Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 19 1906, Page 4

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 19, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexicopage porn. THE ftPP.UQUERQue MOENING JOURNAL’. Saturday, May 10, 100a. GRADUATES OF L Pleasing  : Exercises in Elks’Mer. HON. H, B. FERGUSSON TELLS GRADUATES TO “BE READY" IN SLIPPERY places a man's feet sometimes 90 to his head. It's a slippery place 'twixt doubt and decision,when anew pair of shoes are in the wind. < '**mmen« ernent 4-xerclse# of tho At* t‘M<i    High    e«    hool    wert held last night in Elks' theater before a large audience, diplomav being pres* nted to ten young people at the end of the, evening's exercises. The program was opened with the invocation by Dr. J. C. Hollins of the FN 4 Methodist church. Two beautiful numbers were gai n by a ladies* Stuart otto composed of Mesdames. I Harrison, McDonald, Miller and Washburn iii Mrs. Washburn sung ., solo. tin* very beautiful Sunset,” bv Dud- 1 ley Huck. The address of the evening wa* by I Hon. H. H. Ferguson, who spoke from The brier subject. ' lie Heady.*' Mr. » Fersruesoii's charm us a platform speaker, is too wa ll known to need comment. Ids address last night was a thoughtful, simple and \ery earnest ippeai to the young people    to b< ready and thoroughly prepared tot the opportunities of life. rh* presentation of diplomas by Superintendent J. c. 4‘lark of the city si bools closed the program. The High Reboot** graduating exercise* have been Unusually *uccessfut this year, and th* young people, not only of tho graduating Miss, hut ,.f the other 1 lasses as well, are to he congratulate < I upon the su 1 ens of their effot ta. The young people who received *11-jilnm is last night were:    Miss    Ona N* hupp, Miss Jean ll ut* bs. Miss Emma Estell** I ai thy. Miss Vila *}. Blimey, Miss Blanche Isabel Porterfield. Miss Kdnh Walker, Ham Ho K* <, Thorn is I Skinrteri Clarence Rogers. William ii. Wroth. CROSSETT N®S H O MAKES LITES WALK EASY* trade mirk.    “w m The wise man's feet always flo to his head, and the wise man's head always says to his feet, *' Get Crossett*.” lf 1/niir ,U(t rr .lorn ne' keep ,*V*n, we V U * rid anp on ’mn pi of price utth V r addi:v>n+l to pun 'worrit** chorgi LEWIS A. CROSSETT, Inc. NORTH ABINGTON, MASS- rn Hav IT.,!, f the it pre* ating the dlptom Y* to the graduate* Superintendent Clark said; This hour marks the etoile of the commencement season. We have be*'n favored by a eerie* of most pleas* ant occasions covering a period of two creeks Two baccalaureate addresses. two cli .as day exercises, ta., commencement addresses, and many lesser functions have done mu, h to quicken lei bite “••ntfment in it** unquestioned support of public Institution* of It- irn-ing. our young people in whose honor I he*** exercises have been held, have had pointed out to them the highest idea a n hood. Th the jov- if of true mal Of all **ui ce They have b great world Interests, th* uplifting. « oft • ruing attention t< genteel brl*-Miller who math a in < young peop ally enthusl one of rn t Inm. We oecas tim* and rn the edui ,*T. a t.’.oiMi -away on a 1 We ar* for* a \er> few, e** <i| this I that they * A one-time low a, racer going be for* MduCUtoi * ai sit 11* *i<»es ll, III* t i,ISM V , false rat, . a n hood and wombed! reminded of a bor, th* qualities and the essentials thy of th** name. ' in* Oil i ital in this It* multiplicity of l>la«'** for everyone K. rvise of helpful. I lienee. They are the duty of every* • e and till it ac. I*,,ii I 1 rn a* charge ugh Sell ting th* VI 1*. th *•- course, and 800 lim* a t training. Does this answer the j it pay to educate? Forty of our young compu ted the eighth We invite th*'m to ti where they will gain a three times ai* great Ten young people g high school, We <1 the college where ev more than doubl strength, We are not will! our young ladies el less thorough edu young ni«*n. Having vane* sn* *it of civil contend if then ference, let it be In f lady’. lad her tr,«irs and J. ..per* than Hi man. We have less that th** ladle* wit "Ugh schooling than log th** young men. our time* ar** too pi • laliKitlon too soon. Iem on hi* mind Post H u.lleck, on* nent educators of t sent out a questiona manufacturing instill **d States that have 1 w <>1 km*-n—asking \ under this head:    VV cation is best for b< mons testimony of 1 tut Ions was that lh** gives breadth. Tho live works, for inst the training be co! young man who wist mechanical trades wi aration beet if !,.• wll turai study for ma nm assure Mi. Malta* k ti —men who Md Wince I md th*-* of th** . , of thorough train it: cl education is ill* Io the <.nubia 1 in: cud Of VOU. Yon power of no des! ion: Does I ople have grad** course. ii** high school power twenty-they now hove. lu. t#* from our nd them to 1 ar they wdll the present fleeces I. by rn bbl such me* rid of ti was left I likely to the she*1 • Ik. itll markets of th#* country with dly broken by tearing them ig under wagons or through us. through endeavors to get f* irritation of the dirt that 1 the fleece. Such fleeces are become rotted, especially lf ha\** not been dipped In th** ae to encourage th* secretion A fiber of wool is covered I •a that overlap each other to th th* rn from Iff to ! * dm it th ♦ would do. ! hemild r e< *•!' re any ply of yolk iiiit ion th a n our auf secret* •< mi nd t he ad- 1 < ondttlon r lf IIxatioi), vs e WUU bi land the fill enis to 1 ,*• a ny dif- finally .so h id I1v * *r of mg in 6 ti } 'lillsf Fleeces ,*f four cents 1 hi lie 1at of the young otherwise 1 SOIti »r, get bn ,,%■.*■ r, thor- j kit. I )i|*|M aiwe hav You nj ic in I* ll Elf Th** flee* be* ti din,,, .'* slung!* bas down arplng J must b the fie*#, owing ti !* ow e be k k sn* porn th* \\*»*d Sell 1 on u roof. To and to prevent 1st as shingles u a liberal santa this yolk Is th** unthrifty th* .«< ales r!s» so matted and i 1 * * w n as * . ii for three o ■ss than the • general mar And look over our immense stock of Furniture, Crockery, Glassware Kitchenware, Rugs, Draperies, Linoleums, Bedding, Ranges, Pictures, House Furnishings Cash or installment—Easy Payments CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS ALL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS PAYABLE IX ADVANCE PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS. Money to Loan On Furniture. Pianos, Organa. Horses. Wagons and other Chattels: also on salaries and warehouse receipts, as low as Jld.ilO mid aa high na *200.00. Loans are Quickly made ami strictly private. Time: One month to one year given. Goods to remain In your possession. Our rates art* reasonable. Call and see us before borrowing. Steamship ticket* to and from all parts of Hit* world. THE HOUSEHOLD LOAN CO.. Rooms 3 n I 4. Grant Bldg. I1* I VATH < > FE I (’EH. OPEN EVENINGS. ROR VV cm Ital.road Avenue. FOH SALK. NTC** driving horse ACORN STOVES AND RANGES They're Famous. $5 Down, $5 a Month 0. VV. STRONG’S SONS FUR.NITUR.E Corner Second and Copper Avenue ifs of a Call at piano. off I****. MALE HELP WANTED. WANTED- Tailor, all-around man *20.00 per week, steady work. I*'. I-: l*r< tie!, Winslow, Arte. WANTED — Laborers, native and white, and all trades supplied with help on short notice, Also dom* sib* servants. Abraham's Employment «u- fice, 120 \V Silver ave., at Elite i* -ta iii a ut. ’Phone 379. VV XX I lilt Hoi about Iii ,, • belute* at Journal otrice. \\ ANTED—-First-** lass white ira nil nook Abraham's Employm* til ofTic I 20 VS SiKer av** ars old lf WANTED—To bu “ buggy, Must be cheap, road ave. horse Cia E. and Itail- d. Hi Pf The I t k Iffer >r*n In » Ital ter. that ha » dirty o > #*dta for three or >und less in ihe ch the ttaere ,,f vhc-j caned by dipping. •t*Me<! to a fleece x dipping of more th iii ' Till n- I t*p It i them s Of pri reach ai >pv and I ap thri •I ti rough an outbreak * Stomach Trouble- rn- Martin, an old a I resilient of Falser t tv ith stomach ic in six months. Chai and Liver Tablets « ! “I can now eat a I am tile proudest i *1 to nmI such a r< of sale by ai) drugs MEUNUEAKIN WHOLERAUi Liquor ® Cigar Dealers Exclusive A ce a ta for Tri lowborn* arni o i\ c. Whlsklea. Moet A Chain! 'n \V flite Seal tliam-nagne. st. lands A. Ii. C. Holietuhvti and ,1o«. M« filii/ Milwauki e Until***! Beers, anil Owners anil l)l-trihiitera of the Alvarado dub Whisker. Write for our illustrated Catalogue and price Hat. AntornaUe TdmhonR 10V. Salesrooms, ill south First Strict. ALIteui Elton - - NEW MEXICO. Toh & Gradi 1*1 high la. Mis •uble f iberia ii tired h Tything '••man od me* .st De tars In GROCER] KS, l*lto\ I SIONS. RAY. Sa m- ....... . i > i* ■    ,    *4 I hi.* Mn** of liniM*rt«*<l Wines. Elution* and ( tear-. Pine** Your 4 tailers for This lane With i s. 213-23&-2I7 NOK III THIRD STREET BRUNSWICK POOL AND DILLIARD PARLORS The Only First Class Billiard PARLOUS mmmmmmmmemmmm in the City.^ ^ } Nu I Ii*‘lip I aides nr Broken Hall-. Kl T I A I CA THIM. I IKsi « LW*** WD I I’-11 >-|> V I I i. FOR SALK—NTC** driving hor.***-*. 40' John wt _ , FOH KALB Household goo th rec-roo rn house or any part. I I '* N'._Sixth st. _ I FOR KALE Parlor Ora ml I Inquire at I mn bar's real es tau FOK SAH'] Good driving or sud-die hor 707 K. Amo st.    mid I FOR SALE Stock and timber ranch, about 700 acres fenced; SO head cattle, 3 hots*-, wagons, tools and farming Implements; 2 four-room houri s, barn anil large corrals. Only two miles from railroad, adjoining government reservation. Plenty of water. Price only 84,500; easy terms. N. Peach A Co., real estate dealer, 212 West Gold avenue.    in30 FCHI SALE Folding bed. 711 k Third st. _________ ____m21 FOK SALE- Four-room. modern bungalow. 507 X. Twelfth st. ml* FOK KALE All bus in Coronado (dace. t. L. McKnndden. 300 South "’•uadwar. FOR KALE.—Buy a hump on c ist payments. I have two maps. T. L. McBpaddcn, 3on s. Broadway. tr { FDR SALE one gentle family driving mare, one Dlebold safe, S fe *t 0 inches high and 2 feet 5 inches J       nixsMwu• 'aul**. On* d"iibta and on*' single ha* DK. It. L. HUST _ ii*"- Hahn’s real \ rd.    tf    _Room 6-8. N. T. Artmllo Bld*. I Ubercuiosis tr** i t*»«1 with Utah Fr*» I* tnt KALE DK TRADE.- Kail, bes fluency Electrical Current and HerinT from $900 to $2 u.OOO. T. L. McSpad- ell    ta.    Treatrnenls    given    from    M    im    »« den. SOO K. Broadway.    tf    J,    Vi    V1.lined    nurse    in    attendance Moth phones.__ DK. WANTED—lf yru want to oily, .-Ti or exchange anything, talk with K u McSpadden, 100 goath Broadwhv. if WANTED- *;.»..<t wninTui f«*r ;*. 77-• rai housework, must t..* good co #u I-OO E. Railroad avenue.    jj 11 'vnriNiT,:!^~To. •*x‘ h"» nge a gYo I 51.800 business for city property F L. M. Spadden. 800 South Broadway. VV AN TEI A Clean cotton rags ut the Journal office. ~~~~ ■    "^TcVtvr.'''_A l.flKT on llIU (I (.1 the \v*'-iY.V|!i- r* las bridge, block bundle containing di living material and flask Return ‘iv** rpwiinl it aitoiinevh. w. D. BK YAN - " cr*. . A,t'ornVT 11 T**'»W. I*,,, iT. n hir*1 Nllll,,|i'11 hank build* tng. A I bin t ii<*'■■ in. . y \j PHYSICIANS. Mi I la-* FRESH I«»l» \% « ALIFORM \ *-\V I I ' I t ill KRU ''I R 'V' ISI RRD S. Bl V* hit! KIMI s. ' PHII 1 i i s. • ID *-H    1    j ) t| v,( i| s. yl 'I 'I I if s(J| \**||, DRI i v I HILL I re. IIH Mi IN VIK ll <. |;i m I |;a    4    i    * MEN AHD WOMER ('*« I’ . ti t t inuHturnl ■ ».Ir,Ti milii,Iii.,,, MS or «HM»I|U|| **8* I* bi br,. Oma «. **•!    ■    of    Art    no |K*l*»t,*Mb* NeM It, i 1 uikIMi ii finn rn rapper. *    1    'pm    I    tai straight I**m*1 15 Ball I*.«d . Billianl-..... ION • |s*r nu1 • • |n*r cm* |M*r hour VI 1.1 ss VIK ii I . Pron BARNETT BLD6. TIRU I That he,1 r dyi KOK KA LR '‘It TRADE Two rooming hous* s. T. i„ McKnadden. 300 K. Hririiln in . FOR BALE OII TRADE. Arc you interested In mines. I have some raid to Be goo! deals. Tilk with me. T. i. MeSpadden. 300 K. Rr«>ade tv Tf FOR SALE- I Ii i\'* ***iin** g'>o*l \ lines In residence pro) ci ty. See in** befur** you l ay. T. ll McSpadden. 300 ; South Broadway._ F<IR SALE—I    . cottage, Av** rooms and bath. and a I improvements, ('all at 707 South Amo,    tf FOR SM ,K- ■ Sew I n g machine, si i*-boards Room 3, Grant H'tlldiiig. tf Ft>r" SALE—A^fiiBe ranch of ii aer* s, 5 mil* s fr«*m town, with i mil* ii •MIWs, poultry and everything rom* pl* t**; good paying property; «l*-ath la f tniUy reason f**r sidling. Apply It. F, (*, Morning Journal, FOK KALE Knell urug store in small town. T. ll McSpadden, SOO s Broadway.    if piR SALE    See McSpadden, tta* Lr 'hang** Mm, b**for** you buy *n\ -t hi ii 1’ ii' ii *    over 11.000,000 worth *»f hocws, i 1 i    i. mercnatidlse, etc. for fib*. 3oo South Broadway. tf FOR SALE    small stink of mer- • hainl -** at a bargain. T. L. kl* -SoajSder. IOO S ltr*> olwav. FOK SALE Nctv md ***< ond-hand '*«.    _-it \ ll.nom roil** C 'tn ig** Co. Bill HIM • T — V mw I Ii. VV KUTI I 1'hvskian and Surgeon.  A Ibuqurroup. N. M. i^K. J. E. BltONSON_ _ Horn** if itlilc. EhVPU 1 1n and Surgeon Room 17 Whiting Block. I Mi. VV. ti. Mil VI it veil Pro* tic*** Limited lun    .    ,,    ,Ev**t Ewe    Not*. Throat, •f    'me*    1 ifh    1 fUr    S',n! 1 F** a*    . Oft!** »13Vi    **.    Kulrond    av. ut modern bt k D.,i    i« ,t to ij    rpt.,    LSO to t,    p.    on DI N I I s i s. DK. J. F. KUA ET Dental surgeon. noms I, na 0rant Mlock ov^r ‘ o'bt, n Lid** I tay Hood" company. ' '    '    I hone 272; I ,Unroll*. 104. !    I    AL*; HR. D. I*    i ' *s,; ' A• irnllo bloejt. onpoaite Gob, u n    1.ul- • ‘Iti*.    hours, &:**» h    *u.    to '    ; . n' ; 1    20    to    5 p. in.    Auto- ,    ,    , ' !* hone    41,2.    A ''pom! inputs Hi Uh* by Iii til Ult. L. E ERVIN— I »«-utist. 1.    Au,<' I'hon.* CSL Rooms 2C and 3 2. Whit! g block, over ~ l*” Vrnatj| and J.,ml> manii. FDR RE ,> un d. Ai >g h, a-trni PUI K**e fit Si a I***:* It • loll* m.'it Kl oil, hand th** a d to a xt remet Ind. W i*e extr** prom ii iy met a large •I eonten I *'*>U'iI ie*|i, Tori ll* Of UM • I I IO iv dy of Mi Liu* VI a n * i. 1 t«l in Iii **d at Ut Mig), *1 »' Th ..Mil Hi v VV s I ll 1*1*1 Vt. VU N V ^ bi n I it <ji vt 11 v < *i louii Rgnyta i.i* rime Hi- V leo ii mu WOOI nil It* - md KENT Hosiery, per pair Fancy Hosiery 2 pair for 25c I Hrcc pair of Hose for 2Sc E*l irk or tan. th** regular pri*« r pail wax lf* cent*. See ‘em. We Have Begun a Special Sale to Introduce Our Summer Stocks and to Exploit the Low I'rices at Which We Are Seiling Summer Goods Remarkable >1 our PRU \I iran at I. I to give \ I IOX manufa* t s always th •>ativfu*'ii >n TO UNUI* LII Cf, ! livre ii let llsib A cry ar every \\ K l l \\ ICA In* XX v have h HI' .1.1 •cr ti tilt* line jtmwttt DI .si kl*; ^ht all our I v share the >Ul from this TO CALL ihlerwvar in "aviiiu w itll FOR RE Kl Th F J. ll. Room Dirr Auto lib,on I- App urn Iud A. IN HI KENT rulsii* I Broadway • In furnb* 114**1 f**u <>!U iloii*. ; K«'"d ll**lghho! h*'***l it* ■ a 'liable IliiiUile Go ; K \ ri * FOR RENT I‘lea >* int furnhb* intl jut Sir* S. 1 hint st. Ft Mi KENT. Five-room cot tag** *1 I i South I lith -lr*-* t. I    1.1    , i* summer. <'.ill iii 124 S auh Ed iii H* ak* drb . I* * ill . J , . |,*| ft * FOH Count J KENT .•ping. EU Ikiii rd if N ell UC, KEM Ito.ou* it2 I We*. Hall KENT Y'uililYiv I I ; K Broad Wa KENT Uoitack* Houma for 11 pia,1 for h d* Min**!.    ,'»©a light ult linen-lf for in and Ft Ut Ha E Coal ave TOR RENT Tnv* nut sjx-rooni hOU»e '-Mil and 1101 S. I 'ut r** de. * 1 • ii m3 Uh* K*'J *urth four d 11 © VV. :t ttad lilt 001 J! •rn 8 CCC 000, # tri ming ti ag*. Her.- are I),, ti* the ha mis uf    t • if a UK ii J v\ ill gi e There are in th,. ( tutu >wu p**opi* over 4 lf I bt . * HOO 000 ] training. 33,000,11011 r* lino! tt,tining 2. high ac hool training On© ha V* a < oliege ti *|Ue»ttotl it* bow mu came from each cia.* Th*- 5,000.000 with nisneti J) of the 8,000. Tile 33.000.000 with col ing furnished so© of tm The 2.000.000 with high itig furnished I 200 of the Tile I 000,000 w uh coil. fin nighed 6.000 of the s o*) What th.-n arc the concluoions* They are these, md they ar** for, eful argument* that nhould be fixed n„i*.i|, t*lv on the minds of every Noun* per-mitt, The untrained has but one chant?# In 150,000 of attaining distill, Hon ae « factor in the progress of the age. The chances of the common -e houi pupil, the one who has finished the eighth grade of the publi* *• h«**»l, ere four times as gr*-at av the one who has no school training. The higii s* hool graduate ha* twenty-th ret? chances fur success to one of the eighth grails pupil - and eighty-ae yen to one of lh** untrained. A college lr Biting gives nine tim* ** the power of the high bool emir*-* j( 10 time.* Hie power ut the gi age. Bl .1 eaaor VV Jhool ,"'t *t, mon Sh t:* gist* ionly ai e a va ct ay** to 1 Jit*#00.- taal i e th*- * -kin.• .OOM but 1*1 Tbllfl I ha se, t •ifHied. meal fur- cotta IS til* gi ■d fleece. Njof w ool betta r frIOO!- f et ti y to the funa pr< ain- I of a sheep that1 mon ? likely to r,)f Win in gr> alg long, I nm th* may ha a in me i 'he par rn dui patch for th • sheep rubbii the compact vantng* thai at this time i th# tendency ! in spots too 1 th# lice, m Is ‘ to ontinoe 1 wool dot s n jjing In th* f.j of removing eigii matter i cd during th* .it from ariv • su* h annoy, season. lr ta h *r| to rn* isur* the damage that is done to Hp fio-ce .Hone, bi ,v.iv nothing of Ihe IbriG Kf the sheen !»v on **i.(Mig mg dipping in the fall, It is qui . .••mu,*.11 pi sei| gasv .‘beep in His Albuqsergse’s largest Sellers i f (ten's Wear SIMON STERN Tie Avenue Clothier. SUMMAR SUITS In a vast assortment of patterns and styles, showing all the newest ideas from the effete east Regular Business Suits\...............j 8.00 ,Q 5,5 Q0 Fine Business Suits................. ,5 0Q tQ    22 5Q tine Dress Suits....................18.00 to    24.00 Hart, Schaffner & Marx Suits........... 15,00 to    30.00 VIK lllll i is F. VV HI EKC KR—• V. O. WALLINGFORD— r,    Ar*    bite* tx. Room* 40 md *f    Mirnctt Building. - ,    It,Uh 'Phi,.,-. _ *    IVIE I NGIN I .ERS. FA I. VVI ll,', • 1    Engineer. f* -fV i in I J* • building, „ V III Kl will VN,"” I* .K'llN EIDE lf. ***    ~    "•* V* b-t (Harlan. 13 4    1 r! Ii    ,, ,<    ^ • ‘    • la* k 35. RpMidcnCe •ne A ii to 747. ,    • V DI .ll I AK EHN.- liOHDKItX-,    City Undertaker. Black <>r whit** h* at ran, lf*.00. fb.m-Iii4»t ll Club building Auto tHtaph<»n** 316 t' • '.or, to red IID. Albuqu*-rq ti*-! N**w Mcxh ». i „ -v--.    H    VKI    Kl PX IIH KA D. BIEK AND CAKES DE-oyer***! to ai v part *.f the cliv wed-ting ik* M , «p*.. j.11 tv, watiNfactlon Vt '    ‘J    . ., S-,.N1, Balling, Biotp-er A. FLEISCHER I. % tale and Loans, Insurance. Surety Bonds. 2 Ii1# Solidi s**4<oii*l si met. Aiiioi.iit 11< 'I'lniiie xxh. FOK N.\|J*,. J.* 200 ''•room brick cottng*, new »*yh* electrb* bg!,rs, N. Klxtii ut. *2 '    0    5    -1    * * * * i n modern n*h»l***, w**u built.    1    i *    •• 1 \ fin Ii* tm, I, largo ground*. cl***. 1 ..utbuilding** triMM and thmb- hcry, I*outh v* ml. '       “Mil    ?    vv *• tory, content fln- irit dwelling, b itll, *-ic, i ton in, 12 on    un    !rum*« dwelling, on - *" * r lo— In. lot 75x1 42, fin^ ult ota tr. ***i. fl ) Od I-room new bt bk cottag#. ii* ,1 ahppa, , tty w ater, t-aay lei in*. t«*rni8. v ti >    •• of bual ll CMN property for -ry. good ran* lo ** for aal# clon# pita It KMT- Tv- * furnished 1 .out* fur light housekeeping, 218 VV. I.-id ivvnut*.    if F*»lt KENT—- l«ai KC #ip**I«-iii blok • )p#ip-i*. 2"7 North Fifth aba** t Excel. < ut I*,* .Ilion for swell boarding hou*>-hi tynard Gttnwal.    *    t iT‘K RENT Hix-rcnuti bihk, wit ii bath, 11 * K Eillth. 122.00. VV p i 1 *i*l. Rankin A c#»„ Kootit lo Ai-I'lljo building. _ Jf FOK KENT Four room- . u IJipii housekeeping; two room*) « a* h. I207 K He* ond *t    if 1*4Ut KENT—-Good office room; modem Conveniences New 4Iran! building Apply Mt*on')i studio *f !*’4»K KENT Furnished room. mod »*cn.    .74 A, Hecond st. F<>lt Iii N I I*’u 1 in a.* *1 room# or tin* <1 iv. v\ • > k *>•• moil' h. a iso loom# for In bt lions* kenning .Mc#. Eva 1    ‘rn 1 a    I I ‘ W eat l,e id    t * ►*    if i V    4.1 Itl l 1 ICI \|    |\|    \ ||; DI VIJ It. ll Vs* 411 * I M ii 01 I ti |'s IV IHI I I Rn I \ V I I* 1 \ \|, (I WK lit lf IMM,. IKM )Vi IT ill ll \s. V 4    VII; II; OI I o I s. lh M    s| s    Wit I* V N4 111    *. I ok *s \|.| wit san.14 - • is I slum hi >ot K 1*\ 1 hon. VOE    t{ (Horn* ’ti ,1 Entry No. §024 1 N4) 114 I (OII |*| |t| |( Vl fOV Department *.f lh** Ulterior. Kind Of. j t e nf Sushi Fe, N* w M**Xi< 4>, April 28 I SO#. N *ii* e ta 1. r* tty given that th* fol-lowing tinned wdti.i Huh filed notice of hi# intention to to «k** final proof in support of lins claim, and that *ai<t proof    will be    IU a -1,- before    RrobuP'j Cieijc    at Atl‘Uquer*|u«, New    M**xi*o on Jin** 8, 1006, vi*.:    Kenneth    C c. burnt, of tas una, Volant la county, J New    Mexico.    for the H, A    N VV %,    } md io'a 3 and    4, S* * . 4 T. | N R rn VV    I Ii- u n — th* following witnen##*!    ipjiM_ to prove bls cont lngoua real den*# upon ^nd nnwii ilia is ti,,    * ,r Mmtu V'ii '•'••"• J",,n «•ai ar j-,«un!»5v .h-5 ihTv’e.:‘,k to • >v l-rootn Ir k cottage. bath, H ’’ h t*'s, birn corner lot, 50# 142. N Keeond atreej. 1    4 room frame. new. barn, s'i I tree**, city water, high loca-t'on. f    <1    .V-room    f    im#    cottage,    hath. * r S Arno etr* et, *1,1    *0    4 r Mon    fi    tine    cottage,    bath, .    ■ tr ir?ht#    *    .,,»e    in. IG OC I dogble housm, clo## In, In Corn# f * a per month; a good tnvmt-,,f Half cash, t ai up « on time al 8 per cent. I    500    7-mom    frame cottage, elegant n - .lienee West Ti ta roe ave. $3 :p'0 ©-room. Emory bric*g, sulfa bb* for rooming or boanllng houa# on llighlaixie. t IOO- 6-room frame, bath, elect ria iighta. tie* a. ehrubbery, lot 75x142, Fourth ward. 11,200    5-r*n*m frame, near shop#. It,OOO—T-nom* two-ai**ry, modern brl k dwelling; bath; ga#:    etamp* light*, barn. lf,300—- 5-roo rn frame cottage; it sod-«*rn 45onyentane»H, tre*-M and shrub-b.-ry, ctirner lot, 50x142. 83,300—b-rootii brick cottage; modern well built; large cellar; good barn tre*s and lawn; fine location. VV.#t Ti J* rax road 12.700 8-room frame dwelling with modern conven'encra; well built, ti Amo st Money to fawn on flora! Heal Fatal# at leu Iteteu af I titers^*! kl ANI EL It. GTE KO, Register. El REK A vviiii’i MMF HIM. Atrr< Rl4K, IMI1 OII HI4STEII. • V hi SI’ IIN Mil (I ARI IU IM I' . SRE* ‘it k I NG IT. HAHN A 4 Cl. lf vc iii* lit to handle arc ll * Up lo mort you. II i LilllgOV! a Co., OtMVkhiudcre Journal Building %l< NpN*bien. lite South Hr*upImav. I o lla ore IWW, SO#

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