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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 18, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico By Lite who w of rated Biverta Tarrent. . A a 4k Ludgey swim who drives and keeps car fit few 11 _ a i Ria n by mrs. Harriet the Roii queer How thing rom ahem 1 How sometime War of dwt and j apparently wish Are gratified a a Yon g 111 i alway wanted to dlr or i wanted 10 t a break fit to willing to do the dirty work for the Delight of the wheel of Toro and so i Earl by t Fermis ii no i fend often Een i Low to it he entry did California High doing a to too alien. Way my Early Hie. First in a mini. Ramp later in a Content an i afterwards Goliet Eastern College did not feed cot any immediate prom tee of the gratification of my Speed desire and when i married George e run Rah judge of the Superior court of Fresno county. I never dreamed that i Aas on the Way to a Recti lawbreaking career. I thought rather that feeling reap Naifee to the court a i should Hay to toe the Mark and keep within the Speed regulation. It happened this Way according to the Law of the judiciary of California n Superior court judge a qualified to hold court anywhere in the stat Fey being assigned of the governor to try Pec Tai Ca Quot or to Ait in extra ration or to take the place of any local magistrate with the tame Pawer in Raas where delicate circumstance rendered it improper for such magistrate it try Case ricin in i own county he might fee related to the parti to t tit or a might fee personally interested in the outcome. Many such Case May arise and Many did arise my love of travel often prompted me to Lay elaborate Charne to Hare my husband called to Distant Points in order to get away from the a main Street Quot of a Small town. It would make a Long Story to Tell All the experiences of fifteen years a Quot Chau Feuse to a Superior court judge but first i want to Conte i that i did not always have a ear. I began by drying the judge to the court House in a Stanhope Rig in the morning taking him to luncheon at rec and then calling for him when the court closed. When the Stanhope became too Tam we got Saddle horses and after court Many hours were spent in Long ride through the san Joaquin Valley. California paid for Long Toura. During my Long term of Lervic Chau Feuse i had Many opportunities take Long Tours for the Benefit of and at the expense of. The state California la a land of magnificent distances it la a Long a from new York to Chicago and afford some of the most splendid drives in the world. There is the Beautiful coast Boulevard from san Diego to san Francisco then there is the famous a Vici mile drive a following the Ridge of the san Bernardino Mountain. The great Central Valley of the san Joaquin and Sacramento River is traversed Fey magnificent highways leading into the Yosemite the general Grant dark the Mariposa Grove and Kings River Canyon to the North on can drive As far As mount Shasta and to the West ail the Way to Berkeley Oakland san Francisco and the Golden Gate perhaps some of my readers will remember the sensational Mur Fec of the sheriff of Imperial county a few years ago a picturesque fellow. With All the Swank and Toggery of the screen Star. In fact this earn sheriff Watha militant hero in Harold Bell Wright novel Quot the winning of Barbara the name of the heroine has been perpetuated in the Barbara Worth hotel at i Centro. The seat of government of Imperiale entry and the statue of the sheriff stand above the roof Garden of the same hostelry Hie artist was at work mod a is the Talalus on fee Var it Day that the dead body of the sheriff a brought to the morgue la Al Centre. It a a Case that in manner resembled the Kun Kin april morning and Felt the exhilarating effect of the genial atmosphere and drank in the Rte of color and fragrance of the Plant life now in the full glory of earn summer for april thee la the june of the Eastern Sutta will appreciate my anticipations of a Long trip up the Valley to Bakersfield Over the Western spurs of the Barras with their canyons Tams and Rushing Stream through the passes of the Sierra Madre put mount and mount Wilton and Lien Down the Southern slopes into that tropical Paradise about to Angeles the san Joaquin Valley a been completely transformed during the last two or three decade. It Vised to be known is the Quot great Bee and of i said that one might walk Felt pm end to end of it a distance of goo Milt and press a Hind red Flowers at every Atef they bloomed in lavish abundance Rone of pollens Forest. Hoven Chaparral Stream tangle of Anbu and wild Rosa Sheet it it of Golden composite Beds of violets mint Brian thus and a Lover Gill atm Ophile. A Tell Elias so crowded together with the Radiant hone Ful Corolla iou Hin and overlapping and rising one above another in Sheet and patches of Radiant color a a Ary crazy quilt wrought Hgt the hand of nature so limitless an i of bewildering that if so per cent. Of them had i it Een taken away the Plain would still have seemed to any one but a californian As extravagantly flowery. But into this primeval Paradise of parsed and we raw no slowed Fields nor Fords of she Pas a left behind the suburbs of Fresno City in that april morning. We saw instead Miles on Miles of Vineyard acres and acre of Olive Grove and Orchards of Fig and or in in All stages of growth. The bees have been driven wit and now seek their nectar in the flowery dells and reaches among the f Foothills of the Berrns instead of Quot pc Fresno county now rejoice in the name of Raisin land they Pinch a judge in California. There is a Quot Good Broad Highway Lead ing Down a to Bakersfield and a we approached Visalia the first considerable town along the route the speedometer was registering forty eight Miles the beautifully snot the Road provoked me to drive up to fifty Miles at least when the omnipresent it yid cop whirred up alongside the ear with Quot hey there you re sex carding the Speed limit where do Yon think you Are anyway Quot Quot then followed the inevitable taking Down of no a and number and come a1 is with me now to Tbs court Quot i laughed and replied Vav x i have f e Airt Here in the car Don f you know judge Ile is on his War to Lnu Angeles Curt under orders from Goy. Peeling spuds on a transatlantic liner shipping Czar takes on Greenhorn with a wicked Wink of the Eye e with tit Church to hold Johnson we in. Truth of pass on. To know i in pros As to the writer in working garb. Elan murders at Mer Rouge local parties and local prejudices Wev involved and it was desirable that a judge from a Distant county who could not have any possible interest in the Issue be called in to All at the trial. You can imagine my Delight when the word came that judge Church had been selected by the local magistrate to go to Al Centro to try the Case it a also brought about that he War a signed to hold court for a week at let it Angeles just preceding the murder Case at Al Centro. The entire Trio going and coming a ant a tour of about 1,000 mile it was in the Beautiful Early summer and we decided to Inak the trip in a touring car. I had been driving for several years and know my car thoroughly. I had a compute chauffeur outfit could handle tools and knew How to take car of any Quot troubles Quot that might arise. I prepared for the Long drive by installing a new set of tire and cleaning up Cylinder and spark plugs. I had the valves avg Tood Laid in a Stock of lubricants and Quot extras Quot and filled tha Gas tank. A there were Only two of a i packed our baggage in the Tonneau including a car Ping outfit for towns Are few and far Between in Southern California. And it might a a necessary to spend the night in the of a As it turned out however we ran through to it Angeles la first Day without a break of any kind. Any one who As ver stepped out of doors in the san Joaquin Valley on an the judges wits herself. Millions of humming Wing Cam plows and herds of sheep withering the flowery stretches like a devouring game and driving the Honey blooms into their last Refuge on the Cliffs and along the ledges and into the Fence Corner. Mibs of Alfalfa replaced the be. Gardens and the wild Ros Quot and honeysuckle were restricted to Bungalow gardens and cottage trellises and doors. But even this has re Able to convince him of tha our claims and be allowed us to muttering. Quot a magistrate ought but tier the in to drive like that quote have been arrested for Speed inc rotting Corner and parking too a Ong in forbidden pl1 is Mot time than any ichor woman in California and i have almost invariably got off with the same or it a Quot orders of the court Quot tv., Stag d Over in Walla for half an hour. An i inn Tbs f a to a garage for a general r ire or r and it cd for air. In and Oil before making the next Lap of sex a Fly Miles to Bakersfield Visalia is t or Ped by of departure for the Sequoia National Park now named for Theodor Roosevelt and noted the world Mer for it id gentle just North is the general Grant Park just East of the Roosevelt Park mount Whitney arise in it majority it too feet above the sea the highest Mountain Peak in the United s ate it i fully atty mile from Visalia and the trip Aud As rent of the Mounta n require about ten Days and Moat tour its May a Dav or two longer to on Joy the magnificent Trout Ashing a very primitive frying pan it provided by cleaning Tho top of a ast Rock and building a Are on it Mil the Rock is Well h ated. Then Aldose of Bacon pcs. Fried of the Rock to saturate it with Fol and anally the Orch Trout army it open and la i in the hot Bacon it Ani cocked to perfection. A we i preach port. Ravine we be the fruit ranch cd of Herbert Hoover the Secretary of c Bierce and i former Secretary Ralph Merritt. King Gillette of safety rarer fume. Also a an immense Orange Grove Here and he has built on a. A country Horn Between Portersville an Bakersfield i a vat stretch of dry Plain n t it Only dry. But hot. Sir Ling hot. After a few minutes re to and luncheon a Bakersfield we started on to a last Lap a f the Day s run and made the last too mile to Loa Angeles in four hours reaching to e City at 6 of clock in the it nine during the week sessions scheduled for the Cut it at this Point i spent the time in motoring through this wonderful Region the no thickly populated and most productive part of tile coast. By c. H. Noble Whity years ago father anally found a note pinned to the Pillow informing a worried group that the Hope of the family a tired of studying Mill a geography and had deride l to examine the Globe from a scudding Square rigger bound for the go i coast. Several years might to before a Bron cd youth with a rolling gait returned to Tho Home town with a glowing repertoire of highly coloured tale with which to regale the grocery store Habi tues to Day the procedure i d torn St. There May be a few restless night listening to the Mournful Wail of Harbor Craft. Sooner or later the College youth or desk c erg with the Ron of the Bronx express in his ears clip a shipping schedule from a Dally paper and slip Down to a Greenwich Street shipping office. For Tho a a racy of a shipping schedule now approximates that of a Tail Way time table i Hor Are round trip to Danzig a it the Btu a to Buenos Aire and a turn in forty four Davs and to the far East and Back in three months behind a Dingy Rad to gentleman in shirt sleeve with a wary Eye in the milling crowd barks out to pit a Tenor is b to Erst or or a i ant or a a it Pau a its p transit la oat deck. Youth g the a i d on a bout tha Green w a i celtic Quot four a. B and six ordinaries for the North Star a ape Tow n and in of Rice where yet passport be. Port to rapt. Good Wroth in 4 it clock next 1 for a standby who for Blue wafer sighs desk warmer. And with reasonable Luck t hosiery it amp men de a v. Arm More la off Tov liver poo Bremen Rio or any of a so there will i plenty of a will and thoring Ai stud spuds in the Grill y of i liner. Harvard Law student a Bai Cemen and bowery vagrant paint together on the i atonal apr pm school Bell Quot a tech Man Oil in other profession sign and Oiler. And thus it Cam i Down and prodded a shipping car. After perspiration dust and is i in new York i was t urinate receive an invitation an i from a Bago Arm for a to in to Germany and Roland. W i i cled generosity the cum Pun mentioning any Purchase pm paid in $30 a month for the sailing on on of their vessels i shipped a Bellhop adorned with three rows of Beautiful brass on Board the steamship Mora for Cherbourg be Mcrhea Way stations previous me to belie that a a destined to be a Ooi Moonlight promenades i and intimate Cabin talk gushed passengers. I by take. A Villa on the Rhine or a Jersey Chicken f Arm. My first task Quot is to Aid Fie bedroom stewards in sorting out a Micella is cargo of concert fingers re Al estate agents millinery acute fur dealers Doc n title r York lipping n o Ca lopping in and went cd of ugh to i pass Toke t. Apa Rah. A it of dually who inspect the Young gentlemen Aith Eagle Elt is there of the thrilled Tern hers of brow european tour. Consisting of Twenty achoo teachers and club women from the big open space. The three keen eyed real estate Anta have familiar faces they alway have Phenomena Luck in the card room on their last night at aes and it is in the glory Bole. Thit Frans i,.,me of 200 transient stewards that reputation Are tarnished suspicious charac for it whitewashed and every ones affair religiously pried into sorted and sifted and catalogued in a Dollar basis for fun nerf or for , the personnel la made up of Quot old Cabin boys from London stewards from Belgium spaniards italians sex service men adventurers Sims j town enthusing with a taste for the sen. A few derelict and Revere nondescript from Tho to it do Corners of the world. Ship j�?~-y1ng to Germany carry in a Maxi i a assortment of personal Ltd the collapse of the German Mark a driven men of nil types into the ranks o among tha bedroom Steward were three opera Singer two Bankers several vaudeville Art and a Captain in the German merchant Marine. Ilia salary a Captain would have be n about 10,000 Mark a nth at the rate of sex hang la a Hep Ember he made lab a month or Joh of Marks s Ich figure Are Apt to sweep away Pride through fair and ill weather he Bellboy fat Chee 1 a a water ii Monad coff hid shoe Rye fan. Ltd us f Orts sew on Mif a Aas St a Obi ladles from Tipper p. The f it i to bras often serve supper to Tbs watch on Fie Bra ice. Allays various feet is. Quash wild rumours foal a or o n in to affair desires not fruit drinks keep an car open and an Eye it clues his be Cera to every stray Coin of ant nationality sleeps six hours a t. At i then tarts All Over again ? a text Day can learn a lot in British Channel the Bellboy must by Elk the mix Sih Tali Montenegro there is a and ruffed a sengers Arle t he Ren Gar of a Diplomat for to have to agree with judge the smoking room the Bater biggest mistake the i United a a Lade wag in putting a High aluminium watch fobs from it in As ing up the Channel a diligent course of study on has he classified Hie part will in dollars flow As ought to flow a in gets always no in tie Bellboy warmth and Bult a or a i bound in. I to in nod experience led it boy a position Iii no Ai round of us College Kiri u a us Diatlo a mis Ting for in amazing a hat one can get out of a can by Jeannette h. Sand. I was admiring or a gorgeous Mirror with a Frame of heavily gilded plaster. the italian Rococo period with carved roses and Graceful curving line. It looks As though it came out of the Borgia a it came out of a can yes id my Friend. A of. Yes a i grew Iron i. Quot a can of peas i suppose Quot she lit another cigarette and broiled me Toler Antly. Quot it was t peas it was a garbage Quot i suppose you found the lost russian Crown Jewela there too Quot i suggested Quot i was t looking for them or i might pave who knows. You remember How Long i be been wanting a Large Mirror to All the space Over the table everything i priced besides being too expensive Wasny to the right shape i was coming Home tired and discouraged one afternoon when i saw the upper part of this sticking Over the top of the my garbage can standing in front of the House four numbers above Here i stopped and looked at it. Wondering who in their senses could throw away such a Good copy As that. It had evidently once been the Pride of the drawing room in this old time House that a now undergoing remodelling and although the Glass a gone and the lower half missing it was in Good condition and quite usable. A i wanted that Frame most awfully but i seem to convince myself that it had actually been thrown away. Perhaps an ignorant Furnace Man had dumped it out by mistake and if i took it the owner might Send a patrol Wagon after to or even More harrowing it might have Hee a left out there temporarily by some one who knew its value anti xxx a a Poi a to take it to be repaired anyway i walked in trying to put the ram out of my mind by it Ain cd there obstinately i could Actu Illy Celt up in St wails ice Over the table til a lit r or the Nim i Wen began to cent of boldly up to that garb a can and plucking the treasure from it As the pay ology Tea hers Tell a t a Ballan is to produce action. I put on n y thing and went out up the Street. Quot for one sickening moment i thought it had gon then i saw the Gilt scrolls and roses a ticking up a bravely a Ever. I did no to hesitate thin Tima even though the electric Light at the Corner made All my a Cloi Plain but lifted the Frame up from Beld j the can then my heart aim Opp i. The floor of the House opened and a Man ame it it with something in i hand the Low r half of the Frame in equally Good condition. Quot i a Rood there petrified but still hug gang the Frame Here was the owner come at last to find the missing half and take them h a the to be mended. I must it once i did. Quot a do you want this Frame if not id like to buy it. Quot hox m a Young italian quit Well dressed evidently the owner of the House. Which a i just been old. He seemed slightly amused but polite As though there a nothing unusual in a Young woman picking things out of his garbage can at to of clock at night. Quot of no. Lady. It is old fashioned too Largo for Ray t it oms besides there is no glad if you like a a with i court Ous Bow he placed the other half in my arms and went hts Way flown the Street i lugged the Frame Home in Triumph had the Glass put in it a and Here it is a her Story mad me thoughtful and Emula Tive. Here w n something one person did no to want and another one did. Perhaps there were More valuable thing to in had through the Clearing House of the garbage can. Before this i had alway thought them disfiguring suggestive of decaying vegetated Coal ashes and eau. Now i viewed ouch i passed with a More r pc Wiful Eye i even poked experimentally at the one in front f our apartment House a lost anything lady Quot asked the coloured janitor. Quot no i Avant to find something some one else a he grinned understandingly. Quot bettor keep on looking i found a mighty Nice pair of White kid shoe once somebody a chucked in there. Took Honie to Mah girl and they fitted her one. Never let on Joss where they come from there it a again. Somebody s waste a some one else need i went up to my apartment still More thoughtful. Just How Many thousand people in the Gre at City were throwing away each Day what a vet i thousand other people could use i knew from an article id read which bristled with facts that the men on the scow dumps often found valuable articles jewelry fur ac., but those had evidently been lost. The Mirror and the shoes had been deliberately thrown away merely because their owners did no to want them not because their usefulness was Over. Why did no to they Pas them on instead of la Quot a into the Quot Street was the a Logan of new York Quot a waste what other want Quot Well if that wore tha Cape i could profit by it As Well As my Friend and the janitor. I kept my eyes open and this is what i acquired by the end of ten Day a. One pair of perfectly Good storm rubbers cast out one Alny night. In front of a shoe store True they were two sly i too Small for me but i gave them to borne one they fitted. One paper Box of silk and Woolen scraps retrieved from in front of a tailor shop. My laundress took the silk pieces and i Mads several balls of Tho Woolen ones into a Rug. One hat Holder from a wardrobe trunk. This was a treasure trove indeed for i d lost mine and this fitted my trunk exactly. Also it was in perfect condition. Now t live in or just off a Good a duh boyhood and in a not exactly poor Only car Ful t frequently my finds Are of a better Quality and f choose Only what i need. But any one is limited by Pride of flt new a might do wonders. Motor run by Moonlight among Tho most curious motors Ever invented is on devised by a. R. Bennett and intended for delicate experiments in heat measurement. It is so sensitive that it begins to revolve the moment it is exposed to Daylight even when the Ann so hidden and in Clear weather it will work ail sight affected even by the Radiant heat of Moonlight. The motive Power is due to convection current set up inside the Glass Shade with which Tho instrument is covered. While Tho gins is not warmed by Tho Radiant heat of Daylight or Moonlight passing through it. Tho Metal surfaces of the motor Are and the minute difference of temperature thus produced suffice to Start convection currents. Butterflies Eye spots what do the Eye spot on butterflies wings mean the naturalist say frankly Quot we do not know a it to thought that these Eye spots May have some utilitarian application. They form one of the most Lutrica e of Alt natural designs. The fact that. Butterflies Hava been captured with to Lehr Eye spots pierced As if from the attack of Birds has been used a an argument in favor of the View that they must to Quot protective markings a imitating eyes because Birds strike at the a yes of their victims. But this suggestion is hardly regarded is satisfactory. Among butterflies the most striking examples of Eye spot Are found on Tho under surface of the w Ings. Tors and their xxx Ives actresses and the or husbands and that great body of Inland people society in Der. Del professors Trai a re. But i Nom off for recreation and the hot t of cult re seek Era Tuff Ped together und rth All embracing term of tourists. To a an one of ver sensed the latent Power irs perfected organization of seagoing Belloc j a if an enterprising member Over to organise the transatlantic bellhops into a vast Clearing House for the mans of confidences information and gossip All on a strictly Cash basis within two months every member of the Union xxx mild own a Chicken farm near Haverstraw a r a Rhine v Ilia convenient to Bremerhaven. The first onslaught a both p hat to combat constant of the thousand and one questions inspired but strange surroundings and glimpses of a Rev. Side of a of life. There up end to them. I Lave you go a bottle opener a is play the a f rpt Quot would you mind taking this fan apart Quot Quot Quot of dear does the wireless operator really have to rend this radio message a Quot have you seen a Check numbered 504%34-j lying around Quot Quot you done to think xxx Coli have a storm do you a Cabin passengers even Tho Quot finished products of civilisation rapped in Steamer Rug bored to death and sleeping Twenty hours a Dav behind ventilators and companion Stair Are an absorbing and humorous study Whan viewed from the lower mugs of the social ladder there Are the watchful mammas with Marriageable daughters ii is a Tho shores of Europe Are a shed by the tim the Weber Light q a my there la nothing the altruist youth will refuse a departing pasta Rue with n an hour everything is Over in w lid Rush ashore the endless Stream o hat in arid trunks the Quot cart a sing piece the shouted farewells and finally the Bremen express steam nut of the ration leaving the Bellhop xxx of it bulging to we to. Glt co in at the National or the me Repole in a fam a Haven. They Are not aristocratic but they ars intensely Injo a Ting the National is a purple barn of tobacco smoke. There is excellent music Good wine and pretty girls. At j a bid it in Bine swirl of smoke la a raised dais supporting an orchestra which sandwiches american ragtime and South american tango Between Beethoven and Wagner. Supported on huge gob columns glowing like pillars of fire a huge Balcony with red curtained Booths and dark a Ial Ned tables looks Down on the riotous mass below. Tables Che a a. Balconies Anil pillars arc linked and entwined with festoons of coloured paper the floor is carpeted with confetti tile Selling lost in a Cloud of smoke and coloured Streamer. The pop of both % Tho Clatter of glasses laughter til Babel of a score of languages Blond Vikings from lumber ports of the Baltic. Filipino Mesa boys. Tho Captain of a British tramp the strains of a men moment or Quot Mascotte and Hie odor of Flowers human be fog cheap perfume and spilt wine these form the background of night after night of revelry s revelry supported solely by maritime patronage chiefly american. All too soon the ship is homeward hound and the Bellhop looking Over the new crowd with a r of toleration. At heart he Isastia tic. Home but turning Amert May spell happiness to i cans but it Means Porty to film. For of a tourist arc detached enough psychologists to withstand Tho shrinking sensation incident to changing Marks into dollars. Sad indeed is the substitution of obvious flattery Hearty claps on the Back and references to Quot its great to to Etc Home in place of the customary Stream of dime quarters and half dollars. After All. Few bellhops Are idealists. Progress of liquid fuel for a Long time liquid fuel Xmas employed Only for steam production but an indication of the wide application that it May Havo in Many forms of Industry is afforded by the experience of the owners of a Large glans manufactory at South Hackney in England. Tike leg per i men to there were begun More than ten year ago and after overcoming Many difficulties a special form of Burner Eva it vol i which Spears to be entirely satisfactory. Four to five thousand Gallons of Oil Are burned every week Xiv Ltd perfect combustion nud a total absence of smoke atm the temperature obtained ranges from that of a Bakers oxen to that required for melting Crucible steel. Tajn if it to ii. It a a t

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