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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 21, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Al right in a striking painting of Quot an Apache Quern,0 the Model wan mile Vanille. A Beautiful parisian in the Centre is a topical a ache and an Apache / firl a / painted by the French artial / la Lig of the fierce band who sometimes strangled victims with her own hands marries one of her reformed subjects and finds lure of respectable _ Home far greater than excitement of crime How the War changed Many desperate criminals into Law abiding workers when Aba staged the scenario and took Tho leading part herself she did it with an unwavering nerve that might have been devoted to n better purpose but never to better effect until Well it has already been Ald that an Apache Queen v it is efficient modern has one weak spot and it is As vulnerable a re Mitial of Paris is in As the Heel of Achilles. A it Jug. In the Days of to c Story that is sifting through Paris Kow there is crime in tails of course. J Arl i n Greit City. Put it la not the f Irttie malicious crime crime for crime s Sake that it was when the apaches were the a icons element to Allied crime the present it Lous and it is Coroner \ ,. To or he was impel now t ils How it happened How the cold at the extreme right is a picture of Apache dancing. They have always been noted for their wild More or loss brutal dancing Bere the photographer has caught a pair of them in a tense moment. Visitors to a self recently have been mystified by the gradual disappearance of the apaches those once famous figure la the underworld. Many explanations have been Given by those who # pretend to know but it is just now that Paris has Learned what has become of the woman a Mere slip of a woman without and while she was former denizens of the Catacomb. Power other than her personality could in tins Hospital she a magistrate asked a former Apache to the absolute Monarch of a Empire of met a Soldier a Poilu who had been called from a Cobber shop. A lips and villain.-. And it i. A matter of who Lay pathetically where the police found him diligently at fart let he Yvette this dark eyed helpless upon a hard work it honest labor to testify in a Crim of the underworld this Little Lithe Hospital bulk. She Aal hearing. The magistrate like Many particularly pretty childlike Perron was had know him berbers was curious. A Why Don t you know 1 returned the sex apaches one who had been a dangerous enemy of the Pollee before the War Quot Yvette got married a that s i e whole Elen to the magistrate and the police this was a cryptic reply vet they v Ere soon to 1< Aru that it was indeed an epitome of Tho a whole a Lew Days later the same magistrate had before him another former Apache this on a prisoner however charged with an especially bold Bauk robbery. It was not one of the Pasual crimes of apaches but a carefully the powerful Queen of the Paris cutthroats. Lier word was Law. Slip is no longer the Queen of the Paris underworld rile was near ousted not that. The loyalty of the apaches to her was astonishing. She voluntarily relinquished Lier a a throne to become the wife of a moderately Well Tutu ated Mechanic who had been one of her Apache leaders until a Little while before the War came. Ile bad been her Lover in Apache Days and to w her Lover now. She gave up the Glamour that Hail surrounded her life from her childhood in favor of a staid circumspect family life and wife Hood Aud Yvette is Happy. Without a Queen without an effective Flea the fact ret tins thai the Apache is fell to the lot of Yvette there were times spot. She was mute Helper. Netter rapture by the poll e than the relentless Justice of the gang. Hands up. Police thin was what happened next. I lie Queen saw red and Slit fired me times and was taken prisoner along with to t it it of tile gang. Hut Ile gory a a caped. He left 1�?Taris and to took a Job at is old Trade a a a Mechanic in Rouen. War came and Degory left with marching men. Eventually Yvette was released. Never ii All Lier career of desperado raiding were they Able to Nail Hor with a conviction and Yon an t jail a woman for evil influence. Tho judge in the police court a thinking All this Over and he began to under stand. Ii a tin in Tor a that of Tho Cobbler and that of the modern Bandit who Iliad come to the Pollee court. They were All going Forward progressing be Capo this is Day of Progress whether it in to something better or worse Yvette had gone Lier a Beau r a of the weak aes that a actually Good Liest and Tatoo the criminal hide of Lier was nothing More than a keen mind and an uncured love of excitement. I he Bandit bad gone another Way he cause he a born a criminal with no such flaw As a heart rut he had progressed Ull the same. Ile a no or. Pc Rad. Killing for the fun of it but an Eris it Lent Busine a Man w to knew his Trade and had every device thai Modem is sen. E Ivr then in a manner of comparison he was an artist in this new epoch he i a scientist. Yva tic came into Fame when the Power of the apaches was at it Beirut the same Type As the woman who began it All it lout Twenty years ago a Tan ii zing woman with a look n the oui. Level g Ray. Ca that a r o v e ii e n to to Hie death i she looked on i and self pus d and trailing and calculating Yvette a finally touched in the one woo place in her strange t Ake tip a Cha do Nae de Bon chances the. I lied Ber. Because she always brought Fortunet it it the enter part of the underworld and none at All to those of Tho Pari police she would say that in the a d she brought the Only real Luck in the world to herself and that turned out to be the one flawless pot and was what saved her no some of Tho other Obi apaches would understand what rho meant. Tho Story has told much More than few facts about what happened to Yvette h North ing deep my psychology a1, explaining with it what is becoming of Tho Apache. Began with Joy ride and jewelry Holdup i in w Hole adventure began Uke a reek la s Fuy ride la a stolen automobile but As a fact it Wax quite otherwise. There were five brutish Square Jawed Juare thou Ousby. Siren dared men and a Blip of a girl Black de and m i Douzas Ute agent except the moments in in when they Are too much in love. U St one bad Likness to weigh i gain St their in builder advantages. The heart is july thin aired Alert with something electric make his ventures fac the. Lie take is Chance not for a few franc but for a few thousand or million. Modern Bandit game matter of fact business the modern desperado Busine is Noth ing like the old. The Black band that Vou than t about her movements Aud something i be in her face despite the company she was in and the errand the was on. As it afterwards developed. They went Joy Riding toward Versailles but on a matter that was strictly business and carefully planned by the Black Bairn girl. The car turned twice around the Block la working in Paris has no resemblance to at hurts nes and Drew up in front of the the apaches it oth a Days. There Arule a Duval jewelry store. Like a Flash the or a Ula crimes and less spectacular plate Glass window Cra hed with a blow Ira to Quot Tome one has of Tocar s a Jack a Aud three tray had trials than via led in tilt time of the Apache courts when the desperado was dealt with summarily by the members of crime. It is too much like of work. But Queens or any other kind a sort Are As planned and executed scientific crime. The and inspiring Leader the apaches Are no Apache too was nut dressed in the pie longer apaches. There is no vestige re costume so familiar to the visitors to the catacombs but in neat modish clothes. The magistrate informed As to his identity him the question. A can j of Tell me what has become of a our old associates they do not seem to be so numerous or a we took our Cue from Yvette the Queen she left us and settled Down you know a was the reply just As cryptic it teemed As the other. Murderous underworld Queen became a sedate Matron the magistrate was curious. He followed mailing of the picturesque terrible criminals of pre War Baris. And it was the War As much As the retirement of Yvette. Apaches rushed to Battle and Many died nobly when the enemy of France threatened Paris and when every available body was needed to Stem Tho tide of the Advance of the German horde out of the catacombs came the apaches by the thousands Rushing headlong to the Battle scene. Aud their work was greatly helpful. Women too responded to the emergency cry and among them was Yvette. During the War it was not unusual to see Beauty 1 of the Apache posted hand to hand into the car. Yvette Bis own Elan. Fore. The Best of by a women. Yvette had was tense her eyes on the watch every perhaps that is Why the Queens Are not Yutte nature went re the tory How where and the sparkle of diamonds stil the urn Type they Don a tied enough of out to him. She loved and he leaved As two men loved the same woman and or tempting her further. And i my in modern they had not loved in their Apache Days. Guni Zed their armies to fight it out with the top tray at the left Quick she Hie Day came for his discharge from the knives Down in the Quarter Des Hallos directed. It was in her hands. Pet her e5senjjaj age or they Are the link with Hospital. He kissed her Good by and rho knew that one a wounded and then have it woe the next Sharp command the Man higher up the Unknow n manager promised her that he would return for her. Stabbed to death in the cab thai carried for my. Duval had rushed s Rean my Hie Rich Barker who must never be be Bim and that the news of the quarrel the alarm from the door. The Bandit did traced he puts up the Money gives every old impulses were gone Umi it. The or inned for. Aid and deals Only with the Queen Beray a Good Hud driven out evil it a a Ltd Quot a it Quot Quot it Quot lab Ali a <orm"1 Quot it t n a a a it a a a Ltd a Quot it a it a it Quot a a s in every Quarter of Paris and Battles went Ward with u sudden Road of . in a Oman t to in 0 lug Apache band on for Wick then Rome one named them were two almost simultaneous reports and do a not know him Ile in shrewd enough apaches. To in veers Vlf dropped wounded in to realize that a woman Hail that one weak half Hie time they forgot their original two places. A a so. Ber heart Aud he finds a Plain a. Cd. I. A a the ear rushed on Ai far a Colombes. Girl when he can for the Quetu Busine grievances and made their attacks on peace Joy older so abandoned it and nothing of Yvette a Type. Ful citizens a decently dressed French r de tranquilly into Paris on the train. The men who belong to Tho band Are As Man to nay nothing of a foreigner had to without even having been on the train different from the old to to a Tho Queen get up his nerve to set foot la a lonely any one who knew Yvette would say that in a Boulevard cafe you will sometimes Street even in Broad Daylight. There was be Gav e a Gay laugh whoa it was All Over sea two perfect yen tie no n waiting for two Street even Iii Nroa a Asugui. And that a Lofter look came into Ber eyes others. Their Heads arc close together a neat trick of these a r is my Loo Ignatis Gay m looked across at Descry. She bending Over i Hilo tissue paper packet which the passerby was Likely to find him was hoeing the week ahead in which he that disappear the moment any one a self suddenly Lassord with a handkerchief would take Lier exquisitely gowned and a Roaches. The second two Are jewelry pulled tight about his Throat while his decked in diamonds to Tho fashionable a a liquidators of the outside. Into took their time in dividing his aerl ates and r �?~5 laurant8 and the Bame us it is a big business Day. Jewellers Stab raptors took their time k i was in Tho eyes of Degory and a Trace of halted in Bouth America especially in Sonal effects la the end they would stick Tje same fineness in Bis features that was Argentina receive regular consignments. Him a few times with their knives by Way in Yvette a and that somehow was out of on the italian Frontier established agents of amusement or to further develop their keeping with Tho accepted Conception of Are known to have recently passed 60.000 a Bandit. Francs Worth across. A capture in mar Tho haul was divided next Day a a room Filles gathered in five business men. An on the Rue Mouffe Tard. The boys made a operation in Brussels closed a so called present to Yvette of some handsome pins commission House. And rings and the rest she took out and but Tho Man higher up still rest in the whee he had gone Yvette began to feel the shackles that Lier old life had bound about her. The Felt the impel. C to return to her leadership of the vicious. But it was a hopeless impulse. The Best had taken Possession of her heart and she was purged of All the old terrible desires she prayed that he too might have been purified by the Fiamos of War that he do gory her Lover might never be urged to return to the catacombs. After the War Degory disappeared. Then. One Day not so Long ago he returned to Lier. He bad taken up his original Trade that of a Mechanic. To had prospered moderately and a a ready to take Yvett Back to Rouen. Then came the strangest phenomenon. The fact that she had deserted the old ugly haunts of wickedness and t rim had a powerful influence Over Tho Paris under Art. There was a gang that Abc Miled in strange haunts East of Hie Boulevard Michel sinister places in the very Shadow his investigations further and then he Ful. High born women Down on their hands world concluded both answers were right and Knees beside servant girls scrubbing corporation Yvette the Beautiful mysterious Yvette floors of hospitals where French soldiers Iez me who had strangled with Lier own hands it Lay wounded. At one of these hospitals in great numb it Wert left without an evil was said half a dozen victims head for list out of the City of Paris a slim dark Genius her by her confederates was the reason. Eyer dark haired Little woman quietly went about Tho mod menial tasks for three years. Noun Ai ked who she was it was no time for curiosity. Her work was of the leis dignified nature. It was Seldom and Only in times of great shorthanded of the pantheon and it was hero in the Kold for 44iooo francs of which she brought ghad0w i. Crime was no longer an organized years just before the War that Yvette Cam. Balt u ,9,500 on account. But a part of the him. It is a new Triumph of a entail ratio he t unction. It had lost it into Lierow ii. She would wait Iii some pri2c never ame up for dvi8lon at All that the Apache Queen is alway Discoli r and the denizens of the catacombs Dank underground Hole with flashing eyes und nobody missed it. As charge of the higher Mann Etc Yvette who As Queen had ruled the underworld As no autocratic Czar Ever had ruled Russia had come out of Tho catacombs Aud was now a Codute Voung Matron w till a husband and a Home. And the impulse that led the crud hut Riess that this Little woman was called Channing Yvette to it Avo the underground upon to assist in Tho nursing of soldiers haunts where silo was wont to sit us she was Yvette Queen of the apaches Many of them had once been honest working Folk like Degory and had remained in the setting of crime Only a a a a cause of the Pell Woven around them by Hie d o lying Rye and Hie terrifically gripping poise of this woman. With Yvette turned respectable these men flocked Back to their old honorable trades. Perhaps considering the situation More Aud burning Cheek unless she was out with them till they came in from Tho big risky play in their game of Chance. It was the intelligence resting in that shapely Fine Little head of hers that planned their jives for them and a magnetic Force in Lier much stronger than their brute strength that made them obey. A id of a patrician Elhiu an exasperated shake of cropped Black curls or Hie stamping of a Dainty loot would Amienee because no Apache Man knows feminism disclosed higher management Degory had planned a Surprise for the a he men do not a a obey her As they did Queen and lie took a few pieces of jewelry Yvette hut they Trust her As a business and disposed of them on Tho sly to a woman and As a woman As they would who worked with the police in not Trust each other. Fortunately. A a fortunately Yvette would talc membership of Lier band changes say no because that is what began All v.0cuy. Of tar Sucre a and the division of the trouble profits each goes his Way and the Queen rho was Only terrified by the treason of a humbles others she goes among trades-1 he Ruan she loved her Apache Lover men adjusters electricians modern men fearful lest the comrades knife him and peking for modern straight Huson a. To spent two Days trying to keep him they would laugh at the idea of a Quot robber Quetu and executioner at trials of her sub surrendering Lier Power Aud Ber Pride for deeply Yvette a. Not entirely responsible any one of the e degenerate looking men info from ii to Bandit comrades before Aho that s for Tho movies and the Jade who had been found wanting and to Frances Saki she had cold blood Day for tin. Exodus from the catacombs to to who came there Auk in cheated hollow found that Tho police were on his troll. Jmst but they listen when Tho Queen surrender herself to Tho spell of a Romance strangled men with Hor own slim hand in open Field of Horn t work. Perhaps the checked alway. Will tile ame dark Star she dared not toll hic boy that they were ays that the Sun might Shiue upon and the her Sovereign Days. She had ordered Ruth former apaches came in Contact with so in Eyer not deep in hic pallid whiteness Ait in danger through Degory and they Quot Here is a proposition. My Hacker will police freely observe was Tho same in less murders and had been Many of them Many people of the outside world disco of their fan. Rho drove them to do scr did no to know what to make of Lier excite stand for it a pulse that had led the one Apache to he executed. But Yvette was changed now. Ered such a spirit of human Fellowship in ate deeds an i Felt no regrets. Rho seduced intent Lier pleading that they go. Separate Yvette belonged to the past. Now she is come an honest Cobbler and the other a she a working her hand to ugliness for their Intercourse with fellow soldiers that innocent victims into the clutches of her quickly. Bah there a no hurry. They were married gone on into the present just inti Fly robber. The soldiers of France. Her heart seemed the coming of peace left them with a new band and laughed about it afterwards. Kidding Lier now. As All the old apaches Are doing by on unquestionably it in strange that e to have been changed by War Outlook on life. Whatever Tho explains planning and waiting were not ail that the Little Queen had found her weak Road or another. Of it it flit. Inc. By Tho n a Vert

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