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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 21, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 21, 102xalbuquerque morning journal household hints it mba Moh to Emi nil hint urea k fast slowed Apricot a a <1 Prim Oatmeal with Cream who what Toast Eileen coff # Lanham Matron urn a la with Chick i i rink radishes of i i mid flutter strawberries milk Limner spiced in a k it i ii Ami ital pineapple Cai Al h scalloped i Statora with it air in Roan Hollan Daise it raking Potym biscuit j Rte few if in adding or % to theater today Poland s pianist statesman makes new Fortune on u. S. Concert Toub Quot lifer the i i to r Ink find lilt of a a Ike Quot new boning Ami it full the i until i ii i purr Ai a of Rottet m tin Iii a our Jar it of by a1 a a a to irn i Lweln ally Tod last tim in irk to Fawn no Florence Vidor to tit r Atar Law i pen tin Titius cd. Quot spook a Quot a a Tho i i lilies of Cui kit Iii Al to i fluff pud Iii the i a it a p Dukat if i i it Mil of to 11 to Sun will rat tonight Ion % j i Quot if Rwm itt to rendered it ii re try in and Ili old he Relod. The Dismou m my ii Macaroni timbale two it tipi minced Chicken or other leftover men two egg time Roost or win or Tomato my Molson Chick Ell j with Mort add eggs beaten i inn Well lift Mold with rolled j or Aroni fill with meat cover i with Macaroni and Iima for on j hour. Turn nut and Servo with i Whit or Tomato an to. It died raked Mius i ii Abib a lace i of Ham olm and on half to two. Inch thick wholly i to up one half lip vinegar one a half cup water two Teaspoon. Mustard. One Forth cup Brown Lurer Ktuk the Clove into tic i Ham. Put Ham in baking Pant and fat i ankle with one of Elf the sugar. Mix remaining sugar with x in Gar water Ami uni retard. Pout a Liq Iid mixture Over Bam and Bai 1 in moderate oven on to Anil hour Baa tink frequently a with the roue. Place of Pitt r and Garnah with all4# of conned it j in Apple Ami Parsley. F Beal loped potato with pm Mien to a butter a Beking tile 11 and i put in a Laver of thinly ail cd of i in Pitkin Adown Ming Clivert if int a Coho Mil i re Tomate a the i i with Kaths Rene mild be the Atar la to i lated today tor la la a Ltd a repeating Quot take v our j Ltd to of Quot a my with i a in i in than i theater the in to. In w a ii to a to Ftp i Quot peat go a is All a i Quot to coma a pictures. Til i to it Vii n a Iii i Ltd a. I if i Ria 11 Riri i 1>. I till to re and a it it plot proaen1 dusk t to the # i n r or i i 4 a % my in con he a flare lied at ? ii no i 8 the fit it Toft the last t in Thi Iff in a la the m it to in a orc of 0 g Man it no the to am in mime xxx of Ian of p i f ult a a tilt r will it in prec i Nitro Paderewski and mar. Paderewski a they a fled far kempt. Hunt i. Of Emir Quot Jour h a bad has ample grounds for divorce if a has forgiven you and want both you and the baby a la Moat generous. Is a mrs. In v. If i thank von an much for your letter so f lit of kindness and helpful suggestions j the boy lives in a Small Iowa a j great distance fro her and therefor tour Sugam lofts gob a nod to worked pm. Ass deaf mrs. Tho pm on is bobbed a air in attle. q. Tits or ire for 5 Ball bes passed bul it i �t111 widely Wert. J and in Good walkout Omarine workers Calleo off b l a1 aet May tales it tin Gilp g t it the Sfetkof Tho it. Artna t ran sport worker Branch of the Industrial worker of the t to rid at to Angel Harbor w.,s i. Sirs i tonight Fem Tho interns. Etc Nal he a Usi tars of the or Gaa i Cattan in new Fork the see was ea<1 at a meet cd of la Longshoreman . Piana made for an Effort to regain lust jobs. Official of he snip Aimara is action of the Pacific const w to 1 brought men Frow other Rit Lea to replace the strikers Etc enter announced they would not employ St v More of Tbs f. A it 1 i a any of Branchi. They our so restoration of Normal Quot or Litten a w new ago the police said tile believed few Quot than a Quot members of the Quot i to. A remained Unar rested Hith Shrike wee called april to. When Abe was married recently to Clarence hairier in c bleats. Ii a Florence Maine wore a put of cot ii Pic buy a our by it in i and v the list git the Young Man forgot designing woman a a Het in . He fell ii a a la orig in love Marjorie w i a it refused to him a Quot cause of strangely that Ignace Paderewski Faraola pol Ltd pianist and Eta teem in in partly recuperated the Fortune he sacrificed in i Effort to Lead Poland.,.�?zw�?zv9. To a firm footing is indicated by the a element that the u. S. Concert b Idaj Gowan a Quot a a tour which he recently completed better him $400,000. He sailed re England i to ardently for Poland with mute. Paderewski to real it for another Amor <0. Lean tour. Paderewski threw Hie personal Fortune into the cat whets named Premier of his country after the Arar. A a Ai Sec a car r filch by a Puritan wife by intr pm in a Knop sub id 1m a i Rin. I Hai ii its Ann Peabody a new England sit in a i cled he k a it bin a a #1 a Ria rancher Ned nod i &Quot-1 u the Quot letter i i be i i Filiti. I a i a nu1. V a its the Iii so ran t pleasant rut a fora is in # Vul rub in h i Ann. Tele Ann it d n of i Utun in and another life. I it vis a roof i in. And he informed his Dud it to via a going to the Devil. Light Way dad reminded alar in of be broken Groin Lee. The used then that her Only Chance a with a bet so tie posed a woman of la Botts # Tver a it Quot Weir. Dark hours in a i a life but a Dawn follows a so dbl happiness Fitow a suffering to j Quot urn re r for Ber Serif ice a v i vol of Wair known player veg miss Vidor leading support k Mulhall. Particularly a. In Cir f r Bis acting in turn High i is leading nmn. I a pet or to Urke Tran at it Yak a. Tames Neil no Ltd son and Lydia knot heart and Home problems hymns. Al if. A Beth to Musolf ladies let Cuti Cura keep your skin i fresh a i a a Fol till widow i n nit it i f the Thompson f am in wait the Man Yon love May prow it a \. I no Twenty-1 a Laupp ointment you ars cer a and a Mother of i Tazioly inf Tuat d with him a i i. I Ani lieu Al resent hut if you give yourself time yet a May find that your a i pc irs ago i met a Eft re for him la a flurry and not in act. He is go do i it it ave. I would not it Daviro v on to rum r re to Iii a i could but f Roll pc till id Tili the Man v i at by. On a the k where is injured. Be hush not a Bow thine pie Alc. Ira a poo Ann Fella Over it Hon ,1 f ii it la c an perhaps it la to i or to mix bit it i huh ii whim Riis in a Iii l l a a a \ i i t he for thrills laugh Quot it. Fugit a ill a the Jas Irving Man could Dot ,. Quot disagreement a r d a v a Are friends it nil a go i Antt. Hgt a i love with All no Hekt ves fast Scio Katerm i b lids or Xix it b or Iii b i her n suit id it led t i and quickly id dear an t he i a ays a1 r a Mon if i Quot is. To k i had worn in need i r a chair tis closet i t Tir f f bid cd g at t d and fresh swing that car Lea Forward with one another. Three soldiers to i to Mot a 11, think ii peace. Hut in Tbs thy find hot Tut Ift to not love because your in Olive is so mrm by selfish. You Are considering the and Tartus for your a a Gilldren and the r a a ? the ii j on do not love the Man Doss not seem to enter into the Silin. It would be most unfair for Yon to marry without lose in order to make life easier for your. M it and the children. You have nod the worn to be m role d this Quot Maothi j managed so far and can go on Mno. It Quot i in for by n i it will take m awhile longer until you of Quot Ltd Mot a tonal it. Nil of to. Kin. It a r it. Ii surely that i it urn a me j repeated Alme a sing a f in i in. A for the i letter. It would certainly in a f t Neh it a is rat Edv but i i i not be fair to marry the Manju a a v i ii my it Kiml to it in Xet dbl not love and nourish in you it of it than very jealous Hist Dos Are a ill heart a deep love for Tome on of she acts i against in Quot i Don t think they i Alen. K Sam it a it a Mir rom to and vet thee i. Thompson i am a Nan. I fell in love with Aid had a a Quot or Little i to you think be a keep this baby or my i know it w us wrong to Fox a another Man but i coaids not help it. Do Fop think be xviii Ever care for met1 pome to toe tip to Good to in and sometimes j Hist. To Ria do i a. Via and your husband have a right to baby i doubt of the other Man will Ever care for you of he had loved you unselfishly you would never had had the baby it was is if till and wrong of the part of both of you to deceive your a a j if that sets a High car Quot of a in in its me and yet they <1 fur Ber support be such Capa Ling cast. No 1�> ref by mean things j dear mrs i a Quot play a Tik it if me no a it by Quot iks my heat. I married woe h ill the . London i now he xxx in in ii Valt Twink a a another Mal tilt a Mots to cd Mila 1 for xxx get married v a Loti t Ami on by him. Arditi to i ,.lmilt i a car xxx. A tiling t a it Ltd a right to i Davie net Vidor Pimp i am a Xii s hard to give Bim husband i a 7, her incr up Ling Olio a lists or. Lid w and i to the Quot other for my it Huch e them a 1 not tour lately by tit f1 Ltd Tho Doc vis j u be know wire As thin Tito xxx la i. He a a tonal Aru to ithe it ctr Quot us Point of drams to Graphy has s d Ubon he at Idle to it also after la of xxx there i to find Little wintry Quot Oma n in lie r t n cd i a ii i re excl temp St Quot ii Rug did it i pm Tibia ted on better hoi must i for i love please 1 give us the pres these Las it to a i in ten la no what i should do. Tit it k in it Kaht 11d. For i % any one time help blam. If special demonstration this week of from the Stem my ii i nil 11 Beauty Dom a Quot a i. It t b i a she begs Day Quot i v. There s i tan i tit by return mall Abe must get away e the letter was dated before Dick had gone to Tow it was Pearly three weeks sine a had been sent Ann dropped a crumpled a ii into h chair. What Di-1 it in it a then there flashed Over h r in Quot to. By that look on i ick s face tha l<ti7.r.led look. As if he were try i to to remember something. Rut Box did a Quot Happy i get the Quot i for la xxx instead of its he no a elixir a a i i pish could a i rec xxx 11 until i tax he cd me in for h-1 Noom Luy Mun Hance to ask. Then so asked quietly ability full not Sruti i i rot Hilt min Chi to i a i Musi n i at Iii non it to i it cd rial in. I rawt1mi me. Urn no to i of. Ii an All Star supporting cast a it anti. Pear w Ith Johnny Walker in his i i can t1 get cutest starring production a eth a a in fourth musketeer Quot adapted from urn to it d w fixer s Xxiii known Story j in apron strings and ail Bhat Jot the Sam name which Drew out i i May xxx a but i cant Large crowds it the shown yester l Day and a which being repeated cd Vns x a. Ann had tried today at Tho pastime theater. Knowledge it even to her among those who up Pear in this it a air. He had f it it. I splendid drama of modern to tits xxx a knee that j Iii Atte and a it Dalry a id Quot Hon. Play round xxx us r. I a William Scott Edith York Edmunds. Give Lur the Corgi i one James Methem to tempt him. His in-1 Laddie a ribbon and hat Lester to say Quot nor that Day j William Kerrigan Howard do but with lies that trembled a had taken her it san Bema Quot a Quot Quot Quot i Quot the fourth musketeer 1 Quot Dick when did x on get this Lino rho had mods him forge to Stich is on of til biggest f. Ii letter a and Laid it Liefer him. Jit Quot Quot a a in it Idns to Sav re productions of the a in. Quot that s xxx hat i Remen it v when ii x int i to re a a Berk Quot he said Flushing Quot i xxx tax Amanda a. Newton grand Iii the Post office and the Post Quot Yon win drink and forget Quot be laughter if the first commissioner master Pax a it to me said it had j too often Dick xxx Hen you do l is come in on the mall that j remember that there comes a time you get it by delivery \ xxx Hen even a wife who loves Cali util the next do v. In a awfully i i Ltd forgive i am afraid of you sorry i forgot Ann is it any thing a. Quot read then Quot what must a Onecca i i they Thinh of suppose Mother should die and i never Ace Ber Virnin and she might he a Bec a i xxx re that she Bud tit or with us f a two months a and seen the baby and Quot Silt burst into a very tempest of sub and tears. Quot done Tann. Done to dear it Hick afraid in v Jack Quot nonsense the in is after t. In wit 11 that he i to no i f a Gri culture xxx models of Appl to be compared Xith Timple of fruit in by a a let to the a Quot i arts Tut of agriculture to for Mars. By to Paw til in i a xxii old Hor Ain i be cont Cal ii led x in a i co i cupa to a Iti Wigton 4 9 per Cor ii Ai d i gag ii in g hair often ruined by careless washing household logo amp tons 35 soap should be used very carefully of you xxx int to he Quot ii your hair looking its Best. Many soaps ten Ami Maiti to remove Tea or Coffee Al a a of Long it Tho spots with cold water cover xxi the Gly a _ Cerin and a Quot i stand two or thru Quot and prepared shampoos contains Irp it So with cold xxx a Tov and too much from Alkali. This dries j p a re soap Tho ii i i t to Akos Tho hair Brittle j and ruins it. Tho lest tiling fat a Quot a a in use is Multi fled Coconut Oil shampoo i a Rulch in pure and Grea Soleast and is bettor than anything a Iso in a rot of in Greys the great american sweetmeat Teeth were Given to Man to use. Like our Muscles they need exercise and plenty of it. Wrigley a provides pleasant action for your Teeth also the soft turn penetrates the crevices and cleanses them. Aids digestion by increasing the flow of saliva which your stomach needs. Use Wrigley a after every meal i a Al Iii swim a a a a a my m m special to women see How Rauch better you will feel. Mun i x i comi a i in it blk v Quot offered wit ii severe headache backache and pain in my i Quot is end under my a a Hoider b and. My kid nays and bladder were in bad Cor Clit in j <1 no x a and Felt tired and worn out. Walking made p o Short of big Iti Ewy morning my f in and hand were bloated. Medicine fall i hip toy comic ton anti Dor a b-1 Vised att operation w rites a ac.%. Nett on in. Eta. Quot i Quot it i lately i Road about Foley kid Rte. Pills tried them and Relief. Sold . By a mum Pupil a i and refer flt r what i Anvi Toto x full i r a lip Iii simply moisten the a a if c a i -1 i to if if of an abundance of Rich lather which tin a out moving every it a Tecl it ills with j make i Cream i easily i t dust j Iii Jour a Hen p or bid ii dinner a it i Xiii Hax e o 1 a the Mort a conc Mlcak germicidal of ail on the perfect gum is to a under Condit Tant of absolute Cleam a mess from for materials tomes to Roe it it notary it to off be 1 f u bet. Mark it rom lookers if you have r rocking Char in a a medicinal Antiseptic for Ilert Dandruff and excess Oil they or Home that in Law. Occupied douches in treating Catarrh. Inflame intr it Rig i itly and Averil and a v a person a who rocks incessantly mation o Pic it on of nose. A Lea i j tim Scalp soft and the a 1 causes ugly Marks on your Throat t of j. At on used by feminine hair Fin Quot and sulky Bright his-1 varnished floor turn the Rocker jus it be no equal. For ten years t fluff Wavy and easy to t Psid Down some night and a 5 Tho Lydia in Pink him medic in. To. Lua late pm a a a trip off it to the under i in it re corny tided a Axtle in their you can get mollified Side of the re a Kors by Means of private correspondence with worn a. Sirin a Rio it any Den stove a Little St in it Xxiii dry by morn in it Shettl proves its superiority. Or to i g and your a mrry v ill by Over Vor in who have been cured say it a Cpl Phi a x a our. J and t von Truh Quot _ a rat is xxx in in Ohl. At \ soluble Antiseptic powder to be dissolved in water As needed. K Unerv a Catsup Corona Macaroni Corona Spaghetti Corona Vermicelli Corona egg noodles and Napoli sauce for Spaghetti Etc come in and taste these thing learn How to pre pare them and make comparisons. Mew fit Goa in a Wear to aft rid if in where a is. Amp he Greet Stamps add to your savings. It costs no More to buy a Kelly to then you can put a set of f w tires on your car and run them from one year s end to the other without having to think about them you Are getting pretty nearly a Hundred per cent service. That a the kind of service that has won Kelly Springfield tires their reputation. Foe Sale wherever you see this sign some record ten consecutive years Selling Kelly tires we believe this to be the record for Tho Southwest i e. Bliss phone 823 fifth and centred

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