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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 23, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexicopage hi CtwJFflNtqiKrque ffttrttngltMita! Published by th* » . ... democrat publishing company D. A. MACPHERSON, President.    W.    s.    BURKE,    Editor  __H.    B.    HENINQ.    City    Editor. Entered us spoond-ola** matter at the postoffice at Albuquerque N VI Under set of congress of March 3. 1879. .    circulation    *h*n any oilier paper In New Mexico. The only nailer In hew Mexico Issued every day In the year. “Tile Moraine Journal tins a higher circulation rating than Is accorded In any other paper hi Albuquerque or any other dally In New Mexico ' —Tho American Newspaper Directory. THE ALBUQUERQUE MORNING JOURNAL, Stories From Wednesday, May 28. 1906. Little The Capital of The Nation TEH MR OF .SUBSCRIPTION. Dally, by mall, on# year In advance.............. Dally, by carrier, one month..................... Dally, by mall, one month................. ALBUQUERQUE ..........65.00  .....OO ...........50 NEW MEXICO WLDN! sp n MOH MN (J, MVV 28. tooth a • One Very Valuable 'Result 0 There was a golf symposium in one house cloak rooms a few days ago. I In' most remarkable golfer I ever knew. {.ald Representative Long- On y»,iv worth, "was a man out In Cincinnati * ‘ ‘ who had a passion for the game, but who complicated that fervor with an appetite for Scott h high-ball: that was th* w on der of ohio, "His theory was that there should he a drink served on every tee, and he worked it by means of an army of caddies, one afternoon ho came In and announced that he had renounced the gime. What's the matter. Jim,” asked a friend. ' 'Oil,' lie said wearily, ‘it’s no use. I Si'« it til1 Whenever I can see the hall I can't hit it. and whenever I can hit it I can’t see it.' ” DUNBAR’S COLUMN REAL ESTATE new TELEPHONE «»t. IAAAX ON UOOD REAL • + • A statesman well known, hut name less so far as this story is concerned. FOH BENT. 8. good house on South Amo street, six rooms, with modern improvements, $ 2 8. SO. Four rooms, furnished, water paid. I2G.50. 5-room brit k with    hath, electric lights, etc., $23.09. .‘-room house, modern, corner Coal and Fifth street, $2.7.00. 2 3-room houses, Cromwell ave. $8,00 6-room brick house, modern, up to date. large lot, with stable, chicken holist' aiol small garden, 3 blot ks from street cars. Cor. Fourteenth strtet and Costello avenue. FOK SALK. Four acres of land In the city limits, with good house and stable, fruit trees, etc., In a floe location. Sl.t-room house tm West Coal av,: up to date. $3,000. hot on West Cold av went to rn, ie Joe Cannon's party last    yr!S*    ®?,d    'Wr'.V    Sixt^    st' week    He found main thlrstv friends    J r r " ;.,v- RrV* Edith st.. ,-room there    ... I i i'., '    r>‘‘ nos    house; modern, lot 75x142 feet: fine had somewhat of a cement sidewalk   I stable. This N 17 \ cry \ aln i Me I e<#ul’ of lh*   a a railway rat* bill. anti one which towns that ape not so fortunate as to have the benefit of railroad competition. *111 probably feel sooner than any other, xviii be the enforcement of the long and short h<ul clause of the Sherman law—that is. th*' clause which forbids a road to charge more for i short haul thin for a long. r one. It requires no argument nor illustration to convince any one of the absolute fairness and rlghteousn* - of thP provision, hut the inter state mission was I. ft without power to enforce it treated it as a dead letter. The new- law. how by i lathing the commission with ampli sit rights of the one cause to the creation of the and has secured the pa* com- and therefore the railroads ever. proposes to bring It to life power to enforce its decrees. The gen. r ii and persistent disregard of thh Mw by all the roads, was grossly unjust, and sue!, a ha ref nee* outrage upon th- . ommonest people, th ti it undoubtedly contributed more than any oth> r Irresistible public sentiment that demanded IR. of the rate bill. Here is a < I re ii Hist wa e., — only one of thousand' that might be mention-d -w hi h will serve to Illustrate what rank injush e was pm. tic, .1 upon | ortho s of th*' < nuntrjr through a dim g »r<l of this fair and just provision by th, railway ompanies. In , western town Which enjoyed the benefit of two through i .Mw tys. there wet- certain busine^ houses which re- , i% I freight from Chi. ago. and were ch irged for the same at the rate of ninety cents p. r hundred pounds, in another town, which had but one through line of r -ad. thor, were certain houses in the same lino of business, reeving freight of the sam* character, quality and quantity from the same wholesale house in Chicago, and were charged therefor one dollar and thirty-five tent*    per    hundred pounds, though    th*    haul to    their phi the same road, was    two    hundred and fifty mil* s    : hor*, r    than    to    the place or, just fifty    per    cent more for th* one. Thus the    railroad folk* praetl* ally said    to the people of the    one-road town. w» .airy    freight ihiough your town to    a point two    hundred    and fifty miles distant, and deliver it th. re for Ie** than the service is worth, because there Is competition at that point, and then in order to male* th. we < h irge you just as much more than th* service i> north, b help yourselves That    is just th- plain English    of way it has been    worked ill over th*- I 'titled St    ites In vo w of    mu, h fa. is the wonder Is not    that public    .'<• nil meat finally reached the point of demanding bu the nation lay lls Strong hand upon threads and i ut im end to sin h pi . ti but ti,** th- Amerh tamely submit ?u being made the victims of su h criminal many years. *, by' ether parched feeling in hts throat himself VV hen he went horn. he was "soused," but very dignified. He had worn for the first time one of the new hatch I of shots hi' wife hail bought for 1 him, It was a coat shirt that opened all the way .low ti the front. He got into the house without too • much noise and congratulated himself that Mrs Statesman would know nothing about his condition. He found muc h difficulty in getting oft his shirt. He tried many ways, but could make no head WA ay. He struggled for half an hour and then calli I to his wife, who was sleeping in an adjoining , room. "My dear, I am sorry to disturb you, but I wish you would come I here and show me how to get off this I shirt,” Mss Statesman . ame in rn I looked him ox cr. "What is the trouble?" she asked, suspiciously ' I cannot get off this new tangled shut you hough! me, I do not approve of it. anyhow. Now I demand of you that you tell rn- how t > t tke it off,” I would suggest" replied Mrs, Statesman > oldie, "that the most ©se sentia! prelimit! u v in taking off your shirt is to first take off '.our cat md waistcoat.”    j (Superintendent Ruppert of New York, lells a yarn about J. I* Robbins. of the (Robbins shlpy ,rd of Brooklyn. He w ia in the    A limndacks    and    dry, !- I ope.! Into the    worst    golf    player    ever seen In those    J* iris, ii g a great de 11. The a silver property will be sold cheap lr take*. at once. Fine lot near Twelfth st., on Tijeras road at a bargain, oeven-room frame house on a corner in Highlands, with bath. I.ot 50x I 42: in a fine lo, ti-oi. $1,700. House an i jot on South K»*-.ond st., bein *en I,end and (."al avenues, at a bargain. 14-room house, tw o blocks from postoffice, W|th two lots. House well furnished. This property Is In one of the hest lo<ation* in this city, and Is for sale at $6 f>00. 10-room house, North Fourth street with 3 Into 76 xl 42 feet, near in Brice, $3.SCO, Brick house and lot on West Coal ave.; 5 rooms, up-to-da*e; $2,600, Brl k house, 7 room*, with 3 lot*, on North Second street, up-to-date; price, $2,650. 5-room brine house, nearlv new, modern Improvements, at'IS,160, on North 4th street. '-room brl, k house. Tijeras avenue; modern, fine lo itlon; $3,300. 4-room house, furnisher, good location, $1150.00. Pix room frame In one of the bes‘ mentions on Broadway at a bar-gain: modern *tn-to-date. 5-ro-rn house, up-to-date, South Edith street; fine location; $1,906. 7-room house on North Second afreet. In good repair; $1,650. " 1    11    1V-    Three hundred and twenty acre ranch. h 1 1 1    nun.    tor    hav alfalfa,    grafted fruit treee up a I the ehamplonship .if, good buildings etc. n“ E 'k* I ! mk- Jbd.hin- en- ^vm-roum frame, three lot* N. Third ......    „    I    tared and th. *mmlttee g,--vs him a    *2.700. 1 n,u* than fur the bulger hand! ip of    i!ghtv-fl\< for    i    )<>k-    Fig-room brick    house. 8,    Third St.. .";.b,’So7;,,;hrm'.,'h * •?s.u;i; si L “,^«^as,b'cn'isiw . »n- b. k    J..*,;    €KT    ,or a..ti the , up    wi h a .aid th    it    showed    lire In-nrjoice.    House*    for Rent * ghty-tun    That is hi- net    ..r.    .f-    Rent* t'olleeteil. Taxes    Paid. ami emir** el large lake u of t.roitcrtr for re-blent*, nod tioii-ra-.nlcritM. WE CAN SELL YOU BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE LOTS FOR $ 5 Down and $.'.<*<> a Month Tut up a little home of your own, and be y our ow ti landlord. PORTERFIELD CO. HO WEST GOLD Practical! Demonstrations o Economical Housekeeping I I ut'*’ rooms Ital It lotted off to allow how the goods look In your home. .No etiiineo to get tbttHvetL I xviii group any combination you select. If you xviii telephone me xx hat you xxant I xviii have It groti|xd when you come lit. Want your furniture Telephone me. I liav. iv an expert packer. Auto Phone 47 I J. D. EMMONS The Furniture Man. Comer Fool Avenue and Second Street, Bell Phone Red 177 Keep Your Feet Cool With Williams’ Foot Comfort. It will reduce swelling and stop the feet from sweating. No trouble to me. Price 25 cents.    1 B. RUPPE The WEte?„£ru*e° the PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST 20** West Railroad Av©. Both Telephones. 117 West Ballroad Avenue Albuquerque Planing: Mill All kinds of nil]I work a specialty The right place for good work at low price A. J. LOVE. Prop. Auto phone hid 4o.‘l S First St. WOOTON & MYER Dealers in Real Estate 123 South Third Street FOB nam; Tho fiu -iiNHM brick houses, modem, close* lo. iller* location, nutter leaving Inx\ ii and 11111*4 clo***- out. .Offered at cost. Nu reasonable offer xxiii Is- refused W. P. METCALF Notary Public, I ii-ti ranee, Bunds, Blimey to lawn. 821 Gold A TOU na average good ms- you can't and th it is just tho n people outrages would for do tor th*' handicap had boon subtracted was three loss than nothing, which.. M      — KidJ‘m£.'?“n,4"'r' ,lur>per' *>■>    E. H. DUNBAR    ®    CO- Va so. Bmp. t en'in u* I    f ccnor OoM hen... sod    Third    Ut roan ."Robbins wont to New York, for    ^.    ...    -- himself in the banda of rn professional and did nuthir g hut play golf for tho two woeks he w **e nw.iv. Then he w-nt ba k md loaned up the smart A lo. ks w ho h indi* appe l him at <»tirh-ty-t w o.” Pf A Good Sign NE of the best signs of til* • • * are giving to ways territory, and making an item from th** While Oaks Eagl- db times in this country is to be found in th* grouter measure of attention which tho po«q and moans of reclaiming the desert lands of th them produce crops, lie whb h affords a good illustration of th;-* J o.ut 'N ii It** Oaks lias by far th- most cl gild' In this whole region of country. A dam thrown near tho mouth of tho «auyon would store an artlfl- tai section of this dun would he I* ss than 260 feet in rest un a solid rook bottom. Tin* water sh drawn would I- rn .ny miles in arc and the west side of Pat,,- t„ if,,, top of tin- de, id Baxter mount ur a together with tho wind. which produ- es a large Rood annually for an Irrigation *ch*-m*‘ it rosa between the high bluffs mmcnse body of water. Th ■ xtent and would I from which the supply would b-> nm pi i-a- tin- north ride of Canzo, and tin* inst sides of Ignite and iriipiiitheat-r thus Im losed o supply u reservoir. Th* country below is practically limit less and no better farm ng land * .n be found    in    the    territory. Lei us start HU- dam proje t and keep it moving. Tho a.    heme    is a    mux Ii more practical one than trying to ...ugh up a tuber, uloat That is one of the 'signs” w•• refer to. and it ii promising because it proposes that the people shall nates*! of holding meetings and ira . or some other power to do it for them. It is a praetl obi ruth that the god* help tho**- who help them a community thoroughly learns that fact and reduce always rely upon that community to get ahead in th' lions” to get out of the way. themselves territory, or lh** n it lot cal recognition of th* selves.” and w h«m>x er it to practice, you cai world, and for..* Hie aa nit inurn.* one that im particularly do a valuable work for •ing resolution* praying th* III The postmxstcr of a western city wanted « new carpet for one of the rooms In the federal building ,n his tew**. II- wrote to the division of sup. pile- il>.mt it. 141** letter xx-is returned xxith ln«trui lions to w rite another telling (he dimensions of the carped reoil ired Ile wrote again, g ving the d. *ired information. Th it letter xx th it ; off! i ti Indorse merit arni another w< re sent to th#-carpet factory that has the contract for making the carpet. The carpet xx.- made and tin* department here notified. The I ..tory was or Ie red to '••mt the carpet here. The carpet * .me. Then the department wrote t . the min in the west, telling him that lit ca*),et w cs here and he wrote asking that it b< sent along. A letter xx ,h written to the express • oru|Mtny telling the agent to come in i g< ? (til* carpet He responded and the tut pet xx ,, shlpp. I Th. pontmas. t< r wrote acknowledging th. receipt HI of i°f ,h*‘ carpet and that closed th- im 1-■ dent after another letter had ta*en written acknowledging the re. eipt of the ai k now lodgment. That Is a government operation. They would r .ther w'rite letters than do anything else in the department, except take their thirty lavs’ si- k Ic iv. Soda Water ONE of the earliest important elections of the ye 4 ta the Fit at Judo tai i,-’ I of Illinois. Judge Aion*, abient lawxMig in the state, is the republican 1 *ndidst® long democrat, and tho nominee of a democratic cot bent, Judge (*. CL Hoggs. The party aspect of th*- ran. bacauan In h« last . .Uvas* Judge Hogg*, was urged Independent. and by tl*.i rn- inn obtained a i epubb. a uh have a strong advantage in numb* forgotten how th* campaign managers of Jud non-partisan pretensions isnqc i , it ulure to stir up prejudl min*-!*. Judge Vickers is a first-cisss candidate, and he <b port of his party, a repetition of the non-partisan game in a distr!, t that Is republic .n I r xx iii be : h it of Jon* K. Vrit kers. one of the His opponent, a life-.clition, is th*- int-unils specially mentioned as a non-partisan, or Jority in a district where Nor have the r. pubiu ans 26,006 majority niong the rves the full supra not be worked lobe-Deniot r 11. th. I here in a H, aud.ii among Hie \ . lief?, of th.- . it> Burning with « de-sire to d . Home thing for th*- San Pram-cis. o sufferer*, tin* < hef of the Auh-' trlan embassy organised a culinary • x-poMition .it Rausch ar‘s. *ho f.roi.ed?- of the sale of the hest pieces if that is what they are called, to go to the sufferer*. I he It irones* Il.-ngf (mu.-ll. r x* ta g*,»« iously pleased to give the af-faii her patronage Nome of th*- other . lief* had a mass meeting and protested The Austrian chef is not lh" dean of th* < bsf*. Poof He rinks bolo xx the . hef f >» the Italian embassy, although the Au*- ti im) *4in-Itif' in i. 11nif ii#*im, Moreover, the chats of th* piivate famine* have no connection with the chef* of til#, official c*tahli.*hincut*. The cultgary egpositiotl was held, but the chefs xx ho refuse to be I* I Hoggs. In addition to their I h> l5e lief xx h . is not a dean of < h.-fs wildly pro, i timing th u the egblbj. I ion wa* not worthy of th# art of the c hef* of th** city and did not accurately represent them. It looks an if there may be a tragedy before it in ended. I'he chef* are holding a me. I-tog ex cry night an i party feeling la running high A chef it must br- *e-mombored, like , <-oa, hm.»n ar, I . butler, tike* rank from hi* employer. Fur tie it from the annhaaagdorial < h* f to mingle xx Btl i ministerial chef, ani far b- it for «h< .lief of the dean of th. diplomat) . orp* to follow the . hef of one further down the line. - * - Railroad rate bill amenities:    "I    in troduce thin amendment.” said ken.Hor let Follett# so rn) colleague fNeni-tor .Spooner) may hive an opportunity to lay it on the table?* I will explain this to the senator from s.,uth Carotins (THIman)?' said Sen nor Aidtu h "although it is very difficult to explain anything to fit hts I comprehension," 6#nator linger introduced an Bpprovlng of the auggcHtion ggiendment to the rate bill. It referr- _ by the interetat# ommlshson md was entirely forma. Senator Forager came In. He ha t not heard anything. "Mr President " he ftaid. "I don't know what tills amendment is or who introduced ti but it should not go in lh. bill,” •a# I There was much curiosity ut lh,--nsus enumerator assigned to a fashionable r.-sl- ! Capital at.out the statement the presiders district counted Ju*t on# . hild during an entire working day. and 4rnt w    t«    Senator    Allison resigned her job a# unremunerative, having earned the sum of on# rem. SuchVitatem^nrteen^Mnt1 tTflanltSr Another Illustration of bow "Hod move* in a myHirrlous way. His wonder* ta i AUIaon,” Homebody asgg.j .sen itor Tili-parform" Th* butterflies of fashion, which ar- of no use to the world, are j ^ The cuckoo, tell him he baa it » not handed down u> other generations.    i Senator Tillman replied "but be •hasn’t see)) it yet." Wt . I X Loudon* olu t **!> Pure- pure. I * Wu-*» the ut tined c arc s in th* bet lug ai cl ma kl HK of OUSyrups am all nth* r r**qul that an- u •d at co r Foun aloTh*- result Im no InSoda Water cant ire tad in t than 111.11 r veil at cur foun W ! ll I! ep bel. quip stock everythin) to a | effect ly pharmacy. The Alvarado Pharmacy ll Bn First I A Co., I'ropriet <r •ct and Hold Ave WE HAVE FOR SALE A few Mila 11 rancho*, ranging from three to ten lure* eneh; all tiiuler (llleli and under high state of eultl-vat Ion. \l-«». desirable lot- Iii tile different addition*. to tin* oily. We have several -mall em (ages. well in, for -ale on reu-oiiuhle I* rill*. Colo. Phon*. Black 144 Knightsof Columbus \ I' I i: \ i I o \ low BAM -S To M W ll NA I N (I ONN.) WD ICI . I I BN I ieket- on -.d. .lune I 2. 8 aud I. Bate. S08 US. Baldridge’s is the Place ; ♦ ! • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ a J 60ft HOUTH FI BS I' S i BI T T. FOR LUMBER, SHINGLES, AXD LATIL A LARGE stock of Window!, Doors, Faints, Oils, Brushes, Cement, Building Paper, etc., always on hand. J. e. BALDRIDGE ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ALBI (JI FltgPF, NEW MFAICO ♦ I .ill al Hi-Let oil Uh* tor full | ut ct ii ii la i- T. F. Pl BHY, \yenl A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX Is a imii*-**!!) unit Hie eo*t in sinull. We have them. Firat .National Bank THOS. F, KELEHER o. & r. g. system 14‘ullM‘r, Harm —, saddle*. Lap Dust. er-, W hip*, Vide Oils, Etc. Feists, Oils ae! Vwelshes Palmetto Rn**# Paint Ina ta P!p« Tran nod Ho pa Locka. Ca all Paid for Bidi** and fVlta. 60(1 WBiT BA lf. BO AD AV KNITS TH* >ME xx ho realise surrounding country *m-h ways and me nos to put v never failing .vat r eupp and th# only qu< ntion I*. at Importance to Albuquerque of    having    the l"d up.    should gi\> some thought to    th*’    devising of * u#r on our valley lands. Ther# i* an abundant and ly in the earth, only a few feet beneath the Hurtle t. how to rata* it/ a* #»w>n aa xx.- can settle that question in a prs. t.-ui and piacti.wble manner, we can show ,t thousand competent and thrifty vegetable forgoers where they can make good bom* a and good tnenme* on land* within convenient reach of the .tty, by rata tag certain article*. mu. h as onions, celery and aRj-uragu*. fur shipment abroad- articles which this section will produce In greater quantity and of better quality, than any    other    spot    on    the    American    . ontluent. That is claiming a    good deal,    but not    too    much,    (liven    the water, the country will make good. THK editor of the Raton Range writes u* recently mad/ by tim Journal ,n favor of a meeting of the newspaper nan ole ,f1 lo keeping ai    ,    .    j,    .    .    Mitt    rn    u*.!    **    i    *»    I    .. of th« territory, to    the reorganisation of th#* New M^sho pr#rn assoil« atlon, or tin grgaBlaattait of an editorial assoc lation of some nature. Now tat us hear from th** rest of the territorial paper# on th# subject, Every other lino of business finds itself benefitted by organization, and why not th" newspaper business ’ A CHB AHO school Mens C' a n v a s Sh oes find Oxfords I lit iij»|*ts are cut from a .-j)!t'ticli<I *jii tiny of dark tTray canvas th wear. T are nia«ie leather, (limn wi<! swing c/i) low the for ccm»f( art hi your arui ch f »r ans with |> feet, a-t<> tilt I ti f.-»t ll W ill glvt Ic it - nj ie s. lies and heels • a fir-t clifts ^/le rile t*>e- are rut ? w itll a sjigiit ilie out>i(lt' lo a1 es euoiigii room rt. ( lose fitting ut ankle t.» keep from 'lipping up I, An ideal shoe Iv who is ti >uh!ed I firing or hurtling (Hows free pa-sage dr. I ’rice, only Si.50 Last hound 11: OO a. m. 12.61 p. m. 1:11 p. m. 3 00 p. m 4:02 p. rn. 4 32 p. rn. 6:46 p. rn. 8:30 p. in. I.OO a. rn 4 36 a. rn. 7:S0 a. rn. , Ka ma Fe Krum-ti—Lf feet lo* lK-«-cinlH*r IO, 190ft, ETATIONM • Le.............. Hants    Fe    .......... • Lv............. Espanola ........ • I.v  ........Embudo  ....... • Lv.............. Bara lira  ...... • Lv.............. Hervllleta ......... • Lr  ......Ti»*s    1‘iedraa....... • Lv  ........Antonito ... • Lv..............Alamosa .... • Lv, pueblo •Lv.......... Colorado    Springs...... • Ar......... Denver.......... C muni tions—At Antonito for Durango, Idilverton and Intermediate polola. At Al cmosu for »K fiver, Bu. blo and intermedia!# poln ra.a either the standard gauge line xii La Veta !*«*- or th* narrow g *u«e line* via Kalida, making th# iio tint* .gh tip Biniou- Itoyul (»c»rge, also for •    Ar. •    Lv. .Lv. .Lv. . Lv., Lv. Lv. Lv. .Lv. . Lv., Lv., Westbound . I 89 p. rn . 1:28 p. at .12 St 9. rn .11:16 p. .10:28 p. IO OO p. . 8 to p. . 0:40 a. • 11:06 p. . 0:40 p. . 7:00 p. rn AI huq im* roue by tit# * Fit lei! >- ( “inflan » entire tup in dayiigbi and i »* cli poitili cen Creed* blatch. Tralna stop at Bmbuda tor dinner where good meals are served. B. A Dcnx. r    \    n    H\||M    y,    s.,„u    $,*.    S.    lf. s h ||<MHM It. ti Your Friends Back East Might cl-cid# to R* tile along the lf they knew mort* about your in ighboi hood. Bend u* a list of their nam** and a idreiM. * We will mail to th* m our dose rf pupa land lit* r-alure Why not w»rk togctiier In thin matt* r. It c.niy cunU you a postal card. Addr* aa, fu neral Cob xii/ut Ion Agent A. r. A ti. F. Ry., Railway Exchange, Chicago Communication Made Easy Between flu* threat -out I. xx .st and Kansas City, Kl. Is/ula, Otlcwgu. ami all poiuta North aud Faust by tim Kl    Southwcatcrn System Rock Island Syitcm Shortest, guhkcwt, therelure tim Heat. Tim truly way with two through trains dally, carri lug Standard aud Touri#t slec|M*ra, Ob-•M-reaiion Dining ( ara, ( hair Far* ami I ••ado** Our any trip. any. win re. any time—TAAL THE SOI I JI W KHTEItN. Tor Full Particular* tee guy Agent or Addr#** GARNETT KING    V. R. STILES (iencral Agent    Gen    Rim    Arest El PAN), TKA KH    ^

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