Orvylla a rank a Mason. John a pm or a via. Charles h Matson Rishi h a make f m to b. I i he Carl ult Nard l to my tuesday mar 26 fee of the Russell chair Nan. Tide Arnold or a. A Mackenzie or. Inv n an o. Oleson Ber-1 i is Fri be entertained Rou-1 file Titti Nvere my 4 p. I so 2o p. In ant Mohile i he a i fiem shrine Hind ill a rum or a Lien i t ill it Iell in in or i it is inc has writ to a re Mark ii i by in i or 111or k it t flu of of r Al Iii 11 Rny a if till it what the a mean. Re longer a he i old i us a approach k or past a j Rill i it a be intent to in hard these pain and Lidit on a it a of by a ans of uproar Luff a Ai Ady in r tin to i have used the Haz Rte met i i of Sci it ted in this nit to t o re the r i a j Ith and born and to re attire Trie prostate or <1 to it proper f in or n tto no a i inn Edi lately for the Book you will Nam your re Juett to self n therm t company. A Macy bldg., s us Tiv Hie. I i meaning John Ai but tier que known a the ii to to liar do or mar 2 Commett of the a Richard m. Hanna. H a i r tit a no Aldea of Lea m i Tobej. Laip i v. Ton. Joseph will Vav b Hicks i e is ii a. Or it in Lane David Tutti Era temples n tempi a w York a m. To i8&Quot i in drive at ? the City. Wahtam Temple a i rnai b a Leat ugh to tissue no Titi the drive a a m. Mas a york�?4 be end or tamed mar i my a i n automobile re. N. i a Tumu 11 of Loh her i to too p it the. I o a a h e i inc the la Wilt he i a re. With -.<1 name not delay ii i a St a i \ a .1lithe author of Alkol utely Hon. a areas. Hut action of this in ii. J to r a re e i Ruth it f a Tine i min no Ell Wirtl re it to i a m in i i Hee t i from Ghi wet. To it in no adv a c dept she til los Angeles Cal just one More week before the opening of the summer term it the Western school for private secretaries a one More week before ambitious students and teachers begin training for the positions that will give them their business backgrounds. Once you Are graduated from the Secretary Al course at the Western school you have gathered knowledge that can be cashed at any time you want to use it. Many University students have been Able to continue their higher education i o n l y because they were equipped to work in offices part Days. Many teachers have tired of the Low pay and hard grind of teaching and doubled their earning capacities with a Western school diploma. Remember the entire curriculum of the Western school for private 4 secretaries is available i in the summer terms j at special summer rates term opens june i. Western school for private is c i tajiks it is o if hush a to tract Butine a. Tijeras Avenue at Goth Street. Phone 901-j. Courtly in ruin not Folio wet it Ltd if i aim of till i tiny a or a who made a i occupied an a i he Al ?. It i re a cd silk of time a Golden c Honor on the a a Quot 1. Kei Guj Bur. Re Vii sap i. Zinith an i suck Ley by to Tutu a a James Johnny it i Tulve Row Milli of he fair then Cam Albuquerque t Vonty to o a arg a of j. To by tsp Tain to of Ivee it red torches and Fen i revision was i., float or Lap by a ii i in i a quaint an m in a Kottong it train of just \ a know i in Ive it. Yet a. Re so Laos Nunfun a Cwm. In Tim took i Mou just film w she s Ivor Wei two a a i Tot m la urn v constipation Means misery Rouge and powder will not cover up the effects of const i Mon. The bowels Are the wont eluded end most Vari cow tie meged of any Organ of the u la. When they Are dogged they cause lust Erless Eye Ingy complexion pimple and blackheads bad breath headache Htu Oua attack heart hum acid stomach belching de preen on nervous exhaustion chronic weak neat and other More Aeneas ilk. The bowels should act St least twice daily. Or. Caldwell a syrup pepsin 7 he family lax Tiit is ill a Rudure proper Bowel action and insure a healthy Cert Iii ton to can Maciw her proper function. A delightful liquid combination of i Noiin Senna Papain and pleading Ai Egnatic originally by in Caid ailing patients of his ext Eti Ive pallet and used in in in Lait to years by All mom bets of the Usu try acts Asna lure Acta be comfortable get into your Sommer underwear and pyjamas v dts i no like slipping into your cooler underwear my pm Janit these Day.�. Our Comfort Dimand a if. Now it ome 4if gup i iivtnitt4 Png Fer oui kind of summer underwear and gome of them prefer other kind Vav. Few that it in our built Nevis to Supply the weighty and Brand our customer like Hest so we make it a Point to Cany a Stock that include Oft of the nationally advertised kind. The same in True of Panama. It in aim a certainty the Yon can find the material and the 4onr you like Best. At the Price you prefer to pay. 216 Wes Central Avenue phone 333 Hau Early Amano i pct to Suhm i a it on the coast in Brad committee la 4bvt Arthur lither old Leer. Hair a tie 114 it a men he 4 hat in t. A. Lee. Cd if a a b Al Iii of a ties. I k w Gilhert i k % # a i Martin a a i is Nias Frank mind till i by Vul Quot i it Lim of. Rem pie to be e i Bel a r i filers of Temple alias Tri nmn i. J 4 a fit 0 c i to a now i of Jan Auto riven i be Jour lie i Indian Pui tra of if it Beni Leem i nip in Ariette w \ i a a 3� a i in u in i a i automobile or. To City Street car a a a f on a Quot of ii by i into bet Nai Iligio prior to or Vul i of Ltd net re Ziv Jgr Tki n y a a i g a it it in to it Ani m Vry ii lha inn in vis la u i a j t in f us v Blunt or i Only a w arts re a id can i keep Young and attractive this it what every woman wants to know the Hor ref i ill i rugs Fly Xiv f wonder mop in Soh flub dust saw Rbing strands a a Luik a a though they i rally had ryes it is a mop generous in j it and can be washed when desired is Soh Only by the Fuller Man who is now demonstrating h s line of Fuller brushes to the housewives in this Vicinity Fuller Brush co. I. Al lug i m Itjin ��?Tii4�m i ii i 7 is ban ilk May i �1 it tilt i Ilia i in made to Ece filly it to Good health is the Only last ing prescription for Good looks. Toke a t on in o4 cd Iiona Jimh at or. Pierces Golden medical discovery i a purely fun iwo fir hoi in to Agre j ten i Louic it i i Tut a Jio Tut i map a i i a. But

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