Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 18 1924, Page 18

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 18, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico A a past six Albuquerque morning journal he liked the old Model and bought his Quot first love recently one of the pilots in the business activities of the Western Auto Supply company is mrs George Pepperdine. The vice president la Corr Pany a i lilt a ride Street Alii of Loo and talk -ton,.mo yen to a business woman in business a Boose to Call it. Or i a has whole it f to. I in. Of. I to u Al. I the inst n c 8 a f r t k a a j Quot a o and not a a i11 1 if Tiara a it id Iii la beneficial a housewives whoa it. A a was i Era Usa it Farsi Quot f r to inc Raj or. Walker of the Institute of amp f1 Fjor. F item �tt>1 on of them i a kit like v s. L Ell a a re Alt to it Ion la j i Auld n a a a a Fly a 51 i t few my in simplification of spark plugs urged tin a # i d ill rep Lions afoul i a i t 3 q of or ii j Rodu it 1 on as1 distribution of these com in of i ties has Bce a brought out Hys a Srai spark Piui manufacturers. Who h 1 i a sri Liu i a to iced Varle a lifted j thine b Reli Cost of oxen aids the truck demand in India Waul to talk with la to nil win think ii a ant Quot i i tilt a to of ii a car. Our i t i. I Hakun it i will tim Al Hunt it a a to flit it in tit i i in i it i j it i to into. Iii a. I Nill t no 1911 i a Ord i on a. Main v t in. Mat i owl rewiring a a Mia a a a. A in u let j in j oui i stir thu with inner . Is i ii i i h la St it u tia or Simu Lal so Nadi n i il.1, i re h it us a r. On i Iglus i in a. In 5 s iss .812 Simi so i v j j a s j Ipi i trued r. Til v to it in i i i j it i a i it s i d to Rte Mark inn i it nit is Miv t. i a a in my Hobbs has it motor co. 515 West Central Avenue Mibu Querques a i lob v. H due. Id i Auto of Phi Whiz. Auto lop dressing a will water proof. While it casts pint. 65c Quad i $1.25 Auto tops recovered with Bauk curtain $7,60 an i up Accord 5jig to Piro of fir. Fulfil your car with p Cion a repair anything n o for Beal strength this car is unsurpassed in any class a brute tor strength where Quot Trei Lytfi is vital. Finely built As the Bliest car where close measurements Are called Lur. A car thai Iii All important parts i unsurpassed in any class a a that is stronger and sturdier Iii proportion to weight and Power than cars costing two and three times its Price that is the Good Maxwell and that is Why the Maxwell is so unusually Good. It ques economical care tree service wit h easy Riding and easy handling which cannot he equalled at anywhere near its Price Wood motor company 212 214 North i ourth Street phone 550 we want an agent in every town in new Mexico suited it pit it i f trunks i lox i1 grip trim furs it i j it me a hid i saddles Tetlie Good each conveniently new in Moat of be Gnu a a a a is ?2h% a Quot Isi so la t supplies and Camp equipment in a -tai�r9 a Verburn Brake lining is St Quot f i to ijf>3� a m no it a our brakes Whf and defend by a sri it in la made of interwoven with Clipper wire sum to get Alt make it f care a fir re to or Prim ire 33 1 3-. Be vow Ninn lint iut prices i wiring a i a it we his s you an f Cal lira i i j special set for Ford car a Perla construction with nit wire fc4. I brei pieces with rivets tim Trice $1.08. Lvii in \ vhf pm tire covers you spars tire need Protection. A mad of durable w it proof Blair. Enamel Duck neat snug Flat in 30x312 or 32x3 a a a a a a a a a a $211 s2.56 4-in aiz.es11 Xland 5 in. Sizes. I my or to an to h a Marti Ripato a Root demand for c a tit in weft tee omd oar local mime Eta Al May bet Orn edit a no cd to the a want to manager Tutti to Gadoci to a crypt a 25 to a vomit and Fuhl ardor the Orchards from oar nearest Marc Boule. Super service Piston ring set i a ma.x1niiiin in haters fling efficiency. To be platen oter 8 f i c at to Xvi Price 0 i a i % Piston ring expander saw Chi my Faeo amp a Mcc cart Kex. Gill or �?T4 it it to get of to Sale Price i i i 0 5-minute Vulcan la it room Rete with beat Amit arid to tre 92c Dandy socket set die at w Tea either it it a Aud on extent for. S2.95 Diamond adjustable wrenches t. To Lech a a rom. Vav a we a Tod boxes a to a a a �?�1? to it a in i a to ctr Elt. A Jim Tao trunk he Mot a Nam vet vier Llyl a a a. A in. X Tiara paler ans a re new a Xvi no a a if id my to Rirs a. Honeycomb radiators for Fords i h n i Radiator Fath. Leo six it. I it Hai Xiy i ool Grin Fier for Wanna or wants Moi a Sale Price is -95. A Little Sioux a valve grinder fair Nyhl we Erk on aft pm. Skies to operate of Hai Price. Up us of speedy valve compound. Hale Price automatic valve lifter x inc it a it Ltd or in quote. So i. A a 40 w Ford special tie Vancort hot spot manifolds i apr rear Perm of nor owl i bitty fax of Oili tim Sale Price $3.58. 3 so Western giant cords on Sale a heavy jumbo tube Given with each Western giant Cord Only during this Sale thousands of Miles of extra service Are built right into this resilient , Square tread. The Square edges Auld the station cups in the Center prevent Side slipping and give Yon a Sere non of kid design. A $2.00 Deposit will hold a tire for Tea Day. 30x31 a Cordal Western Standard. B a tube fre extra heavy 10.75 extra Quality extra mileage Bull dog foot accelerator Rajo Cylinder head Model a. Run Bale Prier. V a jul or Pard Tom re is to a Wor. 00.1 arc Rev Quot spark. Ru�7. It or a $87.14, of turn for fun Fri Ria of your Xix to not in Stock a $2.00 Deposit will re of rec one or More tire at these Sale prices. I of stores in the West to in Riti it in sol f Nee. $1 1 Felipe Zamora saddlery i j a it phone 4ou\4 a Bull dog Quot Brake shoes in a of sleet for to up r Irp. Sale Price mad of a old Robert Sale priv. $1.45 208 North fourth Street Albuquerque Superior Shock absorbers the 11x15 Crad to Tab Arr a Bork Abs it a let Mart. It of 4 Sale Price $7.87 f h x i by lieder p res l r ,80 High and Low Speed gears for Fords and Chevrolet 1008. More Spiert us of ii a. Lower Cost in . A Iino Aud Oil Eony Tumin a it a. Set of 4 Sale Price $5.85

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