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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 23, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Tav 28, 192. Albuquerque morning journal Fig thre i should be i Hindenburg takes oath office president film Star says an Gish believes Albu i Perque should install Hower Baths for travel Veary passengers a a Ilia in recent years Albu Quer Las Bemi advanced by zealous Ber Commerce officials As i thing from a health Mecca i Industrial geographical Amli inter it remained for ionian notion i lure Star to Eua that the City should be the Rig Center the Southwest. Ave r Baths should he installed Ltd station Here. She seriously a i. Win ii admitting that had not completely worked i Ftp minor details she none the Lees enthusiastic hot r project. She pointed what a godsend re i run water would be to the is exhausted As they always upon their arrival in this from Tim Dusty Plains j to the arid desert Arij a ish is in route to Culver j re expects to make picture her new con h Matt Gold Yii Mayer j mini will be a la Boheme Quot. I Las been working during in inter in Florence Italy b Tore. Quot Ilo Mola Quot Lillian orc Panl it <1 t he trip by in i Heaters today i i hot Ailt re 11 a is a Good i for a one Day stand a egg and Helen Howard in Ersal Mustang Western Quot the line Limner Sar Ike in Quot no in lace to go a Fox Kuna lne comedy is Quot the brainless horse to be Helo in children a pictorial puzzles very Xiv in Fey miss Cis ifs n it l. It Thompson St the is it mind slim in i pm i Iii la Lenh clue s piano recital is appreciated firm to body former governor will lie in state under the lofty Rotunda the state Capitol today to the list Phr to Ren rident a a the the country tier Field marshal von Republic in Tho Reich Lllan Danburg taking the oath off a St in May 12. Germany s new colonization plan Iii in ii. T m i loll find i beater tarnish a a Youthful Folly and love s with a great cast in v Mcavoy Marie pre a id Potman Norman 11 n y my ers. Is the attraction at the Sunshine showing the pit urea to revue Quot and a two rce a Cly a Matins baby Iii she is an adaptation by s Marion will known Alana a per Gilbert me Rye Sidway stage Sun Ess. It la in Ahi. Youth defiling with the in that threatens Young love i Young manicurist intrudes the Blissful Murt shop two a. In it str. Turo there i lied a Fine neatly Woven. In which the past the Man turns it and shakes1 in mines the soling girl. The tarnish is finally clean a font s til basis a doing Chain relationship a hic1 in it Matic and in in count jail pending trial trial 17-year-old confessed Matricides is set for june 15 by Superior judge Harold Louderback bin francium Dorothy Ellis _ Matricides first Dot grape Murd sit for june it. By Sui picture to Tod a w la a it s la i h e shove which Are he for the Leat time i eating vaudeville i and Burnham. Of to f vaudeville Art i at time i Lnu a tar a a big pro at this theater. Jack a now internationally known he visited Albuquerque and it Indiana at the local it last year. Is Here leading character in a fining picture Quot till hag the new j n at a it a also showing the great Only will Rogers is the two ornery Quot Don t Park Here a the hag Jackie s lat tur form it Tro Gui Devyn re Tipiere is a scene in which As Tim Kelly watches a sin round the Corner into traffic and sees it is run Down by a rapidly mov and hot icily Laden truck the picture is show n to is Rinilli a admirers the sequence it vents follows in i continuity. The beholder he mar to rident just As Tim posed to see it. Shudders with horror and rejoices with Lief w Lien the danger is but few there Are in any Nee who reflect the Arnaz it Little Jackie a pot born Ane Shock Hor Eliof and dubious Hope was in lashed utter it uninspired tithing the picture audience go and be his e and Side attractions Are be repeated today for the last pith the i Dei t he an increase in Federal judges salaries urged draped with flags to state i country Tho casket contain a Tim body the former Gover a will rest from noon to 2 clock while Many the past Tod present stale officials file by in silent tribute the offices in who Atsie House will a closed Dor that time. The flags the state Capitol building will Fly at half s Aff tomorrow and sunday Itei noon until the remains the Fate executive have received the final obsequies. Many persons prominent figures recent Colorado history were selected today to tribute loth Fie based former chieftain Tho state As honorary Pali her Quot is when the funeral and interment lakes place sunday afternoon. The funeral will he held at 4 clock sundae afternoon at the Trinity methodist episcopal it Hutch Denver and the burial will he at the Fairmount cemetery. Included among the honorary trill res Are a former governors the state seven officials j apartment to pre in state government. Kin grand hic respect state supreme court judges representatives hot i House he legislature bends it it the state s colleges and universe ties and other institutions and rep Reee it natives th1 livestock Lull ii a a a and organisations in which former governor Anions figured during his life time. University student displays Talent in rendition classical music assisted by miss Riordan hive has a a a lords a min be be s to ret number a i in was Well Ren the Presto and me to interprets by Debussy and arranged by Lilia be open Quot j a Curran and it in t words Nan in a to the tread a pm to mrs. I it the it finn in and it we in fixed miss Clauve i red. Min a a r. Natora a Art Estfon Nan lat storm Mccamm presented in r by m1s� Louise the time la .1 j ads i pm a opt ital i cd hoi ill rods in St i get the want and habit Commerce department is not concerned in River controversy kist ii a the Der is not cot Between Vav Vega i t Merit red it let the my ii t it n the r get h for that rec Dopa rement Davis will connection with the Dis Davis stated her a this to tile solicitor Niso St it was Mot advised hoovers Stan a in the mat said he doubted the celtic and til k. It. Of min i. Or. In customs agents Are investigating rum running syndicates a i Boston. May 22 rum new Board directors ated that to to Secretary but ii i to r Iii the u. S. C. Of c. Also favors american adherence to the world court Hon ton May 22 apr the new Board directors the chamber Commerce the United states today inaugurated another chapter in the organization s annals by electing John v. It Clary. It hic ago hunk Ras us president to succeed it. F. Grant Cleveland o., shortly before k Gavel had fallen h convention. Were under investigation by custom agents nod police today us a result successful raids Here persons were under arrest liquor valued at $200.000 had been seized Here and in new York and Versy had been brought to i Tendon other than in such manner a might lie connected with . Hoover s position As it Hartmi n the t Colorado River commission which is almost oomph Tely separated from the dispute Over the granting a right Way through Public lands for the diversion water to the proposed vegas Al Vest re dam in Colorado. Or. Davis stat i that lie would by glad to assist in no unofficial Way in advising new Mexico Legal representatives As to his knowledge books containing the names states Best procedure in More than 1.000 persons believed it he matter hut could take no part to he liquor deniers rum runners to the proposed litigation and agents in new England. New. A York and Canada were in Possession the authorities. V ii Iii i Kim i la Hybl. St we Caba Rte pa., May 22 a. The men were killed and five others seriously injured today by mrs. Coolidge sees horse break its neck to tis to it in Hick i v re to j explosion gis in the Woodward que Uono were adopted at in session the Conven luding one approving Quot the lotion the Federal nude a Ion in adopting new rules iced u re which it is Ewill make the work that increasingly constructive and ii to american a Thor Resolution commended Epa rement agriculture in its to bring about Quot Volun Astruc Tive action Quot in Conli us the Quot incessant wide Ive flu ohs in prices in which. It i declared Lias Mich a h armful Fleet manufacture and merch ind slog Cereal Collie is the Glen Allen goal company. The blast occurred in Tho top red Ash vein no i a in i it at i proof 1.1 feet from the eur face and one mile from the foot the Shaft. Washington. Mrs. Coolidge i Lions Capitol today and saw neck in a fall to leap a hurdle taken several i May 22. T a uyt mended the mailers show her a horse break its while attempting ?. The horse had carriers before its crash j where seated. A front the grim stand the presidents wife was soft Lovely skin ruined by constipation let Kellogg s All bran bring sure Relief it takes All bran is Man believed be 2,000 years old unearthed by Jones a i be. May 22.�?bones a about tic and a half feet in lid Ved to be 2.000 years were unearthed this week at lining Camp in Cottonwood Quot a. And a a if in Iva from Ila. I is i i u to aril i county Ding to prof. Fayette geologist who in a the remains. Jones reports fines a human femur Humer vertebrae and pieces a were dug up rom a Hiller i r fab feet hard. I a com. A Cliv ii affected ver deposits. Three successive charcoal a foot two were penetrated before the were encountered. Means arrives at Atlanta to Regin two year sentence Atlanta. A. May 22.�?-Gaston b. Means prominent figure in the Senate investigation former attorn y general Harry m. Daugherty and whose activities Over a i00� i period f More than ten years i Ive attracted Ling wide attention arrived in Atlanta today to begin a two year sentence imposed conviction conspiracy in connection with illegal whisky withdrawals. Means readily posed for paper photographers and talked profusely. Quot the governs at is ill right Only sometimes the Hest make he said. A i fur ted the in a seven inning Friday afternoon the Mound for 4he a Ados while credited with 16 nits. Was touched up for to Stortz allowed four hits and nut a Gnu wore by innings spa Alpha 102 131 0�?8 ado flub i to too 0�?3 Vou can permanently rid your system this harrowing disease. D Oil foreign Commerce Quot As to seem to demand a medial measures by the brain a it Nii it i Ike ted in the constipation f. Sci in j upon the face. Its terrible poisons leaves its Marks die c tors a i t the com men the country Tai batteries i Kappa Alpha Ortz and Todd Coronado club Din and Morgen. World court and org ment a committee to study care full the whole fit Al Federal taxation. It also stated that a the which Lead to Over forty serious diseases cause pimples hollow Man after writing own death notice commits suicide new York. May 22. A Pye Wilna in e. Coffin a broker after writing his own death notice for the in which he said news that ii had died Quot suddenly Quot shot himself through the Temple today in his office los desk were death notices us to newspapers Reading a i Tiffin. William Edward. May Genera by prompt r principal the cd Board the s treats a. I. A ted the i Hui a a a to tin in chocks Sallow skin circles under t a amen in Abr i n to the Tho Oyes and spots before them. I appoint unpleasant breath too May be traced to constipation. Rid your body this frightful a disease. Kellogg Sall bran has Zzz inv Nett Quot a i a thou no Hen harass and annoy Busine by Fri j All else has failed. The reason \ i a i a j i to a i i ii is a i i to the it is Akk by an and not hint but ivc a it. Is All bran. That is Why its re 11 a a us a n t Piper j suits Are sure that is Why doctors at1 with the government in the Pursuit life Ful and valuable in Fri lion an inn c ise in Federal judge salaries Aho was favored recommend it. To be wholly effective. Try it if eaten regularly Kellogg Sall bran is guaranteed to bring permanent rein f in the most chronic cases your grocer returns the Purchase Price. Eat two tablespoonfuls daily a in chronic cases with every meal. You w ill like its nut Liko flavor. Try the recipes every package. Sprinkle it Over other cereals. Kellogg Sall bran is made in Battle Creek Michigan and served by leading hotels and restaurants everywhere. Sold by All grocers. Buy a package today fir Alle All bran 22. Suddenly in his Quot oth Vear. Funeral and Intel ment private. Fleas omit in a note addressed a to whom it May coffin said that life held nothing Mere for him without her at his Side. Mid that to wished to join her in death. Y not be discouraged by that facial eruption bother ifs just stubborn pimple Case eczema that has resisted jus treatments you can usually Resinol to set it right. This Ling Healing ointment contains no that could injure the tenderest but it docs Clear away pimples and mess and help to make the skin Iller. Sold by All druggist. Resinol High class Auto paints and enamels paint your car $175 we know you will be highly pleased see us tomorrow my Ico paint amp Wall paper ass 208 North second phone 720 wholesale and retail i we quit we must sell each and every pair our shoes in the next ten Days commencing saturday May 23, regardless the terrific loss to us. Another 20% Cut Only to Days remain we forever close our doors june 5. We must be sold out by then get out be thrown out we can to put it stronger. Novelty shoe store 104 West Central a incorporated 571 department store 410-412 West Central Avenue Albuquerque n. M. Your special week featuring summer togs values in Odd pants for men at big sayings note there Low prices All regular prices. Excellent fabrics and workmanship. Fancy worsted for men and Young men. $3.98 stripes herringbone to Brown Grey Blue. $5.90 fancy cassimere for Young men. Over plaids. Stripes checks $2.98 tweeds. Brown Grey to Blue. $4.98 corduroys for boys and Young men. Dark and army drab. Full $2.98 size. Extra Well made to and trimmed$4.98 corduroys for Young men. Pearl Grey and Cream colors. Made full through seat. Good Quality. $4.9$ a True blues shirts win boy said mothers like them the boys like them because they Alc regular shirts like dads they like the smart patterns mothers like them because they re sturdy with Good Quality. Cut full and Roomy for the Active boy. In solid Blue and Grey chambray assorted striped , Kharli wills dependable Percale and Black sateen. Mass buying for several Hundred stores Means Large savings in costs and lower prices to you. A True blues blouses also at this Low Price. Shirt Blouse a 98 c smart style in menus oxfords a Well made shoe that combines smart style with Good workmanship. Of selected tan Call Goodyear welts. An exceptionally Good value at a very moderate Price $4.98 boys oxfords gun Metal smart style for boys. Well made selected gun Metal calf Goodyear welts. Well made and finished. Extra Good values. Sites 2\ 2 to 51 a. $3.49 sizes 121 2 to 2. 2.98 there Are always enjoyable savings in our men s and boys department main floor

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