Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 23 1923, Page 2

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 23, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two Albuquerque morning journal met i Quot ism e i s c. O it ii to Ltd it till w i a to iriv ii 5 of d n g it cd u ii in xxx w Youmg Folk to compete in in ass contest american legion offers prizes for Best articles on Why immigration should be restricted when Carpentier regained one title big or co Segre at int Ftp to i Hmer the. A a a a act a a of Ltd if a Horsma Britain by King it of two re a a it a. Rusty n a petition in far a if it easily the t pretext to w set a Las Cruces girl is Winner in a Story writing contest i to be remedied it Tho Bor j arty to ii Hgt it of fact Whilt a _ i by of auditor admits imperfections in the Law but believes they can a threshed out Cattie n the no a or. A men the the Folt a lit Fri w 1 of the Tut i the itt a a Ito the to i Rector of i Dan Aioli Ai Alit Arr a r i a a a a the n on. Ii the lit a 169 i a the t Mer Iran to. On a a Choi Arah a Prixa Dot arts. Shot Ltd Ltd Titt. Ft6. Third of is.#, first trim in ear slate a a Terr modal a a it Pri Bronx medal third prise. A float of Merit Tat a a a by na1 of tit Tifton the a pet will be i in a a a Ara i scholar ship in a fir a failed by the wine Al till a Fotr a and Troy he two the it aft of 12 end a a Inelus Eliot by to enter Thea Cut not a it a a Only an by to a a ram essay will not a o to min word in Langruth. Hid or y on and of paper to tto a it. A Martin of pit Inch to Todd allowed in either vie of taper. After Jabaay is a my it ted. Pamo lid be neatly 11 rat lad. Spacing and neat res aria a considered in judging a few the min tier. A eri1 a Quot of be Atren butt can Eide ret. -. Pate a Ayaay or a a Salvad at Ai Udac Dali Natad by the. Co laity i a up erupt and it of a rho Oln to tatar then Midnight of october 12, j re a a Coom j Judas a Vvs radar Ltd a a Weintr a per get Dent of j a \9l, Phonia 1a a1co�l to it act three >1 to Tiff. Rude for bul count a ditty Totri Rwm a Harrr an it kill a to id the on Beati May f r their rpm a tits county. Georgea wanting away from Marcella no Ca after putting Oner la k. A Wallop. George Caff it tic it one Moi of the French cation regain tart a b a loft ring Lia Rajs recently Wrhen a won Back the Laavy weight champs Raship of i rare by knocking oat Marc Niue. Carp got Over a Long i it to the jaw that spelled the end of Marcella in the cd Ghotb round. First n i la w a Dunn cd fro i or. Boh Walth rained far pc a to Tea after a1 career. To from than i for the ? Quot i c a. F 1 f r r"1 fir arte the great a is Oca with on of the Cabin Paw in i if is the event in id but to of the d re. I mi3 22. Id duo Ira 1,< 0 f 1 Xiv Tri # s War i and f. In Pia mrja Eon of 3 i xxx Der tory #1 Lay lit it Uteri a a Xvi do i with 0 1 infill Cui to d a ii ii Ell n id a i a 1 a up i sea i Cill Onidi fsr i fort i. I of Eta Ira a Choel. I a a feb through in. To offered ,. A a a a i is a la Agio Gaff Tiff six for the the -1 Bast a Rig Ina Imas submitted by stud of f the # tilt til Abd a Ichih c i .1 la a # 1 f i Blin a in Dona armr of try Fol i i lev Del fir far a Best Story i it for a land and la for third. The stores War in a a tit sir not of a War than i a a of. It Sims and vol Mer than a it to Ltd re met tip scr w has tory s on Tir to pin it to a u int in the Junior ii u h a sheol or 0. Pm Baa Quot Al f 1 1 nor than a r ii Ort Ateria cd a or id fur the. Al la it. A it a fio la Talent or r Moalc fir i a i n cd r g. A ii Jim is Bain taught to it Aero in pushed a. Who a just f la Coontie a i i i All Fly admin Tutti d that after l a opinion o a i a r Ipen i m in if v Lea into her a a i Nix a a i in after a he Natl a i to aaa a the Taai in a old Testant. Business is on a sound basis throughout. S. Federal Reserve re discount rates will be maintained at their uniform level. Council states it a in a i Hobart ii. It a of the a Milt i to St re is is it costing you too much to live of you want to save on clothing. Food entertainment Home building decorating and the Cost of living generally Good housekeeping will make it possible. In the big june Issue stories by Gene Stratton Porter James Oliver Curwood and 6 others and 53 features. How about taking a copy Home tonight ? june Good housekeeping out Torlay now is the time on.1 a it inclined to i lounge on the porch in the evening Quot. We Havo a Complete line of Caman porch awing with or without Standard. Colors Khaki or w Ith blur of ripes. Gray primers Range from $23 to $4$ come in and see Thorn. Strong Bros. Furniture Strong Block second and Copper wind shield Glass lumber to Hai j n la his in Inui co cd nth i hit air wifi i in Bill 0m c. H. Carnes hmm Al is in fat flak Ici Iti action of a fourth la or la Taal add Rasa to win. 7 Harding will be in Rin nor it i ideas of the cn-1 Way Irth the school and the test. The winning a a v it to a a a nitty a Ouid a i Rar Ardad to the department americas Tam of the american Teflon hot or than non Aht of Kovar bar i. Of. A la run Rel Turgi the iat operas ten int or i flt rho my Corn nil Winner of the stat f Hooi will a to Tel it la re Jud Gaa for their state the i Osteal so cwt re nominated and re elected fess but run fired it. Mag la. Pics ill a Llama Lnor we in re Tonui Ard tit Hunt any Ain Nill in it. Re in la to the Pter dem a. A no Muiir -.ti,in,ii la iwo of Olito i Mihi Lillo lure to ail in. Tin ill Limo mate Iii a 3 Shin it on May 22.�?f#darat re a re discount rut Nill a maintained at their uniform level i of a a per it t for the present be Quot Quot rur 1 eau of w f i Ory Busine cold. J Lri ors throughout the Cott try it sgt <1# announced 1 of Quot at the con Elution of to meeting of the n con i Pord # astr Story coun 11. I member of the Curumi or i a the Yea Arva heard maintained i strict secrecy re Garden Tho Cotton i a 11 # a Leacu on and Maitle from the i of latin to re ire t rites a a a Iii y i an ii y Baldwin or actually the Quot of the die a Elton of her no a party which Hills is been the to determined the Redon vision of Birk. And a he a she rial n to the Hen Ltd May he inf. A i 1, a re in to a rink is net Likely. Be situation is undoubted in tin and the rest develop to i a Tad with much or. B. Amp 0. Showmen Are Given wage increase at thie Pri a Ilion a of a Howo it a e of tend i he prayers d ire 10 Chicago May 22, a in it a of the re cent an hour est ii to Matell to involve an a Nisi i sex i Pend it tire of approximately ii -. Mom , a Bret granted 24.$to be hop. Off Emp love. St sit Ion Aryn it a a a n a a a in nod a or of a no by the Baltimore St Ohio Railroad of get i noted St Railroad to Hor i St it via r a Elf lad Tod a. The a ii Lei ease one Cartier # report to th-1 big boat i at it of hernia a fac to e a i i., i a Cha a inn. Resh from the Factor fresh dec. T Tobacc o now 15 that the the Tab ii n a a the roads today Ard that increase ii i Beer Gran Tad to carts t pm play Latona baking powder no frills Don t look for premiums or coupons with Latona As the Cost of making it prevents their use no frills at ally just full size packages of Fine Quality at an honest Price. It never fails write for 64 Paige Cook Book t a to Frei Rumford chemical work last by Louis 111. Brighten up with Mcmurty a paint mid varnish which is Well known and guaranteed. Albuquerque lumber co. 12s it Orth i . Photic 121 Fly Eye av1 w Friday june i we will celebrate the re opening of our furniture business with an opening Sale we will offer to the people of Albuquerque the largest collection of Quality furniture Ever shown at one place and one time in Albuquerque. Our Stock will be new and to the last detail our store building in new throughout and we will offer new Low prices for new High Grade furniture. H. Livingston amp co. 213 215 West Gold Avi Quot nue Albuquerque ii a la it i r to that 1 Ivr i if s lift off with fingers entire session of u. S. Cabinet is devoted to chinese tangle Cotta of on in Goa he a n la 1 hard a White sanitary easy to clean tile Ideal ii in amp a for you r k Itchen is one that St ands up w Ell u rider severe . Grease spots fruit stains Black from pans soon make a Dingy unappetizing Kitchen ulc it is finished in Luciseal enamel White Titer you can keep your k lichens Jam a and new a White China. Ii Jyi enamel White produce a Sibouth. 1> re % to it it lain like i. W of snowy whiteness. It i Ltd to clean and Joi not it itch of told dust it can a Mcd on Wood mat a1, Over painted Etal Nej Varni bed or unfinished surfaces. An Ideal finish fur All Kitchen j Tarry lath loom or a thai urfa via where a Dean hard sanitary finish is dotted. Let us help you u Ith Jour Puin inf Raabe amp Mauger hardware company phone 305 first and Coppet Farn Hlaj a stains enamel r Tak an in Aaion the government i ight Fin it no of Tirol i a i Tiki ii jct t tto Datura Ilia plat which to # a ii i it 1 to Mill a v Btl Tho Fiti 1 is1 a. In a Iii pc in the i Hii Eppli a May have com a Irr it Rit Tivai a. For ii a in eat Tho Ion a up a or a a Force 11 Mer Tirui it avs Ilaf c from any in re Turc. A department reports of a Ltd remit Date Star that brigadier general William p. In nor a Brumund in or american Force in China has it prep a r. A fore of thirty six it it Fleer and men. Thie la the aggregate at Angl of the Taro battalion of the fifteenth infantry on duty alone the to ent Aln Vujkow Railroad under tin prot cd of a a id. Which Lim it Tho Forre ? employ or la Hpe on fur to a a Ole Purpova of i a Pink Tell a d Aen to Hurt a tit drop a it tie a of Reevone on an Acuti a com i stantly that Corn Tropa Hurt ii then Rhoniy you lift u 0lf with tinge is. Truly i i a druggist Pella a tiny bottle of a ree Cono for a few cents. to remo o every hard Cera soft Corn or Corn Between t he toes and tit calluses with a out cos # or irritation a adv. \ svy j i of i i trunks bags suitcases offered at unprecedented values �4 How it p careless v Iii i Iii i it in Kim Mist. 4 Iii la j Quot or Ito Elk lid had whooping 1 i Toi it v a. Of nou. 1 a it. Eera Vilie. Indiana a and Fifo Thoney and Par gah a Relief of a my children contract a Mush in old i t a them i Ole a Honey and tar and always a a goad re must i or no leu Relief from a Ough cold. Croup. Throat flies and bronchial trondle use a Foley s Honey and tar the largest be 111 n sir cough Medicine in the world. No Opatic to euro sub i ititu11 s o 01d a Ery where adv Llev it it Ftp ii Baio ii that paid of neighbor or Atter . Ide j apr a curl lies it Tilry dr., Bitis i Quot a ii lost by tie it a i fire How a ski i i is my of Losa and dam. Proof aft to de p sit vaults Are at your service. Boxes $.3.50 Lcy $17.50 Paye a 1 i Here. Is a timely Sale of the finest Luggage we have Ever had in our shop at Low prices that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Every hand bag suitcase and trunk in this collection is sturdily constructed and will resist All the severe usages of travel service is written All Over them certainly you should take advantage of this great offering especially if you want to he prepared for your vacation or week end trips. The grow in g store phone 283 �4 of Pany a Al re n a on or m Mem amp Fisfis

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