Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 23 1925, Page 13

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 23, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 23, 1925 Hiim eave Ai the in Albuquerque morning journal morning journal classified rates my Adt int Fey mostly Monet i Mautino special we Noel the following amount to 8-room modern House 2 porches loan on Aret mortgage 84.800,. Basement Furnace heat Parage. Minimum charge 25c # i a a 1 1?,0t it Quot of Quot a v by to insertion. I so per it a in an j. >00. In it. J on. 1800, $1,880. Small Payr Erst Don bal 3 a 1naartlu,too per line we in be some 10%, Money. Inc8 j1j 0 re in 4�?insertion#,. Loo per in we buy contract. \ log insert Lone. L o psf tent ,1 fill of Tara for is is 202 a fio a u2-j in w. L. Martin co. Realtors hold phone 158 City Aig Riis a Competition. By Luvas Williams v to for rent a no it a 4room br1 k horn1 n if bed in Highlands. M m. A l l a i Ritt in realtor Phi a to have j t too i 500 12,500 of loan the markets it vib acres on Tim Mesa financial Wall Surret new York. May 22 a. Rio k Market Avera Gen 20 20 Pate Industrial Lalli Trman Friday 122.70 thursday a. .121.82 week apr it a a. I20.7\ High. To. ,. 128.10 Lew Ilia 114 2 �8.i8 total Tock Aba 1,891,100. Realising Gale by profess Yontl radars imparted considerable if hilarity to the Price movement to Oday s Fini k Market although the min trend continued upward with Tho Mot Ore giving an Otto t a it try to let demons ration of group strength. Rail shares gathered strength an the session Progress to with several of the Western carriers recording substantial gain 142 oo-�?8room Frame Bungalow in Dern except heat Good location fourth Ward cagy terms. A Good a investment lying against $7500�? i apartment consisting of proposed new Cliv limits will 8 rooms and sleeping porch Tot into Twenty four fifty foot lots furnished f rights go with land. Flood Highland close in a Good in authority states contract i to been vestment signed to Drill Between this land Oil leases tor sat e in Tijeras Canyon. $#0o for a. Frieis ther. Realtor easy los. Fee us urn new of nil kinds. Loans word co. Ill West Gold ave. Phone 474 i Fouth fend 102 v it toeing quotation on wheat Ltd. Pretty Iii Quot no a Low i�2.04 Flim a mnn2%c�� h,lfh.e/�?T Matyl Morns Bath. 2 porches Range and july 11.58 it to Ouer 7 01.13 81.68 a 104.68 i 81. <5 % and shades included Grag Quot. This Corn finished at a net m Man. A a a ova Nee out unchanged to �?�8$ Elj. Mio u a rid prov salons a owning 6c a a to 2<io a Iva Nee. Kaput ast co. It was asserted that the execs e,0 200 w not a Siv heat Southwest and West 4 2 w a d the Milf Al if fact of a tors insurance loan roads 118 8. Third phone 144 $2,850.00 Gisonno Down month bins this 6-room Hotine hot Redwood floor garage Good location. Braun a Mcduffie realtors phone 228 lit South of. Likely to bring about enlarged do in Ira by Hesston Fly in the us it Fields and that the dry weather had already impaired crop pros Peta to a serious extent in North Dakota and Minnesota. Rains at various Points on both sides of the we serve Sod build a help wanted male wanted Yow american Barber f a i \ b. A it West ppr a Din n Boun Ary were a Pom d a it a 0ft a a. 1 9 have Quot Only a scattered week to tart. Hotel savor. Tho continued ease of the Dot character and of no material Benro a. t Ion As refine ted in the est so 1 la a rider such i in in Anre of in a Al re try a hrs t we. R. If its Ament of the highest Reserve a announcement that Canadian Mills a a tvs ail the Btu Don t apply. Isl ii. Of the v in by the now York had Pur based 125,000 bushels of v of $ in rms i Cdr in i Kreeve tank. In increase nil leg states wheat at Duluth was position stat bait of get area of Ectyl f to Cento a barrel in Smackover Given much attention and was said i re Industry want Yon men we train rude prices and higher Lead and to without precedent. Go in Yatwa do Isie inc qty c at ions ail had a bullish i Hunt Ishmit Tho dec. Except Sta. Quot i rec 7rs�?~ Book effect on sentiment. The weekly Brief intervals the wheat Market to iia everything sheaf electric first Nung errant in reviews Aho report d a a re in i a consequent derided up be irs f n a it in costs new Ward tilt helped by unexpected terming Carn Moro cheerful tons in business Cir a by. Curly fir in ref of Qumi Tiona at i to dope a i in revival of a Tilty in the rails lev room d by word shut do a was in anticipation of favourable Mand there for wheat to be Delly april earnings statement by several Rcd immediately had improved. Bar lers Nevi week. The Ortii v tiny item that world shop a eat pm lines arc expected to make Manta for the week would amount n particularly Fine showing which Only a it 10.750.poo he it heir a counts for net a ulna of on to end thut another Good sized de to and one half Points being re crease of the amount of wheat Rdse by Atchison Chicago Ai . Ocean pus would be shown Northwestern hex k . Great a to 5tondsy next. New Export i special your credit if Yon ii Iivo at i , write vat Nal electrical school. I opt. Ill f ii a at Santa Barbara ste7, a Felce. A Vlf. Northern proc Rcd Missouri a Flo preferred and Union Pacific buying of oils was of a selective Eha Ficter Petroleum f. Red Udvanc no More i n Hrc it Points to a a w High at 123, Volle Mary ind Texas company. Union Oil of California sin elixir j d and Atlanto refining climbed i loin so. Then rent for it Pacific Oil do vol of a opa i in in had been anticipated i he Stock cloning fractionally lower a 89 l speculative Muf that the Segre Rifton o the water Power proper be of the International paper a no Pany will soon bad to a dividend a i if Ion on the come Quot a. Counted for the brisk demand for bus Lri a a Joda however was Dis appoint i by 860,000 bushels of wheat and 40 Noo Bushel of Rye Corn and oafs sympathised with wheat strength. Despite Good a to Thor far Corn Sod notwithstanding larger of that Grain Liberal Export buying of oat motioned. In line with hog vanes the pro Vlf in re arct was firmer Rio in prior i wheat May to 685 july $1,is kept in i Ber. 81.4 t 1corn. Mav. 1 154 july 81.15, sent Ember 8411%� gats Nfn 4ic july 45c sep. Of tribe a 44 c. Re cd Mal St in t i ill of of Ember. 11.08 %. Lard a v $15 u. July to 92. I Ruib wanted american lunch Gurla award a Hel. A Unter w anted Waltressa. In elite uhf any wan led a exp Rien Ved Oltie at on. Barty Zifa apply wanted i i Ier. A i v oms. Err a a a Tel at of a App v ill. Risen. N m ooh for ten per sonata a x ulu i he i Vav i it Jank Iii Kiv kit Isril birr. Mar Sci. A a of a. 11 jul. 11 i ii in a. To a be a a a. I. I a a a Rvin p in. To. A a>11 ret tilt lf-2ft journal stocks and Bonds f it no t. To. Kingsbury s Kol umm mos in of ski it i a tit i Ink s of i a out t Sov tit of m in a of Gill to mme too to d p a to. An Van tints on d. To Kingsbury it Faltor Laoag fire insurance a Gold phone 107-w it bedroom cd West 8ivr. It i j it k i re a a. 2ft? North rift to d. R in modern. Ii Buth Wilt of. Foh i Wax 120 s us Walter it Kulsht i it r�oma2i# touts Walter Phons h#7-j. T in room a Rill apart a 7 Tih Sec null Ston cd darn Titan Vav. It it a Ibi. And end bed i uni a. D twi and Theca rooms instil re Savoy Tiit . 1 no Inq Alra Savoy hotel. A . Duh Roo a furn Lahado House. Inquire a Hhd a a Ltd. Pin room Bath. Tis 321 Lith Amo. I ton rent Ante six rooms furn Lah Sis North of amour phone 2ft Tholf re room Houie St a Iii Iomah Edith 127 so per month. F Zummar stocks an-1 Bond t it it Eold. Quot d non a on a Era it. Til Sunah lne build in Telephone 1017-w, Fob a f. A ranches hat Quck which jumped 0% no Irtys to t 9. The highest Price in pm Coniber. $16 17 a Var in years. Simmon company i rib a Mav. $ to the announcement of bet a . 117 72 1 inv Oracle court de it lion involving bellies May a use of patents for electrically. Cid i to Rev used in the Mant fac tire of steel Beds i v climbing More ban two Points to a my top at Vav $ i adapt pm to july. $ 17.85 july. Nor $20. land auction. Jut i. Rurh 67.70arr on Railroad. Writ Wilna cad Jun k �11 by it Ken j run a Vav in cd. 2,0 o by head of cattle f summer pasture. A in in t a in. Adjoining Bath. Reason average. Phone till1s1ied bedroom adjoining Beth. North seventh. Phone Iii. I a nth Kuril hard room. Albu Ltd a hotel 2i6 North in cd room. Running we tar Tbs for one Taro ill West Coal. Y furnished Well ventilated Bomi a in. Private Entrance. 41t South n ish de apartments. _ pvt nth. Phone 111. Very desirable apartment. A at in. Phone 11>#-j. Five rooms Bath. Areola Gas. South ride Ltd a 7 it Tuii it. A a a Tith. Duplex Flat. Three room at and Bath. Modern �7 a h fifth _ two urn an. Bleeping porch 614 Buth Etlah. Phone h76-j. Modern four Nom furn Lahado apartment 517 South fifth. Phone 2262-w. In Lve Gottli Furnis hed Bouse. Phone 1340-lt in Call ssi South Amo Fly fun Isher modern Bungalow during summer m the phone 1620-j. Furnished four room Houa g biased p it h Revtt Quot i. Phone 193r-w. Four room fume ahead House garage Lawn and had. Lift. Phone 1936-w, Nice four room furnished Bungalow 32. Water paid. 712 East Santa be. Forr room ant sleeping porch Modem. Large Yard. Water paid Phons la 4 a. Move to a cooler apartment of you fled that your present Home apartment to becoming t in to t uni for real comforts Why move to a cooler place. It s is simple is that. Of Rimmer Comfort in t backing you out turn Ruht a round and seek it. The no get comfortable Way to look for a comfortable apartment is to see us. Our listings Are Large of we Haven t just exactly what you want right now. We May have by tomorrow. Be us phone us. Bends Ines Range heal estate a sell country club loth a b Trong i in hot lots 8-Aorb the 8 to on Mera lots in All bahts Ity a met in realtor gl8i4 to pm f. Neral Bono �2 i for Sale my general March in Dias business lock Stock and Birrel will Al Ato k and fled orca. And base store building Brick 9ftx 90 for Long term will also sell my Home furnished i want to retire. Chas. Mann p. O. Box 400. Albuquerque saw Mexico in e mrja cd loss j Sim Fhone 645 for said poultry Fop for Sale desirable building Iota in mid Highlands. Pave of reef at a Price averaging $6no mining Abe. A Good speculation. We can use a Quantity of Money for baud Long Pintanc purposes any and Una a at varying length of time. Invest your Money in your town it pays Superior build ind a mor Miagi. Com pay 501 s. First in hone 877 livestock Cill Mcnevi opened at 3 \ per ent. But advanced to 4 in the Bito of. N t e a c Cal paper rates were suntan amp cd re a ton try tendencies charac Riz a the foreign mar Rake 1 Hus triumphs no i. $2.78 7/2,90 partly graded $2,509 2 65 Florida barrels Spalding Hose no i. $6 6.68 Quot a i <�?�1 a k a Ding very alow Market a it to especially on bulk. Apartment with by glm sed in sleep in Perch 124 South Walter. Schiern attractive apart meat. Quot la Adulte Only. 411 we Eit Sliver. L my Ltd 1 t a to room modern we lira Ijar Nahed four room Houpe. In trek next 1164 it h be wad. 1 Quot nod a it re inquire 3 i 3 weal i. I. To order. 341s-j a j Moi Ern furnished ads Nivy but termed Central. Hornun 17._ i. I. H. Hatching egg. In hone i re. Eds Duhg f the pie porch iss South High. J for rent three room Frame cottage. For Sale fat Bena 2#%ootltlt altar. A a Rase of de. Very desire Hie Quot Quot Quot Quot room furn Abed for i Furci he $12.59 month water paid. I phone its a. Huu keep my room. Fume ahead $3 per week and up $97 North . Of a in 966.j Yin j Hrna 6.1 North to h Khy Etta. I he no 24 i so i. Settino Hana. Ssi North . It ii Xuy Light Light and Slaughter , but. Demand Styrlin e dropped i Ute Trade Dull packers doing Little nov cent to $4 8544, while Hulk my to 225 Pound average. F re n r1 few fell three pe1t� to in j Quot top. $1. .�0 f i 40 to rents the lowest figure since l>0 Pound kind packing sow i i ago cd go m in 2 3 it. 8. Department agriculture a re. A. Seipts 16,000 no vied fairly Uci i Newyl Ork a ctn 25c to 40c High to shippers and new York Mav 22 a coppers Yard Trad is maximum Advance on Heady de Troi tic Quot pot and futures 13 tin -65.2 full i rein a by baht la us a a Ping Ai i West Coal. I le_os0"i fryers Rhode Island Beda. Live and a Quot pm few a Kitch Anettie rent Light Huwae keeping Rooma. Two to pm cottage with a tasted sleeping dreamed fat delivered. Phone 24ji-j4. Tar l7wtr wild pm a Chi Law a he Cinks a Dairy. Phons 1049. Porch furn Lah a $18. Water paid. In Yor Falez milk cd. fattened garage tis we. Lea i two a via Furrh a for a hts Douai Al a h u fryers. J. V. Self. Boulevard read. T to gentlemen. Eur Curie keeping 403 South seventh. Phone four room Nily fur Aiah a House i phone 19j0-w. I cold wat. In. J modern vacant june t. 294 Harvard it pay to investigate. I. The Middle of last month. Rinsing prices Allied it Hen. A Dye. 904 Allis Chalmers. 81 am. A m a. A i am. N Quot irs a lbs re 1ivy a a in Quot i a t i. V my in to i in 6nafonds Copper. Vhf. T a of Quot to i in. A Imp in i a. E a it in re amp it it Hgt i. Hot Hichem steel. Hutte Superior Copper Horn i rear it Levirn. A a i a the Quot of i ,5.88 04 a ,121 ii. L. 77 a. 31. Io14. 29 % 6 largely 510.904 il.40 Slaughter pigs $ 11.50 s i 2.60. I Attlee receipts 3,000 All kill ing clauses moderately Active fully steady lower grades Predo Inina ing. Most fat steers $9,504$ 9.76 several loud $10004 lo.25 set it Good to Choice Light Htee is had m Peri h Heil hoi Anir Vernable is it. It a vim in Ady is of and nearby. 0 it Rice unchanged. Lend firm f it c if.s.25. Zinc firm East in Louis spot and future 7 of a Ntim Onyx s pm to 50fiy 17.00, bar Ella it. Of a 7 % mexican Dollar i i Sair a furniture �1,nit my furniture bought and Auld. a Vittur Rritt u i i 1ent�?furnished apartments. Al Yesna Riel a Vianen re West fruit if bunk Cirque apartments 216tg North eur rent modern furnished cottage j phone 1ms-w. _ second. ?1?. A re he a cd i Twenty Unk unit Bena a a to three i two 4-room apartments furnished. Its jn.3.ppiy edit Fryer. Us for Quick sate. 41a South ail modern Tiyae. Univ realty Heights. I for rent furnish cd Home on paved Arn Avenue phone 236.j. J in Harvard. I Street cd Nae in Ideal Pla it e for sum Mer. Inquire 07 went hold. Move into this new five room Gray stucco jut tin thed. Hardwood floors fireplace. In the. Lir get Bull in Kuc Fien Cabinet Nook built in China closet a two bed room. Located in Highland and will ii Ai a bargain in hone 79 for appointment. Real estate Exchange 409 West Copper if yet net the Sci a i. C. And. C. Rhode Mckey Furt sirhed apartment three i "1 a a. A alar a Minorca. Leghorn. White reek re in and sleeping porch us North one ii a of duplex Venute. Four rooms and Wyandotte a la for 15. Delivered sixth. Phone 117s-6v. I furnished on ear line. $36. Weed i phone 3002-w furniture for Hale Jingle a tier oms and Bath team heat. Hot. $15 Large Oak Library phone 1476-w. F i i House phone 1�<--w water. Furniture of All kinds bought and Central. New it Ark comon Quantity Murphy furniture a my fit. Hayden apartments 1216 West phone is03-w. Realty of. 121 South second two room for rent rooms with Board Hoard end room Savoy hotel. Cotton spot not new York May 2 around 810.75 moderate Supply of quiet middling 23. Short flt i off rings of value to j Cotton futures closed steady1 sell at 17.75 downward bul a fat one High t 1 10c lower july 22.72 co a a $5.0o it 7.00 veal is largely to 22.74 october 22.12 to 22.14 $9,60 downward medium Light at december 22.2 to 22,80 january ,0 Good to Choice Handy weight 21.90 March 22.17, $ i ii.ut.1 10.6o he it Kera and feed. A. Ors sluggish. Holiday excursions from Europe pie i it ,.000 Active to Ireland have just 1 in resumed -�?Thlea50, Mil. S St. Baul pad. 13% fat lambs generally steady 4 Vark for the first time sinew the Dis a i a co a n Tel we. Tern. It i 1 springers with nod turn Tances started there. A Casro Rock i land amp a Hue Hopper. A Oca cola. Colorado fuel amp Iron consolidated Gas. A Orn products. Re Cable steel. No Pont <1 Nemours Erie. A to s i i be rec Tkv Lefter 1 electric. A Nerel motors. Northern pad. M. Northern Oro trop. Inspiration Copper. Int. Mer. Marini pad. Kit Neon to upper. A land Oil. Maxwell motor Quot f. I , Kan a tex. 5 in in run Pacific a ted. M git Omen v Ward. New York cent in y n h. A la i of for i. Nonh Ai it i i go. Nor hem i Acilio. I Effie Ltd in. In in Ymeri it in Petroleum by Pennsylvania. Vin. A Blip. C. A i. A Hillips pct oleum. Hay consolidated Copper Reading. Republic Iron amp steel. T Louis be san Frau. Shell Union Cui. Simms i it oleum. Inc last it Oil. Soothe n 1�?Taeifiosouthern railway. Of Stidard Oil of Cal. Standard Oil of n. A. A Tidei Aker corporation. Texas co. Tobacco products. Union Oil of Cal. Do Nion Pacific. R t s. Indus. Alcohol i 1 noted states rubber United states steel. Ii 7 Quot Aba re pad. Wetting Houft electric Wool Worth co. Quot Worthington Rump a a Jmc Tana Power. 47% crate sort $15.50 six doubles sort a i a a de and 60 per cent 11 Choice a on. N�?z<�T�1. A band weight clipped lambs in Good Canada and a. It 39% i demand Al Pound weight $13.00 861 a medium weight $12 25 one Load 84% hand weight wooled lambs $17.76 i 71 Shep steady few sales Handy-1 weight native ewes $7.00ff7.50 heavies $11.25. Notice to contractors Denver bids fir the alteration and re Denver May 22 u. S depart pair of the Central school building n ent agriculture. A hogs re la 168 his >4 2s1 % nearly not a Vav. Rant a Nice i a. Bed a a a stand dining e. Heater and a verge tither i cd rout Walter. Vav 1 b1r>�vm Aube 144 of a i a i a k a at a a $14 to Ding and four leather healed chairs. Id 9x12 Congui Eum Rug. $14.60 sine j h a in Ach . $16. J v Wall tent. Atari j an i Deus be bed map a Tat it a it typewriter. $14.69 la d baby buggy. Ii 1 t a it a a a and refrigerators All a tree it a it $20 Gas at it via water a hot it. Nil Rook stove. See me for Low part Les in furniture. C. B. Bynum 121 i nor h . For Sale a idly. I Strain White army St. K Esz uti , ,t5 modern mrmrt.,1 a Tima of sati so Quot Quot a i �?o6o� Ani it Roa in part Merit e at 4.1 l uth Broadway three room Bungalow. Furnished a. A m la 1 a Smith headway and Broadway apartment a. Modern. sleeping porch. 610 for Sale he c. Vav. Leghorn Batty a ,. A. A a a Lune Boulevard in rear phone 1.133-m. Thick hatching Egga Breeding Stock 1 Cin a to in set it weat. Gentry ranch. Hor,1 by a Worth. In North Amo n if the fourth. Phons j759-w. P. O. J newly. Fate paid. Ill $15, a d $17. Phone Quot a a _ _ with a a my a j Bary hatching Eye. In i. On reds after june 15 will sell at half for rent two re no apartment fur Niche for Light housekeeping. $23 South Edith. Phone 1662-vv. St Amer rates it Lin Vin apartments. Cleanest an i most reasonable in town 312 South . Phone 914-vv. Furnished for Light Large me with Glae eed porch Bath add owning 710 West Lead i of Roo m modern furnished upstairs apart me it to. Bedrooms close n a. Pm a Dodson s garage found and Marquette fun it Nish de houses and apartments 5e1 with sleeping Porche an i garages $ a id la 7. Phone rated end furnished room a by meats. Sij North a four rooms and glassed sleeping room. A cd i strictly modern Sod furnished Trees re Quot a h�?~n8�?T wonderful my re. Housekeeping two ani1 Vrubl Light phone be thine to by. Ding to be found in w 1s34-m 1500 Ron the country. C i Hay. 236 North High 67% 2 % 2 i % 58r of Quot 4 3 a i 97.% in �?T>1 i nov 3 % id i 34% 4b,. 6 5 % 59% is % 4 1%. 42. 4 3 1 %. 13. Is. 6 7 %. 8 2 %. 2 5 %. 2 1 %. 21 % .102%. 9-%. 60. 44 %. 4 to it 1 a. 4 6 %. 79%. 39 .1114. 90%. 15% .119 14. 67 is ii 26%. 41 % a 55% Dies arc effecting More intimate Trade relations. Legal notices business chances a Elgin hotel close in. Reason phone 514. Inquire at till Vav ass ii Kveton 1007 West Cen dab beaut Ful mall furnished apart ment nicely located. Phone 13. J. D eakers. Prep. For Ren i nicely furn no a apartment. Steam h to hot and cold water fur , us Tab f couple Small family phone 997-3v. Four room furnished apartment private Bath a re Entrance. Newly Deco. _ Pew a a rated. Joos East Central. Inquire up will a received at the of the j i a la grocery Ani cafe for Sale owner stairs. is. Leaving cite 16<>3 North fourth. Iua a. -----3 a Light Hon. He Ping room with g eased a Klish i d Busl nera. Has paid Wellin sleeping p Tell Bath and mining. Past two scar will get Benefit of Oil j lights water Ani Telephone paid. 105 development Ford car include i f Princeton. Phone 1507-m. Eur. End .p.clfiea.lon. A r2�?�a s,6.7aay,b a Quot i Erk she. Of journal. For Sale ahle rent. Poof. R ill for Sale rent. Up a air. Sis Smith first. Foil Fri ii to Irli House Good terms to to party. Phon 1s93-w, a Ell furnished f use. Al replay a lug porch ii South Edith. For Sale houses Well country Camp the Mountain resort for Healtha Sekera. For reservation pm me 4 a a. Room with it based sleeping porch and Board suit in for two private Home. Aff try modern South Cedar. Mph. Marshall s h me for tubercular patient s. A 1. Attention to bed a t in is rates rest n Ole. No Roe. Tray service sex Lent men a. Hot North Wetth Pion 1udj Money to loan Vav ill buy real estate contracts Rny t a at least Tine paid out. A m Light housekeeping sunny and clean one two adults Only no sick summer rates 410 Houth Amo phone a opts too Strong to 25c High a on i Board of education in Tho High drive Ina no car loads on silo school building on before Lune lop $12.hf paid for 2t0 to 340 13 it i p. In. The right to reject Pound Avern sea other 197 Pound any Al bids % reserved by the weights $11 Sid. Few 145 to 160 Board put nod kinds $ 11.00iii 11.50 Park i May be had by applying to w. E. Ink sows $10.50 few 4 1 Pound i attle clerk. Board of education pigs. $ii.oh. High school building Albuquerque cattle ree Eluta 1.1 50 calves. New Mexico. R,0 f. O rout he is billed through ,2 run most la Chol Quot steers. $10 15 1. _ j i on ii # 0 h a. A f a f i i it i la 8 of t us i not it i Iii i ton of and ill of Down Quot i ., radiation on. Floor a a a a it a a a shorn , i finn Narf on 0 Quot is 111 not on j Lull i i All i. Is Ooi Mhz y to loan on watch. Iii ell.,., i non part run. ,. I,., a men la guns and everything valuable. Billed through Early sales steady inf Aii a a i her 11 mar a 713 South Fust. On Load 85 Pound wooled la nibs j a a. A ii my Lune i Money to loan to wage earners in easy j ohm desirable apartment Castle apart $1� 00 no California springers on. Budding on o. Be Tut. Tine pay ruin �?z0 n to Ament of wag it Mer. App v Amu Hunting electric a Sale i Loet 4 p. Ill Mio to reject an be pawns. Economy lean co. 20 a in. So a West Central. Any All bids is reserved by the w. . Rhi it a. Crr Board. Plans and up clime unions a a a for Sale miscellaneous May be had by Appl be to 17 lost and found Little clerk Ilani of education a a a a i five rom apartment. 69 la 4-vv, Arno Apar ails 4 rooms and Bath. Modi in lift Amo. Phone 16 .�?T9-w. We Hon apartments. Furnished a i apply 707 High modern three room a . 1 8ohorn baby Chicks $1$ per Gas screened sleep in9 after Fri 1 la per too. Only garage $30 Innus re Iosa la res selected eggs rom my own flecks phone la 72-j Uel Vot poultry ranch. P. O boat i a i a Iota a . N. M. Phone 176ft j. R of rent fre room furnished h unc a a garage Etc. Good location in i t Nelvera Ltd Heights just off Central. I1 Prim Tiern. Phone 1777-vv. A five room in ode in briefed we fur i tin 8u a i a Quot . Newly decorated Gas and he moved t a it. I Hgt be 1643 steel ranges an i Back screened six furnished apartments 314 to 324 work y the hour phone 1341nj. P retie garage no sick close in in i Sou is sixth apply Savoy hotel jul re a a get f ver i for a a be a Bargala email for Sale furnished win lease to i payment. Reasonable terms responsible party new House nicely modern 101 Richmond furnished lose in. Three rooms and Bath vib room has do �?z1 a floors modern and sleeping porch. C. H. Morehead. 512 garage outbuilding a Price $2.l$� a f to Down rest Uke rent pm me 3 4-vv. Wanted position Down very West cent rut. Phone a a u fit in i a Btu to j for Sale four room h for rent nine room House Ion East Gay furnished tar an i chickens cheap Silver $60 pm a month. For Cash. 1604 so us h Amo. Phone toil j for rent i Furril Sim for said Roxy four i in Frame Box House. 1003 East Silver Hon be. Work by the ban 134 a. Duke cite pc Avenger. Pens i position wanted Iii u sew irk. Good Cook reliable. Box e-2�, j Putnal. Housh cleaning 11, waxing. Lawn work fall j Vav Low 144 w 1 be it i Iii be position wan it a a a re Good conk. Reliable. L t journal coloured laundress wiil Cill fur family Wash Small bundles. Phone s044. Full sire lot. Young fruit Trees girl p oltion a. Us keeper Ftp a rent a four Robin House. 125. War paid. 61 North . F room modern garage apply West new York. Phone 1462-m i of i fat Nisi Estt i nil n. Mart y Ronda new York May 22 Liberty Bonds dose to 3 1 a x $101 first 4 is. $102 8 remand 4 % s. $101.10 11 re 4 11 a $101.28 four h it 1 i a. $102.18 i. S. Government 4%%. $106.11. Grain Kansas 4 ii Kansas City May 22 u. R. Decal j nit it agriculture a cattle receipt a 800 calves too steers an i yearlings nominally steady Cher killing classes steady Odd lets Butcher cows and heifers. $ .00 n 7.50 canners and cutters $8.00@ 4.25 practical veal top $8.50 few at $9.00 Bologna bulls a 4 75th 5.25 stockers and feeders bids for Tho furnishing of supplies. High school Boldin. Albuquerque not Mexico. Cml and is Elv a Reward. No in a i to till it i it us i lost pair of spectacles with one Bow old St Las vegas n. M. Who a n. Reward Pheneta it mid of Ett sned. Phone 996-w. 626 vat St i fancy noses for Sale. Phone 2416-j4. Mattress renovated. Phone 194-w. For Nale a cabbage plants. Phone 2ft7. The Board of directors of the j lost White Quot spit dog. Femali tag i of a ale Tomato plants. Us North Reward. 614 North 1 re in new Mexico insane a \ Bim w ill on before May 25, 1925, receive Platinum a. Of pin set with Diamond House Nve room a two Excel Lavt pass a he i7-k.-Eper. Sex per. Porches garage sidewalk Iliad tree 1, Praia to Ai nurse a i reference a j and Lawn Best part of University j Wam . Phone 370-w. I room Brick House with Gas and Heights lift it Arf Rdna . Siva a Orr of re w an i de Faun by ,. Me. Fro i it of Ijo. Quot i of Sale rude a new t East Toul j tars t it base. Also bed no Vitda q lists Wye Krov a a. A foe re com modern Bungalow it get in Anil blankets Whit a. 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