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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 19, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pig Albuquerque morning journal no May 19. I May 19, a "1 Al mob brother knocks Ott Bunny Leonard beat St. A Lils cards right fielder drops Fly with two on and two Down. Permitting both runners to score. To a of in a v 4 0 Sheker Crew from Santa be to meet Grays a 4 today american Eire Seames both teams have Defeated Belen but ancient City held them scoreless Weiss to pitch. \ to i in i. I i Vii i. at Char a go. A a. N at i oui. York at Pittsburgh delphic Al Cincinnati. V i i a till v n m Aock. Roil to Washington. Tao at Phil Delphi to i at n. W York t xxi.4 at Boston of or Etta to aaa aia i a map 11.-�? an a grrr is sport will melt the Aln w the t w1 hut of no lying a tit the infield Thi a a it i Muth Anci it Flat it a a bet Rny a Hie Teveon. Kaut a f. A i ast b i. \ Toff boys in apis mainly pile up by the a Ore a 6 to it in Albu Purrm i a. Wad the Honda babe Adams is unable to hurl on his birthday reaches finals n Tennis plat Illy the Yeeee Tefera pre or Wilf May of by the a a cited pre�.t-�?m1�a Elisabeth Ryan of California today defeat Elm. Beam let of England in a heir match in the women Aln str of the International hard championship. The Kane of England in the Aemi finals. The expert predict that miss Ryan and mile Lenglen will win their matches and therefor rom together in the Champion Alp round on Tho menus single Mushu. Rumania defeat Watson of Bel glum 6-4, 6-8. 4-6, 6-2, find de Omar of Spain won from a Sellmann of Switzerland 60, 6-16-2. Mishu showed Good form in his match with Watson hut count de Gomar played the heat ten nos of the tournament when he sprit Down Aea Chipmann to defeat. In Noel Alonso la spaniard if still suffering from Tho injury sustained tuesday and 1�# Gomar la now picked by the apart As the probable Winner of the sin Ond set was played in a with the co its heavy Ryan had her chop St Rob drop Chota working a a despite the heavy Cour a it journal want ads bring to a 1 More play than to shave ,. A with a Hei b Stock so Horn by a Flamier. 1 h Mchenry of Heathcote Clai Tam pm. C. a a a a Quot a a a ,,�, a Rke a a w us Ltd of the artist. I i i i i mra Rham Ldoa lightweight May to banding hotter than or know pm to trains his younger brother Joe a it Uke his Pic among. To for Joe show Mach prom and May some Day seek Eta Usu it Broth hold. Abo. Or to. No Broth. Bon in Cal of. J r Barf cot. P of halts. I totals. 88 6 a Tom a fitted for Vance in eighth a a finn for Hurt he a in eighth t. Batted for 1�?Tarfoot in ninth. By innings. _ Rookhum net Nan 6b>�?2 it loom .7.Ion 018 Oak of it summary two Hato hits wheat ans myth. Trier Oiin Myers Vance Nome run Ainsmith. Don to r by Johnston f in fitted. Ciao on off an a. 8, in in no pc. Pert too. 4. Wrack out i y Vance lilt so off vane. 7 in. Irs mags off parties 9 in i off a Maut 2 in 2 off bar toot. None in 0 a. Winning Pitcher a Ane lasing Pitcher Bartlett. The a club 6tandii& saner right fielder who i hat Ting f 4i to far the season in a a j pulled to he one of the Mars on the Quot offence. In addition to Byr it or a i h the War club. 14am is one i the Best Baa runners i hew Medico. Quintans who was Brough Here from Denver is a Catcher willbe switched in second base. He let _ / infielder Sod a heavy hitter Origo. Who had Bren the regular Backstop for the la it two year. Will go Hack to ii my nines he to a Good reviver Sod throws fairly Well. But is not a Roost with the Hickory. Art . The. Portly ports Der is in great for Toni. He game it Belen lest munds was the Hest he has a Rcd in during the two seasons Obi Hatting a been one us features in very Aam this a a in. Report from manager Dan a it la a pro that a Hopes to be accompanied by a in Albuquerque rooter. Ori n crowd Corning from a unique a 1uc run As High As 20# fan. Fat the ass i Ted free re a May it Char a pc Adams hero of the Schurg if it Detroit world # aerie of _ 9 Phi Dean of major league hold Belen run i ism Ball pitch a. Aspect Cir to Cele i or a t # his Fortieth birthday today by taking Fie Mound against i court Tennis _ it Ore a 62, 62. By winning title today i Ryan reached the the match Between mis Ryan Aern or a fit my mrs. Beamish was played in tomorrow miss Ryan Wilt pm a i Der a favor to a wee tiler cordite Borman Belgium and Tion storm broke a the first to Angl a will meet miss my j it was co eluded and the a a my Mil in Adams Watson and Ray will not meet in special race nation la i fac .1 i. W. I ret. By York. .20 n .714 Al i Ani a a a .17 12 .586 put Burgh. In 12 .666 .16 12 .686 Philadelphia. La 14 .440 Brooklyn. 12 in .42�?o Cincinnati. In 18 .41 9 Boston. T in .306 american i i it be. W. I. Ret new York. Is 11 6r6 St. Louie. .19 i 2 of Philadelphia a .15 i 4 .617 Detroit. Irir .60 Boston. 13 14 .4x1 Cleveland. 14 11 .468 Washington. .12 in sit Chicago. La i 3 .37 is Tbs As Quot Tate-1 i Chicago May Watson it Kansas City. Mo., who Defeated foie Ray. Premier muddle distance runner it Fth Illinois athletic club at the Drake relay a a month today declined the invite j i Ion of coach a a Al Aga of the University of Chicago to meet Bay i n a special Msty a race of one mils on May 2t in con action with the interscholastic track meet the University. According to nth let in officials at the University Watson stated Hwa dated to run it Kansas agricultural College where he a f Smarty a student. On that Day Bay accepted. Coach Stags invitation yesterday. I yester Clovis defeats Juke Schiefer hrs Erst tie with it pays to buy Kellys because they give longer mileage and less trouble Money Rcd no allow d i. Of it Lnu a he l a one 1 pad Chili Pye vet in old Loyf in May initiation he knew e asked i Daysi results Shn Engelb by Orient rivals the giant. But a prevent d by rain. The a # hits won 162 game my lost 114 since uht. After fifteen year in the world of baseball the percentage table show to it Adam today stands Forth a one of the by at Mounds nor. In the National league. Hit control still to perfect and the her who go behind to e Bat re and rare w a King to perfection. A yet they Cost no ail \ it Ion vib i i vat Al Louia 6 Brooklyn to let her j to my rain. in la e. A Gattia postponed rain. My tin in Vrkoc Atkin. A Ianul 4 Birmingham. 15. Nashville. To Chattanooga 2. Mobile 7 Memphis. 2-new oilman6 Little Hock. 6. Clovis. N May 16�?Clovis won from k in Angelo in one of the in in it games played Here this season the time Heinie one hour and a no it Light minutes Man Angelo secured Only a a it off Wilkerson who kept them Well scattered. The visitors made run in the first second and fifth innings Baker made two sensational niceties his first on was Craig line drive against i of the a�s��la1ed pres Chicago. May is thy the a of a of 1 preps a a a Young Jake Schaefer toyed with we Ker Coch. Ran to the final Block of their port that toe babe a fast Hall world # championship 18.2 balk Len Bill lard match tonight and retain d i Tilc by to eating Tho voting ice Quot a a a it it. o of i o i Schaefer won tonight a Block uttus fhe score of the final Block by inning follow Cochrane a 0 8 i of 84, 72 0 i re. 21 4 of total. 414. K haefer�?24 to i Biti 31 to. 24. 112 a 41 to 8. It 7�?tot the score of tonight Block Doe. Not Tell the real Story of the Champion # remarkable shooting in the final mock while he did riot c u off any remarkable High runs. No cener Nishop in handling the a brought repented applause Ana Arizona takes Tennis honors from a girls told league. Portland. 8 Sacramento 6. Vernon. 6 san Francisco i. Oakland to l of a Gelea. 4. Seattle 8 sail Lake 6. My tvs in or a a till to left Field Fence Hill won tie there a no doubt his Reli amm time in Tho seventh whop he sin despite rather mediocre wot a died scoring tuck or who had just first two nights sch a for undo doubled. Idly could have need the a score by inning r d k i sooner for he w is. Trout bugs let All go fishing be sure and pack some of Nat s hand mad Trie to life Trout lure. Wrights Indian lid fourth and Glt id. It. A fabric it Cord tubes. I Kant sep si7.k8 1 Black tread look and Bitton red i Kant Blip or grooved tread 30x3 $12.90 $2.15 30x34 14.90 $195 2.70 31x4 24.00 3.35 32x4 27.50 32.75 3.45 33x4 250 33.75 3.60 34x4 29.75 i 34.95 3.70_ o go e. E. Bliss fifth and Central. Phone 823. Ami Rica in association. Toledo Columbus rain. Milwaukee # Kansas City la Minneapolis 7 St. Paul a. Louisville Lindl Anapolle rain. San Angelo. 11 a 61 a fica�?3 6 300 Fox a 4 0 1 batteries Muns and Bob Craton Wilkerson and Ervin. The Ringles honors in woman ter Sis went to the t never try Arlona to com yeat Erdag afternoon when Tho Tucson team Defeated the stat University girl player both Arizona players won an Carey two out of three sets from the new Mexico racketeer. The double match will to Pia Jed at 4 o clock this afternoon. Wll helment Behull of Alzone wasted Clarissa fi-2 and d-4 in the match Between the first k place player and Nina Fannin won. Vui a ver Dorothy Cameron 62 and 6-1 i Clovis 4 in a mat a played simultaneously to a tween Tho to Cemond a i to f or girl compose Tho to Ima in the doubles this a Pernor the Champion Ltd the two uni ver Itie were better matched than _ Tho other pair. In recoil and Stamford Mies i arson played a similar i batteries game principally from the Bat k line hut the Arizona girl took it More calmly. She won clip Fly on placement and the infallibility of her balt Quot a hand stroke. Miss Par it cd s played f Good hard earn. She Wing much Batt r form than in Lier match with miss Cameron for the University championship. Boti set went to three Garnet. A h before the tide turned in taxer of Arizona. Miss a Sebeil gave univ two Points in the a cd wary ice game for the find aet. The a i it Alan won her first Odd played a Long Deuce game for to second tvs St Texas league. Ranger la Sweetwater. I. Score r h Ranger .0 a 8 Sweet water a i 4 2 batteries Crawford and Duck Worth Al Inry and Shaw. Vino Rill a. 5 Abilene s. Score r. D e Amarillo a j Abilene. 3 to 0 batteries Maple and Byers Embrer and Bush Clovis i Hon Angelo s score r r a. San Angelo. A batteries Wilkerson and Ervin mums and Roberta a. Lubbock 7 by Alfard 2. Score r h. La Broek Quot 11 i 6 3 Ort in and Allen Morton and Smith. I Stehn league. Wichita 3 it. Joseph. 7. Ltd Kly i Oma City 3 Turki. 6. Dos Moines 4 Denver. 8. Sioux City 2 it it Rii aha 14. F i1ildbi n in Spring time. Or. C. Osborn. Tsi Ili Laide Bcleveland cd writes Quot my Pond daughter a troubled with a cough for nearly two years Alia took Foley Honey and tar and her cd ugh is now gone. It Loos a nod the phlegm so she could raise it Foley Honey and tar i jut what children should have t r feverish Cinda coughs Quot Snuffy a and tight wheezy breathing. Be sure to get Foley it checks 0 it roup and whooping cough. Too. Bold everywhere. times but he elected to give to it of a no Eiolf thrill near the a by deliberately paving Zeemin it Impo Quot Ihie shot a one spectate said. To teemed to be Mak us ii shots. 1 one be fed Down on one or these and Cochran threat red for a moment with a run of 166. Khaef a now hold unquiet Tom 1 supremacy in the balk line world having defended i title Aga r to Willie Hoppe and Cochran b1 two most formidable opponent. Id Doe not have t play again until full when be meets Roger cont French Champion. The average for the total mat of were Schaefer 38 4-42 31 31-42. For tonight a Haefer 85 ln-�?T4 Cochran. 8111-13. Hijii run tonight Cochran 16> Schaefer. Is. High run for three night Schaefer 202 Cochran 166. A report of Progress my i combined resources of the state National Bank and the state Trust amp savings Bank Albuquerque n. M. Dec. 31,1915, $2,075,748.37 dec. 31,1917, $3,036,244.99 dec. 31, 1919, $4,142,361.12 dec. 31,1921, $4,265,981.15 y a a ,. Jfe lost the next to new Mexico and won her sixth easily several love j game on both old x and few Deuce game marked the Quot match. Miss Fannin Defeated her smaller lighter opponent without much difficulty although the final game in the last act a contested for Over five minute neither player being Able to make the necessary two Points in buc Canion. Hies Mary Mcarthur and Mil Louise Lowber Umpire the games. Smartest $4,975289.86 distinguish our Spring and summer suits we re enthusiastic about the really Fine display of menus clothes at this store. They embody authentic styles Correct finish and Quality fabrics at prices considerably less than you will find elsewhere. $17.50 to $40.00 Young Fellows and older ones too will find Here the exact pattern and High Grade tailoring they have been looking for. Styles and fabrics Are Here in such variety As to please the most discriminating taste. Report of the condition of the state National Bank of Albuquerque n. M. At the close of Busine May 5, 1922 resource Loans and discounts $2,496,653.48 overdrafts. Aaa in u s. Bonds. 212,000.00 Stock Federal Reserve Bank. J. 500.00 banking House furniture and j a Tures Ile,000.00 Cash and sight Exchange. Sir.18.,. 18 report of the condition of state Trust amp savings Bank of Albuquerque n. M. At the close of business May a 1922 resources Loans and discounts 1,�6g, Stock Federal Reserve Bank. 0,400 furniture and fixtures. 4,000. Cash and sight Exchange. Heal estate. ,820. Stocks and Bonds. 1 to Rei pie a of Unn f Ell Fogt Esry i $3,658,338.96 $1,316,950. Buy your Uit Here and have $5.00 to $15.00. Liabilities porn Fol it a Fork $ 200,000.00 capital mock. It a aaa a surplus earned. Undivided profits. Dividends unpaid. Re discounts. Bills payable. Circulation. Deposits. 50,000.00 29,442.63 200.00 99,644.2 4 150,000.00 192,400.00 2,936,652.09 liabilities capital Stock. Surplus. Undivided profits. Due War finance corporation deposits. 100,000. 80,000 8,777. 76,000 1,052,173. Ire Zzz Kab ird it Iasi ish Urt or up re $3,658,338.96 $1,316,950. Atai fors c. Haberdashers a \ mantis it Ciri hts t re at Jabsky a j 114 West Central the Stock of the state Trust amp saving Bank i owned by and held in Trust for the stockholder of the state National Bani a. Kaseman David Farr directors m. K. Wylder t. J. Ross j. B. Herndon Jerre Haggard a m mfrr1tt a in i

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